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Papercut - writing by DAM

Diary Entries

Monday, 07 November 2005

Location: Australia


the moon falls into my teacup
and sleeps there
a crescent on a white bone
my thoughts fall, too

like cigarette ash
and sometimes the bowl is filled
with my reflections
and at other times, silence
in the white hollow with the
slip of moon
a sip of this, like facing death
melts away time


Sunday, 06 November 2005

Location: Australia

For You

Follow me carefully through a field of broken glass,
And let me walk before you to make sure I clear a path,

And pray my feet cut deep so that they drip and bleed,
So you can finally see . . . .
The pain of my affliction,

For you I suffer me.

Wednesday, 02 November 2005

Location: Australia


Dear Jess,
I saw you yesterday,
A moments breath from death

Broken like a chameleon,
Who’s color wont match its step.

You wouldn’t see inside me,
You said it felt too real…..

it sounded like an excuse because,
You’re too scared to feel.


Wednesday, 02 November 2005

Location: Australia

This embarrassing poem
Was written when I was alone
With you

Before we were through

Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Location: Australia


Seventeen degrees of freedom,
Burn down one by one.

Listen for the hiss and crack
as you watch your neighbour run.

Watch the gunsmoke of my mind,
Heave a collective sigh.

You and I and all of us
Born to a clear grey sky,

A spherical cage of containment,
Here we mean to die.

Thursday, 20 October 2005

Location: Australia

Colours of you

Ill watch the transient light of a late winters dusk,
Escape through your fragile eyes,
Standing beneath the hue of a melting amber horizon,
The slightest breeze embracing your figure through your dress,
Your perfume whispering in the air around us

I’ll listen to the way you laugh and how it paints the room in colour,
In honest shades of truth and earth that remind me that you’re real,
You smile and turn thorns to silk against my skin,
As the melody of us begins to play in dream-like ballads

Now I understand you were born for moments like these,
Yours to make and mine to keep,
And ill realise.

The most fragile and poetic words
Will never do justice
To the way your beauty awes me.


Saturday, 15 October 2005

Location: Australia

I hope its warm in that womb,
Because its cold out here.
When your new eyes meet mine I’ll greet them
With no lies. Just love.

Wednesday, 12 October 2005

Location: Australia

Your goal in life was to be an echo
In the deep chrome canyons of you
Remember to remember me
Standing still in your past
Floating fast


Tuesday, 11 October 2005

Location: Australia


How sexy it is
to hear an edge
of plastic being scratched
and then the whole thing torn
off behind you when you know that
a sexy girl is sitting behind you
on the inbound transit
the door ajar then wide open


Friday, 07 October 2005

Location: Australia

My wounds are bleeding
And my skin will dry
In the pitch of the evening
Floating in your uncoloured eye

No need for candles
I gave you light the day you were born
Hold my coffin by the handles
Let the tears from water to blood transform


Monday, 03 October 2005

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

Cold After Midnight

A hand I take and pull through flowers comes complete with you. You followed me with the sun in your eyes, teetering skillfully past dead estuaries of forlorn affection to the place we called our own. Darkness ripens and diffuses your silhouette against the last of the escaping light, but I can still see your face flecked in cherries of blood. The freckles in your eyes sit perfectly aligned with mine. Jade. Porcelain. Luminous. I wanted to tell you how beautiful you looked, but you smiled so I did too. It was so especially cold but you undressed anyways, reminding me of a melody I once loved but cant remember.

Shadows sat beside us, your fingers feeling fine in mine. The resonance of distant sound now softened into the soft lull of silence. You told me how you killed a bluebird once, and how you cried when you knew not what to do with its lifeless wings. You loved contradictions didn’t you? Then you looked at me and laughed. I tried to laugh back but I did not. I said nothing. You were a summer’s birdcage, a diorama of sympathies - my candle with no wick. All of us living, most of us dying – you always believed that.

The ink of melancholy stains my hands and the sky becomes a medley of tempers so we sit in silence. We drank with unrequited sincerity and littered each other in confetti of cigarettes. Your eyes, with all their jaded sensibility look at me and say ‘just a taste’, but I look away. I never looked back. I never hesitated for a moment. A taste was never enough. You stood to follow, and I felt your breasts against my back, the silk of your whisper against my neck. ‘You were curious but you needed courage for love.’

By D.A McDonald

Sunday, 02 October 2005

Location: Australia

Hello everyone....

Welcome to my creative writing site! This webpage was created in order to showcase a small selection of writing that i intend to publish in the near future. Feel free to leave comments and criticisms - they will be used to give me a feel for the appetite of my chosen demographic. Thankyou for your time, i hope you enjoy what is on offer. Feel free to email me at if you have further inquiries.

Darren McDonald

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Recent Messages

From Johanna
Love love love your poems. Keep on writing :)
Response: thankyou! i shall...
From Adam
Heyyyyyy are glue in my shoe have a clue about zoo's. How's that for a poem.
Response: you're very talented...
From Jess
You actually wrote one! i love it...thanks!
Response: haha. . i couldn't resist the challenge....glad you like was a little offbeat.
From Jon Jon
How old are you ?
Response: 22
From Jess
Hey DAM i like your writing. . . write a poem about me...i challenge you.....

Response: Done...check it out....
From BOO
Your poetry is weird....
Response: i'll take that as a compliment
From romance is dead
do you purposely break convention when you write? or do you do it unknowingly. Nevertheless, your writing is great.. . . Tim - Ireland.
Response: Yep, i purposely break convention, sometimes to give the poem an visual aesthetic, or just so it reads a certain way....
From Random web surfer
Hello there, just wanted to say i really love your writing. I dont know what you do but you should definitely consider writing as a career if you love it, by the looks of it you obviously do....

a canadian fan of your work . . .
Response: it amazes me how powerful the medium of the web is suprises me how many people are reading this site, but thankyou, your kind words are appreciated.
From Jasper K
Who did you write 'for you' about? if anyone....
Response: thats a little secret....she knows who she is though...
Word up....
Response: word. . .
yo should put your photography on this site too. . . peace in the middle east brotha. .
Response: Yeah i was thinking about it but i dont want to detract attention from the writing, i'll have a dedicated photography site up before the end of the year. . .
From kate
I LOVE 'colors of you' . . . see you on the weekend. . KATE
Response: Thankyou! see you soon babe. . x
From Matilda Ros
Where are you from darren? I'm writing from norway. . i'd like to show you some of my writing! x x x
Response: oh writing from Australia, a city on the east coast called 'the gold coast'. . . email me some of your stuff, i'd love to see it.
From Darko
Dark dark dark said the midnight calling lark. . .
Response: , callilng all night in the stark and loveless park. . .
From Isamella
Hi, i really like your writing, you're very talented. Isamella. x
Response: Thankyou, im glad you enjoyed it. . keep checking back for more!
From fortune faded
what does dam stand for?
Response: Darren Alexander McDonald. . my name!
From Pinglet
i like that poem 'for you'...very beautiful
Response: its one of my favorites too....
From Jake Larson
Hey buddy, the writing is really poignant, but quirky at the same time. I really like editing the qut newsletter next semester, let me know if you want to put some of your writing in one of the issues . . .

Response: That sounds fantastic mate, i'll be in touch about it, but yeah, i'd be interested in doing that. . .
From Candy
That was beautiful... extremely inspiring piece of writing that will not be forgotten. So Talented! xx
Response: Thanks candy girl!
From Marcus
Hey there, i found your site through a friend, was just wondering where you have published your work? cheers.
Response: Glad you like the writing. At present i have been published in local street press publications but i am working on getting some short fiction into more mainstream media. my email is if you have further questions. .
From Sarah
Love the writing darren, keep it up!
Response: Thanks! much appreciated.