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This page has been neglected since the increase in popularity in Facebook! So come search for us their for all our photos!!
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We're back in SA, Claudine is back on the game reserve and Richard is in Grahamstown studying Civil Engineering
Enjoy the pictures, and leave us a message so we know who has been here.

Diary Entries

Saturday, 30 June 2007

Location: USA

After the day at Magic Kingdom, we woke up and had Mickey shaped waffles. This got us ready for another action packed day. After posing with the famous Universal Studios globe, we moved into the park. The rides and shows were amazing and we saw the following:

- Shrek 4D where dragons sneezed on us and the characters literally jumped out of the screen!
- Twister - where we saw a tornado hit the small town, felt the wind, rain and fire!
- The Mummy - this ride is beyond intense. It's a mixture of darkness and light! You go forwards, backwards, upside down, up, down, fast and slow. The most extreme roller coaster ever! There is one chamber that fires up when you pass through it so you are surreounded by flames!!! Beyond description!
- Earthquake - we expereince an earthquake while sitting in a subway
Jaws - go on a boat cruise and be stalked by a big shark and then get attacked!! AAAH! doo do doo do
MIB - While riding the roller coaster, you get to shoot aliens and depending how well you shoot, the route changes!
ET - ride the bicycle with ET to his home planet
Terminator - Another 3D experience - beyond words!
Fear Factor Live! We were in the audience for the show

We went to Bubba Gump's Shrimp restuarant for dinner - the real Forrest Gump experience!

Another fun day!

Saturday, 30 June 2007

Location: USA

Possibly the most magical place we've ever experience, Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. From the moment we arrived we realised that everything we had ever heard about the place was true.

It has been beautifully created. Markus joined us and acted like our personal guide. We went on the Pirates of the Carribean roller coaster and even saw Capt Jack Sparrow! There were dessert roller coaster from the Wild West and we saw Woody from Toy Story. In the colonial area we expereinced old time USA. But the Fantasy Land section was like fairy tales come true!

All the characters were there - Snow White, Winnie-the-Pooh, Peter Pan, Cinderella etc. There was even a MadHatters Tea Party! With the rides, they take you through the story so it's as if everything comes to life - making you feel 6yrs old again!!

Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald have there own area and you can see their houses (and Donald's boat). this is where we got to neet the main mouse himself! the one who started it all!!

The coolest ride at Magic Kingdom was Space Mountain. You ride in darkness with only the stars to guide you. With ever twist, turn and drop you have no idea what to expect as you can't see in front of you - incredible!!

There were parades - one in the afternoon and one in the evening. We saw all the Disney favourites during the day and then all the floats weer lit for the evening parade. The grande finale was the famous fireworks around castle - just like at the start of every Disney movie!!

At the end of our 14hour experience we were tired and breathless, but like children, unable to sleep!

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Thanks for the birthday emails. I had a great day and was spoiled rotten!!

We recently decided to take a mini road trip to the Florida Keys. It was so much fun!! We went snorkeling near Key Largo and drove down to Key West where we spent the night.

It really fun to just get out of Naples and although we came back tired and sunburnt we were relaxed and ready for the week!!

Enjoy the photos, soon we'll add the ones from our trip to Orlando - Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios.

BAck in SA in 2 weeks!!!

Clauds xx (and Richy)

Happy birthday to all the June babies and especially me Dad!

Sunday, 03 June 2007

Location: Naples, USA

Hello all

Today it’s officially 32 days until we finish our contract at the Ritz and 35 until we return to SA. Not that we’re counting! And 33 days until we see Michelle in Atlanta!

We moved into our new apartment. It’s great!!! We’re living with two of our new friends – Janine and Monique (cousins from JHB). It’s a really cute little apartment complex and all our new friends live in the same building. So we’re just a few metres away…….we’ll let you know how that goes!

Other than that we’ve been working hard to get some money in before we become unemployed in SA. We’ve cancelled our trip to Marco Island as we’ve decided to visit Universal studios instead.

We’ll add photos of the new place soon.

Take care, missing everyone!

Happy Birthday to Bergen, Johan and Estee!


Clauds & Richy

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Location: USA


Today we're exhausted! We had an amazing day at Seaworld in Orlando. we woke up way too early and hit the road at 5am. We decided to take the longer way so that we could drive through the small towns of central Florida.

When we arrived we headed to IHOP (International House of Pancakes) for breakfast - YUMMY! and then we hit Seaworld. At that time we had no idea what was waiting for us.

First animals we saw after we got our tickets and entered, was the pink Flamingos! And they are beautiful! After the turtles we decided to go see the dolphins. Feeding the dolphins and touching them as a great way to start. We decided that dolphins like like a wet banana peel if we had to relate it to something. But they are so stunning, friendly and playful. We watched a great show (not one of those educational shows) with the dolphins and whales (as we were seated in the "splash zone" we didn't get photos). There were parrots and eagles as extras.

We had a look at the endangered Florida Manatee (see photos) before we headed for the water ride - THE ATLANTIS. It as AWESOME! The brave souls, Mo, Janine and Richard headed for the loopiest roller coaster ride, KRAKEN. Claudine was the official ground photogrpapher!

Next we headed to the Sea Lion and Otter area where we fed the sea lions. They are so funny! For some exercise we hired a pink flamingo paddle boat and cruised around the lake.

What was a new experience for us as the Artic Exploration...After a simulated helicopted ride to the Arctic (through a avalance and canyon!!) we arrived in an area that was a replica of the Arctic...including the temperature! We saw Beluga whales, Polar Bears and a Walrus!! This was exciting...really really exciting for our African eyes!

We stopped for lunch and then Janine and Claudine went to every girls favourite shop - the jewellery store. However, here you pick your oyster, have it opened and inside you find a pearl! Janine got a white pearl and Claudine a blue pearl.

After some more shopping and wandering around we went to a sea lion and otter pirate show! We were just in time for a "circus show" (the pictures make more sense) with trapeze and contortionists!

The highlight of the day was Shamu's show. He's better known as Willy in Free Willy. The Killer whales are INCREDIBLE!! and so big! The show was amazing and highly recommended to anyone and everyone.

After such an amzing day we decided to stop at Planet Hollywood. But couldn't stay, it was already after dark and we had a 3 and half hour drive home.

Check out the photos, it was just awesome, and amazing to see the underwater world!!

Oh yes, the other news is that we may have to move at the end of the month, so please don't use the address. We recommend sending anything you have to our South African address to be safe.

Take care all! We'll see those in SA soon!!

Clauds & Richy

Friday, 11 May 2007

Location: Naples, USA

Hey there all

This is just a quick note to say we're still alive. The return to SA has begun - Gerda left last week and Eben left yesterday...Damian leaves next week. And it's just 2 months then we're back on SA soil.

Before then we'll try go to Seaworld, to Marco Island and Atlanta. We'll add some party photos this weekend just so you can remember what we look like!

We'll keep you posted!

C & R

Monday, 30 April 2007

Location: USA

Hey all

All is going well in Naples. We've began the countdown to the return home as friends start leaving. Gerda (Super G) leaves this week, Eben (our housemate) next week and Damian is off late May. We had an awesome week last week and there are a few photos to show for it.

We had a great night out bowling. The beer was cheap and the lanes were fast! I won't give you a play by play but Clauds won the first game and Richy won the last one but the middle game....the score were horrible!

Every month we have friends over for burgers one night. This time we braaied (bbq'ed) the burgers on our new little braai! It was lots of fun and made everyone miss home terribly.....we had a good time dancing and hanging out...

On the 26th we got all dressed up, climbed 20 people into 2 limos and off we went for a night on the town for Mohammed's birthday! We had the VIP section of a local club booked and had a great night!! The photos need some editing and will be up shortly. We had a braai for Freedom Day but it was quite calm!

Happy Birthday to Mohammed and also to Leah this week. Hope you both have a great day!!

Clauds & Richy (our first entry from the cute little Apple MacBook!!)

Friday, 20 April 2007

Location: USA

Hello all

Well, Murphy is in full action. We decided to be really clever and not use one camera for the Bahama photos....well, it's been a nightmare trying to get 8 people's photos together....When we finally did there were over 3000 photos and all in different sizes. So there's sorting to do before cd's get copied. In between all this we've lost the wireless that we had at home, and there's a gremlin in the laptop.....


We've been hard at work since Easter...Richard had to dress up as the Easter Bunny for the Easter Egg hunt and Claudine was the Chicken (ain't that the truth!). Later when Richard went to work, Claudine became the Bunny (evolution? survival of the fittest?) It was a fun experience (despite the early start) and we took some crazy photos....polaroids so that'll take a while to get online!

Wednesday 18 April we went to Tampa to see The Killers live in concert. We hired a car and got an upgrade to a Toyota convertible. The weather was great so we dorve top down....! We stayed a beautiful hotel - The Tahitian Inn which we can highly recommend. The concert was awesome! The band is from Vegas and it shows as the stage was set for a production! They were dressed up, the sound and performance was amazing and they just wouldn't we left they came back for one more song and then another....just brilliant (Lance, we got you a souvenier!)

We'll keep working on the photos. Until then, take care! We'll see ya all in July!

Oh and for all the facebookers - we're both on facebook!
Congrats to Jana on her engagement!
Clauds & Richy

Saturday, 31 March 2007

Location: Miami and Naples, USA

We have not fallen off the planet, or disappeared into nowhere…..we’ve just been cut off from the internet….that actually feels like we’re gone!!

It’s been a crazy few weeks….we’ve been working hard getting ourselves ready for the big trip to the Bahamas. Claudine came down with serious flu and was ill for 2 weeks. Before that though we managed to fit in a trip on a catamaran, the St. Patricks Day parade and a trip to Miami.

The Sweet Liberty catamaran took us on a dolphin cruise into the Gulf of Mexico. It was really interesting to see the million dollar properties along the water.
The St Patricks Day parade is the largest in SW Florida and we really enjoyed seeing an American parade.
The trip to Miami would have been better if Claudine was a little healthier, but we still enjoyed walking along South Beach and having lunch there. The reason for the trip was to see SNOW PATROL live. We really enjoyed the band, they are amazing live!!

We’ll add photos soon from these three days out and then I’ll send the update from the Bahamas trip.

Happy Birthday to Desiree S and Desiree W (same day, different parts of the world!!) Bryan in Zanzibar and Madelaine.

Missing everyone…..we’ll be in better contact soon….promise!

Love Richy and Clauds

Sunday, 04 March 2007

Location: Everglades, Florida, USA

Firstly we have to ask everyone from Bermuda Isle (and the rest in the US) to lend your support to JOE-JO JENNINGS - "the mayor of Naples" - and his amazing bike ride to raise money for MS. The web link is - If it won't link, email us and we'll give you the info.... It's for an awesome cause and Joe-Jo is training hard for this tough race!

Now, back to us!
We've been having a great time getting out of Naples and into the Everglades (the large sub tropical swamp known for it's wildlife!) well, we saw some wildlife! There were some great birds to see, especially the little kingfishers right next to the road. What did surprise us was the alligators just lying in the swamp next to the road (this coming from us - people use to a game reserve!) They're smaller than expected and very very laid back.

We had an awesme day with Magdel and Louise just driving where we wanted to, getting on an airboat and cruising through the mangrove forests, eating 'gator and just walking in the forest. A pretty good day out!

We'e booked and paid for Richard's birthday - the 430 gang are joining us, so we are 8 in total going on a little 3 day cruise from Miami to Bahamas.....honestly, we can't wait! But before then we're off to Miami for one night!! So much to do!!

Missing everyone back home in SA! Missing everyone else spread all over the world!

Happy Birthday's to Russell E, Kirsty, Tarryn F, Lindiwe, Rachel, Russell W and Bryan.

Lots of love to all

Clauds and Richy

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Location: Tampa, Fl, USA

Greetings from a sunnier and warmer Florida!

We returned today from our night out in Tampa (about 2hours drive, North of Naples). We drove up Tuesday morning, spent the afternoon at the Florida Aquarium and went to a NHL game (ice hockey).

It was an awesome trip! We stayed at a very funky hotel, right opposite the stadium so it was a quick walk. It's a newish hotel and the decor is quiet cool - the lobby is big and airy and there's palm trees all over. This morning we had an amazing breakfast buffet there - yum!

The Aquarium was beautiful. The tanks are all huge so you see a lot - you can stand there for hours! The walls have been made to look as if they form part of the reef - very cool! We saw sharks, turtles, a variety of sea horses, tropical fish and penguins. There was a special feeding of the stingrays - very interesting and we enjoyed the wetlands area as we finally got to see alligators!

The hockey game was so intense! It was great to hear the American National Anthem live (we still prefer SA's one) and the crowd was so fired up. It was a pretty exciting game as the Panthers had a good lead over the home team - Tampa Bay Lightening. But the team came back in the scores were tied, the game ran into over time. After no scoring we got to see a penalty shoot out! Ice Hockey is almost as violent as rugby and we saw a real punch up!

It was an awesome experience, we only wished we had more time, but Richard and KP had to get to work today. In three weeks time we're off to Miami to see Snow Patrol. But if we get some time off we'll try get out before then.......

Chica had her little pups - cutest little ugly things ever! That's the only big news from home at this moment (we think!) We got biltong this week from the American South African shop.

Thanks for the messages and phone calls. We'll keep in touch.

Lotsa love
Richy and Clauds

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Location: Bermuda Isle, USA


Well, it's been another busy week. It started off last Sunday (11 Feb) when we said good bye to Tim and Leighton with a good ol' South African styled braai (as cooked by an American chef!). It was a really good night! Although, i feel bad saying a farewell was good!

We nearly overslept, but managed to get Tim to Fort Myers airport on time on Tuesday. We went for a walk along the beach as the the sun was rising and saw the Fort Myers pier (the Naples one is much prettier). We stopped for a yummy breakfast before heading back to Naples.

Later in the week we hired a car (an awesome Mazda 6!) but didn't get far as we got distracted by a big outlet shopping mall that was having a sale! So after we attacked Guess, Nine West, Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, Levi and Aeropostale we finally returned home to recover!

For valentine's day we went to a great local persian restuarant - Bha Bha! And the food was incredible!

Happy Birthday message to Michelle! Hope it was a great one.

Missing everyone

Lotsa Love

Clauds and Richard

Saturday, 10 February 2007

Location: Naples, USA

Hey there

Well we loaded a few photos, just ones of a life here....nothing exciting....ok, maybe a little funny!

Last weekend we watched the Super 14 Rugby games as downloaded from the internet - pity about the Stormers! This was right after THE event on the American NFL calander - SUPERBOWL! It was exciting....and a bit confusing!

We investigated flying to Jamaica for the Cricket World Cup in March but the match games are too expensive, so we'll try go to Miami instead in March..... But at least we'll be in a similar time zone unlike the rest of the world for the matches.

We've organised tickets to a NHL (Ice Hockey) Game in Tampa on the 20th - so we'll get some photos up then.

That's it from Naples for now, til next time

Cheers xxx

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Hi, I lve your pic's. Keep well and hope we see eachother soon.
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Haven't checked in on your site for awhile...What an incredible experience you have posted (great for marketing, eh Glen!).

We all here at the hotel cannot believe we are down to the last few days with you. South African's have made a great impression on our Ladies and Gentlemen and we look forward to your returns to Naples...Safe trips home and THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!!! Hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have!
From Danny B
Hay Clauds, Happy Birthday, hope you havin a wondurfull day,and everyone down here in jozy sends their love.

my parents got so exited about your birthday, that we are acctually havin a celebratory dinner as i write. they did not alow me any champange though......wat losers.
im just jokin, we did not hav a special dinner :(

well cant wait to see you both again, and i also cant wait till the Fall Out Boy censert

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lots of luv
yours sinserily
Jozi kid.....naht
Response: Hey Danny Boy!
Thanks for not having a dinner!! :)
Can't wait to get home and be back in good old SA. Really looking forward to the concert. I had a great birtday - lotsa cool gifts and fun memories!

See ya soon
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Hello Dene
Baie geluk met die verjaardag. Mag jy 'n baie aangename dag en mooi jaar beleef. Ons was gister en vanoggend op Rockcliff en het lekker saam met jou pa verjaar. Liefdegroete, Ons verlang na jou. Oupa en Ouma.
Response: Dankie Ouma en Oupa!
Mis julle baie en sal julle een van die dae sien
From danny b
hay all its me again just pop'd in to say hiand to laugh at richard cause its so funny how most children send there perents emails to say hi and how things are going, but richard sends dad funny,and sometimes naughty, but mainly funny emails, and by the way.....howcome i never get naughty emails
cheers and luv ya lots

p.s. fall out boy is coming to SA, and quess who has tickets..... me YAY :)
From danny b
From Danny B
u been going all american on cause u been living there so long (i forget u ar my brother sometimes......naht, i make a joke,thats Borat by the way). well cant wait to see u

P.S. and by the way i would never forget that u ar my bro...i luv u
Response: see you soon bro!
From shar
as julle terug is in SA, moet julle eers vir my kom hallo sê en kom kyk hoe groot Shariné word (13maande al!!!) Hope this time you guys are gonna stay here at home!!!!!! We miss you lots en raak lekker groen van julle foto's.

sien julle een van die dae
Response: Hey girl!
Mis jou baie man!! Sal definitief kom hellos se as ons in SA is. Ongelukkig is ons net vir 'n kort tydjie by die huis... :(
From Glen
Hey Guys, I was on your website pinching some photo's for some marketing stuff I hope you don't mind? I have not heard from you'll for a bit I'm worried..... are you died?

Response: Hey Glen
No worries, we'll send you the account later!
We've been a little busy, but we'll start bugging you again soon!
From Danny B
hay all its me Danny B (in da hisay) just in to say howzit and to tell that my new email address is


p.s. dont u be going all american on me now
Response: Why Danny boy, why ever would we go all america? We sending you this from Mel's Diner eating a double cheese burger with chilli cheese fries and a cherry cola! But will chat soon buddy! Richy
From Mark and Cornelia
Howzit you two.
Lots has happened and many changes. No longer at Lalibela. Contact us on our e-mail, PLEEEEZE!!
Love us
Response: hey! good to hear from you. will mail!
From Oupa en Ouma
Hello daar!
Dankie vir die boodskappe en foto's. Ons geniet dit.
Ons het gisteraand na 'n TV-program gekyk oor 'n baie skaars wildekat in die VSA. 'n Grondeienaar in Texas het 'n kamp afgesonder vir hierdie katte. Ons kan nie die naam van die kat onthou nie, iets soos Oscolot. Hulle wys toe een mak kat wat in die Naples Zoo gehou word. 'n Pragtige dier. Indien julle dalk daar kom, vra daarna. Liefdegroete, Oupa en Ouma.
Response: Ons sal so maak. Dit klink baie interssant! As ons daar uitkom sal ons fotos neem en stuur.
Mis julle!
From Brat
Don't know if you guys are into the cricket scene, but did you see that the proteas got slam dunked by the auzi's? It was a sad day in SA! I think the funniest people were the radio presenters, and my science teacher who was obviously upset about the whole ordeal for during the entire lesson his wife kept sending him smses about the match and he'd vent his anger out to us...interesting lesson. Lee says howzit! She's also coming back to SA for good. Well, loved the Bahama photos! K~ later alligators :)
Response: Yeah we've been trying to follow the cricket but the Americans aren't so good at broadcasting international sports!
Having a braai for Freedom Day!
From Jana Venter
Hi Claudine & Richard
Haven't been on your page for a while, but really enjoy your photos and news.
I am back in SA for a while.
Rob asked me to get married, and I said yes, so now doing a bit of organising, as we will have the wedding here.
Anyway, keep safe and enjoy your travels!
That is so awesome, let me know when the big day is.
Hope to see you soon - in SA or UK!
From Martina & Phil
Hi Richy & Clauds
Thanks for dropping in!
Looks like you guys are having a great time- sounds awesome!!
Lets just say life in Africa is not all sunshine and giggles....
Phil & Martina
From C & E du Toit (Oupa
Hello Dene
Ons verlang en wil net ons liefdegroete laat weet. Dit gaan met ons goed. Ons is jammer om te hoor van jou griep. Ons hoop jy's weer OK en dit gaan goed met Richard.
Liefde, Oupa en Ouma.
Response: Hello Ouma & Oupa!

Als gaan baie goed. Ons is altwee gesond en aan die gang! Dis net baie warm en ons verlang huis toe.

Sien julle een van die dae
From Lisa
Whoa, you two are certainly living life to the full! I'm not quite sure how this whole messaging thingy works but it's proof I was here!! Useless info, use it, don't use it, could change your life forever, but I found Brandon! K ~ ciao 4 now ;)
From Ernst
Have fun guys, envy you.
Response: Maybe later this year you'll join us with the prize you won!
From Hmmmm...
21 ??
From mommy bresgi
Hi again
Having lots of fun using the new adsl line. Was hoping to see a response to my message Ieft yesterday. Happy Easter Claudine, hope the bunny bought you lots of eggs. Dan, Kara and Lance persuaded me to go with them to Gold Reef City. Don't think they really wanted me along - just didn't like the idea of sitting next to strangers on some of the rides! Glad they took me with because I havn't had such an adrenalin rush in years. Now that I have acess to the internet I will be keeping you very busy - Sorry, but missing you stacks.
Hey mom, sorry about the lack of replys its just been crazy busy this side with Easter and all. Its our last big drive before the end of the season! We had a great day here on easter, I pulled a 12hour day, working in two different depts and Claudz managed to do 17hrs! Pretty crazy! I was the Easter Bunny! I had this HUGE suit witha head and everything! Kids got a great kick out of it though! Thats pretty cool that you guys got a permanent line now! gonna be much easier to keep incontact. Send me emials, it'll be easier to reply that way. We should have all our the Bahama photos soon, we split up the photo taking so we didn;t waist memory on all our cameras, so they should be uo soon. Miss ya all lots! send love to everyone!
From mommy bresgi
Hi Richy - at last we are on line and I can communicate with you guys. I had about 250 messages to clear! lance is here for the week end and the weather is wonderful. The house is slowly coming together - except for the renovations that seem to never end. Dan and I are officially on holiday. We have a month off. I really need it as I feel brain dead - I started work the day after arriving in the big city. We miss you very much especially seeing that we could not celebrate your birthday with you. It was great chatting last night. Glad Claud is feeling better - please send our love. looking foward to veiwing your new photos. Lots and lots of love mom xxxxxxxxx
From Alida
Good to see you both. Happy 21st again Rich. What a way to celebrate. Looking for news from your trip.

From D
Happy Birthday for the 31st. Couldn't get hold of you. Hope you're having fun in the Bahama's. Big bash when you get home. Love D ( on behalf of all at home)

PS dont 4get my t-shirt
From Bergen
Didja fall off the face of the earth??
Response: Well, no, just got really sick and then when I was better, went to the Bahamas.....
From Danny B
Hi all, its me. i have some very funny news, myself and Derick(Dad) found out that Bella(The Dog) is diformed, she only has 7 nipls, its hallerious. other than that all is good. oh ya, i also got an e-mail address, so e-mail me sometime at

P.S. and dont laugh at the fact that it is Yahoo mail Cheers