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Hello everyone, just to say Hi and introduce ourselves. Names: obvious!
From Hull- Uk. We've done quite a few trips together so far but this year we're doin quite a large one: One month in Bulgaria then quick return to Uk for flight to Mumbai then onward train down to Goa.

Diary Entries

Monday, 18 September 2006

Location: Palolem, South Goa, India

Hi Folks,

Its been a while since we reported but here we go: After a hard month of graft in Bulgaria whcih got us about 80% completion of work on the flat, we bailed out back to UK to find that our bags had stayed in Milan!! Only back for 2 days whcih we spent in the care of Meg & Jade who looked after us so wel they should really do it for a living! Thanks so much to you both!!! A hurried turn around once we'd got 2 out of 3 bags back ( the baggage guy actually sung the meatloaf song 2 out of 3 aint bad, down the phone!!) and we flew back out of Manchester via LHR onto Mumbai only to find that our bags were still in bloody London!! Loads of grief at the airport, a horrible night in some of the worst digs I've ever known to be described as a hotel and then 2 more nights in a better but v expensive hotel with no shower and worms coming out of the A/C..............we got our bags and an early flight down to Goa. AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After 3 years away I cannot say how good it is to be back; instantly recalled why I love th place so much even tho it is much more developed in terms of the number of buildings compared to our last visit. Have stayed in some great digs round Palolem, had some sun for the first few days and then torrential rain and a return to Monsoon for the last week or so. Regardless of the rain; we are both v happy and are so laid back, we find it hard just geting out of bed to eat!!! I think we have one or 2 more weeks of peace before the charter flights start and I can recommend this time of year to anyone who wants to see the place before teh season starts. Its rather lovely to say the least. Anna will probably post an update soon and we WILL get some pic's uploaded I promise. Are now reasearching flights to Thailand and Sri Lanka so will keep updated!!

Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Location: Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

Well its been a long while coming but we ve just found some time to catch up with personal admin and stuff!! We're still in VT. Its a very very nice, a town with culture, great food n bars etc but due to the amount of work we have to do here we aint gonna get much time to enjoy it this time. Weather v hot with the occsional downpour (usually welcome) Have met a lot of expats and a few travellers but on th ewhole most Brits here have, like us , brought property here and are setting up new lives. Will posta more in depth report on our experiences once we get to India and have more time. Will hopefully be able to upload our photo's aswell. Right............. Moustache..........ciao for now!!

Good luck where ever you are

Dave & Anna

Monday, 31 July 2006

Location: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Well, we arrived here after a protracted and annoying flight. Got stuck in Milan for 3 and a half hours so by the time we put our bags down we'd been on the go for 15 hours; long enough to get to India!!!

Well worth it by the next morning when we both remembered why we loved it here. Will upload some pics as soon as I can but will just have to say that we are in a lovely spot with great views of the river, mountains, castle kidding.................the bar next door to our flat!! Wahey, bargain or what, 40p a pint, 5 feet from bar to back door Wahey, hic!!!

Anna has poorly tum tum as does Mark but dont worry, I'm okay!!!!

Will update soon, am sweating too much and need a beer!!!

Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Location: Hull, UK

Still at home in the frantic prep' stage, hopin to get to the end of the "To Do list" by thurs 27 jul when we fly out with Marky Mark to Bulgaria wher we have 30 days to renovate our flat.
Panic points:

1. Our passports are still at the Indian Embassy awaiting visa processing. WILL THEY BE BACK IN TIME?????
2. If they are back in time will we manage to overcome language barriers etc in time to complete the work on the flat before our deadline of less than 30 days??
3. Will my guitar make it in one piece? THIS IS MAJOR PANIC POINT
From Jun this year Airline regs dictate that anythingover 22 inches long must go in the hold!! Having had guitars and cases smashed in the hold before I am a worried man!! To take my guitar on board from LHR to Mumbai would mean buying a seat for the guitar at a cost of.........................£550!!!! OUr tickets only cost £275 each and my guitar is barely worth that much!!!!

At this moment we have a large hole in the kitchen floor, boxes of Lord knows what all round the house and my head placed firmly up my a***!!

For the next exciting installment please watch this space and sympathise accordingly!!


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