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Welcome to our Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read and hopefully enjoy. We have our Landcruiser and new Nova carvan now and are ready to explore this great land of Australia. We are only doing short trips first as we have too many 'dependants' at home currently to allow us to venture out for too long. This is a bit frustrating as we really want to hit the road. Please feel free to leave a comment for us. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Friday, 22 August 2008

Location: Perenjori (wheatbelt WA), Australia

We have been onthe road for 3 days in the northernish wheatbelt looking for wildflowers. After staying the night at the Dalwallinu caravan park and seeing the beautiful aviaries of the caretaker (finches, parrots, etc) we were ready to hit the wildflower track. We may have come a week or 2 early for this area as the fields of yellow, white and pink everlastings are just starting to flower. However, there are many others out, mainly bushes in purples, pinks, yellows. We visited Dalwallinu, Wubin and saw our first flowers at Wubin Rocks, a lovely spot. However Dave scraped a tree with side of van and knocked radio aerial and on getting small steps out to fix, we promptly left them behind there. From there we had a look at the old rabbit proof fence and then on up to Payne's Find. The police were about there as there was a missing person south of Mt Magnet and they were out there looking for him after a pit stop at the roadhouse. Expensive deisel there $2.16 a litre!! We back tracked a bit and went on a dirt road short cut to Perenjori. This was a lovely drive, although Dave was very nervous the whole way. Beautiful views, great lakes and flora. The caravan park in Perenjori was very nice, both parks let you select your own spot and are very easy to park your van in. Next morning up and off to see more flowers, this time at the dam just south of there and then to Mia Moon which was fantastic.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Location: Dwellingup, WA, Australasia

Well we were going to leave about 9.30 am and have an easy trip down th Dwellinup - as we all know, the best plans ..... Apart from taking longer to pack last minute things, the dogs decided that they did not enjoy the previous trip to Jurien Bay and that barleys, no more. Well, this really put a spanner in the works as we had promised the Swan Caravan Club we would go and here we are stuck. We decided (after they really showed us they did not want to go) we would leave them behind and so we gave them bones and extra food and off we went. Well, so we thought but the gate again proved to be a problem getting through and we were stuck, a bit scared to go forward and even backward. Luckily a passer by stopped, offered some help and was very experienced and had the van doing whatever he wanted and got us out. Hooray. The rest of the way was very uneventful and we arrived mid afternoon to a beautiful part of the country.
Met all the members of the caravan club, enjoying a great happy hour/s in front of camp fire and this was nice but it was bitterly cold there. Next day we wissed about town and surrounds, looking about a bit but much rain about. Back to caravan park not long before next happy hour. Next day went to Nanga and Frank Baden Powell sites in the forrest. Fabulous places. Really enjoyed walking about there. A shared tea of pastas was enjoyed on this last day of the trip. Seems we have also been travelling with caravan brake on, luckily no damage done there. Nice trip back home, although one of the legs/levellers was half hanging down for some of the way.

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