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Ireland- The Emerald Isle

Currently I'm going to school at NUIM- The National University of Ireland Maynooth. Located about 24 km northwest of Dublin. I'd love to hear from everyone and hope everything is going well!!!

Diary Entries

Thursday, 07 April 2005

Location: southwest, Ireland

OK, i had a big entry in here then the site went down and everything i did that day got erased, so ill go for the condensed version this time.

Matt came in for his spring break and we spent the week traveling all over Ireland. we spent a day in Dublin before renting a car and driving south to Cork. Cork was really fun, though there is an ungodly amount of construction going on there. we met a couple of really nice people at the Hostel and spent the night going to pubs with them. the next day we went to Blarney and kissed the stone, it was actually a really cool castle and not the tourist trap i envisioned so that was fun. that night we ended up in Killarney, a small tourist trap of a town in the south west. It is situated right in the mountains and close to the ring of Kerry and Dingle pininsula. very very beautiful and im glad we were there. then we went up top Galway for St. Pattys day and didnt see much of anything but the pubs, it is a great atmosphere but whoever said the Irish thought st pats day was holy was wrong. its just a big drunk fest with thousands of people on the street. i might add though, it was pretty fun! anywho after that we came back to maynooth and on sat. matt was off to America and i was on my way to Amsterdam!

Friday, 04 March 2005

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Its been a fun week here in Maynooth, this past weekend we went to Dublin for the Ireland England rugby match which Ireland won. It is pretty politically charged here for all that, so it was fun watching the game and seeing people really get in to it. On sunday we all went out for Pat's Birthday and stayed way too late but had tons of fun anyways. On thursday Andrew came in from Scotland and we did some exploring of Dublin including the Jameson tour and many museums. The highlight probably was when we went to the American embassy. Andrew's cousin whom he had never met works as a nurse in the embassy. She was able to take us all through the building. to start though we had to get through security. All the other embassies you could just walk up to and they looked like normal houses. but the American one is this big circular building with 5 floors, two underground and completly surrounded by fences and guards. Normal Americans couldn't even go inside the embassy. you have to walk around the outside and talk to someone through a window! But after taking off our shoes and belts and completly emptying our pockets we went through a metal detector and couldn't bring cameras or phones into the embassy. But once we got in it was very cool and wierd to see all these americans walking around. I still sound goofy but a lot less so! we went up to the top floor and the Ambassedor came out and greeted us. he was extreamly nice and from Chicago, and after a short conversation with him he gave us these really nice hardcover books on september 11th, so we wouldn't forget where we come from, a little cheesy but he was appointed by Bush. it was a great experience and definatly something that normally I wouldn't have been able to do. On Saturday I head for Belgium and on to France! I am very excited for my trip!

Thursday, 24 February 2005

Location: Maynooth, Ireland

I don't have too much new from Ireland, cept we went out last night for my friend Eimer's (ee-mer) birthday and I was out way too late. I just found out we probably traded Moss to Oakland for Napoleon Harris and a draft pick. Harris is an underperforming linebacker who plays in the middle while we already have a solid young linebacking crew. Why did we trade him! he was still the best WR in the game! I can't believe I have to go to GB now, ugh!

Friday, 18 February 2005

Location: Ireland

Quickly a list of Irish words and phrases that I've been trying to use as often as possible!

-It's good craic (crack), or how's the craic?: It'll be fun or whats going on?
-its dearer or the most dear: its the most expensive
-pog mo thon (pog mo hone): kiss my ass
-i'ndiara (i' naw rear a): In all fairness
-ceart go lear: not much (a response to whats the craic)
-slainte (slon-cha): toast to good health

More to come!

Friday, 18 February 2005

Location: Kilkenny, Ireland

Last weekend we went down to Kilkenny for the nightand had a lot of fun. we went to the castle there which is from the 1200s and we went to a church that was even older, about 800 AD! The hostel we stayed at was, well, a place to stay. It was attached to a Methodist church and had signs that said Jesus loved us all over! The night life was very fun, there are like 50 pubs in this smallish town and we managed to hit most of em! I had several fun conversations with locals and one not so fun one with the town drunk! I was asked to take it outside by a 60 who could barely stand up, everyone was laughing! anywho, Ill get some pictures posted this weekend and Im having a great time!

Wednesday, 09 February 2005

Location: Ireland

Nothing too special going on right now. I finally have figured out my classes, i think, and now I actually have to start working! This weekend Me and some friends are going to head south to Kilkenny, which is supposed to be amazing, and the onward to Waterford. It should be a fun weekend and It'll be nice to see part of the island that isn't quite as populated as the Dublin area. Other than that everything else is going great!

Thursday, 03 February 2005

Location: Dublin, Ireland

I haven't been doing too much since I've been here but I've finally got the first week under my belt. We went into Dublin a couple of times last week and spent a good amount of that wandering the streets aimlessly. Trinity College was amazing as was a few of the museums we went into. I havent done the Guiness tour or the Jameson one yet but I know I am sure to make it there! This weekend We are contemplating whether or not to go into Dublin for the start of the Six Nations rugby tournament. Ireland plays Italy at home so it might be a little too nutso for us. Fortunatly one of the local pubs is going to have the superbowl on tv, its starts at like 10:30 here so it should be a late night. I am finally figuring out my classes so all is well on the Ireland front!

Thursday, 27 January 2005

Location: Maynooth, Ireland

I got in yesterday and had a little trouble getting to my apartment. We were supposed to carry our bags for like a mile up the road, and my bags were way too big! fortunatly an Irish couple stopped and gave us a ride to the apartments! man they were nice.

Not too much else for now, I am just trying to figure out my classes and working on getting a mobile! ill check in later.

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Three cheers for grandson Dan A favorite handsome man Celebrating your Birthday on the Irish shore Careful, one Guiness leads to more Happy Birthday from your loyal fans Grandma & Grandpa
Response: Thanks Grandma and Grandpa! cant wait to see you guys!
From Kerry's mom
It's "slainte" sweetheart. Remember don't be partying too much and don't be getting into trouble but if you must, tell everyone your name is Chris. Hugs from the O'Neills.
Response: thank you kindly for the spelling, ill try my best on that partying thing!
From Lucy
hey bud, schools a drag. I cant wait for spring break! Cant wait to see ya. Oh, i got my lisence today! Love ya, ~Lulu
Response: Thats scary man!
From Lucy
Hey danny o'schneeman! How ya be doing yah? This week is vis's winter week and today is irish themed-I hate you for getting the real thing. Hahaha. But some good news!! You've made the deans list for 1st semester! That is awesome!! Keep it up buddy

xoxo Lulu
Response: Thanks Lu! However the 'real' Irish theme right now is cold and snow/rain!!!
From Mom and Dad
Apparentley the entire family is purchasing Guinness stock - they must know you!

Response: unfortunatly Guinness and beer in general is very expensive! nontheless its a good call!