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Clare & Hugo go East!

Welcome to our travel page! Over the next 18 months (don't worry mum, probably not more!) you can keep track of our journey and oogle some pics. No laughing at our misfortunes!! ;)
Please leave us a message to let us know what youre all up to too.
Dont miss us too much!!!!
Love Clare & Hugo

Diary Entries

Thursday, 09 July 2009

Location: Broome, Australia

(new pics start at Sydney..)

We finally some adventures to share! It has been quite inactive in our year in Australia as we'd worked a lot more in Melbourne than we intended -but still not quite enough as the pockets are empty again! So this is how we got to that, albeit in a little less style than our last Oz travels....

We left Melbourne in the middle of the night to spend 2 nights in Sydney, at our best not knowing where exactly. Melbourne had been dark, cold and rainy too long (colder than home!) and it was a relief to land in Sydney after an hour and a half with the sun shining. In winter, the tourists had gone and we virtually had the place to ourselves. We lay in the Botanic gardens facing the Opera house and cought up on our sleep a wee bit longer than intended. We spent the next few days taking things much slower than you'd expect in seeing a city in 3 days, meeting up with old friends and drinking at Darling Harbour, Bondi beach and a ferry's journey across the river to Manly. The people living there seem to have it all. We kind of have a few regrets spending so long in Melb, they're very different cities, Sydney being 100 times prettier!

So quickly back to Melbourne to pick up the car and take the boat to Tasmania. A good thing about traveling alot is even if u have a few days of long jouneys mixed up, there's always been worse...the last boat we took was in Indonesia, it was quite a comparison! So 11 hours later, we docked in Tasmania. We had 5 days and basically drove round the heart-shaped island in that time, visiting really only natural attrations. It's a unique, strange and beautiful island. The woodland is amazingly dense and full of wildlife (check out the hungry little pandemelon trying to steal our food), the coast very diverse and the people would be the strange part! We didnt have time to talk to many locals but island people are always a bit different eh! (no offense Tassie friends!) Again we were traveling in the winter with it being off season, it was extremely peaceful, and it was cold, but we loved it.

So back to the mainland and basically straight on the road. We spend several days driving back through Victoria, South Australia (passing Adelaide again) and out into no-mans land in the desert. But the sun started to shine again and the temperature rose as we neared Uluru (Ayres Rock) after crossing the border into Northern Territory. Coming in to the resort we stopped at a look out where another tourist gave us his 3 day pass for free of which he'd only used a 1/2 day. Score! We arrived well in time to see sunset on the Rock. We sat on top of our car with a beer and watched the icon change colour as the sun fell behind us. Just as we thought it was over, at the last minute it gave us one big flourescent glow which took us by surpise amd blew us away. The photo in the blog is not photoshopped! We have our own postcard perfect picture. Hugo surprised me by describing the experience as 'spiritual' when what I was really expecting was "it's just another rock uh"!!
We spend the next few days getting to know it better by visiting the Olgas - 60km from the rock (which u can see in the background on the pics) and climbing the rock itself. Aborginal culture (which is one of the most ancient and complex in the world) requests that people choose not to climb the rock out of respect for their culture, but most people fit enough do. Not all aboriginals respect their culture - which bans alcohol - but some abuse it. They are very primative looking people - we dont have a picture as they kind of live seperate lives to modern society and it feeld quite intrusive. Anyway, thats another story. The rock climb was extreeeemly steep and scary, I was holding on to the little railing for my life when the wind blew.... but it was worth it, a totally special experience, we had a laugh running all over it, and Hugo scattered some of his dad's ashes.

We then took a rough 4wd road to return to the highway which allowed at stop at Kings Canyon and the MacDonald Ranges, stopping for walks in ancient gorges and the 'Devil's Marbles'. We have seen a LOT of rocks on this trip!
Next on to Kakdu National Park, Australia's most famous national park, known for it's unique wetlands, waterfalls and ancient rock art. For us it was a little too hyped up and touristy (we couldnt afford to do the boat tours showing the crocodiles either), and we got attacked by the most mosquitos ever! So living outside was impossible, by this time the weather is boiling up north (this is the winter still) so we made a dash for it.

We toured Northern Territory a little more, visiting smaller parks, but just as busy. This is the dry season and the most tolerable time to visit NT, and it was the school hols too. Every man and his dog. There are a lot of older people traveling Oz, who sell their homes and move around in caravans until they're deed. "Living the dream" is the expression. Everyone we talk to seems to be retired.

So out of NT and back into Western Australia!!! We missed it. First stop Bungle Bungle nat park, which was another tough dusty 4wd track, with deep creek crossings and a road so bumpy the screws were coming out of the car. Great fun - once! The park was made up of beehive shaped domes of layers sandstone striped red and black. More rocks!

We drove through the Kimberly, via an old cattle road (you can't get more outback than this) and visited Tunnel Creek, which is a cave with a river running through as you walk through in the pitch black knee deep. We finally spotted crocs on the bank of the next gorge. No swimming this time. They were small freshwater crocs which are usually harmless if you leave them be but still exiting!

That takes up to where we are now, Broome, on the coast (great to see the sea again) but we have fallen short on funds, it's kind of a holiday resort town which is hot all year, with the beautiful Cable Beach, so there's worse places to be stuck. Or better places if u count the temptation! Tonight there was a local spectacle when the full moon rises from the horizon as the sun would do in the morning, creating a golden "Staircase to the Moon" on reflection of the sea. A rare and unique sight, and we had front row seats from our caravan park!

I will recap before we leave as Im sure that's enough for now, and we still have 3,000km to Perth. Now just to pay for the petrol to get there.....!!!

Lots of love and cant wait to see u all, C&H.xxxxx

Saturday, 09 May 2009

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Just looked at the date of our last entry and realised how long it's been since we last wrote, terrible, but we've been a bit stuck in Melbourne trying to make money to finish our trip and buy our flights home - 21st July!!! Our prediction of 18 months away worked out.

For now Ill post a few pics of our time in Melbourne, a place thats taken time to grow on me (just too attached to Perth!) just as the summer weather disappeared! We've lost our Asia/Perth tans and will come home to better weather by the looks of it!

Will be off soon on our last leg of Oz...and the trip...back to reality...!
So the blog will updated as soon as we have new adventures.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Location: Victoria, Australia

Ok – this is it – the long awaited first chapter of our Australia road trip! We’ve been dying to show u all our new pics and tell u what its like living on the road in Oz….

So, we left Perth and said our goodbyes to all the great friends we’d met in our 4 months there. Clare’s work threw her a surprise party with my co-workers wearing kilts for the occasion, what a send off! Hugo meanwhile had been working day and night to fit out our new home – the car… has it been easy living out of it? Well…..

Heading South down the west coast with Angie and Tim, our first stop was Margaret River, one of the most famous surfing towns in Oz. It’s also a famous wine region, which we took full advantage of. We went to see great live music and toured the coast of beautiful beaches (which, here they always are) and watched the surfers show us how it’s done.
This was the parting point for us from Tim and Angie, the end of an amazing summer with them 
So we set off on our own following the rest of the coast stopping to visit an amazing cave (much more accessible than caves in Asia!) and walked along the Southern Hemisphere’s longest jetty, 3 km long. We passed the most south-westerly point of Oz – next stop 5439km’s to Antartica… the sea is a wee bit chilly on the south coast!

Our next stop was Pemberton and Walpole, where stunning lush forests meet the ocean with trees so tall – well have a look at the pics! We walked among them from a height in a ‘tree-top walk’. Oz has loads of national parks where we often ‘bush camp’. Other times we treat ourselves to proper caravan parks which have luxuries such as running water and power!
Next stop was Denmark, a beach village with pretty forests and vineyards, where of course, we had to sample the local wine and cheese – its part of the tourism…
Moving on to Esperance when it was Australia day – and the hottest weather we’d experienced yet. Lucky there was some of the most gorgeous beaches in Oz, and sorry, but they kicked Asia’s ass! In we got with our body board, and practiced 4w driving on the beach, Hugo in his element – until we temporarily broke down next to the tide. The beach was called ‘Lucky Bay’…
After relaxing a few days – we needed it to prepare for the journey across the desert – we set off on a road that we thought was a sneaky short cut (we have a 4wd which permits us to go places a van would never make it) but probably took twice as long as the car shook like mad for the whole 140km’s in the rocks and dirt. We thought the car was going to come loose at the screws and fall apart. Of course at the end we found out if we’d just let our tyres down it would have been 10 times smoother. Mmmm.

So that was before we got to the famous ‘Nullabour’. This road has the longest and straightest in Oz. Its like world’s end. We arrived in the middle at 7.30 pm at night and it was 43 degrees – during the day it has been 55. Incredible. The wind was burning as if you’d opened a fan oven, the car windows were almost too hot to touch. Lucky we have air-con – wey hey!! Unfortunately Clare was a bit sick too, with sickness and the ‘other thing’ – in the middle of the desert…..great! When we stopped overnight it was one of the most incredible skies we’d ever seen – the stars we so close. Although once we made it through the night (fancy sleeping in a car in this heat?!) we woke up to a plague of flies which sent us off like a bullet. Have a look at some of the bugs we encountered on the way!

Crossing over the South Australia border and down the Eyre Peninsula we stopped of to spot dolphins and seals on the coast and into Coffin Bay national park which would be the first time we got bogged in the sand with the car. We have a lot to learn about 4w driving – like don’t go on your own! After a while of pushing and great driving from Clare(!) we got out to go and treat ourselves to a seafood dinner on the port. The next day we went on a secluded desert drive – where yes – we got bogged again and almost didn’t make it out!
Once we did, we traveled North to visit the ‘Flinder’s Ranges’ – the first mountains we’d seen in Oz, and they were worth the drive. It was too hot to do any walking so we tried some hardcore driving among the forests and red rocky landscape spotting kangaroos and parrots.

Moving on to – ‘Clare’! Yes a whole town – or wine region rather – dedicated to me! This was an intimate wine area acclaimed for their Reisling. Its hard to try them all when one of us – by us I mean Hugo – has to drive. Quickly moving on to the next wine region – the Barossa Valley, the most famous of Oz, a place where my mum and dad would be green with envy! The wine (we’re experts now!) was just fantastic. I wont say any more!

Next, into Adelaide. Its about the same size as Perth, but a bit more lively. We did some shopping (bought a cheap laptop) indulged in café’s and visited the Adelaide hills, of which Adelaide sits between the hills and the sea – very pretty. See the pics of the wildlife park we visited. There is so much wildlife in Oz – ten times more than Asia.

Heading East again towards Victoria we stopped at a fascinating cave where we saw Archeologists working with millions of years old fossils, next to Mt Gambier, which had a bright blue crater lake. Crossing the Victoria border (still far away from the fires) we went to the Grampians national park, another stunning mountain range, one of our favorite stops, of which the pictures are more explanatory and Im sure this has been enough information for u all because this takes us up to……today!
We are on the coast again, about to take on the famous Great Ocean Drive to Melbourne.
We are either going to work first (yes, we’re already skint) or take the boat to Tasmania to wait out the devastation of the bush fires. From where we are now everything seems as normal.
So there u are. Other than all that we are having as much fun as we’d wished, never knowing what tomorrow will bring....

Enjoy, C&H.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 09 February 2009

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Quick hello from Adelaide!!
Sorry the blog's not been up to much for the last month or so - laptops busted - but thanx for all the lovely messages.
Keep checking soon as photos of being back on the road in the next week or so should appear!
For now we're hiding out in pretty Adelaide hiding from the bush fires :(


Friday, 02 January 2009

Location: Perth, Australia

A few new pics for u all.....
Perth misc 2 is our weekend away a few weeks ago to Lancelin, north of Perth. We took our van and camped over, having bbq on the beach and visiting sand dunes. Beautiful.
Clare's work function at a Ferrari dealership, making cocktails for Perth's riches, dont u think I suit a Ferrari?? ;)
Xmas and New Year...which certainly didnt feel like it! Was warm for xmas day, but NY boiling, almost 40 degrees. We had a traditional roast at Angie's (her parents are from Glasgow) and I worked for NY, which felt like your average Saturday night, we prefer it Edinburgh style, sorry Aussies!
New Year's day was lovely though, we went to neighboring town Fremantle (which is older than Perth) to a local brewery on the port and ate seafood at sunset. Life is beautiful!
Hope everyone had a fab time. Missed u all (I shed a tear at the bells!)
and best wishes for 2009. 2008 is a hard year to beat!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Location: Perth, Australia

A few photos added to keep you all interested!
Includes Halloween, which they dont really celebrate here but all us foreigners thought we'd show them how it's done, with a party at my work. Hugo's like a kid at christmas.
Red Bull Air race day on the Swan River (that runs through Perth) was a perfect blue sky day and so exiting!!
Melbourne Cup day, a 3 minute horse race on the other side of the country that stops the nation. I couldnt get what all the fuss was about, turns out just an excuse for a p*ss up and a day off work!! Hey I wasn't complaining after I found somebody's winnings on the way home - $400, thank-yoooooo!!

Still have plans to be on the move in January. Buying a van soon.
Spending christmas at Angie's house and bbq on the beach, will be different in the blazing heat but hope that helps keep the homesick-ness at bay!!

Hope everyone is well.

Monday, 06 October 2008

Location: Australia

It's been a month since we wrote, 6 weeks since we're here, and Clare got a job while Hugo got another 2 and dropped one. Im working in a place called pure bar, back making cocktails, coffee and having more fun than going back to work normally is. Maybe as we're allowed to drink for free on shift!!
Hugo is still working in the fine dining place and also working in a cafe during the day where the owner cant remember his name and calls him 'frenchy'. So the pennies are rolling back in and we're trying to buy a car soon. We've also been looking at another room house that's a little further away but has a swimming pool!
Im also feeling more at home since one of my best friends Angie has come home to Perth! There's lots on this summer and lots of beach time to be had! They like to have a good time, the Auzzies....
Not much else to report, the big adventures are few and far between at the moment! Summer is set to be awesome though. Just to rub it in, hehee.
Check out our latest photos (trying to get Hugo to take the camera in to work!) - 'Clare's Bday etc'.
Lots of love as always, xxxxxxxxxxxx.

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From Brenda
Had a great time in Edinburgh on the 1st. The house is looking fab but your maw and paw were under a great deal of pressure getting the work completed for all us lot coming. Ronnie and Linda were there as well and had a great time. Sarah had to drive home, got to bed at 5pm then had to get up to bake the first loaf of bread in 2009 at tesco's. The Turners were all there, it was good to be altogether, Lucy singing in french and David giving us his unique contribution of paper roses (football song) Its snowing heavily here today and its the mid term break so Gary is away to Glenshee ski-ing. Started my new job in Leven and i'm really enjoying it and coping with full time. Sarah is playing a gig with Seb D on 21st so going to see them. They are supporting a band who have just been signed. Girls at work are having a pink night for me in aid of breast cancer on 27th so looking forward to that. Will be wearing my pink ra ra skirt and pink ankle warmers!! Jim is also hoping a lighter job will come along for him as he is really struggling with a back injury. Hope all is well at your end and you are both enjoying your travels to the max. lots of love B&J xx
From brige
bonjour les amoureux, Nel me fait suivre vos mails, tout est bien pour vous, ne vous faites pas "manger par les sauvages"... avez vous griller du kangourou sur votre BBQ?
ici c'est l'hiver mais on a un ski hors piste génial, froid et poudre..
vous profitez au max de la vie et ça c'est super. bises à vous 2
From Sarah
Hey guys! I hope you are having a lovely time, I am so very jealous, especially after seeing the Forbidden City pictures, I've read so much about it and its mysteries! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and NY - even though it was sunny! Mind you at least your weather was commited, our weather couldnt decide how rubbish it wanted to be!!
Its funny not havign yuo guys around during the festivities but I'm sure all the chat will make up for it when you get back.
Have you heard that I'm a fully fledged Seb D now? They've got me playing Killer and everything, not that I'm any good!
Got Uni exams soon.... oh I wish I was in Perth!
Lots of love and bisous!
From Claire & Stephen
Happy New Year!!! Hope you's are having a fab time in Oz.

Keep in touch and see you when you's get home xxx
From Marguerite and the g
Happy New Year to you both. We had a great time at your mum and dad's on New Years Day, even your Aunty Dianne and Uncle Trevor enjoyed themselves. I'm sure you would have liked to have witnessed that.
20 Westerbroom Terrace is looking awfully posh and very modern. The new decor is lovely and makes the area look so much more spacious and chic. It makes my house look dowdy and old fashioned. Oh it would be so nice to win the lottery this weekend.
Anyway we missed you over the festive period and we hope you had a great time partying in the sun. Keep enjoying your time out there and live life to the full so you can bring back lots of stories about your travels on your return . Love and kisses to you both.
From Suzanne & Bernard
We were not (comparatively) that far away from you for Xtmas, as we were in Brunei with David (bernard's son and his family (Jody and their 2 kids.) It was not as warm as your Xtmas, but we do feel cold now we're back in Lyon!!!
Lots of love
Suzanne et Bernard
From Benard Françoise
Salut à vous 2.
Ta mère, Hugo vient de m'envoyer l'dresse de votre site.
Je trouve cela magnifique et vos photos sont tout à fait d'une qualité professionnelle.
J'ai un peu de mal à traduire vos textes en Français, il me faudra un peu de temps.
Au fait, vous fêtez combien de nouvel an par an?
Bonne année 2009 à la manière de chez nous.
From mum
please en francais!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bonne année mes chéris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
encore des photos!! elles sont trop extras!!!!!
From Emma
Merry Christmas.Say Merry Christmas
Response: Merry christmas! was great to speak to u all. love u.xxxxxx
From Marguerite and the g
Hi Clare,
We've sent you a parcel for christmas, so let us know when you receive it. We're so hoping it arrives on time and in one piece as Kim spent a lot of time and effort getting it ready and of course Emma did her bit also.
We're not seeing much of Kim at the moment as she past her driving test on the 12th of December and is never in. It's funny having a daughter who can drive, but oh how good it is not to have to spend my time driving her around.
Anyway, both you and Hugo have a brilliant christmas and we'll be hearing from you soon. Look after yourselves. M and the girls.
Response: Thats so nice of u all to send me something, it will be great to have something to open on xmas day. I cant believe its xmas, it really doent feel like it... looking forward to doing something different though. Will miss u all so much, have a fab time.xxxxxxx
From Emma
Pleas hope you have a nice Christmas.We have sent a box of presents to for Christmas.
Response: Hi Emma, we hope santa brings u everything u wish for. I cant wait to get the box in the post! Have a lovely time.xxxx
Hope your both well and looking forward to Christmas in the sun. I'm sure your mum and dad have told you they are coming to our house for Christmas dinner and after seeing the bomb site at 20 Westerbroom Terrace on Sunday, i think it's a good idea. Oh boy what a work they have in front of them to get it looking how they want it. Aren't you glad your at the other end of the world. Mind you, your mum is missing your advice on decor and colour coordinating,
Anyway, we are going to miss you at Christmas, but you will be in our thoughts and Kim and Emma hope you like the presents they have sent you. all our love M,K & E.
P.S Gran sends her love and hopes you buy something nice with the money she has sent you.
From Vladimir
Enjoy your trip!!!!
From Emma
I see your having fun.I see your birthday cake in the picture.I am 9 next Friday.I have a Hannah Montana cake for my birthday cake.I am going bowling on saterday in the afetrenoon.Then at night i am having a sleepover it is going to be fun.your wee cousine Emma
From Emma
It's not long to my birthday.Thaks for my present it is lovely.Missing you lots.I was staying at your house on Friday night .Scott and Fiona was whaching me.
Response: Hi Emma, glad u liked your present, I know u might not have keys yet but I thought it was so cut anyway!! Hope u have a lovely birthday... u will be so grown up by the time I get home! Love u,
From Jim, Brenda. Sarah a
Happy Birthday Clare. Hope you are doing well and enjoying your time down under. Australia looks brill.
Gary passed all his standard grades and is in 5th year doing a few highers so we are all hoping he does well this year. Sarah starts Napier next week and will be moving into Reigo Street just off Lothian Road. We will all miss her in the house even though she intends to come home at the weekends to start off. Brenda is recovering from her chemo and is well on the mend. Me i'm just as old and grumpy as ever. Anyway all the best and hope you and Hugo are doing well.
Response: Great to hear from u Jim, thanx for the Bday msg. And good to get an update, glad Brenda is getting better and im exited for Sarah. And u - old - grumpy! Never! Thanx again, C.xxxxx
From Willie & Linda
Hiya Clare & Hugo
impressed by your travel logs- you can get a job as a travel correspondent when you come home. It's great your having a wonderfull experience. Everything is fine back here. Jack's started school, Aaron's just back from a holiday in Spain, Linda's in full flow in her new career as a child minder - 9 children on her books, and me I just keep going to work to get away from children. Hope you have a great birthday Clare. Lots of love and best wishes to you both from Linda and Willie.
Response: Good to hear u are all doing well - I cant imagine all these children - tell my dad what he's got to look forward to, haha! Thanx for the Bday wishes - meant a lot to hear from everyone. And dont give my mum any ideas about me getting a travel job! Keep well, C &
From Marguerite and the g
Hi there. Hope your enjoying being back in civilization and i really envy the weather your getting out there as we have had a horrible summer weather wise.
Anyway, Auntie Teresa said to tell you she received the postcard, but said to tell you thanks for putting her age on it as now the whole village will know she is 70. By the way, Happy Birthday to you on Tuesday. It's funny not being able to send you a card, but this e-mail will let you know that we're thinking of you. Well i must go now, say hello to Hugo and keep safe and well. Luv M
Response: Well it was raining on my birthday so it felt just like home!! Some new friends made up for me missing home tho which was nice. Thanx for the msg, hope u 3 & millie are all well. C&
From Kim
Glad to hear your having a great time, my 4 month of relaxation stops as i start college in a few weeks lol. Yup my hairs really dark brown you'll c pics on my bebo look different your mum's been telling me to do it for years lol. Hope to hear from you soon.

Love Kim xxxxxx
Response: Cool Ill have a look. I did the brunette once and that was enough! xxxxx
From antonello
Beautiful guys, you are always in my thinking... Enjoy the world. Hope see you soon. Antonello
Response: Glad u havent forgotten us ant. Remember us when u have ur spanish restaurant! Hope u are happy too. Love C&H.
From Stephen & Claire
Hi Clare & Hugo

Just been looking at your pics and they are amazing especially the tiger ones, Claire is so jealous.

Hope you's are having a great time.

Stephen & Claire xxx
Response: Hiya guys, so nice to hear from yous too! For the tiger pics, dont be too jealous, the 1 with me holding it is actually biting my hand really hard!! haha. Hope u are both well....btw, when is the wedding?.... wait til we get home! C&H.xxxxx
From Kim
Hey Clare been getting a row from your mum about not writing in a while lol just did'nt no what to say. Hows you? Hope your enjoying yourself still. Not alot been happening here just florida which was amazing didn't want to come home form all that heat...lucky you having it all the time lol. Seen Paul and Nikki on the sunday at T in the park...paul didn't recognise me with my dark hair now and plus he was half pissed like usual lol, you would have loved it this year it was a gorgeous wk end and it just made the wk end even better than it was. Hope you two are both having a great time and you're not missing me too much clare lol. Speak to you soon...Love you lots xxx
Response: Hiya K! Aye I was wonderin what was happinin wi u! Dont have to send anythin more than ur luv, but anythin more is great!!! Aye was thinkin about T when it was on :( U got dark hair now?? Anyway cheers for the msg, ur mum too, gd to hear whats happenin at home. Luv to u all.xxxxxx
From Marguerite, Kim and
Hi, great to read all about your adventures and look at the photo which show what a great time you are having. We're just back from Florida and had a great time. Emma burst into tears the day we were coming home due to not wanting the holiday to end, she'd had so much fun and enjoyed every minute of it. Today Kim is at T-In The Park and the weather has been okay so far, a few showers of rain, but mainly dry and humid. Emma is away to a soft play Birthday Party, so hey i'm having time out - unheard of for most of the time but it's good when it happens. Millie had to be shaved on our return ffrom holiday due to her fur being matted on her return from my friend, who was looking after her. Clare she looks like a skinned rabbit and sorrowful looking, but hopefully her hair will grow in quickly. We were all upset for her and would you have believed i'd get so attached to a dog.
Gran coming down for tea today and is doing okay at the moment. I let her see your web site every now and again as she likes to know how you both are doing.
Auntie Teresa and Auntie Nan have received your post cards and say hello. Any way keep having a great time and keep us updated on your travels. All our love. Bye
From isa
Hey, great blog and pics.
SUPERBES LES PHOTOS, but, please, le texte en français Hugo ....merci !!!!bisousssssssssssssssssssssssss