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Welcome to CMT's Travel Page. My journey begins and Vietnam and I am not quite sure where it will finish. I know for sure Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Australia will all be included.

Diary Entries

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Location: Taman Negera/ Perhentians, Malaysia

From Penang I headed back south to Kuala Lumper to catch a bus back North to Taman Negara. It was kind of a waste of time but there was no other way. I ended up having to stay an extra night in KL which was not in my plans but worked out really well for me. I ended up meeting this really wicked German girl who happened to be going the same way as me. We took a bus and a boat to Taman Negara together. Taman Negara is a huge rainforest. We did some cool trekking and met some funny Irish guys. There were lots of laughs and great scenery. We went on a night sufari and saw tons of insects. It was actually cooler than it sounds. After the rainforest we headed further south to the Perhentian Islands. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I had so much fun there. The water was clear and warm with white sandy beaches. We stayed in a little shack in the forest that had a great view of the beach. And by a twist of fate I ended up getting my PADI diving certification. Evelyn my german friend was doing her advanced certification and it turns out that the beach that we were on was a diving haven. Anyways one day while I was waiting for her the girls at the dive shop talked me into giving it a try. I was really against it. The idea of being surrounded by water with no way out freaked me. Needless to say I gave it a try and loved it. I ended up extending my stay on the Island to get certified and it turned out to be one of the best things. It was really amazing. I was able to see tons of fish including sting ray, sharks, and little nemos.....sooooo cute. I did like 4 dives in 3 days. I would dive in the day and then play beach volleyball in the evening. It was really cool because Evelyn and I got on so well. These last couple of weeks have been so great!!!!

Monday, 16 July 2007

Location: Penang, Malaysia

I have been on the Island of Penang for the past few days. I am staying in Chinatown so it is crazy. Food stalls everywhere,motorbikes, people laughing and yelling. It is really good. I have had Dim Sum for breakfast every day. (My favorite) The food is soooooo fantastic here. I just cant stop eating. The other day I went to the beach and there was some boarding competion which was cool to watch. Today I went to the top of Penang Hill and was able to enjoy yet another beautiful view. Walking down was crazy. It was 5.7 km straight down. I am going to be sore tomorrow but it was worth it. Yesturday it was raining so a few of us from my hostel decided to go to the arcade in the mall. We ended up playing a whole bunch of stupid games but it was actually a really great time. I watched the sunset on the sea wall tonight. I just cant get enough of the sun setting over the water. I am heading back to Kuala Lumper for a day and then up to the jungle to do a trek. I have heard good things so I am pretty excited.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Location: Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

I have been in Malaysia for a few days now and it is funny to be back in Asia. Already I have been on two buses that have broke down. The one from Singapore to Kuala Lumpar had a flat tire and then my bus from KL into the Cameron Highlands overheated and we all had to sit on the side of the highway for two hours to wait for a new bus. Good times. I LOVE ASIA!!! The highlands here in Malaysia are really spectacular. They are full of tea plantations and beautiful hikes. There are also tons of strawberry farms. Every morning I have a nice cup of tea and a peice of Naan bread with strawberry jam. It really doesnt get much better. I spent a day in KL before coming up north. KL is a big asian city. I did enjoy walking around though. Lots of good cheap food and chaotic streets. Again I have not been alone. I have met some really cool people on my bus trips and have been spending the days with them. I am maybe heading to Penang tomorrow. I am not sure yet. I feel like hanging out on a beach so I may go there. The people of Malaysia are all very nice as well. Everyone is so helpful and wonderful. Hopefully I dont have too much more trouble on my bus trips but I guess we will see.

Thursday, 05 July 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

So I am officially all alone again. Kristi left me Yesturday. I hung out with a girl that I met on one of my tours today. We went to see a movie and took a nice walk over the harbour bridge. I am pretty much just wasting some time until I leave tomorrow. I am heading to Malaysia and then Indonesia for a bit. YEAH!!!
Before Krisit left we went to this house party in Melbourne. It was for Canada day. It was a bunch of Australians dressed up in what they thought were what Canadians looked like. It was great!!! We had a really great time. We said goodbye to Dave the next day and took a 12 hour bus ride to Sydney.
In Sydney we did a beautiful walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach. The weather was fantastic. It was 23 which is really warm compared to what we were seeing in Melbourne.
I had a really great time here in Australia.
Top Ten Things
10. The Gaff - Fun Bar in Sydney
9. Surfing in Byron Bay
8. Fraser Island
7. Whitsundays
6. White Water Rafting
5. Skydiving
4. Ayers Rock
3. Great Ocean Road
2. Fun People all over the place
1. Manly Beach

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Location: Adelaide to Melbourne, Australia

Kristi and I arrived in Melbourne a few days ago and we are lucky enough to be staying with David Poole, one of my dad's friends. It is awsome to have a bed, shower and TV to yourself. It is kind of like being at home again. I have almost forgot what that is like.
We made our way here from Adelaide via the Great Ocean Road. We hired a car with two of our German friends that we met at Ayers rock and drove. It was really great. Although it was cold the sights were beautiful. We checked out The 12 Apostels, London Bridge, and The Arch. We had some good laughs along the way as well. I love the language barrier. One of the nights we thought that we might have to sleep in the car because there were no rooms anywhere. Luckily we found a place. I have slept in the car before and it is not fun. Today we went into the City. It is so wonderful. I really like Melbourne. It has a really cool vibe. There are tons of neat shops.
Oh Yeah.... When we first arrived Dave took us to see a Footie match. Aussie rules football. It was super cool. I have never seen anything like it.
We are here for another couple of days and then we are off to Sydney. Kristi leaves me to go home on the 4th. I leave Australia on the 8th. It is going to be a sad day.

Monday, 18 June 2007

Location: Adelaide, Australia

So I have made my way from the East Coast into the center of Oz and now I am down south freezing my butt off in Adelaide. It is funny because even the locals are saying that it is colder than usual. Lucky me. I am not complaining though. I have had awsome weather pretty much my whole trip. Anyways, Krisit and I took a flight from Cairns to Alice Springs. From there we went on a 3 day tour of Uluru, Kata Juta and Kings Canyon. It was fantastic. Again we met some great people and did some more camping. We didnot camp in tents though, we had these things called swags. We were out under the stars and around the fire. It was super cold but awsome. To stay warm you had to be around the fire. The mornings were the worst because you really did not want to get out of your sleeping bag.
We were lucky enough to get to see the sun set and rise by Ayers Rock. It is a pretty amazing sight.
We did some cool hikes as well. Kings Canyon was really great as well as Kata Juta. These are not as well known internationally but they were just as great if not better. Kristi and I are just hanging out in Adelaide for the next couple of days trying to find a ride to Melbourne and then our journey here in OZ will pretty much be finished.

Friday, 08 June 2007

Location: Cairns, Australia

Okay so no big deal but I jumped out of a plane this morning and landed on Mission Beach. I still cant believe that I actually did it though. It really was not on my list of things to do but along my journeys I had heard so much great stuff about it that I could not resist. It was brilliant!!!!! I think that everyone must give it a go. We flew up to 14000ft and then jumped!!!! Kristi went first and I was second. As she was leaving the plane she looked over at me and yelled I LOVE YOU!!!! It was really funny. And then all of a sudden I found myself going out the plane. The scenery was unbelievable. It was over the ocean and the water looked so blue. I laughed the whole way down. I really did not think that I would ever do it. But when the time came I was not even that scared. A few days ago we all went rafting on the Tully river. Ang told me to do it. That was also super cool. Again I spent the whole day laughing. At times it was actually quite scarey. We went swimming in these rapids. One rapid hit me in the face and I could not catch my breath in time before another one hit me. Kristi saved me. She was sitting on the edge and I grabbed on to her little had and she pulled me in. It was good fun though. My buddy Gwyn left a couple of days ago and soon my time on the east coast here will be over. We are leaving to go see Ayers rock on Sunday. Should be cool.

Sunday, 03 June 2007

Location: Whitsundays, Australia

I returned from the Whitsundays a few days ago. It was once again amazing. We had a nice small group on a cool little sailing boat. It was just fantastic to be on the ocean on this sailing boat. We slept on the boat as well. The weather was pretty good and we saw some great fish and beautiful beaches. We also spent a couple days on Magnetic Island. It was quite peaceful. We went to a full moon party but I think that it really sucked. I went home early. I dont think that those parties are really my scene. We arrived in Mission beach today and are going rafting tomorrow. My trip up the east coast is almost over. My friend Gwyn leaves in two days and I can already tell that we are all a little sad. It has been such an amazing time. I wish that it didnt have to end.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Location: Airlie Beach, Australia

Just got back from Fraser Island. It was fabulous. We went 4x4 on the sand dunes and camped on the beach. It has been one of the best things that I have done so far in Australia. There was a group of ten of us. 2Americans, 2 Danish, 1 Norway, 1 Kiwi, 1 French Canadian and the three of us girls. It was such a good group. We had alot of laughs and saw some beautiful things. I am off to do some sailing on the Whitsundays now. I am sorry that my blurbs are so short but I feel that I am lost for the words to explain everything. Hopefully I will get better.

Friday, 18 May 2007

Location: Byron Bay, Australia

The past few days here in Byron have been full of activity. The other day a few of us took a nice hike to the light house. It was a fun walk and so beautiful. We stood on the most eastern part of Australia and I saw some dolphins jumping in the distance. Apparently you can see whales as well but I was not patient enough to wait and see. Yesturday Kristi, Gwynn and I went surfing with a group of Irish Boys. They were super hilarious and all of us stood up on our boards. Today I am feeling quite sore, but it is good to finally do some regular activity. I am not going to lie, there is alot of drinking that goes on here in Australia. We are all trying to save money and we dont want to gain too much weight. If we have an activity planned we tend to stay in during the evenings,, which is nice sometimes. There are some pretty funny people in our room. I find that people from other countries make me laugh. It was fun to sit around and talk with them. They have such funny sayings and some of them dont speak the best of english so that makes it even funnier. We are heading north again today to check out Surfers Paradise. Byron Bay has been fantastic and I would love to stay longer but there just is not enough time.

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

My last few days here have been quite eventful. Kristi and I have met up with my good old buddy Gwynn and the three of have been checking out this little town called Sydney. It is really great here. We walked around the harbour , saw the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. We took a ferry over to Manly beach for an afternoon and i just got back from the Blue Mountains. I saw some kangaroos and a kookabura. It has been a great few days. I am extremely tired though. And tomorrow we are getting up early to head North. It does not help that I am sharing a room with like 20 other people who come in at all hours of the night. Makes it hard to sleep sometimes but really it is quite fun. We are going to a surf camp tomorrow so the pics from that should be pretty funny.

Tuesday, 08 May 2007

Location: Yangon, Myanmar

The last stop on our adventure in Myanmar was Yangon. It is like another Asian city but it was cool to take a look around. The arcitecture is very colonial and it was nice to be back in a world more up to date. The first night we met a girl from Aus and the three of us went to check out the major Pagoda there. It was amazing. We were there at night so it was all lit up and it was not very busy. I felt like I was in a wonderland. On the way back we got caught in the rain so the three of us were running through huge puddles and trying to miss the sewer rats. I could lnot help but laugh. The next day Kristi and I had a nice coffee, took a look around the "Strand" which is the high class hotel in Yangon. All the rich Japanese and Americans stay there. It reminded me a bit of the Banff Springs. We then went on a nice date. We took in a movie and a romantic dinner. We saw 300 in a really random theatre. ( Great Movie by the way) After the movie we splurrged a bit and went to a restaurant that had a great view of the city. We spent a whopping $14 on our meal. We thought that we would treat ourselves as it was our last night in Asia. It was a good day. We are now in the Singapore airport preparing ourselves for our next adventures.

Tuesday, 08 May 2007

Location: Inle Lake, Myanmar

When we arrived at Inle Lake we were a mess. Neither of us could barley walk and we had not showered in a few days. Let me tell you it was one of the best showers I have had. Even if the water came straight from the lake outside that looked like sewer. Inle Lake was amazing. We took a boat ride around to different shops and talked with the people. The reminded me of being with my dad so it was nice. There is always something comforting about things that remind yoiu of home. The people at our hotel were some of the nicest that I have expereienced in Asia. They were always making sure that we were happy and settled. It was nice to chill here for a couple of days and recuperate from our trek.

Tuesday, 08 May 2007

Location: Kalaw to Inle Lake, Myanmar

Kalaw was our next stop. This is a little town up in the hills. It is very multicultural here. It had a combo of India, Nepal, Tibet and China. We celebrated Buddhas BDay here. The town had a parade with cars and trucks decked out in the tackiest getups I have seen. The people of the town really seemed to enjoy themselves though. It was quite cool. Everywhere in Myanmar has these tea houses where you sit down and they bring you some goodies and free green tea. I was in heaven. I dont think that I have had so much tea in my entire life. From Kalaw Kristi and I did a Three day trek to Inle Lake. The scenery was breathtaking. I could not feel my feet for days after but it was worth it. The first night we stayed in a local village with a family and the second night we stayed at a Monestary. The monks chanted just before we went to bed and then when we woke in the morning. I think that was one of the best experiences I have had so far. It was like being in the movies. It was just Kristi, me and 20 monks. Really cool.

Tuesday, 08 May 2007

Location: Bagan, Myanmar

Okay so it all starts in Yangon. Kristi and I arrived there first from Bangkok. We knew that we did not want to stay there so after a bit a a runaround we bought plane tickets to Bagan. I tell you Bagan was like going back in time a hundred years. The town is surrounded by temples and dirt. We rode around in horse and buggy carriages. It was quite the expereince. The first day we checked out a ton of temples with a couple of German friends that we met on the plane. We watched the sunset from the top of one. We got there just in time because it started pouring. The four of us we stuck at the top of this temple while the rain came down. It was awsome. The next day we hiked/climbed stairs to the top of MtPopa where there was a monestary at the top. Beautiful views but the monkeys on the way up were a little bit scarey and walking in my bare feet over their poop was not a highlight. We met this really cool guy who came with us and he helped to scare the monkeys away. That evening we went on our bikes for one last beautiful sunset around the temples and then went for a nice dinner outside. It was a really great day. The next day we had to get up at 4 am to catch a really great bus to Kalaw. The bus was like any other in Asia. Plastic seats down the middle, no air con, people on the roof. Really no bid deal. Kristi was not as used to it as me so I think that it was quite the experience for her.

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Location: Yangon, Myanmar

So I am on my way with Kristi to Burma in about 8 hours. Neither one of us really know what to expect. It should be an adventure. The country does not have tons on internet facilities so I am not sure when I will be writing next. Not to worry though as I will update as often as possible. We just said goodbye to Angela about an hour ago and it was quite sad. We had a great time here together and I am thankful for that. I do wish that she could have stayed longer but she had to return to reality.
I will update soon

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From mom
I hope you and Kristi had a good time together. I'm sad that you are by yourself now. When are you coming home. NOw that you are on your own, please be careful and to not take any wooden nickels from anybody.
ha ha.

Love you and miss you

PLease come home soon, I miss you terribly.

Love mom
Response: Mom
What is a wooden nickel??? I am okay tight now. DOnt worry. I am shall be home shortly!!!
Love you
From Mandy
I love your stories...........keep the good times coming !!
Response: Thanks buddy
From Mom
Wow. I cannot believe that you actually jumped from a plane. Good for you. You have more guts then I do. Will you ever do it again. I'm waiting for some more new pictures to arrive.

Hope you are having fun.

Love Mom
Response: Hey Ma
I would absolutley do it again. It wasnt even scarey. I really loved it.
From J

That totally sucks with the stuff getting stolen.. hopefully it doesn't set you back too much. Don't feel bad tho, could have happened to anyone. Which country are you off to next?

Response: It does suck but I think that I will survive. I am off to Burma next. It will be quite a bit different than here.
From Dadster

Please tell me you didn't lose your passport!!!

Be more careful!!


Response: No worries Dad. I still have my passport. I will take better care I promise
From mom
Too bad that had to happen but as it turned out you ended up having a great time. Happy Birthday Carolyn, hope your day is filled with happiness and good memories on your adventure. Miss you and love you very much, Angie and Kristi will be there in a few days. They are very excited about this trip. Have fun together and send lots of pictures.
Love Mom
From Carolyn
Happy Birthday!
I hope that you had a good one. A little different this year I'll bet. I love the write-ups of your travels they are so interesting. Have fun and take care.
Love you, Gramma
From Dadster
Hey Carowee,
I assume you have ditched the "weird American" but are you taking the 40 Cambodians to Thailand?
When (or are) you going to be in Melbourne? I have a few friends there that will want to hear from you. Good to see you are having fun but don't drink the water or ride on motorbikes..Beer is better and Taxis rock...Let me know about Melbourne and I'll give you some numbers and my friends the heads up.

Love Dad

Response: Hey Dad,
I was going to ask you about Melbourne. Dave lives there right?? I will email you.
Love you
From Pauline and Uncle Ga
Hi Carolynn,
sounds and looks like your having a great time. Your having a lot of different adventures with a bit of everything history, t.v., tours, boating, clubbing, relaxing, etc. We are realy enjoying your messages and pictures. Take care and have fun.
Response: Thanks guys. It has been quite and experience so far and I am not even half done. WOW
From mom
hey carolyn, love your pictures from cambodia, say hi to shannon for me. you have a great tan and looking good, chic.
love you and miss you. take care sweetie and am awaiting for when kristi and angela get there. there will be some awesome pictures coming back.
love mom
Response: Hey Mom. Thanks for noticing the tan!!!! Shannon says hi back.
Love you
From Dave
I hate to be the bearer of great news, but Ryan Smyth got traded to the Islanders, Go Flames Go
Response: I heard!!!!!! I believe that flames and oil are playing tonight???? Go Oil GO
From Cpl. Hoidas
Sounds like quite the adventure your having, but until you've spent your time living in the wilds of Wainwright, Alberta you don't know fun.
Response: Hey Dan,
I was hoping that you were checking me out. I know what you mean about Wainright..... I heard that it is unreal there.
From Kristi
Hey Girl, in exactly 5 weeks ill be STILL on the plane..flying to you and Ang/friends innnnn.....Thai Land!!!!! Can't wait. I hope we do as much cool stuff as you've done so far. Be Safe
Your Cus
Response: Hey litta Cus,
I am super pumped to see you. We are going to have a blast!!!!! See you soon.
From Mandy and Mark
Hey Carolyn,

Wow !! You've had some great adventures. The pics are awesome!

Can't wait to see you.

Luv lots, the Bellows'
Response: Hello Bellows,
Good to hear from you. I hope to see and hear about your adventures in Italy
From Louise
Wuuuuuz up Miss C!?!?! Nice freakin' website, you're a pretty much a big deal. Anywhoooo, just a quick note, I miss you tons! I'm heading to the airport with my bros right now, we're off to Cuba...Smell ya later buddy. Take care!
Response: Louise,
Have fun in Cuba with the fam. Hasta Luego Chica. Say hi to them for me.
From Sue
Hey Carolyn, just thinking about you and hoping you are still having a wonderful adventure - wanted to say hi....take care, be safe, have fun....
love, sue
Response: Hey Sue,
Have you recieved my pics from Vietnam yet. I sent them so long ago. I hope that they did not get lost in the mail.
From Darren
I would love to be able to come but im going home in may for my dads birthday other wise i would.

Keep those pics and stuff coming cool reading about what your doing

Response: Darren,
What kind of excuse is that??? Your dad's Bday. Please!!! Just kidding.Have fun.
From Angela
Hey Carolyn,
Those zipline things sound cool and the race.....sorry about your loss. I wonder what place i would have come in? So we may have another person coming to Thailand with us and possible going to Oz after, so thats cool, she is Darrens friend and you will really like her, it is not for sure though, but i will know by Tuesday. you should call me when you get a chance, anytime doesnt matter.
From Uncle Steve
Hey there Carolyn:

Looks like you're having an awesome, such an adventurer. You would have made a great pirate! The photos are outstanding, keep em comin'.
Response: Unca Steve,
Thanks for checking me out. Good to hear from you. Say hi to Steph. Tyler and Jen for me.
From Carolyn
Hi Carolyn
How are you doing? Your diary is so interesting and I am really enjoying all the reading of what you are doing in your travels. I have sent this to a few people that I know would be interested in your travels.
We have had it very cold here in Toronto, February has been the coldest month that I can remember. Oh well it is in fact Winter so why am I so shocked at the weather? I hope that you are having good weather whereever you may be.
Take care, Honey and I will talk to you soon.
Response: Hey Gramma. The weather here is crazy hot. I am not complaining though. It definatley beats the cold. Love you
From Dadster
Hey Carowee,

Please excuse my ignorance, but how does one "zipline" (through a jungle no less)? Last time you wrote you were taking a "tuk tuk". Are they types of transportation or something we North Americans have not yet heard of?

Never mind, tell me when you get back. Good to see you are having fun!

Take care and say Hi to the Gibbons for me.

Response: Hey Dad,
It is how you get around over here. I will download a pic for you to see. They are quite humerous. Some of them have Harely's pulling them. Love you!!!
From J
Dear C,

Just thinking... is there any way you could bring me back a pet lemur???
Response: J ????????
What is a lemur??? I am going to be going to Siem Riep in a couple of days to check out Angkor Wat. The photos should be unreal
From Jason

Sounds like a fun time with the airplanes! Any thoughts on your favorite place you've traveled yet? Is the food way better if you have Veitnamese in Veitnam???
Response: J, My favorite place so far has been in the Northern part of Laos. Bokeo province. Beautiful. Vietnanmese in Vietnam is way better.
From Darren
Looks like you are having a sweet time. Love all the pics. keep them coming.....
Keep having a blast
Be cool stay happy
Response: Hey Darren,
Why are you not coming to Thailand with us? You are going to miss out.
From shelly (Maeghan's Mo
Hi Carolyn,
Maeg just sent me your site address, it is so interesting!! I It sounds like you are really enjoying your travels to the fullest!! Take care!
Response: Hi Shelly,
Thanks for the message. I am glad that you are checking my website out as well. Even though Heath is way better at keeping his updated.