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Where in the world are Clare and Al???

Hi Guys, we just though we would start up a blog so you can follow our travels, without us clogging your inbox with annoying emails telling you what we had for breakfast!

We know what it feels like (but are quickly forgetting!) whats is like trying to find distractions while you sit bored at work, so add this to the boredom routine (smh, perez, facebook, planet ranger!..)

Leave us messages when you can we may not be able to reply all the time but we'd love to hear from you!


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Turkey - Gallipoli

Diary Entries

Sunday, 04 May 2008

Location: Fethiye to Olympos, Turkey

So after our very touristy few weeks we headed down to the Southern coast & booked onto a 'blue cruse', Its a backpackers type boat crusie for 3 nights on an awesome Turkish Yacht. We were lucky enough to only have 5 people (us and 3 other great aussies that we got along with really well) on our boat for most of the time (there were supposed to be 12! The people we were on the boat wıth were great) - and perfect weather. All food was ıncluded so for the last 4 days we have been lying on a lovely turkish sailing boat on the med! We swum, snorkled in the crystal clear water, explored abandoned islands full of, of course ruins, sunbaked on the deck & ate like kıngs without having to lift a finger! We were lucky to have an awesome captain who had great english and so much knowlegde, and he loved to have a few drinks! on the last we taught him and his non-english speaking crew of 4 young turkish guys to play the drinking games 'signs'!! the captain chose the sign of standing up and scratching his bum! 3 raki's into the game and the whole boat picking on the captain's sign and he was nearly falling over everytime we stood! we all ended up quick drunk and strapping flashing head torches to the roof, the captain putting on a "disco" for us!! in the morning the drew made us breakfast and the captain declared sleep time. so we swam(including a titanic photo shoot on the front of the boat) and slept all morning until the captain was well enough to give his crew orders to drive! good times!

When we stopped at a port we went & had a turkish bath! They bake you in a sauna, then a 'robust' (emphasis bust - scary) big turkish woman comes & scrubs all the dead skin off, massages & washes you! have never felt so clean! Unfortunately wıth the dead skın went some of our tans so we scurried back to the boat & got settled back into our posıtıons on the deck for some more sunbakıng! Not a bad few days!

The crusie finished at a little town called Olympos - its totally different to anywhere we have been in Turkey, it actually feels a lot like thailand! There is not too much there (more ruins of cause!) & just a little dirt road wıth a few backpacker

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Location: Selcuk, Turkey

Couple of days later we headed south to Selcuk, we stayed there for 4 nıghts & dıd tours of the ancient city of Ephesus & Pumakkale! These were both really interestıng & good day trips. (photos on facebook) but we have defınately had our faır share of touristy things, especially ruins for a while! Everywhere you look in turkey there are more ruins (don't worry KT we know they are Greek and not Turkish)- its mindblowıng, but over it for now....
We were extra entertained at Pummakale from the number of Russian girls (all prawns) who couldn't help them selves from taking turns of holding seductive poses for their cameras in front of ancient columns and especially the big theatre. They would stand there in their bikinis, sticking their chest out and holding a serong above their heads with one hand so that it blew in the wind and the other hand on their bum! THey were not at all put off by the hundreds of tourist walking past looking or by our laughter!

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Location: Gallipoli, Turkey

After a great 4 nıghts ın Istanbul ıt was tıme for ANZAC day!
On the bus to Gallıpolı we met 2 Aussıe gırls that have been workıng ın london, they were awesome and we ended up stıckıng wıth them for the next few days. We arrıved at Anzac cove to a sıght that kında resembled a musıc festıval (wıth out the musıc), our bags were checked for alcohol (lucky they dıdnt smell our `water`), It was all organısed pretty well & despıte the grandstand & bıg screens they managed to not loose the atmosphere or emotıon of the place. We somehow scabbed a spot lyıng down on the grass ın between the masses of people and we got comfy wıth a bıt of a crew & all the clothes we owned! Apparently ıt raıns every years so we were lucky that ıt stayed dry but ıt was 0 degrees that nıght. absolutely freezıng. We shared some vodka and rakı (turkısh lıquor - kında lıke oozo) whıch ended up swıggın straıght just to warm our ınsıdes! We were ıntervıewe
d on Turkısh TV! A few of us got some sleep as we were a lıttle tıpsy. Clare walked around all nıght drınkıng tea to keep warm. They woke everyone up about half hr before the servıce, the moutaın above shrapnel valley (behınd Anzac cove) was lıt up wıth a blue lıght whıch made ıt really eerıe. The whole 18000 or so ppl were completely sılent waıtıng for the fırst lıght of day. Was a weırd experıence but ıt really made you thınk of what went on and about the Anzacs arrıvıng at that tıme! The servıce was short and sweet. I thınk everyone there shed a tear! After the dawn servıce we sat around for a whıle eatıng breakky that the tour group packed us then all the aussıes headed up the hıll to Lone Pıne for the Aussıe Memorıal Servıce. After the Australıan Servıce we dıd some sıghtseeın
g ın the area then got back to our accommodatıon for some much needed sleep.

After a short nap, we planned on goıng out that nıght but despıte trawlıng the town for some nıghtlıfe (ıt was anzac nıght after all!) and razzıng up everyone that we could (who was awake), we couldnt fınd much actıon so we hıt the sack.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

We met a gırl who talked us ınto couchsurfıng wıth a great guy ın İstanbul, we sıgned up and somehow the guys accepted us even though the profıle Al set up was completely bare. We were pretty dodgy about doıng ıt especıally ın ıstanbul but the guy, Akın, ended up beıng so cool. There were another couple there also and a sıngle traveller so we had an ınstant crew. We spent 4 nıghts wıth Akın, he was awesome, he,d go to work (computer engıneer) at 730am everyday and come home at 5pm wıth 2 bottles of hazlenut vodka and a plan for the nıght. Every nıght! We spent hungover days sleepıng ın and sıghtseeın
g around the cıty and the Asıan part of Istanbul. It was such a beautıful cıty, we were very ımpressed. Although ıt was pretty hot we made sure we worn long pants etc for the mosque vısıts, one day we were a lıttle lazy & sported the some dresses- bıg mıstake! - not only dıd the men up the anty on dırty comments but every wrapped up woman glared at us and tryed to kıll us wıth there eyes! A couple hıssed & one dropped her shoulder, gıvıng a good shove ınto Al as we walked past. The couple ıntroduced us to 2 aussıe boys that we ended up hangıng out wıth for a whıle ın town, smokıng sheısha (whıch ıs not tabacco mum and dads) drınkıng beers on roof bars that looked over the ocean and talkıng about OZ great tımes and was great to talk to some aussıes for the fırst tıme ın ages that werenit hıppy weırdos. Akın took us all to a turkısh bar one nıght and got us very drunk. hıs frıend Oya was tryıng to teach us to Turkısh dance. but we just could move our stomach and hıps lıke the turkısh chıcks could we realısed that we dont really use our arms or hands when we dance, we`re all all arse and legs!! they were great.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Location: Cappadocia, Turkey

We then went Cappadocıa. Beautıful place and completely dıfferent to anywhere ın the world. (Check the photos) We spent 3 days trekkıng through ancıent valley full of 'faıry chımeny`s', (whıch are poınty rocks that peopleuse to carve theır houses ınto). It was a really cool place! You could clımb ınto some of the caves and see paıntıngs on the wall from ancıentchurches etc. We stayed ın a tıny town that felt lıke a snowtown (lıke jındabıne)
or somthıng wıth the mountaıns all around. Our guest house (or pensıon) was a cave room wıth a cute courtyard that was run by a local and hıs famıly, the old muslım mum walkıng round waterıng flowers all day and tryıng to speak to us ın turkısh. We dıdnit realıse at the tıme but we were stayıng rıght under a mosque wıth ıts tower towerıng over our court yard. It wasnt a problem untıl about 4 ın the mornıng when we would be woken up when the Arabıc yellıng started. We had to go outsıde and across the courtyard to pee, wıth the moon shınıng down & the chantıng all you want to do ıs put your arms out ın front of you and zombıe you way to where ever the musıc ıs! really weırd but cool experıence!

Friday, 18 April 2008

Location: Bodrum, Turkey

we came ın from greece to Bodrum. a small marına town about half way down the turkısh coast. we stayed ın a backpacker there who had some ınterestın
g turks that ran the joınt. this aussıe claımed that she was workıng there for them and gettıng free board. but she dıd nothıng just sat around lookıng pretty... We endıng up havıng a great tıme wıth the crew and the crazy guys that ran ıt, there playıng backgammın and cards and poker usıng leaves as chıps. the turk ppl are extremely hospıtıble
. one day we went to a local restaruant to get a pıde. the owner (couldn`t speak a word of englısh) came out and startıng teachıng us a card game. he must of thought we were stupıd but we just couldnt understand hım. hıs mate came over and started explaınıng
ın broken enlgısh and fınally got ıt. whıle playıng another mate came over (owner of the local haırdresser) and asked ıf he could do our haır for free. (translated from the one that could speak eng) we thought yeah why not as long as they don`t cut or colour. so after playıng cards wıth the restaurant croud and their famıly we went to get what we thought was a haır wash and dry. 2 hrs later we walked out wıth corn rolls. clare had a raptor type desıgn wıth a long plat down the back whıle al looked lıke enya as they pınned up all her haır. was pretty embarressıng goıng back to the hostel. Tarrık the crazy manager called us nıgga for the rest of our stay. we had to keep them ın for 24hr as we promısed we,d go back for to the restaurant for lunch tomorrow theır shout and they wanted to see our haır! so so embarressıng!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Location: Rodos, Greece

We ended up getting an overnight ferry to Rhodes & had two nights staying in the 'old town' before moving to a beach about 9kms south callled Ialyssos. The old town is beautiful, we forgot had forgotten how beautiful & historic Eurpope can be! The streets in the old town are all made of small stones & there are lovely fountains etc everywhere - a massive change from Asia!!!!

We were stinging to get to our accommodation that was booked from home (thanks the Earthrowls), & were there as soon
as we were allowed to check in! Unluckily for us just as we got off
the bus & started the 15 minute walk it started pouring so we turned up like drowned rats!

The accommodation was unreal, it was so good to have a clean, spacious nice room (not to mention the view!), we took advantage of having the kitchen & cooked most nights. We've just spent the week relaxing by the pool, having a tennis tournament (Al won (by one set!) & playing cards. On Friday we hired a little car & explored the whole island. It pretty much took us the whole day to drive around. Its amazing how big it is & the different landscapes, some parts were like forests & the
others really rocky & mountaneous. The only consistency was the
amazing colour of the water!

It is still pretty quiet here but the weather has cleared up a bit in
the last week, we got some sun but it wasnt quite warm enough to swim. Apparently the start of the season is their easter (27th) then it is busy from then on, we've noticed it heaps of changes in the last week already, when we got here it was like a ghost town, but now all the shops & restaurants are starting to be cleaned up, more are opening & people have started to arrive in the last few days. It would be so different to see it in the middle of summer, but it was the perfecttime of year for us to be here, beacause we relaxed, got ourselves organised & weren't tempted to go out at night. Last night we went out & had an authentic Greek meal we shared a tapas plate & got to try so
much good food!

We're leaving now with an oraganised pack full of clean clothes, it kind offeels like we're starting again - ready for the next adventure!

Wednesday, 02 April 2008

Location: Franfurt, Germany

FROM AL: After leaving earthy, i got the pleasure of sitting in between 2 randoms that were both overweight on the plane. Plus the incredible hospitality of germans on Lufthunsa (they are scary/angry ppl and don't like you asking for anything).

When i got off the plane i was still in a denim skirt and thin long sleeve top (was going to change on the plane but for the first time ever the plane was far from freezing) as i was sweating up a storm. I was getting some funny looks from EVERYONE dressed in jeans, boots jacket and scarfs. The German girls that we made friends with in Chang Mai came and picked me up from the airport and took me into and around the town of Frankfurt. I eventually got changed as outside was 4 degrees (and coz i was sick of everyone staring and the girls laughing at me). Frankurt was really pretty and great to see those girls again! they're awesome!

Wednesday, 02 April 2008

Location: Heathrow, England

Clare got to Athens via London and her bag was lost on the way, which was turned out to be pretty frustrating as we spent pretty much all of the next day in Athens chasing it up. We ended up getting the bag sent to Rhodes & having to buy some clothes
because it was so so so cold in Athens & she was wearing shorts, thongs & a cardi!

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From Ry Ry
Hey girls.. Thought of you on ANZAC day.. freezing your titties off! I hear the Bent turned 1 the other day.. we must throw a party in your absence and send photos!

Missing you both
Response: Yeah it was!!

Missıng you guys too!!
From Mum - K
Can't wait for the photos of Greece and Turkey!!
Be prepared to wrap up on the night at Gallipoli>
Love Mum
From Kate
as I walk home from work, I have wishes that the both of you will be home for a chat and a wine, then I get all sad, and snap back to sucks!
missing you girls..and guess who found the best bed on the side of the road..the 'S dorm' is improving! much love and cuddles to the both of you.
From Linz
Hellloooooo girls!!

Man it feels like forever since ive seen your ugly mugs.. haha. Sounds like u girls are having an awesome time and getting it done over there.

Those swings sound like my kind of thing, but also sounds like the kind of thing i do on holidays to then spend the rest of the trip in hospital. Keep representing the coast...

Miss ya both too much...

From Timsy
How come no blog since the 18th! KT checks on the hour!!!!!
From Twot
I miss you guys xoxoxo
From Nikki
Hey girls,
Great to here you guys are having a great time.
You have done unbelievably well in how much you have kept us up to date with your travels...I'm impressed. Oh and I agree with Hoody, you are keeping me occupied during my boring times at work too! Keep it up.
Love you guys and miss you heaps. XX
From Lubey
Hey Hey!

Missing you girls like crazy.. loving the stories though so keep them coming.

Watch out for the lady boys :-)

Ry xxx
From jules
oh my god im so jealous! hope u guys r sussing out other travellers on the long trips and strategically sitting next to albino pre-pubesent boys - they'll lend their sholder to anyone! wish i was in chang mai with u both right now, am extreamly emo not to be. now if u'll excuse me i have to go run a bath, put james blunt on and belt out the lyrics 'goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend'. Love love x
Response: im so hollow baby, im so hollow, im so, im so, im so hollow baby...
From Wongy
Sounds like you guys are having a mad time...not quite as mad as my 7am effort in the office on this delightful Tuesday, but good enough.
Stay safe, dont talk to strangers (unless they obviously are not serial rapists, coz you can tell) and try not to share needles. I said "try".
Big ups and shout outs to all those Jamaican-Thai gangster hopefuls (what a sub group!).
xxx B
From Meegsy
Heya girls,

Is great to hear about your journey so far... and what an adventure it sounds...

Bet you girls are going to go be so black on us. Where to next? Going to visit Bianca and be UNsober with her?!

Fordy xoxo
Response: Hey mate!!
Yeah we're definately having some top times!!
We're going to hagn with B in July! SO So keen!!!
Where and what dates are you guys coming over again??
From Boz
Hey Girls,
Sounds interesting.. but soo much fun!!
Keep the updates coming!!!
As you said, keeps me entertained while at work.. hehe..

Hey Boz!!
Hope you're well buddy!!
keep saving and get over here!!!
From Hoody
Hi Gals,

Thanks for reducing my boredom when i'm at work at 6am in the morning! Good news I got a new job at RNS, working in cardiac rehab...that should keep me sorted for a while :) About 12 weeks till Nath and I are in Thailand....stoked! Good to hear travels are fun times so far! Will keep myself amused through you guys so keep up the blog!
From Twot
Hey Guys sounds like your having an awsome time, soooo jelous im not with you guys, but saving hard to try and meet you after uni. Spewn you guys missed my 80's party, it was pretty fun. Clare, nath was very upset he didnt have to dress us both! ha ha and sing star didnt get out, cause you both wernt here! wouldnt have been the same.
Thinking of you guys hepas, have fun and stay safe.
Luv yas
Response: Hey twot!!
So did you finish that bloody deck in time??
Stoked the party was good!! i would have loved to dominate some singstar. I'm on a search for some over here!!
I'm sure clare was cut that nath couldn't dress her aswell.
save save save so you can come join...
Luv You guys!!
From Monger
Hey Luv,

This is a great idea, ill be tracking you guys now!!!

Hope you are hvaing a blast, keep in contact
Response: Hey Monger!!
Hows the new job going?
From timsy
I'm working on a new website "Off your facebook" - any tips?????
Dad you're funny! but a weirdo!!