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Dave - here, there and everywhere

Short breaks and events get posted; most of them get crashed by the Tim and most of them are sport related. Not very interesting really....

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Great North Run 2007

Great North Run 2007 - finished in 2:13 beating my Dad and my Uncle.

I am now a Gold member of the Great North Run. There's nothing like commitment than paying for 3 years up front. Since I am suffering, I paid for my Dad to suffer as well.

Next year could be interesting, it's just after I get back from our honeymoon eek...



A 3 day stag do in Madrid, Spain with a difference. We actually mixed boy stuff with a bit of culture.


Funny Pictures from Travels

A feature possibly coming to Planet Ranger in 2007 is a compilation of all funny photos we see getting uploaded by PR users.
Until then, here are mine....


Cannock Chase Follow the Dog

Another trip to Cannock Chase and the famous Follow The Dog trail from Chase Trails. This time there was no sunshine, just fog, cold, wet and boggy trails.
Dave and Tim welcomed the return of Chris to the world of Mountain Biking and with his new slim jim physique he did well.
Dave had a mix up with a gymnastic squirrel and fell of the planks (well dived). Tim rode up a tree and Chris drank like a fish. A cracking day had by all and a tough old double lap/14 mile run on FTD.


Marathons & Half Marathons

April 18th 1999 - London Marathon, London UK (4:45)

October 1st 2006 - Great North Run, Newcastle, UK (2:20)

October 22nd 2006 - Lady Godiva HM, Coventry, UK (2:10)

September 30th 2007 - Great North Run, Newcastle, UK (2:13)

October 5th 2008 - Great North Run, Newcastle, UK (2:28)


Coventry UK

Thought I would update my page with some random photo's taken in Coventry UK.


Devon June 06

A week in Devon with Lou's family was crashed by Tim for the first 3 days. The intention was to ride some of Dartmoor but Dave dislocates his shoulder on the first ride and puts a sharp end to it all.


Cannock Chase Summer 06

Random early Saturday morning runs at the Chase helped along by the glorious summer sunshine. Me on the heavily upgraded Ev02 and Tim on his second Rockhopper.


Austria Snowboarding 2006 II

After a failed attempt to find a menu consististing of something other than liver and dumplings we ate in the Hotel and Tim got more Bitchen from the waitress, then spent 5 hours at the bar. Some bright spark decided that when the barman called it a night it was a good idea to find another open bar and Discotech.
Tim's eyes gradually closed through the night until he decided to do knock a door ginger on an empty (and rather spooky) Hotel. Lou mixed drinks all night and almost got away with it. None of us could meet the challenge of the Umper Lumper Arschen Splitzen meine Ledehossen that the Austrian laid down.
It felt good at the time but 8 hours on the pop was bad news for the day after.


Austria Snowboarding 2006

So here we are again. Almost a year on and I have slaved the PlanetRanger administration whilst Tim conquored South America.

This year was no smoother than last. Tim had no gear, he thought it would be better placed in Aus... so £400 later and a loan from 'Bank ala Dave' the now Spanish speaking Tim was fully kitted once again.

Setting off at 05:00 is never pretty but with a straight run Dave and Tim were on the slopes just after lunch while Lou was already Spa-ing with thanks to Thomson Fly and Budget car hire.

Greeted with a fresh dump of snow and glorious sunshine Bad Hof is turning out to be quite a destination for us. This year myself and Tim managed about 10 hours on the boards in two days.Lou was close to turning into a wrinkle after £140 of Spa treatment in the same amount of time.

The evening of the second day was eventfull enough for its own page ... see above.


Cannock Chase - Cannock

After 3 years of the Chase being on my doorstep I fincally decided to get of my perverbial and see what all the hoo har is about. No planned route, no preperation just load up the car, drive, park, unload and ride.

Thanks to the M6 Toll Road and the loose change in Tims wallet we managed to arrive at the Chase in less than 45 min. We parked at the first opportunity, this turned out to be the Marquis Drive Visitor Centre, unloaded the bikes and with exception of a small delay (Tim thought he had lost his Speedo) we were pedaling into the unknown.

2 Miles in and we found the technical sections of the 'Follow the Dog' trail. Very well thought out and extremely well maintained single track offered around 1 mile of fun before we found a grueling climb to burn those calfs. Reaching the top we were greeted by fellow calf burners taking a break at what appeared to be a normal water point.

A slurp of the wet stuff and off we went following the red advanced route signs back into the wooded area to complete a 13 mile trail (about 1.5 times round the trail as we didn't start at the beginning).


Snowboarding 2005 - Austria

A quick fire Easter weekend break in Bad Hofgastein - Austria makes up what is my first 'realtime' entry on planetranger.

In 40 hours myself, Lou and Tim (the real planetranger) took a flight from Coventry to Salzburg, hired a Fiat Stilo, drove into the Gastein valley, hit the slopes for about 5 hours, squeezed in a couple of Spa sessions, an Austrian meal or two, a night at the bar and then got back on the road for the return leg.

It feels like an achievement to me.


Livigno (Italy) 2004

Dave, Lou, Chris & Ruth head off to the only TAX free point in Italy but not to buy cheap booze or Fags. Snowboarding, -22'c and a hotel that you wouldnt put your mother in law in were on the cards.


Mam Tor (Wales) - 2002

Dave, Tim and Chris make use of a company hire car for a days riding up Mam Tor. Not very professional but hey, it was on Chris's insurance.

Apart from Chris insiting he needed to dress like a mutant turtle the day went well.

Isnt it time that bike retired Tim?

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