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Hi everyone back at home i hope you all enjoy the page. Feel free to look around and leave me comments so we can all keep in touch. See you all soon X Claire X

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Location: Capel, Surrey, UK


As you can all see i have updated Perth and Singapore and at long last i now have the pictures on my page. We have arrived safely back in England and it has been really nice to see everyone and chat about what we have been up to for the past month.

We have met some great people who we are still in touch with and we have had an amazing time that we won't forget.

I hope you all enjoy looking at the pics and thanks for all your comments while i have been away.

See you all soon

Claire X

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Location: Singapore

Hello evryone,

We leave Singapore tonight off on our long flight back to England. It will be weird going home but really nice to see evryone. Last night we went to the night safari at Singapore Zoo. It was a good night and we got to see loads of animals. We were driven around on a tram and the guide talks you through all about the different animals. We got to see so much more than usual because it was set at night but unfortunately there are no pics because the flash on the cameras blinds the animals. We have just had a relaxing day today because there isn't a lot of time to do anything because we have to fly tonight and be ready to go to the airport. We sat by the pool for a while but it is so hot we had to move. We have had our last meal together and now we are just getting the last bits sorted out.

See you all very soon now

Love Claire

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Location: Singapore

Hello everyone,

We have arrived in Singapore safely and we are at The York hotel. It is a really nice hotel and everyone seems quite friendly. We got here at about 5pm so we have just been for a meal and wandered around the shops. Then we went for a hot chocolate and some cake. It's mad because Starbucks is packed at 11pm. The weather is really humid but i would rather that then be cold because i haven't really got any warm clothes with me. It is quite cheap for things here but nowhere as cheap as Bangkok. Tomorrow during the day we are just exploring and then we are doing a night safari at Singapore zoo. I'm quite looking forward to doing that - should be good fun. I can't believe that tomorrow is our last day and it feels really weird that we have left Australia.
I know that i haven't written about Perth yet so i will have to add to it when i get home and then i can also finish off Singapore.
I am looking forward to seeing you all though and to be able to tell you all everything and show you my photos.

See you all soon

Lots of love Claire X

Monday, 21 May 2007

Location: Perth, Australia

Hello all,

We are in Perth at the moment and the weather is just like it is in England. The night that we got here we checked into our hostel which is about a half hour walk from the city. The hostel was ok. We stayed here for a few nights and then moved to YHA, because it is a bit closer to the city. We had a wander around the city it's quite nice, quite a few bars and restaurants and shops to look around. We had dinner at Nando's on the first night because we couldn't be bothered to cook. We have already done quite a lot of shopping and i bought too many things. I bought so much jewellery. But i guess i won't be able to get it all at home! We have also been to Perth zoo. This was quite good and we saw quite a few animals as you can see on the pictures. Whilst we were at the zoo Jess got the exciting news that her Niece Jasmine had been born. So she has something nice to look forward to when she gets home! Today we were supposed to be going to Rottnest Island but when we woke up we both decided that as the weather didn't look that good and we were both so tired that we would just sleep in. We obviously needed it because we didn't get up until around midday. We then did a little bit more shopping and although we did buy a few things we didn't spend as much as before. Tonight we are going to repack our cases so that they are all ready for us to go to Singapore tomorrow.

Speak to you all soon. Claire X

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Location: Ayers Rock, Australia

Hello everyone, just thought that i would fill you in on what i have been doing for the past couple of days. Ayers Rock was great fun. The first day that we got there we just got settled into our hotel and had a look around the resort. We stayed in The Lost Camel hotel and it had a lovely pool and we had a really modern room. The weather was boiling hot in the day and then freezing cold at night. For dinner we caught the free bus to another hostel in the resort and they sold burgers etc and then you could also cook your own stuff on this massive barbecue. It wasn't very nice because it was all kangaroo and crocodile. Then on the second day we started it off with a camel ride. This was so much fun and i'm so glad that we did it. When the camels stand up you really feel like you are going to fall off and some of the peoples faces in our group would have made a great picture. We were on the camels for about 45 mins and it gave us great views of Ayers Rock and the Olga's. Then in the afternoon we did a walk around the Olga's whick took about an hour and it was surprising how big they are. Then we finished the day off with watching the sun set on Ayers Rock. It happened so quickly and the amount of times it changed colour was amazing. It got really cold quickly too and me and Jess seemed to be the only ones who didn't bother to bring a jumper - so we stood there freezing! The sky is so starry at night aswell which is quite nice to look at and some of them are really bright. The only thing that was annoying was the files. There are so many of them and they don't leave you alone. We had a really good time and it was nice to go somewhere so different to all the other places that we have been. Hope all is ok with everyone. Speak to you all soon Lots of Love Claire X

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Location: Cairnes, Australia

Hello all, Hope you are all well. Yesterday we did scuba diving. Unfortunately it didn't go too well for me. We started off the morning with the snorkelling and we just got a short demonstration of what to do. I gave it a goo but straight as i got in the water i knew that i didn't like it. The water was really choppy and i just kept on swallowing loads of water. I didn't want to put my head under because i thought that my mask was going to fill up. I gave up with the snorkelling and waited to give the diving a go. I got all the equipment on and got in the water. We practised putting our faces under the water and i managed to do it but i could feel i wasn't breathing properly. I ended up getting myself in such a panic and was just breathing really heavily. I gave up and didn't do the dive at all because i got too scared that i wouldn't be able to breathe under the water. I am really disappointed about it because it was one of the main things that i wanted to do in Australia. I sat on the boat for the rest of the day and ended up getting quite sunburnt! Now it is our last full day in Cairnes and i am feeling a lot happier than i did yesterday. We haven't done much today apart from wander around the shops. I bought quite a lot of jewelley. I couldn't resist because it was all quite cheap! We are off to Ayers Rock tomorrow and i am looking forward to going somewhere so different! Speak soon Lots of Love Claire X

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Location: Cairnes, Australia

Hello All,

I thought that i would tell you what we have been up to.
We went to Mission Beach as planned. It was quite a nice beach bit not as nice as some of the others that we have been to. It was so windy there and we only had a little bit of sun!
We are still really liking our hostel and the free evening meals are actually quite nice. You can upgrade and it then costs less than 3 pounds for the meal. The free meals are a lot smaller so i do usually upgrade because i'm always starving!
We went to the rainforest on Friday. It was a very early start and we got taken to different places along the way. We went to a place called Mossman Gorge, we walked through the rainforest to get to it and we crossed it on a swaying bridge. We stopped off at an animal sanctuary on the way and we got to hold a Joey which was so cute! We had lunch here and then got back in the bus. We went on the car ferry and on the other side we got to buy fresh bananas which were quite yummy! We did a walk through the Daintree rainforest which was quite amazing. You get some quite amazing trees in the rainforest which i got some pics of. We didn't see a great deal of wildlife because they are so well camoflaged and luckily we didn't come across a crocodile. We stopped at a lookout and we could see where the Great Barrier Reef starts. It was so pretty because you could see a real difference in the colour of the water going from a dark blue and then into turquoise. When we got to our accomodation it was a bit different to what we had been staying in. It was a wooden hut with six beds in and we did have it to ourselves and then unfortunately more people came in. The nightlife was salsa dancing, Jess joined in but there was no way i was going to get up there! The beach was a couple of minutes walk away and it was such a beautiful beach. It looked like the beach out of the programme Lost and there was hardly anybody on it. It was one of the nicest becahes that we have seen while we have been away!
The next day we left the rainforest and on the way home we stopped off at an ice cream place where they grew all the fruit and make the ice cream out of it. We got a mango one which was scrummy. We then crossed back over on the car ferry and had a cup of tea before we boarded the croc cruise. We were told that if we got out of the boat and tried to swim to the other side that we wouldn't get there because there are so many crocodiles in the water. We managed to see one sunbathing on the bank and we saw lots of other wildlife. Somehow a frog got onto the boat and he was really cute. He was bright green with big eyes. We made it off the boat alive and then we stopped at a fruit place on the way home. The fruit was really cheap here! We then stopped at Port Douglas to pick up a few other people. We got some pictures at the lookout and then we were dropped back in Cairnes and the same hostel we were at before. Unfortunately we couldn't get the same room as before and it turned out that we only got such a good room because we had booked on the internet and they had run out of normal rooms so we had been upgraded for the same price as a 6 share dorm. We have still been quite lucky though because we are being charged for a 6 share dorm still but they still don't have any free so we have a twin room now. It's quite nice to have our own space sometimes.
The nightlife here is quite good. We went to the same bar for the first couple of nights it was a bit like Smith and Western and we could sit outside. Then last night we went to an Irish bar which had a live band playing and they were really good and played some great old songs that we hadn't heard for ages.
I think that is all up to date now and i will tell you more soon. We are off scuba diving tomorrow so i am quite looking forward to that but i am also quite nervous.
Take care everyone and i will speak to you all soon
Lots of Love Claire X

Wednesday, 09 May 2007

Location: Cairnes, Australia

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all ok! We have arrived safely in Cairnes. The flight went really quick because i managed to sleep for most of it. We could see the Great Barrier Reef from the plane which looked really nice. We have a really nice hostel with really friendly people. This is the first hostel that we booked that we have actually managed to stay in. All the rooms look like beach huts and our room is a raised hut which at the moment we have to ourselves. We are about a 5 min walk from town where there are loads of shops too look in and there seems to be quite a few bars and restaurants. With our hostel we get a free evening meal for each night that we stay. We get this at a local restaurant - but we are not sure if this is going to be nice or not! So fingers crossed because we are sick of pasta! We have also booked a few things to do. Tommorow we are going to Mission beach as long as the weather is good. Friday morning we leave early for the rainforest where hopefully we will get a chance to see crocodiles and we are staying in the rainforest for Friday night arriving back at the hostel on Saturday morning! Don't worry Mum we are staying in a hostel in the rainforest! Then we have booked scuba diving for Monday. We get a dive with an instructor and then we get to do some snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef. We spend the day out on the boat and we also get lunch and go in a glass bottom boat. So we have quite a bit planned and a lot of early mornings but we are both quite excited. I will update again when we have done it all! Speak to you all soon. Feel free to message me guys! Lots of love Claire X X X X X X

Tuesday, 08 May 2007

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Hello everyone,
I am really sorry that i forget to write about Brisbane before Cairnes. So this diary entry is going to be a bit out of date. Sorry!
Our flight to Brisbane was really short which was nice and we were lucky enough to be upgraded to business class!
Brisbane is a lot hotter than Sydney but it has been raining a lot, which is quite annoying! We are staying just out of the centre so there is not as much to do at night as there was in Sydney, but there are a few bars and restaurants that we can go to.
We got taken to our hostel by our airport transfer and when we got there we realised we had been dropped off at the wrong place it just had a very similar name to the one we were supposed to be going to. The people in the hostel were really helpful though and offered us two free nights and then pay for the rest of our stay because the other hostel was going to charge us and they didn't want us to be charged twice. We decided to stay there because we were told it was a lot nicer than the place that we had picked on the internet. I'm glad that we did because it was a really nice hostel and we had two balconys off of our room. We shared it with three german girls and two Korean girls.
During our stay in Brisbane we have been to a koala sanctuary. Here we got to hold koalas and have our pictures taken with them and we also got to feed the kangaroos. I was quite pleased because i have really wanted to hold a koala and i got to do it!
We have also been to the gold coast and surfers paradise where we looked around the shops and sat on the beach. But i still don't have a tan.
For our last day in Brisbane we just walked to the South Bank which was about a 15min walk from where we were staying. It had a few shops and a manmade beach, which was quite fun!
We went out to a few bars in the evenings which were quite nice and we tried a few cocktails. As there wasn't as much going on we got early nights quite a lot of the time - well early for us anyway! It was really nice to catch up on some sleep getting us ready for Cairnes where i think we are going to be quite busy! Speak to you all soon. Lots of Love Claire X

Wednesday, 02 May 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

Hello everyone i am so sorry that your comments haven't been coming up. It's because Claire has been blonde yet again! I should have clicked display. Ha Ha.

I am still having a good time in Sydney. We have been up the tower which was quite amazing to see at night because all the lights looked really pretty. We have also been to the blue mountains and there were amazing views. We went on the worlds steepest railway and over the skyline. I got quite scared! The place we satyed in the blue mountains was very weird tho and so were all the people. It felt like we had gone back in time. We are satying in the wake up hostel now with six other people and only one other is a girl so the room is such a tip. We went round to Jess' family friends house for dinner last night. It was just outside of Sydney and it was so nice to have a proper meal because me and Jess only ever cook pasta because we are so rubbish. I must admit when i get back i will appreciate somebody cooking for me a lot more! Ha Ha. We went to Manly beach yesterday we got on a ferry and a water taxi to get there which was quite good fun and we had great views of the bridge and the opera house. We have also met a couple of Australian people and have been out to bars with them on some of the evenings. We are going to the Rocks this afternoon and then to Bondai Beach tomoro. It will be quite sad to leave Sydney because it is a really nice place and we have really nice room mates but i am also quite excited about Brisbane and the weather getting hotter! Will speak to you all again soon. Claire X

Saturday, 28 April 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

Hello everyone! We are in Sydney now having a good time. I am sorry that there aren't any pics up but i can't work out how to do it and will have to keep on trying! We are going to the Blue Mountains tomoro and we have been to a zoo and i love Koalas now! We checked out of our hostel cus it was horrid so now we are in a YHA. Speak soon my time is gna run out X

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

We have arrived safely in Bangkok. We are having a good time and have made a few friends, such as Nik the tuk tuk driver. He gave us a tour around Bangkok and we both bought amazing bags! (Oh yeah and we saw the Grand Palace! The weather is lovely, really hot and we have been swimming twice today! We are going to go and have dinner in the hotel restaurant then to the night market and then later on in the evening we will catch to Patpong. Will update you all again soon. Hope everyone is okay. Love Claire X

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Recent Messages

From Granny&Grandad
Hi Claire. You've now reached the last destination on your exciting trip and no doubt can't believe you've seen so many amazing things and places. What a pity it's coming to an end, but the memories will be with you for ever. And, of course, you'll now be able to move around without all your luggage trailing behind you. Can't wait to see you as soon as possible, jet lag permitting. We have one of Jess's pics of the two of you on screen in case we can't remember what you look like. Love, Granny&GrandadXXX
From Dad
Hi C!
Glad you have made it ok to the last destination - you know how to live - hot choc and cake at Starbucks!
hope you have a great time there - I have heard it is a great place.
Enjoy your last few days - looking forward to seeing you.
Loads of love Dad XX
From Mum
Hi Claire
Don't know if you will even get time to read this but thought I should leave one last message before you come home. Hope your flight to Singapore wasn't too bad - at least it wasn't as long as you thought! Hope the shopping is as good as you are expecting it to be and that your luggage isn't too over weight!
Although I don't want to wish your holiday away I can't wait to see you.
Have a great time - speak soon love you loads.
Mum x
Response: Hi Mum, i did get it in time thank you. I thought the flight went really quick and cus there weren't many people on the plane so i got six seats to myself so i stetched right out and managed to sleep. My case went through fine. We have a really nice hotel and there is late night shopping. I have bought a pair of three quarter length trousers and we had a drink and cake in starbucks. It is quite late here now but there are still loads of people around! It is really humid here but it is better than being cold. I can't wait to see you all either. See you all very soon Love you loads Claire X
From matt
hi claire havent written since u left so i thought i would, hope ur still having a gd time it all sounds great. i cant believe your coming home in a couple of days, its gone so quick! see u soon
lots of love x
Response: Hi Matt, Yes we are still having a good time thanks. We have had a look around the shops and went for a meal so far. We got here in the early evening so we weren't able to do much. Tomorrow we are going to explore in the day and then we are doing a night safari at Singapore zoo. It has gone really quick but i am looking forward to seeing you all. I feel like i haven't seen everybody in so long. See you soon Lots of love Claire X
From peter john davis
Hi Claire,
We have read your reports with interest.Sorry that the snorkelling etc didn't go too well. I guess more practice is needed. Enjoy the rest of your trip.Take care. Love Grandma&Grandad
Response: Thank you very much. I will update again as soon as i can but it is all a rush now. So i may have to finish it off when i get back to England. See you soon. Love Claire X
From Dad
Hi Claire - sounds like you are still having a great time. shame it is a bit cold in Perth - still plenty to do though I hope. Can't believe you will be home at the end of the week - it has gone so quick! Have fun this week - hope Singapore is good. Loads of love
Response: Hi Dad, Yeah it is a bit cold but Singapore should be warmer! At least it gets me ready for coming back to England. It has gone really quick but i am looking forward to seeing everyone and to having my bedroom back. See you very soon Lots of love Claire X
From Granny&Grandad
Hi, Claire, Thanks for your latest report. We have a picture of Ayers Rock up on the computer here and can imagine you two sitting shivering, with goosebumps on bare midriffs, watching the sunset. It must have been a great experience ....... one of many now, of course. It's great to read about all your adventures, and we're impressed with how well the two of you are coping. Keep up the good work and the good fun. Love from Granny and Grandad XXX
Response: Hi Granny and Grandad, yeah Ayers Rock was amazing i am really glad that we went there. I do have loads to tell and i'm looking forward to telling you both all about it. See you very soon, just a few days left. Lots of love Claire X
From Granny&Grandad
Hi, Claire. Don't know how you manage to fit in all your activities AND all your messages. Got your second card, thankyou ....... and your jigsaw puzzle. That WAS a puzzle. Your writing is so small it was difficult to piece the words together. We did it, though. Then when we turned it over we found a picture of a koala bear!! Bring back a mango ice cream for your Granny. Mango is her favourite fruit. You'll be leaving Ayres Rock by the time you read this. Hope you enjoyed it .....and the rest of your trip. Love from Granny and Grandad XXX
Response: Hi Granny and Grandad, i would bring back mango ice cream if i could but i think you would find it would have melted by then anyway. I am in Perth now aswell and the weather is as cold as England so i don't really feel like eating ice cream. We had a really good time in Ayers Rock thank you. I will write more about it on my diary entry Love Claire X
From Suzan
Hello, Claire:

I am your Dad's penpal. We've been writing for 30 years or so. Geez, we're OLD!

Your vacation sounds amazing. If you ever want to come to the states, we would love to have you. We'll feed you for free, too! Although Australia sounds much more exciting than southeastern Indiana.

Take Care, Stay Safe

Response: Hi Suzan, we are having a really good time thanks. Thank you very much for the invite, maybe i will take you up on that offer one day. Claire
From Dad
Hi Claire
Great to read what you have been up to in Cairnes - sounds great. Sounds like the fruit is good! Hope you have a good time scuba diving - I wish I had the chance to dive on the Barrier Reef - you really are lucky! Have fun and take care. Loads of love Dad
Response: Hi Dad, I have had a good time in Cairns we have had quite a lot packed in and the rainforest was definetly a good experience. I am afraid that the scuba diving didn't go too well as i had a bit of a panic in the water and then didn't go ahead with it. From what i hear it was amazing and i am so disappointed that i wasn't able to do it. It looked lovely from the boat though and i got to sit on a desterted island which was quite good fun! Speak soon Love Claire X
From peter john davis
Hi Claire
Just read your latest paragraph and intrigued to know that there is a Daintree Rainforest. I must say it is like a Rainforest here today, heavy showers and even a clap of thunder. Take great care and keep on having a wonderful time.
Much love Grandma & Grandad.
Response: Hi Grandma and Grandad, the rainforest was good fun. We didn't get much rain, apart from when we were at our hostel in the evening it chucked it down heavier than i have ever seen before and it was so loud on our roof. Hope the weather is better there now. Love Claire X
From Granny&Grandad
Hi,Claire, It's exciting reading your journal and hearing about all the wonderful things you're doing. We're so pleased you've been able to fit in such a wide range of activities, even if they haven't included salsa. We're very very envious. Maybe we'll get jobs in Tesco's and follow your footsteps next year.Still lots of new stuff to do, so keep on having a great time. We think about you every day. We had a look at your funky crash pad. Looks cool. Take care but have fun.
Love from Granny and Grandad.
Response: Hello Granny and Grandad, thank you very much i'm sure we will carry on having lots of fun. Unfortunately i wasn't able to do the scuba diving because i had a bit of a panic in the water. Mum will tell you more but i will email you and tell you more when i get a bit more time. Our hostel is really nice like you say. The people are really friendly aswell. Take care speak to you soon Lots of love Claire X
From Mum
Hi Claire
Sounds like you are having a wonderful time - you are making me jelous! What does a jungle swing consist of? Maybe you should tell me after you have done it! Right now you should be in the rainforest and I hope you are enjoying it. I'm about to leave work for the weekend which is good. Missing you lots but so glad you are having such a wonderful time.
Love you Mum XXX
Response: Hello Mum,
Well you know what a jungle swing consists of now that i have told you on the phone. But you will be pleased to know that i did not do it. It didn't last long and i don't think it was the sort of thing that i would enjoy because of the height. Have fun with Monday off. It was nice to chat to you the other night. Missing you all lots too. Speak to you all soon Loads of Love Clairy Fairy
From Claire
Hi Dad,
Sorry didn't write in the message to you about Brisbane. I hadn't even realised that i hadn't written about it so thanks for that. I will put it in when i get a chance. It's because we were there for such a small amount of time that i just didn't get the time. Keep checking and it will be there soon. Love Claire X
From peter john davis
Dear Claire,
We are so pleased to follow the progress of your trip on your "Travel page".We think of you a lot,and hope all is going well.Snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef will be wonderful.Take great care.Lots of love.
Grandma & Grandad
Response: Hi Grandma and Grandad, hope all is well with you. Everything is going really well thank you and we are having a great time. We are both looking forward to diving and snorkelling and i well write all about it when we've done it. Speak to you both soon. Love Claire X
From Dad
Hi Claire
Sounds like Cairns is going to be fun, I had not realised you were going to be there a week. A beach hut sounds fantastic! Glad you are doing ok. What happened to Brisbane? no report from there - was it fun?
Take care loads of love
Dad xx
Response: Hi Dad, Cairnes is good fun. This is where we have been looking forward to most because of all the activities. We are also considering doing a jungle swing if we get the time to do it. Speak to you soon Love Claire X
From Granny&Grandad
Sounds wonderful, Claire. Don't tease the crocs. They nip. Thanks for keeping us up to date with your adventures. Love from Granny and Grandad xxx
Response: Hi Granny and Grandad, I will try my best not to tease the crocs. We are quite excited about seeing them though because we haven't seen any yet - not even in the zoos! Will let you know more once have more stuff to tell. Love Claire X
From scamp
hi moose how you doing.hope your having a good time.
everyones missing you.
glad your having fun.
see you soon,
Response: Hey Scamp i'm fine thanks. We are in Brisbane now and we have been to a Koala Sanctuary today! I think ypu had better warn Mum that i might be bringing one home. I still cant get the pics to work. I dont really know what to do. I guess it would help to read the book i got with the camera i will have a look when i get back to the room! Tell everyone that i miss them too. Claire X
From Adam
glad ya avin a gd time claire! av ya sorted out ya pics yet i guess u avnt as they aint on the page. Its gd ya got the messages comin up now! have fun lv ya X xX
Response: No i haven't but i will keep trying. Be patient please X
From Robin
Hi Claire
Glad all is going well, sounds great fun - wish I was there!
Got your postcard from Bankok today - wow what a place that looks, I had no idea it was such a major city - 8 million people! that is crazy.
Take care Babe, hope you continue to have fun - put another shrimp on the barbie!
Cheers Dad XX
Response: Glad to hear you got the postcard. They didn't take as long as we thought X
From Mum

Hope r still having fun blondie! Just looked around this site and seen the advice tab at the top of the page, it tells you in there how to download photos - have you read that? Hope to see some photos very soon!!

Response: Ok i will have a look X
From Granny&Grandad
Enjoying your progress reports. Sounds great fun. Hope you enjoy Brisbane. Friends tell us it's the best part of Oz. Love, Granny & Grandad.
Response: Glad to hear that. We have heard that there is not much to do. But we are going to the gold and the sunshine coast as long as we have the time x
From Mum
Hi, hopefully you will receive this. Glad you are having a good time miss you loads.

Response: Hi i have recieved the message Mum. Thank you maybe i have been doing this wrong. Blonde! I hope this solves the problem! Miss you too X
From Charlotte
Hi Claire,
found ur page! glad 2 hear ur havin a good time, sounds sooooooooooooooooooo good fun, enjor urselves. take care, c ya soon love charlotte :)
Response: Hello Charlotte its really good to hear from you. I will email you personally soon i just have limited time at the mo. But feel free to read the diary entries. Hope all is okay with you. Love Claire X
From Robin
Glad too see you are ok and having a good time - sounds great! Enjoy all that shopping!
love Dad
Response: Hello Dad i will enjoy the shopping it is so much cheaper out here. But i have to stop buying now because my luggage is already over the limit X