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Dear all my Beautiful friends and family.. this is to keep you all informed on my travel adventures, enjoy! xxx

Diary Entries

Saturday, 11 November 2006

Location: Gold Coast, Australia


Sorry I haven’t put any photos up… my camera is still getting repaired… after taking it out on a crazy drunken night out it has decided that it doesn’t want to turn on anymore. Anyway life is good…Still living as a ‘Lady of Leisure’. It was Melbourne cup on Tuesday.. and YES I WON on the big race!! Such a fun and messy day/night at the turf club (and of course Melbas) with the girls.. Will try and get a hold of some pics so you can see everyone in there pretty dresses. Other exciting news is that its Leahs b’day soon and the beautiful Brian has decided to pay for half our tickets down to Sydney so we can go celebrate it with her!! So I will be down there in 2weeks, can’t wait!! Will get to see Carolin too!! =) Hopefully my camera will be working by then!

All my love xxxx

Sunday, 22 October 2006

Location: Gold Coast, Australia


So I have finally arrived home to the sunny Gold Coast, and it has been really nice catching up with family and friends and enjoying the amazing weather and beautiful beaches we have!

I have posted all my photos from my trip – which will give you an idea of my experience…

Thinking of you all near and far, Love Claudia xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Wednesday, 06 September 2006

Location: Italy

Hey everyone!

have put photos up of my adventure so far this should explain it!!
I am travelling with Sally tomoz to La Spezia and then I am heading to Roma!!

Love you all... Ciao xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Location: London, UK

Hey Everyone..

Can’t believe how quickly the past few weeks have gone! I am leaving London on Saturday … Yes its true!!
Have just been out partying a lot and spending as much time with the girls as possible… Sat night ended up being a crazy drunken night out in Piccadilly, I had so much fun! A real cheesy night out – we even got asked if we wanted to be in the Ordinary Boys film clip (you probably don’t know who they are but they are a famous English rock band best known for there Hottie Preston)… Mmm.. ! Almost famous huh!? Well the most exciting news is that my Dad arrived today, haven’t seen him yet.. Haven’t seen him for 10months for that matter.. I can’t wait to see him!! I’m sure we will venture out somewhere nice tonight. On Saturday we are travelling to Austria together – and then the rest of my travels begin before heading home…!! Crazy crazy… I cannot believe how fast time is passing by… WOW…………


Monday, 14 August 2006

Location: London, UK

I am honestly blessed with the best friends in the world!!!
This is a Shout out especially to Julia, Nikki, Alex and Katherine... I was flicking thorugh my TNT (must read magazine for aussies) this morning that the girl I work with put on my desk...and there was a message from these lovely ladies!! What a surprise!! Thank-you so much..You have made my time in ol' London town the best time of my life!! Thanks for all the memories.. and I can't wait for so many more to be made all over the world! I love you all so so much - Don't forget me when I'm back in Oz.... Can't believe I am going to have to say goodbye all over again! Gosh.... Love you guys!!

Claudia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 06 August 2006

Location: London, UK


So yesterday I took the 2hr eurostar trip to Paris for the day!! Tim came down with me and we went to the Eiffel Tower, Down on the river, The Lourve and to Notre Dame.. There is so much to see and do there, we ended up running out of time!

Had an awsome day though..!
See Pics...

Love, Claudia xxxxxx

Wednesday, 02 August 2006

Location: UK

Just quickly... I have had the most amazing weekend in Sardinia, thanks to Miss Mexis. Her lovely boss decided to shout Alex a trip away to the super trendy and exclusive island of Sardinia - and told her she could take a friend..ME! I got a call on friday afternoon asking me if I wanted to go to Sardinia tomoz - so of course I said yes! So.. I have been lucky enough to visit one of the most beautiful places in the world.. cost free!!!

We spent out time hanging out at the beach... swimming as much as we could... we went out on the boat with some friends... went out for dinner and experienced the crazy night life of Sardinia.. what can I say - I had a great time!! Refer to pictures..!!

Don't have much time as I'm in an internet cafe.. but all is well here with me.. planning on leaving london in 4weeks to travel to: Austria, Italy, Croatia, Greece and turkey.. before my arrival home!! I will be home Mid Oct' so be ready to take me out and show me the ropes again.. =)

Love and Miss you All... Claudia xxxxxx

Wednesday, 05 July 2006

Location: London, UK

Sorry I have been slack with my updates!
So this is going back a few weeks now but one of my highlights would have been the Aussie vs Croatia game! What a great night I had – we went to the ‘Walk-about where the place was full of about 400 Australians – they were playing songs like ‘I still Call Australia Home’ and songs from Powder finger, Midnight Oil and Spider bait. (All those sing along songs that you know the words to but you don’t know how). Even better we won the game – which ended with everyone hugging each other and jumping up and down (beer flying everywhere) – The atmosphere was fantastic!!!!

Juls and I went to the Wireless festival – Started early drinking outside in the park with our takeaways (I love that we can drink anywhere here) – and then went on to see a great line up of: Gnarls, Pharell, Damien Marley (Bob Marley’s son – who was really cool), DJ shadow and Massive Attack.. The weather held out really nice and it was a fun relaxing day. Except for the fact that Julia MADE ME go on the ride from HELL! I thought I was going to die – they should call the ride death it was the scariest thing I have been on in my life!! Thank gosh I survived!

Other than that have just been chilling out and enjoying the weather. I started a new job last week as a ‘Trading Assistant’ for an investment company called Centaurus Capital. I am staying here until mid August before I go venturing out to travel some more. It’s a cool job – and I work with really nice people - I work in Oxford Circus – on Cavendish Square (which is in the west end, an awesome location). A great thing about this job is that I get my lunch bought for me everyday from different restaurants… Not to good for the weight factor though…

Heading to Wimbledon with Julia this arvo after work - can’t wait!
Will post some pictures this weekend..

Claudia xxxx

Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Location: London, UK

So the big game Australia vs. Brazil!

We were all very nervous about the game... so decided to start drinking very early on our way to the 'Whitehouse' Clapham Common... I had a very fun and messy night there - where we partied hard with our new Brazilian friends we made (refer to pic's). We were all having a major identity crisis as we were hanging out in the Brazilian room - hehe but they knew how to have fun so we couldn't let go. From hanging out with these Brazilians I have been sold to travel to Brazil - and am definitely booking my ticket for carnival next year! All in all it was a fantastic day/night - where we heard some wicked DJs, even the VERY GC Kid Kenobi was there!! Still hurting from Sunday night.. but hopefully will be recovered for Australia’s game on Thursday and Friday’s concert in Hyde park.


Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Location: San Sebastion & Barcelona, Spain


So, after waking up at 3am and almost missing the bus to Stanstead airport – we finally made our way to our first destination San Sebastian. What a beautiful place this is! It lived up to every expectation made by the girls. It’s a friendly little town – with so much personality, lots of bars filled with tapas and the most beautiful beach. Every night we went to the local spot the girls went to last time where they looked after us like VIPs. In the day we made our way to the beach and the weather was so beautiful we even got to go swimming (which is the first time for me in 8months – it was AMAZING to say the least!).

After 2days in San Sebastian, we made our way to our final destination Barcelona. WOW! I have been hypnotized by this city and am even considering moving there. We stayed off La Rambla which is the main st. It’s filled with shops, bars, artists, markets and street performers. Our time consisted of venturing through this main st, tanning at the very euro beach, eating, drinking a lot of sangria, siestas, partying and minimal tourist activities. We did venture through the gothic quarter of town and saw a few cathedrals and some amazing buildings – but only minimal to what Barcelona has to offer. Definitely will have to venture back!

I have posted lots of pictures of our trip – which will explain the experience much better. Will not go into the fact that we missed our bus to Girona airport – and almost missed our plane home! Losers, I know! So… now back in London – where the weather is actually really nice and is crazy in football fever… Go the socceroos – We won our first game!!! Well I am back at work and currently in a lot of debt! Having a very quiet weekend and next week I am going to the 02 wireless festival in Hyde park with Julia – we are going to see Massive Attack, Pharrell Williams and Narles Barkley just to name a few. Very excited about that!

Anyway, love you all speak soon xxx

Tuesday, 06 June 2006

Location: London, UK


Well... an exciting few days we just had. The weather has been amazing here in London - Mel and Bridge arrived for the weekend -was so good to see them and it was Alex's 22nd birthday which was a big GC reunion and was celebrated at a pub in Notting Hill.

Have posted some pic's from the last few days.
Heading to Spain tommorrow - have to wake up at 3am to get to the airport and catch our flight.. ekk...

Speak Soon xxx

Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Location: France

So France...

I can't even begin to explain the 5day holiday I just had - it was absolutely AMAZING!! It didn't start to well off - when our phones decided not to work - and a rude taxi driver dropped us off on the other side of town telling us our hotel was 2min down the road (but really a 40min walk).. But we were grateful to be in perfect 28degree weather that well I only dream about and to be in one of the most beautiful and exclusive places in the world!

Every day we would spend lounging around on the boat (a fully serviced boat that is) that provided anything you wanted to drink, eat or ever needed.. I even had an unlimited amount of ciggies! I couldn't believe it… and when night came we would venture out around the towns 'hot spots'. Niki and I partied hard - drinking classily endless bottles of Moet and Grey Goose Vodka (out of the bottle) - while dancing on the tables and couches (which is absolutely normal there) - people were out of control and definatly knew how to party!

We had our many celeb spottings.. Flavio, Bono, Prince Albert - some people that we didn't even know but the paparazzi were going crazy over! One morning after a long night of partying Niki and I and were waiting outside a hotel to get a taxi - where Brandon Davis (aka Micha Bartons ex) walks in wasted as - and tells us that “the breakfast is fantastic in there you must try it!” So of course.. as we look at our watches and ekk its 7.30 am and feeling very hungry decide to go in and have an amazing buffet breakfast! As we look around the place it is packed with people, sunnies on and all dressed up from there night's out. Just to top it off.. as we walk around the buffet filling our plates with croissants.. Wyclef Jean walks straight past us! Are we in heaven or what!?

I won’t bore you anymore with my holiday. I am still trying to get a grip on whether I was dreaming or really there – anyway it was fantastic! Oh and to top it off – as Niki and I arrive at the airport to check-in the Lady apologizes to us that the plane is full so we will have to be upgraded to business class! What a shame!

Well a big couple of weeks ahead.. Mel and Bridge get here this weekend – which will be huge! Then off to San Sebastian and Barcelona – next Wednesday with the Twins.. Sure I will have more exciting stories to tell!

Thinking of you All, Love Claudia xxx

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Location: London, UK

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone is going well.. wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Thought Alex and I would make a separate travel page as we are all doing our own things etc..

Anyway a quick boring London update about me... I am well - Alive and getting through the London weather somehow! At the moment I am just doing temping work for random companies- like today I am working for a company called 'Radioscape' that design digital radios... exciting stuff I know! As you all have properly heard we have moved out of home in 'Chiswick' and Alex and Niki are room sharing together in this massive house. I have moved into a 6 bedroom house in Hammersmith - and live with four English guys and an Italian Girl... has worked out really well for me... Definatly a new experience and I am really enjoying it!

Just in-case anyone wants to send me anything (which you are more than welcome to) My new address is: 59 Overstone Rd, W6 0AD, London. =)

Other than that, not much news... had a bit of a drinking weekend with Julia - and my new roomies... and last night Niki, Juls and I went to the infamous walk-about ... We are thinking of going there tomorrow at 10am for the state of origin game (Nikis Idea) How funny!! hehe..

Well, won't keep you anymore.. I Hope everyone is doing what they want, fulfilling there dreams and are simply happy.. I miss so many of you more than you know. (But I am having the time of my life as well).. Off to France this weekend, 28degrees - can't wait!

Take Care, Love you all Claudia xxx

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Recent Messages

From Jules
you promised me updates....... how else shall I get through these English working hours?? xx
Response: haha I have totally forgot about this thing.. esp. with my camera still not working argh... so frustrating.. are you missing my jodie sargent emails?? haha LOVE YOU! xxxxx
From nikki
nikkis page is more updated than anyones!!! and its by far the bestest
Response: Whatever... you have a lot to make up for before your in the running!!!! xxxx =)
Have you had that camera fixed yet?? I'm still waiting on the photo updates! Don't do a Nikki now.... xxx
Response: hahah.. No its still in the repair shop! I called about it yesterday.. still waiting!! I will get photos off the girls and put them up!! xxxxx
From Jules
remember the taxi from Barcelona to airport VIA the bus station.... chase music!! God we screwed that one up..... bahahaha!! xxxxx
Response: OH gosh...The 'suxs to be us weekend' haha Put it in the past where it belongs..... hahah xxx
From nikki
Response: English Trash xxx
From Jules
oh and don't think your PR days are over... no no my friend, I want regular updates and photos!! xxx
Response: Hey! hahha... well... there will be a delay with this.. as somehow on one of my drunken nights out I have broken my camera and it won't turn on! Argh... xxx
From Jules
Your photos rock!!!

Hey now, hey now... don't dream its over! *tear* so very much missing you, can't believe the travel is on a standstill. Get your arse back here ASAP!
Response: Thanks love! Will try and put the rest up soon.. takes sooo long! Awww..I know.. I was listening to that song on the plane *tear*...We will see what the future brings!! Missing you as always xxxx
From mel
your page sucks! wheres all the updates?? :) oh well we can have a night of reviewing and comparing photos when you get back... xxxx
Response: I know it does..! I don't have time to spend on the internet when I can be roaming the streets of Turkey!! Sorry Love. I will put them all up when I get home like you did too! hehehe.. We will compare when I get back! See-you Soon. Love you xxxx
From Carolin
Good to see Jenny Purdy is a fan of you and giving you a good wrap hahaha
How are your travels? Hope you are well, looking forward to seeing you back downunder soon!!!
Response: hahahaha.. Too funny, I know!! My travels have been amazing...better than I could have ever wished for! Looking forward to seeing you downunder soon too! xxxxx
From Jules
Love n miss u!!! xxxx
Response: Love you!! Will be seeing you soon.. In Turkey.. even more amazing than I thought it would be .. the people have been sooooo kind!! Loving it!! have fun on your trip xxxx
From Jules
My Dad rang me to say hello n said there was an article about your Dad coming to visit you in London... his daughter who works in finance! Muahahahaha..... well you did so its not really that funny actually! Wrote u a massive email yesterday! Love u lots, have fun... see u soon!!!! xxxx
Response: Hey! hahahha That is HILLARIOUS!!! Can't believe they still write about that stuff..! I did work in finance I guess! sounds better than it is though!! So funny!! In turkey it has been great so far.. ! Love you lots xxxxx Seeyou soon xxxx
From mel
IOS is definitely the BEST.. Mykonos is cool but a little touristy and expensive compared to IOS.. IOS has sooooooo many bars and night clubs!! Paradise Beach is pretty cool on Mykonos though... xx
Response: Nice one.. We have decided to go to Mykonos and are staying at paradise beach - as the far out club is closed in IOS .. can you believe? Hope its still buzy!!! xxxxx
From el salvador
Dude!! Looks like u are having an amazing time!! Swimming inside the blue grotto looked pretty magic!! Love sally
Response: It was Magic! Having the best time.. Croatia was soooooo much fun!!! Love you and I hope your well xxxx
From Jules
I am assuring myself you were NOT skinny dipping in the blue grotto and that it is a photo illusion!? Please confirm!! Also congrats on your GC bulletin mention hahaha! Aww love you lots n lots xxxxx
Response: I am NOT skinny dipping.. yes it is an ILLUSION!! hahaha.. What GC bulletin mention??? hahahah Love you! Heading to Mykonos tonight =) xxxxxxx
From mel
hey cloudy, look forward to seeing you soon! have an awsome time in greece.. make sure you go to IOS and stay at the "far out club" so much fun!!! xx
Response: Hey Mel!! Leaving for Greece with katherine today.. VERY excited!!!! We are tossing up betweem IOS or Mykonos.. which do you reccommend..!? Love you xxxx
From nikki
i think someone needs some pointers in how to make an updated planetranger?!!
where are you now? miss you!
Response: I am in croatia.. I have had three hours sleep.. after another crazy night yet again... no net access I have been sailing on a boat!! Hope your well chick.. when I have more time I will put photos up of one of the funnest weeks! Keeps getting better.. you would have loved it here! Miss you xxxxxxx
From nikki
stay away from kiwis
Response: She was lovely!!!!
From Leah
oopps the one about your best photo session ever was me. Sorry!!

You sound like you are having teh time of your life. Sojealous! Enjoy it hunny.

Response: hehehe I knew it! Thank-you! Everything has been perfect.. I have just had the craziest week ever here in Croatia.. Leaving tomoz.. and heading to Greece!! Love you so much xxx
hey clouds, you look so happy in the photos. keep on having the time of your life. looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. Christian
Response: Thank-you! I am having so much fun.. back in Split.. the sail croatia trip was amazing!!!
From nikki
awww mummy emmy! hahaha thats so cool shes on the net
Response: I know! Go Mummy!! So proud of her!!! xxxx
From Jules
Hey globe trekker! Where u at now!? You sound like you're having an amazing time! I miss you and your 'Jodie Seargent' emails! Now I have to actually do work... why... WHY!?!? Go Emmy for putting a message on here!! Nice work! Take care babe, love you lots xxxxxx
Response: Hey! Just left Italy aww .. my knew fav place and got to Split in Croatia - I met a Kiwi on the ferry over who is also by herself so we have been trecking around the town together having lots of fun! This place is not what I imagined such an old town - so much history! Meanwhile.. the thing to do here is to stay at peoples houses they approach you at the ferry.. so we are staying at this ladies house so funny!!! Argh.. having the BEST time still! I don't want this to ever end! Love You! xxxxx
Hi where you are? Is everything ok? Thinking of you.

Love and best wishes,
Response: Hi Beautiful! I'm Sorry!! I have been so buzy and have not had a chance to get on the net.. I am having too much fun actually! In Sorrentto at the moment, I think I might be going to Verona tommorrow.. Don't worry about me!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! p.s can't believe you figured out how to leave a comment - well done!! xxxx
From Sally
That place was so beautiful ...... So funny !!! Hope you are having a great time in Rome. xoxooxxo
Response: I LOVED ROME, best place and best Hostel I have ever stayed in - thanks for the reccommendation! Met so many cool people!! Hope to see you in CROATIA!! xxxxxx
Aaah! the BEST photo session ever. your dad's home town is so pretty.. i wanted to cry. And seeing you and sally pissy...made me miss the good times.. i wanted to cry! Cheese and rice! very emo i know. have fun, miss you loads!
Response: Awww... Austria was soo nice and it was soooo funny seeing sally we got SO SO DRUNK together.. it was the funniest thing ever... !!Miss you! xxx
From mel
hey big spender! did you guys pay for beach chairs in Cinque Terre...?? they are like 15euro!!!!!!!!!!!
Response: Hey! haha.. we bargained with this guy and he gave us a chair for 1.50 EURO for a couple of hrs... so good!! I can't afford 15 EURO... WOW!! Take care xxxxx