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Curleys Aussie Adventures

Hey Dudes, so taxi cab gave me an idea, and ive decided to run with it and show you guys all my road trip photo's (a little piece of OZ) hopefully one day ill get to take you guys there....

Photos - Click Below


The Entrance

These are pictures whilst on road trips with friends.


Blue mountains

Mum and I did a road trip through the mountains to take photos. Well it was a day trip really lol.


Wentforth falls

These photos were taken in 2003. To those who heard my life saver story this is the water fall im talking about. Its about 2hrs from home up the mountains. Possibly my 2nd favourite place on earth.


Catai- Good friday

These photos were taken all by me (except one) on food friday, at my family picinic. Catai is about an hour away from my house. Enjoy.

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