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Corey and Nicki's European Vacation

Hi and welcome to our travel page!
Join us as we visit England and Prague! Check out our journal and photos or leave us a message!

Diary Entries

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Location: Wilmington, England

There's not been a lot to tell from this last week in UK - the snow and awful weather has kept us indoors, watching DVDs and playing on the internet!

Today we managed to go out to the Harvester for a meal and then on to my nan's to say goodbye to her...

Weather still not great but hopefully will be OK to get to our flight tomorrow!!! Fingers crossed nothing bad develops overnight...It is sleeting now but that is not too bad so long as the temperatures go up a little tomorrow as the forecast said they might...we'll see...
If all goes well we leave here tomorrow and arrive back in Adelaide Wednesday morning SA time...

Am posting a little video of the snow from yesterday for you...It will appear under the photo section on the page.

All in all we have had a good trip - goodbye to all my friends here and 'see you soon' everyone back in Adelaide.

Tonight we'll get a last few bits organised and final packing tomorrow morning before we leave...

Oh - on Thursday the company came and packed up all my stuff - so that will be following us to Adelaide by sea...Will be great to have all my things with me again but Corey is worried about where it is all going to go!!

Sunday, 03 January 2010

Location: Wilmington, England

Well - it's been a while since we last wrote I see - time for an update!

Christmas was good - we spent Xmas day here. We opened our gifts in the morning and my nan and uncle came midday when we had our big traditional Xmas meal. Then 3 more aunts and uncles came for tea late afternoon/evening and we played some games and watched some TV.

Boxing Day we had a lazy start then went to my nan's house for tea afternoon/evening.

Corey and I both got some nice gifts and ate too much - after the Xmas dinner, Corey said he'd never eaten so much in one go before!!!

I forgot to say earlier that on Xmas Eve we went to the theatre to the panto - Corey's first panto - which he enjoyed!!

We then had a quiet day but on 28th we went to London and saw an excellent production of "La Boheme" at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden.

We spent New Year's fairly quietly and stayed home with my parents on the night itself. We had a few drinks and played some card games then watched the fireworks at midnight on TV.

Last night we had our engagement party. We had a nice time and the evening flew by. About 40 or so in the end but a few no-shows who said they were coming but didn't, which was disappointing but never mind...We got some money and a few other nice gifts...

We'll pop a few pictures from Xmas and the party up here now...

We hope to get to London once or twice more together, but we'll be busy at least 3 days this week sorting out my things for shipping!

Only 8 days left now and then we are heading home - it has gone so fast!!!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Location: Wilmington, England

Well - Corey has gone off the snow a little, now he's seen what happens when it freezes and turns to ice!!

On Friday my mother's friend did make it to dinner and we had a pleasant evening, but on Saturday we had an accident...

We planned to walk into town but, barely a quarter of the way there, I slipped on an icy patch on the pavement and went flying. Corey tried to come and help me and he fell too...we have both been pretty bruised and sore the last few days!!!

With the ice, we have been unable to get out much, but Sunday evening we went to a carol service nearby. That was OK, but the choir was not very good...and I had developed a cold and couldn't sing much...

Corey has a sore eye but is otherwise OK and Kirsty is fine, but mother, papa and I all have bad coughs/throats at present - I am on the Lemsip!

Today Corey went to help mother with the last big lot of pre-Xmas shopping and my aunt and uncle may call in this afternoon to exchange presents.

Tomorrow will probably be a quiet day - though the snow is finally melting a bit and the snowmen from Friday are loosing their heads - then Thursday (Xmas Eve) we'll go to see the panto in the early eve...

Friday, 18 December 2009

Location: Wilmington, England

Well - a snowy time here in UK. We had some minor flurries the last two days then overnight last night a bigger blizzard came in and we woke to a snowy white garden.

Corey was very excited at his first snow so, after breakfast, we went outside with Kirsty and he and she had a snowball fight then a snowman-building competition! The two of them also walked to the local park to see the snow there..

On Wednesday we had a day at home as it was time to decorate the tree and the house for Xmas. We now have a real tree decorated in the lounge and Corey and I have a smaller fake one in our bedroom. Plus all the usual decorations are up around the lounge, hallway and porch...

Corey and I have wrapped our presents for everyone and they are under the tree - everyone else is still working on theirs...

A long-time friend of my mother is due to come to dinner tonight, along with her partner. Hopefully they will still make it as the snow has stopped falling and is now melting a little in the sun.

So long as no more snow comes along, we should be able to stick to our plans of seeing Silvia tomorrow, carols on Sunday and seeing Harlene on Monday - we'll just have to wait and see and hope the snow has all passed now!

But I am glad we got some for Corey to see and he was really thrilled.

One week left to Xmas and the following week after that is our engagement party, which we are still planning - getting some decorations etc...

For now we'll put up some Xmas decorating and snow photos!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Location: Wilmington, England

10 days till Xmas now and this afternoon we are off with my mother and sister to buy the it will soon feel Xmassy in the house!

We've relaxed a bit the last few days really after our return from Prague.

Saturday was my birthday, so that evening we went with my family for a meal at a nice Italian restaurant. I got some money, CDs, DVDs and books as gifts...

Yesterday we went to London and did a Duck Tour. First you drive on land round near Westminster and then the vehicle goes into the water and you sail along the Thames for a bit. It was fun and the guide was entertaining...we'll put up a couple of pics from that...

We may go to London tomorrow, but the weather is set to turn Thur/Fri so I don't know about those days yet. They are saying possible snow, but I'll believe that when I see it!!

Saturday we are due to catch up with a friend for lunch in Dartford and Monday we'll meet a friend in London. Sunday we are going to the carol service...(I have to teach Corey the carols first though it seems!!)

Still planning for the engagement party though I still have around 16 replies outstanding, which is making life difficult with giving the numbers for the catering etc...I am chasing those people up, so hopefully we'll hear from them soon...I got some decorations arranged, the disco, venue, caterer and bar are all booked and mother will start making the cake soon...I still need an outfit to wear for the party though, but have not seen anything suitable so far!! (:o(

Wednesday, 09 December 2009

Location: Wilmington, England

Well all, we are now back in UK after our jaunt to Prague.
We had a nice but busy time there and saw many sights including: Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, Petrin Hill and Tower, Vysehrad (the old castle site), Jewish Quarter, Lesser Town (below Prague castle), Havelska Markets...

Of course we also spent time at the different Christmas markets and tried hot wines and meads, trdelnik, langose, gingerbread etc.

In addition to this we did one day trip to Kutna Hora, where there is a famous cathedral and 'bone church' (ossuary)

During some evenings we went out and saw shows and concerts. We saw one classical concert in a baroque church featuring a soprano, organist, harpist and violinist. Then we saw two Czech musicals - the first was "Dracula", which was fantastic and the second was "Mona Lisa" - but we didn't like the second one so much as the first...

I am not a huge fan of traditional Czech meals, but Corey enjoyed some dumplings on several occasions and we had bramboracky (potato pancakes), which I do like. Corey also tried a handful of Czech beers! (Beer is cheaper than Coke/Pepsi there and they serve you half a litre unless you ask for a small!)

We got some postcards and books as souvenirs and I brought back some MozartKugeln (though they are all eaten already!)

I was a little ill at the end of the last day - but am much better again now...

I was happy to see Prague again and Corey found the pace more relaxed than London - though I found it busier than when I have been before...

Our hotel was nice and the buffet breakfasts were good. It was around 5-10 min walk to Wenceslas Square and about another 10-15 mins from there to the old town, depending on the crowds - so not too bad...and there was a metro stop just round the corner if we didn't fancy walking!

No snow for Corey unfortunately but the weather was actually warm for the time of year and most days it was still around 1-4 degrees...Corey still wrapped up though!!

Now we are back and have two more weeks till Xmas...we plan to do a few odds and ends still before then - catching up with a few last people and seeing some final things in London...but then it will be a relaxing time over Xmas, followed by New Year's, our engagement party and shipping my things, before we head back to OZ...just under 5 weeks left here now!

Tuesday, 01 December 2009

Location: Wilmington, England

Well, December is here and with it some cooler, wetter weather!

We've not done a great deal the last few days, except for a visit to Darwin's home, Downe House.

This afternoon we are packing though as we are off to Prague early tomorrow morning - we'll have to get up at 3am!

We will be there for 6 nights then back here again and just 2 weeks then until Xmas!!

We are looking forward to Prague and there is lots to see and do there then, when we get back, we still have a handful of things we wish to do in London before the Xmas festivities...

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Location: Wilmington, England

Yesterday we went to London with my parents. We got some lunch then visited Westminster Abbey/Whitehall.

From there we took the tube to Hyde Park Corner and looked around Apsley House (where Wellington) lived and Wellington Arch.

Then it was off to Leicester Square to meet up with Kirsty for dinner. She was a bit delayed as her phone battery died and she couldn't reach us, but eventually we all had a nice meal.

After that it was off to the theatre for my favourite musical "Les Miserables" - Corey really enjoyed that one too...

We didn't get to bed till around 1am by the time we returned from London, so this morning Corey and I slept in a bit. We may drive somewhere this afternoon, depending on how we feel after lunch.

In 6 days time we will be in Prague!! We'll hopefully fit in one of two things before then though...We are making good progress on our list of things to do and our money is going OK as well, which is good...

In a few short days we will be half way through our trip already - the time is flying by!!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Location: Wilmington, England

Yesterday Harlene couldn't make it due to illness (feel better soon!) and so we ended up sleeping in and having a quiet day at home.

Today though we did go to London and visited Camden then St Pauls - where we walked up over 500 stairs to the viewing Galleries then back down again (phew!)

We then crossed the wobbly bridge to Southwark, got a bite to eat, then looked briefly in the cathedral there before heading home.

We were due to see my friend, Rich, tonight but he had a rehearsal and we have reorganised for the weekend instead.

Tomorrow it is back to London but with matka and papa to see Westminster and maybe one or two other things. Kirsty will meet us late afternoon and then we'll eat and see the evening performance of "Les Miserables".

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Location: Wilmington, England

Friday we had another good day in London. We visited the (very busy) British Museum then met up with my friend Dawn for a nice lunch and chat.

After that it was a rush home before another dear friend of mine came round for dinner and it was wonderful to see him again.

It was a late night so we slept in a little Sunday then returned to London, where we saw a matinee of "Phantom of the Opera" before heading home.

This afternoon we are off to Bluewater to the cinema to see "New Moon" with Kirsty and tomorrow it is London again and meeting up with Harlene.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Location: Wilmington, England

Tuesday we went to London and visited Harrod's. Corey nearly refused to buy anything when he saw the prices, but I persuaded him to get a little teddy dressed as a Beefeater and a bookmark for me.

After that we killed some time at Covent Garden and had some lunch before seeing the matinee of "Woman in Black" - there were two school groups in who shrieked their heads off, which was quite funny at times, annoying at other times...

Yesterday we went with my parents to Faversham and toured the Shepherd Neame brewery (the oldest in England). We saw the production process and got to do some tastings. Corey bought some souvenirs and a case of 1698 ale.

Today today has gone to London alone to visit the Imperial War Museum (Nicki yawns). I have stayed home as I need to start looking at some forms and working out insurance prices for shipping my things...

Tonight we'll go for a chinese meal with my father.

Tomorrow is a big day as we meet my friend Dawn in London and will hopefully fit in the British Museum too, then we have to be back in good time as one of my best friends is coming to dinner...

Saturday we may go into London again and Sunday we'll go to Bluewater cinemas to see "New Moon" with my sister...

We have a venue for our engagement party now and I am working on sending out invites...we still need to organise the bar, food and music...oh and decorations...and a outfit for me.......(:o)

Monday, 16 November 2009

Location: Wilmington, England

Finally time for an update...

Friday we went to Greenwich to see the Royal Observatory and Meridian Line then met one of my past Uni lecturers, John, for lunch. We were fairly lucky with the weather...we were rained on getting from Dartford to Greenwich and back but it Greenwich itself it was mainly dry!

In the evening we went to the Greyhounds with my parents and Kirsty.

Saturday we had planned to go in to London, but a storm kept us at home, though we did visit the village Xmas fair, where I won a christmas cake by guessing its weight and Corey got 3rd prize hamper in the raffle.

Yesterday we did make it in to London and saw Kensington Palace, where Princess Diana once lived.

Then today we drove to Hampton Court Palace and spent nearly 3 hours there loooking round. We could have spent longer to see all the gardens too, but we wanted to beat the traffic back along the M25 and it was also pretty cold and windy outside.

Tonight we will go to see some of my friends from my old drama group as they are rehearsing for their next show, then tomorrow we will go into London to visit a few places and see the matinee of "Woman in Black". Wednesday we are going to Faversham with my parents to go on a brewery tour at Sheapherd's Neame.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Location: Wilmington, England

So - Tuesday we chilled out a bit and went to the shops at Bluewater, where I got some Xmas gifts ready for my family.

Yesterday we were in London. In the morning we walked to the Tate Britain (art gallery), before walking to Victoria, where we met my penpal Liz and saw a matinee of "Wicked". The show was excellent and we then said goodbye to Liz and walked to Charing Cross again to eat.

We had a nice Italian meal and at the end of it Corey proposed to me - so we are now engaged!!!

Today we got up a bit later and drove to see Chislehurst Caves and Lullingstone Roman Villa (filled with hideous children sadly!) in the nearby area.

Tomorrow we are in Greenwich and catching up with two of my Uni lecturers from my BA.

Today we will think about other things we want to do in the next few days...We do have Prague booked now, so we'll be there from 2-8 December.

Monday, 09 November 2009

Location: Wilmington, England

So. Sunday was another fairly quiet day for us after the firework display on Saturday night.

Today we were in London. We visited the Clink Prison Museum then met my friend Vikki and visited the Globe Theatre.

We spent a little more time togther after that round Charing Cross and Covent Garden before Vikki had to go.

Corey and I stayed in town longer and watched them turn on the Christmas lights at Covent Garden before having a nice Italian meal and heading home

Tomorrow will be a quieter day - just popping to the shopping mall at Bluewater...Wednesday we are in London once again...

Saturday, 07 November 2009

Location: Wilmington, England

Thursday we went on a day trip down to the Sussex coast.

We stopped first at Rye - a small town with cute cobbled streets the set off for Hastings.

We had hoped to see the castle ruins in Hastings but the leaflet had the wrong opening time printed and so that messed up our plans. In the end we had some lunch there then carried on to Battle Abbey.

Battle is where the Battle of Hastings took place in 1066.

Our final stop for the day was Bodiam Castle and then we headed home.

Yesterday we were back in London and visited the Horse Guards, Banqueting House, St James Park and saw Buckingham Palace before heading to the theatre for an enjoyable performance of the musical "Avenue Q".

Today is a bit quieter. Corey just walked into town and later will go to see a football (soccer) match with my parents, while I meet a friend for coffee in town. Then this evening we will go the the firework display in Dartford Park.

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From Marco
Corey, just to keep you in the loop - The enterprise bargaining agreement has been accepted. The biggest winners are the MeS1. We now go to the 1st increment of MeS2. I don't whether it was you being overseas which helped proceedings, but you could perhaps go away more often, just in case....
Cheers and Merry Christmas.
Response: Thanks Marco!!
Merry Christmas too.
From mim
Oh Corey, That beanie is to die for!
From Helen M.
Hi Nicola
Congratulations on your engagement. I can't believe how quickly your time overseas is flying by! Enjoy what time you have left over there and will look forward to seeing you in January.
Hope you all have a very Happy Christmas and New Year
Response: Merry Xmas to you too Helen - see you in a few weeks time.
From Viv
Hi Nicola - congratualtions on your engagement. Your travels / advertures sound great. Can offer you an extra day (Mondays) for a few months - would you like to start back on the 18th?
From Marco
It all sounds like it is going well. I like the idea of cheap beer. Corey will have to wear that beanie into work one day, I'm afraid that it suits him.
From mim
I'm really enjoying seeing the photos and hearing about your excellent adventures.
Any snow yet?
Response: Not yet here in UK and none in Prague...but still 5 weeks to go...
From Dawn Smallwood
Glad you made it to St Paul's. I just love the cathedral and the views from above!
From Marco
Congratulations to you and Corey.
I don't think that it comes as too much of a surprise to us, though. We were thinking you would nip up to Gretna Green.

Response: No way - I have to colour coordinate the wedding (Nicki)
From Nilesh
Hey, you can’t just put one line about the engagement!!! LOL…Need more details. Congratulations, best wishers
Response: That's all we can legally print (Corey)
Restaurant --> he gave me a box and said to open much details do you want!!?? (Nicki)
From Krystle
Congratulations to you both on getting engaged!!!

Response: Thanks Krystle
From Marco
We were wondering. Would it be better to get a travel card ($51) or an Oyster card for our 5 days in London next year?
Response: It depends on what you want. We didn't get an Oyster card as we have to have a travel card to get in from Dartford on the main train and Oyster doesn't cover that far out. If you are staying more in London though, as I believe you are, you may find the Oyster card cheaper...but not having ever used Oyster myself, I cannot say for definite...
From Margaret
Hi, glad to see you are having a good time. Sue, Gouldy and I are working hard on sunday morning! Hope the weather hasn't been too bad - at least it is hot here now.
Cheers Margaret, Sue and Gouldy
From Annette
HI -sounds like you are both having fun - weather sounds good too !! nice one...
From Sira
Hey Nicola! I just had a look at this beautiful website and pictures! The places are wonderful and I hope you are having a great time! Enjoy Europe! :-))
Response: Thanks Sira - I got your letter and will post a reply soon! (:o)
From Helen M.
Hi Nicola
Glad you and Corey arrived safely and are having a good time sight-seeing and catching up with family.
Your adventures are starting to bring back memories of my holiday over there.
Enjoy and keep up the writings and photos
Response: Hi Helen
Glad to hear you are enjoying our holiday snaps!
We plan to get to the Cotswolds next week!
From Sarah
Hi Nicola, I am doing this while at work,hehe! Looks like you are having a good time, things have been pretty quiet here. Annette has gone on a 2 month assignment so we have Deb covering reception. That's about all the news, has been pretty quiet. Speak to you soon. Sarah
From Marco
Don't put up too many photos, I'm getting jealous (Just kidding).
6 months till Sue and I are there. This is a good site, I've started our own page.
Looks like it's all going well. Buy a house on Mayfair for us.


From Emily
G'day from SA! Glad to hear you've arrived safely. I remember those prawn cocktail crisps - delicious! Can't believe we don't have them here in Aus... Enjoy catching up with family & your trip to London. Will look forward to reading your updates & seeing some pics soon. Have fun! Em
Response: Thanks Emily. Will have to bring a pack of the crisps back with me!
From Amy
Glad to hear you got there ok !
Now that you're back there does it feel like you've never left ?!
Response: Somewhat - but it keep annoying me when I find things that have changed!
From mim
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Nothing to report this end.
Hope the flight was OK.
Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.
Response: We are here now!!!
From Dawn Smallwood
Hi there!

Safe trip to England! Will get in touch soon!

Response: Will be cool to try and catch up soon!
From Leisa
Hi Nicola

I wanted to wish you and Corey all the best on your awesome trip overseas and hope you have a fantastic time and i will be looking forward to your travel updates. Love the planet ranger page, what a great idea.

Travel safe
from Leisa (from DECS)
Thanks Leisa
Hope all is well with you!