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Hi there folks,

Thought this was a great idea from my little bro which in turn was a great idea from Monica.
i should be getting access at least once a week and will post hotos of general carryings on in my life. Sailing and the associated apres race drinking should certainly be evident April through Oct with just plain old drinking evident the rest of the year!!! Only kidding. Past escapades to the US, UK and Soth Arica will follow shortly.

Diary Entries

Monday, 12 March 2007

Location: Limerick, Ireland

Righto folks. Its officially sailing season or silly season again if you want to be exact. looks like we might have a few good sessions this year...Calves Week, Dun Laorghaire Regatta and the East Coast regatta are all in the mix. Problem is the new PAYE job.....God never knew yopu were only entitled to 20 days holidays a year.....Would have used all mine up by end of Feb last year if that was the case. So its gonna have to be a careful pick of regattas this year, also need to include a few days for the trip to Italy in September.
Should be on the lash Paddy's day in Dublin and will ask Dan to meet up so i can post some messy pics of him up here!

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