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Well me & Charlie are off on our adventure to drink warm beer, watch some cricket and well drink more beer. Here is a page were all you people that are missing us back home can have a look at and see what we are up to. I'm pretty lazy so it will probably be just photo's and no typing.

Photos - Click Below


Boys will be boys

Just some random photos of us being idiots



Some photos from the 2nd ashes test match. Didn't take to many as I couldn't be bothered and was to pissed


Contiki #3

More Contiki


Contiki #2

More photo's of our contiki trip


Contiki #1

Some photos of our contiki tour


Out on the town

Couple of photos of us going out



Went on a tour of Lords cricket ground, pretty good



Went on a bus tour today of all the tourist stuff

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