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Danielle and Ryan's Adventures

Welcome Everyone. Just wanted to share a little more of what has been going on. Miss you all more than you could know. Wherever you are Cheers and Enjoy!

Photos - Click Below



How wild the outback is. Nothing that can be easily explained


Great Ocean Road

Finally the car for you all and the beauty of the Great Ocean Road


Sonja/Wilson's Prom/Mizu Spa

We stayed w/ Sonja and we all headed to Wilson's Prom. After we WWOFed at Mizu Spa, aka Heaven


Wellington and Beyond

On the way to Welly and more


More New Zealand Travels

Just some random pics from the road



Beautiful hiking- 3 day trip, just amazing. On the northwestern tip of South Island, New Zealand


Parties and Friends

Good Times at the Mountain


Mt Ruapehu

Here is where we got to snowboard every day

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Recent Messages

From mary
Aloha all. once again great pics. Ryan a little rummer are you going to be here in march? please e me back ok The kids are looking forward to seeing you . aloha.
From N. Devlin
Hi Danielle and Ryan,
I'm Jenni's mom -- embarassing moment for her, sorry. Just had to say hi and thanks for including her in your journey. Your pictures are breathtaking. This is such an awesome experience for you. Stay safe.
Nancy D.
From Andy Vause
Hi Guys, i am in america right now (utah), skiing!!! Hey good photos. America is the same if you have not missed it. Oh and a small correction, the spy balls are in blenheim not picton. hehe
From chadtastic
Im bord just sitting here in sana cruz wile you two are in heaven shit! take a picture of your car with all your stuff that you own. Say hello to your other traviling friends............If your running out of money, you should make a deal with somebody that has money. You could barrow some and then pay it back at your next job. later!
Response: Thanx Chad we miss you too
From Leo
Good pics. Might catch u guys up in Aus.
Response: Hey Leo, Thanxs
From Auntie Deborah
Finally opened the folder to see the breathtaking photos. I shared them with my students at school. The English program now uses computers. You really made the right choice to visit the countries that attract you. If you keep sending me photos, I'll going to get itchy to travel again! I'd really like to go to the Canary Islands also Samoa and Fiji. You know, I'll always be an island girl!Love ya and I see you are making every day count.Good for you! Auntie
Response: I love yuo and miss you and can't wait to visit FRance
From danielle obinger
Your photos are too cool thanx for sharing them with me and the school where I work!
From Gareth
Hey Danielle nd Ryan
the pics r cool, espcially the Mt Ruapehu ones!
Summr skiing has started, but i havnt been yet because it keeps snowing!!
I got accecpted to the ski patrol program nxt year in wanaka! so come to wanaka nxt season!
watch out for those Auzzies and drink lots nd hav a goood time!
Response: Wanaka, how lucky I'll post some pics of there soon. Missin you. Good luck and congrats
From Grandpa Don
Ryan and Danielle: Looks like you two are having a wonderful trip and seeing a lot of interesting places. Australia is a country I hope to visit someday. I would enjoy New Zealand too but your photos sure look cold. We Pray that you have a very Merry (ie Happy ) Christmas and look forward to seeing you this summer.
GOD Bless
PS Thanks for the pictures
From Zach
Great pictures!
From Gramma Glenda
Thanks for sharing - and we miss you also. Wondering when you will return to U.S. Merry Christmas, Gramma Glenda
Response: Hoping you are having a Merry Christmas as well or as they say here Happy Christmas. We will return May 7th to LA
From julian
hi danielleandryan!

nice pictures, respect...

i'm hangin out in cairns at the mo, doin my diving license. good stuff!

c ya

Response: Cairns we will have to meet up. Good luck on the license. See you soon, keep in touch
From Scottish Neil
Hey Guys,

great pictures,hope you are having an awesome time.i'm back home as you know after fiji and borneo,sent you an email hope you got it,let me know.

take care cos i care,neil.
Response: Hey Neil I didn't get your e-mail .Missin you too. How was Borneo and Fiji?? We will have to hook up for some fun in the future
From Carolyn
Hello down under Danielle and Ryan,
Thanks for the pictures they're beautious! I love and miss you- all is well here-Hope you all have a happy holiday season and I 'll talk to you soon:)
Love, Carolyn
Response: Lovey Carolyn,
Missing you immensely. Wish you could come. But school is important, give a look out once and a while I will try and add on some pics
From Alma
Great to see the pictures! Look forward to coming 'down under'. Love ya, Aunt Alma
Response: Auntie Alma
My horoscope said that in Jan I need to visit family to feel whole. I don't if I believe it, but I can't wait to see you
Love Danielle
From Kirby
Those photos are amazing! I am so bummed we couldn't meet up while I was still in Australia. We have to get together and swap stories when you get back to the Cruz.
xoxo Kirbs