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Bec & Adam's Awesome Adventures!!

Well...these intros are always the hardest to write eh? This will be our travelogue of our journey through the various spots around the world that we visit...

Hope you enjoy!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 06 September 2006

Location: Las Vegas, USA

Hi All,

Well August 4 came and went really quickly! Like all things I s'pose that you really want...Mum & Dad were able to come over and we met them in Vegas for some good times...went to a couple of shows & a helicopter ride so it was good fun...Mum & Dad even went on the 'Manhattan Express' Roller Coaster at New York, New York - good for them :-)

We then flew back to Calgary and drove out to the Mountains...through the Kootenay Mountains and up to Jasper (on the backside)

All in all, it was wonderful - but too short

We now are preparing for the next visitors...Ann Marie & Rosal (my Aunties) and Lucy & Hayley (a couple of friends from home) - so we are gearing up for some more good times!

Well that's about it - work is steady but everchanging for myself...Adam has been flatout with harvest & enjoying every moment which is good - he can't wait til snowboarding...

Will let you all go...take care

Adam & Bec xx

PS - We are finally PERMANENT RESIDENTS OF CANADA....good for 5 years which is wonderful!

Sunday, 30 July 2006

Location: Edmonton, Canada

Just a quickie

Photos added to our website - took us a while

Check them out @

Quick what's happening with us...

I have started Taekwondo...look out world
We have taken up Salsa dancing...Secretly Adam really does enjoy this!
Adam is trying to better his golf game - man's eternal pursuit! Enjoying himself every second weekend out for a round
September signals indoor 'field' hockey (have to say field hockey otherwise they try and stick us in a pair of ice skates!) club 'Vipers', to play for - I am trying to get Adam to play goalie...still not having much luck with this
Permanent Residency for Canada should be 'processed' by October - meaning we can buy a friggin house over here finally!
Are off on a trip to Vegas on Friday - My Mum & Dad are over on their first BIG trip overseas so it will be awesome fun to share the place with them
Back to Australia for a visit - fly in March 19th for a month...hope to catch up with everyone then - looking forward to a BIG Easter
Hope you're all well

Take Care


Bec & Ads xx

Sunday, 03 July 2005

Location: Edmonton, Canada

Hi Everyone,

We have arrived into Edmonton after a 33 hour journey
from Perth - it has taken a little while for the body
to get back into the swing of things :-)

Thanks to everyone for the messages of sympathy for
Grandpa - I believe he had a wonderful send off on
Friday :-)

We have settled back into the same apartment which has
been great - Adam is enjoying being back at work, and
I have been looking for a my delight, I have
found one and start on Monday...fingers crossed its a
good one :-)

Congratulations to Doddy over the weekend for his win
at the Watheroo Open - great turn out for the event -
hope the weather was good - better luck next time

Just a quickie email, will speak to you shortly

Take Care

Adam and Bec xx

Tuesday, 26 April 2005

Location: Rome, Italy

Bon Giorno from Roma :-)

I hope you had a restful Anzac Day. For those of you
that were in Gallipoli for the 90th Anniversary - I
envy must have been such a moving experience
to witness. Here in Rome, that same day celebrates
Independiza of Italy in 1945 so it was 60 years
yesterday that they were liberated. Hence we found
ourselves in the midst of a huge Peace Parade :-)

We arrived in London a few days ago and saw the sights
and drank some cheap beer as you do. London for us was
surprisingly cleaner than we expected...I must have
watched Mary Poppins one too many a time :-)

From London, we flew to Paris which was
realise how inadequate we are language wise compared
to the Europeans...something that has definitely
inspired us to learn another language next year :-)The
Louvre in Paris has to be our highlight of our entire
tour - it is just breathtaking - man oh man!

We left Paris and headed to Rome hoping to be there
for the inaugural mass of Pope Benedict XVI - due to
this very reason - unfortunately air space over Rome
was cleared and our flights were diverted, so we
missed it...another time perhaps we shall see the

Rome has been wonderful and Adam feels right at home
here - the food is great - but the Gelato is better -
why don't we get this back home!

Anyways, that's about it, we are off to Cinque Terre
tomorrow and then back to London for our flight to

Wishing everyone well, we said a prayer in the Sistine
Chapel for more rain so hopefully someone heard it :-)

Take care

Bec & Adam xx

Monday, 18 April 2005

Location: Edmonton, Canada

Good Morning All.
Just a quick email to let you know that we are on our
homeward route after spending 5 months of 'working
hard' in Edmonton. Had a big night at our fav pub The
Globe, on Thursday b4 flying out from Edmonton to
Vancouver, to catch up with Jason, one of my
cousins-in-law :-)

We arrived in Vancouver, which was wet and dreary as
always, (this place would be a great place to live IF
it had weather like Perth :-)we hopped on the
Airporter and headed to the Cambie Hostel in Gastown.
It is a very interesting part of town, and certainly
the right place to be if you would like to purchase
any illicit substances - it appears that most
'vendors' have specific corner shops which is where we
see them at the same time most evenings :-)

The homelessness in this part of town after dark is
particulary striking - one person at the hostel
likened it to a scene out of 'Dawn of the Dead' it is
really depressing seeing it - I feel sorry for
them...Adam has gotten used to it and just walks past.

Anyways, it was supposed to be a quick email as we are
off to brekkie with Jason - but I never know when to
stop talking so I'm gonna keep going :-)

We fly out 2 night for London, are there for 3 nights,
hopefully catch up with anyone that's in the vicinity.
We are staying at the Generator Hostel (mainly 'cause
of the 1 pound pints) so let us know if you are around
for some mid week drinks!

Next we fly to Paris and Rome (hopefully in time for
the 'induction' of the new Pope), back to London and
then into Thailand for our Meditation Retreat (Adam is
particularly looking forward to this :-) heheeeee

Will be home on Sun 15th May, everyone at home,
goodluck for that weekend against Goomalling @ home -
we shall seeya in the weeks to come after then :-)

Take care all

Adam & Bec xx

Saturday, 26 February 2005

Location: Edmonton, Canada

Hi every one,

Well we have been keeping well. The months of Jan &
Feb have been very mild. We haven’t been doing a hell
of a lot. I have been busy at work, Bec is trying to
keep busy. I tried some snowboarding the other day
VERY COOL. Hopefully we can go again soon. Bec
hasn't tried any snow sports yet, just ice skating.

So far we have been to Jasper a couple of times,
nice place. Last weekend we went on a road trip with
Brett Beard & Nicole Pipe. We had a great time. We
drove to Jasper, down to Lake Louise, Banff,
Then went to a museum at Drumheller then back to
Edmonton. It was a beautiful weekend for it, the
mountains are fantastic.

For the month of March we are going to try and save
some money for our trip to Europe. It seems a
feat, as there are so many concerts and stuff coming
up. Like Velvet Revolver, Motley Crew, Green day and
many more. We went to Steve Earle on Thursday night.
It was a good show, only knew a few songs but was
still pretty good.

Hopefully this email finds every body well, we look
forward to catching up with every one in May when we
arrive home.

Take care
Adam & Bec

Tuesday, 04 January 2005

Location: Edmonton, Canada

Hi all,

All the usual Merry Chrissy and Happy New Year stuff -
hope everyone hasn't broken too many of their New
Year's Resolutions yet!

Well, just a quickie update from us to let you know
what's happening...we are both working in Edmonton,
having a fantastic time and drinking to much according
to my mum! By all accounts, Canada is a fine country
full of great people...we are just about to start
doing the 'Winter Sports' the four 'S's - skating,
skiing, sledding and ski-dooing! Ads is EXTREMELY
excited about the last one - just like the James Bond
movies - driving over the snow at 80, I'm
just happy staying up on my damn skates...I am sure I
will get better (otherwise I'll be watching from the
lodge to the log fire, drinking that red
wine...I actually think that the latter option is much
more appealing!)

Anyways, it has been friggin' freezing over here - for
New Years it was - 35C with the wind - so I have
decided to re-evaluate my cold scale...I can't feel
the difference between 0 and -15C...anything below
this however is just plain F####@@@@$ COLD! Hopefully
it doesn't last too long but I don't think I am being
realistic in that dept!

We also have a little bit of news that some of you may
have heard - Adam has been offered a full time
position over here and after much debate, we have
decided to stay in Edmonton. So we will be back in
Edmonton from the July 05 to June 06, all those would
be travellers - start planning now! We want to see as
many of you over here as possible! This means you in
particular Miss Lucy! Like my Mum said when we were
deciding what to do with ourselves 'When life hands
you opportunities on a plate...don't be've got to grab them with both hands...'
so that's what we are gonna do...

Well, hopefully everyone is looking after themselves,
and we wish all a positive 2005

Look after yourselves

Love to you all

Bec and Ads

Wednesday, 10 November 2004

Location: Edmonton, Canada

Hi All

So we are alive and well - AND our car has made it
(somehow) through the most awesome road trip...we did
a little over 18,000 km and now find ourselves
thinking how lucky we have been to have experienced

Right now we are in Edmonton, having left Toronto on
Thursday for the 3,500 km drive. We left Toolie and
Bicko asleep at the airport (they can explain that -
thinking about it still stresses me out) and actually
ended up picking up two other people for our trip out
west...dear ole Anne Downing...and a scotsman who we
had known for a day...had a beer with him...thought he
was a good bloke...and gave him a lift also...

It's been such an awesome time...I think we were just
heading to D.C. when I emailed last...that was a grand
spot - one of my favourites...New York was rushed but
has an extremely energetic vibe about it - and is so
easy to get around in with the very efficient subway
sys...Montreal was one of Tim's favourite places -
'cause there were a great deal of tidy women...who
also spoke french...and also was a nice place to spend
a few days

Next it was on to Niagara falls which were quiet (not
tourist season) so we were able to do what we wanted
without having to push and is also the
place where we located our favourite drink of the tour
(debatable by Dean) Forty Creek Barrel Select Canadian
Whisky - we bought a large amount of the stuff - but
the boys couldn't take their's with them, and we
didn't have time to go to a post office (READ:
hungover) so they left it with us...BAD move we have
drunk most of it on the way over...(JUST KIDDING
TOOLIE!) Hopefully we will post it tomorrow

Anyways, Toronto was interesting and the trip over has
just been a hell of a lot of driving - and now I am
sitting here, chilling out with my journal pissing
myself laughing at what we got up to - certainly one
of the best times of our life.

Won't bore you anymore - good luck with harvest, hope
the Barley is coming off nicely...congrats to Jarna
and Simon on the birth of their baby...and may
everyone be feeling at least part of the happy vibe
that are feeling right now - this is what life is all

Speak to you all soon

Lots of Love

Bec and Ads

Saturday, 23 October 2004

Location: US Territories

Good afternoon to all

Apologies for being out of contact for soo long - but
it has been extraordinarily difficult to locate
Internet facilities along the way...

So we got back alive from Mexico - good fun, a lot of
laughs and even more has definitely
changed our perception of the place...dropped of the
Rental Van and picked up Blue date she has
worked like a charm and hasn't skipped a beat...(only
when I drop into 2nd accidentally!)

From Tuscon we headed east for a steak in Texas 700
miles away...and a steak it was...biggest one that you
could get there was 72 oz and it is bloody
huge...Toolie (one of the better eaters in the group)
tried the 36 oz and had difficulties demolishing
that...most steaks in Australia sit between 6oz and 18
oz...we also got picked up in a limo to and from this
place with a slow talkin Texan so we had the full

Then it was onto Memphis - anyone who has the slighest
knowledge of Elvis would be intrigued on this tour of
Graceland...Gaz...I got lots of photos for
you...certainly a highlight for it was
through some beautiful scenery (with all the leaves
turning colour) and we have ended up in D.C. having a
'Holiday Day' and sleeping in, doing washing and just
generally catching up on stuff before the next couple
of weeks...tomorrow we are off to do all things
Washington and then up to N.Y....

Hope all is going well and our thoughts are with
Tom...keep your head up...the boys are all having a
beer (or two) for you...

Looking forward to hearing all that is going on as has
been a while since we have written, hope all the
weddings and births have gone smoothly...

Love to everyone

Bec & Ads

Friday, 22 October 2004

Location: Washington D.C., USA

Hi everyone

Well we made it out of Mexico without too many dramas. We made it back to Tuscon to pick up Blue Betty and have travelled most of the way across the U.S..

We stopped in at Armarillo, home of the 72 once steak, thats right 72 ounces of beef. This was a must see. Although we talked ourselves up to the task, when we got there we chickened out. It was HUGE. All of the people that have eaten it have there names up on a poster. It is amazing how fast some of the people have eaten it.

From there we cruised though Oaklahoma to the edge of Tennesse, to a small town called Almo, or something to sort. Upon arrival we discoved that this town and many surrounding towns and counties were dry. NO BOOZE. We had to drive 20 miles to get some beer.

The next day we went Memphis, and of course did the tour of Gracelands. This was one of the highlights of the trip. An awesome tour. Next was to the Jack Daniels Distillery, another good tour and another dry county. We could only by boutique bottles of Jacks.

We then cruised across through Knoxville to Wytheville. Here we went on a tour of a four acre underground lake. You descend through some large caves and down to this lake . It is about 70 feet deep(20 odd meters). They have some of America's largest Rainbow Trout,which were put there for experimental puposes.

Our next stop was Thomas Jeferson's house in Charlottesville. It is awesome to see some of the historical site. The house was built back in the 1700's. From here we made our way up to Washington, where we are at present. We have sent back about 1000 photo's from all of our camera's, so hopefully in a few weeks they will be on display.

Thats about all for now.
Adam & Bec

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Recent Messages

From Brenda Howarth
Hey Rebecca and Adam,
Just checked out the photos on your website... very cool! Hope you are well. Permanent Residency??? Wowzers! Things are great here. Nice and warm. Going to a rock festival this weekend: 54-40, The Trews, Kim Mitchell, etc. Looking forward to the time off and drinking lots. Later, Brenda
Response: Hi Brenda,

Good to hear that you are getting some time off! Have you been back out to the island recently - on your next trip out there, let us know...always wanted to be a roady once in my life!

Enjoy the festival

Take Care

From Hannah R
Hey Bec,
Sorry its been a while. Sounds like you have been having an absolute blast! Mm me? Have been a fully fledged podiatrist for two years now. Enjoying it but am absolutely flat out as i also work for a few footy teams (canning tigers and east freo football club) so yeah flat out. Have been with my boy james (derby boy ;)for two and a half years and now living together.. eventually will buy a house once we have done a bit more travelling :D am back at uni again aswell to expand my career further so my job options are a bit more flexible. james is an electrical engineer so lving overseas is an option. so am doing commerce and law.. glutton for punishment but absolutely loving the challenge.
anyways, better go, send me an email soon eh..
love to you both
han xoxo
Response: Hi Han,

Wow - is more like it - can't believe you're going back for another degree - good for you! You have been busy by the sounds of things :-)

If you do pop overseas for a little while - be sure to look us up

Ciao for now

Take Care

From Lynette Delane
Hiya Bec & Reefa,

Great to see you're looking well and having a great time. I keep your page in my favourites & it makes a great break from my work.

Everything is great with me, work has been flat out but good. I got to go to Malaysia a month ago for a week to visit one of our campuses. I now have the travelling bug as well.

I've also just moved house into a much nicer place & getting a new car!

Big changes, but so far so good.

TAKE CARE & look forward to hearing from before you get back.

Response: Heya Lynny,

Fantastic, great to hear from you :-) I'm glad you had a great time in Malaysia - we are looking forward to catching up with everyone when we arrive home

Seeya then :-)

Bec & Ads
From todd and kelly
Hi You Two !!
congrats on the job in edmonton adam, we can't wait for a chance to come out west for a visit ! hope 2005 is treating you well ! and don't even get me started about the cold :)
From Courtney
Just a quick hello to you both. Glad everything is going swimmingly... as per usual!! Think I'll have to wait another couple of years to meet up with you... where ever you'll be. Doubt the funds will come together for your summer, and i highly doubt you'll get me over there for winter!! Your chrissy video was funny stuff! Looking pretty cold there Adam!!
And one more thing before i pretend to do some work... even though you know it Bec, but you're on a real winner with Adam. I don't know too many blokes who'd wash your hair after a big night out!! He he, good thing you're a few thousand km away! Love to you both. Will speak soon. XXxx
Bec & Adam
Hi to you. Well it is Xmas eve and I hope you are in a wonderful place and enjoying the festive season. Nev and I finished harvest with the best season ever, that is in tonnage. It must have been my header driving!! I am so envious of your travels. Please please me and have the best fun. Christmas is at home with the kids and family. Looks like we have thunderstorms for the next few days so we have our fire fighter units ready. Love to you both miss you. Update soon.
Lotsa lotsa Cathy Aky
Response: Heya Cathy Aky

It's so good to hear from you and congrats on the fantastic harvest - its nice when things work out the way that you planned them (and that the weather is occasionally good to you!)

We are just tonking along at the moment, relaxing in Edmonton and just enjoying being in a vibrant city.

Hope that your Chrissy was fantastic with your family...I also look forward to hearing all the gossipy bowls reports!

Lots of Love
From Adam & Bec
From Anna Reeves

Hi Adam & Bec,
How are you doing? Was disappointed that I missed your call after I got home from my travels.You have to remember about the bus run if you ring early our time. Anyway am waiting for you to call so that I can wish you a happy birthday. I sent you birthday wishes in an Email on the 8th Nov, so hopefully you received it. I have been going through your account of what you have been doing, sounds great & the pictures on this web page are lovely. When we were in Lake Como[which is at the top of Italy, near Switzerland] I wasn't sure if it was mountains in the background or hills, but after looking at your photos, which you said are mountains, then I decided that they were mountains. It is a beautiful sight with them in the background. Can't wait to talk to you so that I can tell you both all about it. Anyway, must go so take care, love you both heaps & we are still missing you both.
Love Mum & Dad & Thomas.xxxxoooo
Response: Heya Mum,

Thanks for sending through an email - will try and contact you soon...maybe you could create your own website and put some of your photos on there from your trip

Look after yourself


From Kym
Happy Happy Birthday Reefer!

Hey guys - hows things? How were the rest of your travels through the States? Last time we spoke you were heading to Washington I think? Did you manage to survive the whole election campaign trail - how politic-crazy are those yanks eh? I think we saw more of it here in Oz than you guys would've.
Well not much to report from here - harvest is underway although we did get a touch of rain the other night. Anyway better fly - hope you are still having a blast over there and Reefer I hope you have a fantastic birthday! We'll all have a beer (or ten) for you back here to celebrate in your absence - any excuse for a drink!
Speak to you soon. Take care.
From Courtney
Thought I'd better get back on here and said g'day since I haven't spoken to you for a while! Work’s going good. Still loving it! And Bec you will be pleased to know that Eb and I have joined a gym!! I dragged her into it so now we've just got to motivate each other! Your travels are sounding great, as always! So what's left on the itinerary?
Congratulations to Rick and Liz (grapevine obviously isn't working from Watheroo to Perth!!)
Bet the Bicko's are stoked!
We I'd better get back to work! As mum always says, "keep your wits about you"! Hopefully will speak to you soon!
Love Court xxxx
Response: Heya Court,

Thanks for emailing - we have had trouble getting on a computer...glad to hear that everything is going swimmingly...keep up the good work


Bec & Adam
From Kerry
Hi Bec,Adam, Dean & Tim,
Its warming up here at Watheroo. The back to Wather was great, catching up with lots of people. Hope the roads have improved for you guys. Let Dean know he is going to be an Uncle. Liz is due on May 24,05.Acapulco sounds great. Lay back and enjoy.
must go, on our way to Perth. David going back to work.
Take care. Stay alive and Well.
L Kerry & David
Response: Hi Kerry and David...

Shall let the old boy know that he will be an Uncle - you must be over the moon - congratulations!!!

Will try and get Dean to ring - now he has an excuse...

Love Bec & Ads
From Phil Watkins
I am sorry Bec that I haven't messaged you before this but time is always against me. Thank you for all your news. I am envious to some degree however life in Aus is just about as good as I ever want. Allister (15yo son) was flabbergasted to hear you and Adam hadn't heard of "The Doors" (less Jim Morrison). He has quite a number of their CDs. Ebony was 21 the other week (failed to track her down on the phone at the sports ground that evening of the shindig). Dallas who will be 21 in November will be over in Perth for Christmas on his travels around the country. I am going to ask your dad and uncle Jack if they can ask about employment at the mines around that time. I am sure he will benefit from meeting you all at Christmas (that is of course if you are home). However, he will enjoy immensely the company of the rest of you girls including, believe it or not, your mum. I will message you again soon...promise. Love Phil
Response: Hi Phil,

It is great to hear from you and I apologise for not getting back sooner - good to hear that Dallas is going west - we won't be around unfortunately at Christmas but mum, dad and the other girls will surely welcome him!

Look after yourself - must fly and have words with the credit card company - I am sure I had more funds that I do at the moment!


Bec & Adam

From Randy
Saturday, 25 September 2004

Location: Brandon, Canada (where else?)

Just a quick note, been very busy (harvest went into high gear right after you left). Thanks for the card... you're a top bloke in my books too!

You're always welcome here, yourself and Rebecca are missed.

Hope you both stay out of jail in Vegas... and Mexico (Nasty cops, so I hear).

Have fun, hope we cross paths again some day.

Take Care

From Todd and Kelly
Hey Guys !!
What a great website!! Hope you are having fun in Mexico. We're very jealous, it's starting to get pretty chilly here !!
ttyl, kelly
p.s. the Bombers won on saturday!! Becca you would have had a ball, I went to the bar with Dena and a TON of football players after the game ;)
later. kc
From Cathy Aky
Hi Guys
A report on the bullettes - Bloody Gingin beat them with just one goal in the first half. Disappointing. Faye did a great job with the team and with three new players she taught them heaps and they excelled.Missed your half time gee up tho Bec. Now the reserves have to win the GF next Sunday. We went to the pub afterwards and Nev looked after me as usual. Rebecca Wilson went home and then realised she had left her kids at the pub!!!
Sounds like the CFL is fun with razzamataz. Have fun in meccico. Say hello to Cisco.
Love Cath
Response: Hi Cath

Thanks for the email - I am glad that everything is going well at home - it's a shame about the hockey - and now its over for another year

Just a quickie as we are off for dinner

Lots of Love

Bec & Adam
From Judy Rowston
Hi Adam and Bec
Dave and Wendy Longman gave me your web address to look at, it is very interesting to see where you have been and what you have been up to. Kim and I are off on long service in October (triping around Australia)and should do up a web page for our girls, as we take the lap top with us but will have the mobile so it will have to do for this trip.
Have Mum up here enjoying the warm weather for another 6 weeks or so.
Kim, Judy and Aunty Herma
Tom Price WA
Response: Hi Judy

Adam was really rapped to hear from you - good for you going around Aus - Anna has taken the plunge and has decided (finally we hope!) that she is off to Italy/Greece (YAY!) so everyone has been bitten by the travel bug - have put you on the mailing list for our odd ramble here and there.

Look after yourself

Adam & Bec
From Courtney
Just a quick hello. Have a job for 3 days this week. Better then nothing! Eb's may have got my foot in the door for a job at the Greenwood the other night. Being in the usual state she is at any place serving alcoholic beverages (know you love me Ebby!), started chatting up the barman/surpervisor, and he came out with an application form, then I went back in and had a chat to him yesty. Hopefully something will happen soon!

The photos are gorgeous! Very jealous! Love the little buzz box too! Next you'll have to clean up your house and take some happy snaps! well I'll cruise on home and cook up a feed. Speak to you soon.
Love Court xx
From bub
hey bec quick note!! hope the photos are orite i got a bit confused to where they go so just email me with changes sorry about that!! and you can put in the captions and deleate what ever photos you don't want! thanks
love you guys
love bubby
From Kym
Hey guys, long time no hear! How's it all going over there? How was the 'Lily Festival' and your camping expedition - hopefully you found the 'vendor' and made a good weekend of it? Any other exciting things to report on or stories to update us all on?
All is well back here in downtown Dallas...woops, meant Dally, not much to report, although we're heading towards finals for hockey and footy in a few weeks so lets hope we can all make it this year. Anyway hope to hear from you soon.....luv Kym
Response: Hi Kym,

I hear that Dally is in all the finals - fantastic! I hope that out of this lot of finals it may be a year to remember!

Not a lot happening here at the mo - just getting really excited about the next phase of our journey - Mexico!

Will catch up with you later on


From Courtney
So what's been happening lately? Still all fun and games? Haven't been on here after you put your last messages up, sounds like you're making the most of your weekends! And a strip show you didn't have to pay for Adam! Strangy says good job! Hope you took notes Bec, who knows what you'd get in tips after a spin round a pole!

Came home yesty. Dad, Strang and one of dad's workmates (with his family up) were doing the trusses for the shed extention today. Eb and I have been helping Grandma out in the garden and fishing out all the weeds. (and Eb says hello) Mum's been hard at it in the house. She reckons the only thing she's been doing the last couple of days is cooking up a feed for 8 of us and doing the dishes! Poor darling. But we've all had to put up with 3 dogs running round the joint. Strangy and I took Daisy out with Angie and introduced her to some rams this arvo. Not bad for the first run. Don't think she was as annoying to Angie as Angie was to Milo!
Heading over to Wongan tomorrow for CBH interview. Hopefully I'll get on the bins this year and change it up a bit!!
Broome was also in sights for a bit of a sea change, but who knows!

Well that'll do for this weeks farm newsletter! You'd better put some more photos up for us to look at as well! Speak to you soon.
Love Court xx
Response: Heya Court - all those Son in Laws must have done something bad in the past...everyone sounds like they're working their litle butts off!

Not much else happening here - tomorrow we are off to the Neepawa Lily Festival which should be beautiful....looking forward to that - by the way - new photos should be arriving next week - Hopefully Caitlyn showed Mum how to put them on the net!

Will catchya later


Bec & Adam x x
From Mum& Dad (Reeves)
Hi Adam & Bec,
Was just reading your reply to Jabba's message, sorry to hear that Adam won't be having any meat for awhile. It's tough, but hey that's life. Dad had to go wothout salt and coffee for two weeks & that was tough for him.He goes back to the doctors on Wednesday(23). The sausage making went quite well. There were no mishaps or arguments. It was just me, dad jason, thomas & Nonno. It took us about 7 1/2 hrs to do. Our backs were aching by the end of it. Young Sebastion reached the 1kg mark on Friday, wich is great & they have taken him off the ventilator. So far so good with him. I had better go, will send you an Email shortly. Love you both. Mum, Dad& Thomas.xxxxxooo
Response: Great to hear Anna! Shall give you a ring shortly - ie when we get paid...

Love Bec and Adam!
From Shev in Cairns
Bec and Adam... what a great idea to have a website.... the photos are great. How are you finding the locals??? Manda was really pleased to hav caught up with you... she said it was fantastic.
All is well in Cairns the weather is warm and the skys clear... Jack is bloody busy as usual but he is happy enough. Anyway take care of eachother.
love Shev xxx
Response: Heya Shev,

Great to hear from you - one of the things Amanda misses most is 'Action Jackson!' - we really enjoyed catching up with Manda and Jas as well - its just a shame that we didn't have more time...always next time

Weather in Cairns sounds beautiful - it is supposed to be summer over here but unfortunately they are having a bad trot with the rain at the moment...we hope for more sunshine!! :-)
From Caz
Love it Bec!!!!! u look very happy mate!
Have fun and keep the emails coming!
Cheers Caz
Response: Hiya Caroline,

Good to hear from u? When are you coming back this way next?? R u still with your Canadian Beau?? Where are you working at the minute??

Love Bec
From jabba
How are ya's? Chris and I are good going to Perth on saturday 19/6 to do the sausages. We have to kill the pig on friday night which will be interesting. There might be some snags left for you both when when u get back (maybe). Have fun will ring later. Bye.
Response: Heya Jas,

How's the golfing going...I bet you're giving some of the Wubinites a run for their money eh? You can always airmail us some sausages...I don't know if Christine told u but we have since turned vegetarian since moving to Canada...we can't afford the meat! Poor Adam!

Enjoy your trip to Perth...

Love Bec & Adam
From Mum(Anna)
Hi Adam and Bec,
I finally worked out how to get into this website with the help of Chris. The photos are great. I also thought that there would have been more of Disney Land. Can't wait to see photos of Brandon and other parts of Canada. Great to talk to you on the phone, will ring you again soon.
Love to you both. Still missing you.
Lots of love Mum & Dad, Thomas & the rest.
Hi all
Glad to see that you have discovered the web site.
Hope you liked all the photos. Will probably send some more off soon.
Love Adam & Bec
From (Mrs) Doddy
Your talents are endless Bec!! Great photos, you guys are obviously having a blast, quite jealous really! We're having lots of rain here, so nice and green, but still the terrible run of seeding continues. Had a great night at the Dally pub last night, lots of laughs and a very late one. Tomorrow we're off to play in the boghole at Gingin - remember last year Bec? It is worse this year it sounds. Will let you know if anyone beats your big skid. Should be a good game, Janet Elliot is injured so should help us, but Faye's back is stuffed so hope she'll last. She even had a big night last night.
Mike wants to know where you went rafting? He thinks it is similar to where he went. Awesome fun.
Better go, love hearing your news.
Response: I must say Doddy that this was all Caitlyn's idea - and she has done very well! We went white water rafting around Rotorua - and it is a gorgeous spot - we really did enjoy ourselves.

Good luck with the hockey - hope you cream them!