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Tiny Clanger's adventures on planet Earth

This is the planet Earth, our planet. It is a small planet wrapped in clouds but for us it is a very important place, it is home. But supposing we look away from the Earth and travel in our imaginations across the vast and starry stretches of outer space. Then we can imagine other stars, stranger stars by far than ever shone in our night sky, and planets too. A calm, serine orb, sailing majestically among the myriad stars of the firament can be seen, perhaps this star too is a home for somebody. Let us go very close and listen very carefully and perhaps we shall see, and hear something… *a whistle is heard*

That is a Clanger. What are they? Space mice? They live on a small, blue moon that is quite barren on the surface (apart from the music tree).

They are very civilized and live in a large cave. The cave is covered by a big, metal saucepan like lid to protect them from meteorites and interesting falling debris. The cave has very small rooms off it where Major Clanger, Mother Clanger, Granny Clanger, Small Clanger and Tiny Clanger each sleep.

Tiny Clanger is the compassionate one, and it is she who often finds solutions to the Clangers problems by her friendliness. Tiny Clanger is also very inquisitive and made lots of friends with other creatures from on and off her planet. It was through this inquisitiveness and friendliness that she met and made friends with Nicky Chibah on planet Earth and her new adventures began…

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Horrific hostage experience

Poor Tiny Clanger was subjected to a horrific ordeal at the hands of a psychopath! Through her cunning and minxiness, she managed to escape unharmed... phew!


Bobsleigh Challenge in Latvia

Feel the passion, feel the pride, c'mon Clanger it's bobsleigh time - Cool runnings!

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