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Chris teaching in East Timor

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Schools in timor villages

In June 2009, two teachers (Antranik and myself) and a local Timorese university student stayed in Luro, a sub-district of Lautem which is the most eastern district of Timor-Leste. We stayed for 3 nights and visited two schools there while becoming acquainted with the local culture and daily-lifestyle.




New York

5 nights in New York, 2 with Marty and the rest on my own.



There are no pics of people here...but these are things and places i see every day


Timor road trip 1

My housemate Graham, a local Timorese student named Leopoldo and myself hired a troop carrier and set off to explore the country over 6 days. Timor certainly has potential!


Atauro Island

the island can be seen from dili as it is only 25km away. however, there is a massive drop in the ocean floor which reaches to a depth of 3km. US subs travel through here to get from the Pacific to the Indian.

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