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Oh, Ravers only got a webpage

Hello and Welcome to Dave's Travel Page.

OK, I know you were probably looking for porn and ended up here by mistake but hey, have a mooch anyway! This is where you can bore yourself silly with my travellers tales and have a look at some pics (eventually)!

So, heres where I've been or am heading to:

Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, Italy, Austria and Germany

I'll try to keep you posted.

Feel free to leave a comment (nothing too smutty) and if I can be arsed you might even get a reply!

So now sit back, relax and enjoy the little corner of the 'tinternet that will be forever Davey-Boy!

! bit of a change of plan, out goes Italy, Austria and Germany, in comes India !

Diary Entries

Sunday, 02 October 2005

Location: Dallas, USA

Hello. Well I made it to Dallas, and after a day, Im on the road again. This time heading up to Chicago (its my kind of town).

I had a bit of a giggle at Vancouver airport. It seems that just about every american customs worker thinks Im a terrorist so when I walked upto the counter I was waiting to have my bags searched. I walked up, told him that I'd been in the US and had only visited Vancouver for a day.

"So are you on some kind of holiday son"?
"Yea, Im trying to see a bit of the world"
"and you spent a day in Vancouver, where you flying to today son" (honest, put on a drawl and thats how he spoke)
"How long for"?
"Just a day"
"and what you doin in Dallas for a day"
"Just seeing the sights"
"and what are they"?
"No idea, (I was thinking whatever you do dont say your going to see where Kennedy was assasinated) Im going to see where Kennedy was shot (D'oh)"
"Your itinnery makes no sense to me. Can you just go through that door there, someone will want to ask you a few questions."

Thats another fine mess you got me into!

When I finally arrived here I have to admit I wasnt looking forward to it. I thought Id hate it because its Texas afterall and only Queers and Steers come from Texas (and you dont look much like a steer to me), so when I landed in a dingey airpport I thought here goes!

First off Dallas has no Hostels (well none that are within 20 miles of the city) so I had to book into a plush hotel for the night (I got to steal more soap and shampoo). After this was done I had a few hours to kill before bedtime so I went to Deally Plaza. It was really good (if a lot smaller than expected) a guy (who spoke exactly the same as Uncle Reamus from 'Song of the South') came over and started giving me the local history and a guided tour. Jackpot.

After about an hour getting told all about Kennedy and Oswald I had done all I wanted to do in Dallas so I went back to the hotel to abuse the facilities (swimming pool and gym). Its amazing how a decent nights kip and a shower changes your perspective on things. This morning I thought Dallas was super (when I arrived yesterday I was hot, sweaty and ready to bite someones head off. Parts looked a little ropey and when wandering around I didnt feel particularly safe) and although I had to catch 2 busses and a train to the airport found I quite liked Dallas.

I ho I ho its off to Chicago I go...

Thursday, 29 September 2005

Location: San Francisco, USA

Coming soon to all good webpages...and some bad ones too.

Thursday, 22 September 2005

Location: Viva Las Vegas, USA

Oh yes, Vegas.

Every bit as good as everyone says.

Sunday, 04 September 2005

Location: Chicago, USA

Howdy doody

Chicago is un-real. Its on the side of Lke michigan but I beg to differ, its a small sea in my book, its massive! Flying over it was quality, there were 'forests n trees n stuff'for ages then out jumped a bloody big pond with a city clinging to the side of it!

After I'd found my hostel and checked in with no problems at all (must be a first in America, it was nextddor to a halfway house for recovering drug addicts though) I set off for a dash 'round the city. it was about a 40 min train ride to the centre but it was worth it, I dont know why but it was just quality. Simmilar to other american cities but a little different. There was loads of public art on display, an open air gallery and a sculpture of ? it looked like a semi inflated big metallic ball, pushed up in the middle to make a dome. The subaway was good but apparently thats not good enough for chicago so theres a metro that runs above your head. its surreal, your walking along the main city street and theres a train running over your head, cars making do with the shaded road below.

In my dorm was a couple of Irish guys (Declan and Dave) who's band were playing in a club so I spent a night being a groupy and drinking Guinness as supplied by the bar (managerial fee). I cant remember much about the night but Im sure I had a good time, i better have because my head was banging the next morning.

I was wandering 'round the city and happened to be walking past a theatre as they were admitting a show. I decided to pop into the box office and see if they had any tickets (the show finished on Sat so it was sold out) but had no luck. Just as I was about to walk away a woman went to the counter saying she had two tickets that she wasnt going to use and could she get a refund.

She got no joy from the counter but yours truly got a ticket to see the Lion King for $20. How good is that!

It was class and Ive been singing songs from the Lion King all last night and today.

Hakuna matata...

Tuesday, 23 August 2005

Location: Grand Canyon, USA

watch this space...

Saturday, 20 August 2005

Location: Phoenix, USA

Here goes...

I arrived and checked into my hostel, which for some reason had a police car ouside and the owners were chatting to 2 armed 'bobbies', very nice. Slept uncomfortably and set off to meet Zig 'n' Co. at the Boulders resort on the way out of Phoenix.

Apparently it was about 4 miles outside the city. Good one. I jumped onto a bus and rode it till it came to the end of the line (about 45 mins) then jumped onto another bus for an hour till I got to the city limits (nutbush?). When I got here I flagged a taxi to take me the remainder of the way to the resort. 45 Dollars later I finally got there (the girl driving the taxi was entertaining though, she spent all the time telling me how bad Phoenix is).

When I got out of the Taxi a consierge came over to help with my luggage, he got a shock when a stinking backpack was pulled from the 'trunk'. While I went inside to find Claire, Nita, Zig n Dodge it was left outside, presumably he didnt want it to stink out reception, cheeky bugger!

After I'd popped into reception I was directed to the pool where I met up with Nita and Claire topping up their tans. It was fantastic to see some familiar faces and not start all conversations with one of the following:

how long have you been away for?
where are you from?
where have you been?
where are you going?
so, what did you do at home?

when I go travelling next I'm going to get a few t-shirts printed with:

Dave, 25, Hartlepool, in between Durham and Middlesbrough, OK- near Newcastle, the North East? a couple of hours south of Edinboro' and then a detailed ittinary on it and I reckon I wouldnt have to speak for at least 2 days when I get to a new place! Anyway, I digress. After about 20 mins of banter with Claire and Nita, Zig and Dodge turned up from golf bag shopping - and then buggered off for a round of Golf!

That evening we went out for a meal, the first lot of propper food I'd eaten since getting into America, up untill now I'd lived off slices of Pizza for $1.50 a pop and the occasional Hot Dawg although Im reliably informed that, unlike the Chinese hot dog, these contained no traces of Lassie.

So we spent the next couple of days playing Golf (in my case badly), looking for phantom restraunts (we drove 26 miles looking for an Indian that Claire insisted was 'Just down this road'), racing in the pool, whacking baseballs around (in a practice net, they were getting 'thrown' at 75mph) and being cheated out of a pole position on a go-cart track.

After this it was off to the Grand Canyon but, as a great man once said, thats a different story.

Thursday, 18 August 2005

Location: L.A, USA

Ehh 'ello.

Howdy boys and girls, get yourself comfy while I regail you with tales of all things US. Right-e-o, here we go.

I got into LAX and realised that I had no clue where I was going to stay so I spent about 15 mins running backwards and forwards around the airport to find an internet terminal (supprisingly difficult to find and tucked into some foul smelling corner when you do find it) and managed to get myself a number for a hostel.

So I jumped onto a bus (a big blue one) and set off for Venice Beach. Got there, and went to check in. It was only full, all apart from a fold out bed that would be put up in the living room at midnight. It was far too hot to carry my pack around anymore so I settled for this and ended up going to sleep with an audience ( The bed was set up in front of the TV and I went to bed while there were people still watching).

So I woke up on the morining and set off for Venice Beach for a nosy around. It was Class. I sat and watched guy's play basketball (like white men cant jump) for ages and then had a look at the meat head's work out on Muscle Beach. Then it was off to a bar and listen to hippies play music before a sunset dip in the baywatch beach. Suitably merry I made my way back to the hostel, and went all posh and slept on a bunkbed (there will be no talking to me soon, Im a snob).

I met up with a group of Welsh guys the next day and we decided to hire out some bikes and peddle, along Venice to Santa Monica. Quality decision. We had a day of sillyness and showing off our (lack of) strength on the various work-y-out-y things along the beach. Had a game of crazy Golf on the Santa Monica pier (won by yours truley) and ended the day sat in an Irish bar drinking Newcastle Brown.

I left for Hollywood the next day and the curse of the full hostel struck again, I ended up lugging my backpack the length of hollywood way before finding a hostel I thought I stood a pretty good chance of waking up without stab wounds. I spent the next few days looking around Hollywood and getting excited when I found Dick Van-Dykes star. It is a bit of a wierd place, more tacky than I'd expected (although it still couldnt hold a candle to blackpool but where could) with the shops consisting of tatoo places, shoe shops and sex shops, with the odd tat shop thrown in for good measure.

After a couple of days I set off to Phoenix to meet team Martindale and Rogers. I'll fill you in later, everyone loves a cliff hanger...

Sunday, 14 August 2005

Location: Venice Beach - L.A Baby, USA

Hi y'all

Oh, Im only in America!

Right, just to bring you up to date with what I've been doing. I think the last diary entry I was rambling on about jumping out of an 'neroplane?

Well, the day came and it was cancelled. Shoddy weather was to balme so I set off for Rotorua. Got there and, after getting over the smell of sulphur, had a bit of an explore. Rotoura is a bit of a volcanic wonderland type of place with lorra lorra mud and steam bubbling up around the place. I went for a bit of a look around and went to a few geisers and spit-steam-up-and-look-angry type of places. All very nice.

Then I went Zorbing. A-may-zing Ack-tually. For those of you who dont know what this is let me paint a brief picture. You pay your money and are given a rather fetching set of shorts and a T-Shirt, you are then whisked to the top of a bloody big hill and deposited at the top. Now this is where the magic happens. At this point there is a bloody big inflatable ball (about 1.5m dia) that the guy puts hot water into. You then jump in, zip up the hole and roll down the hill. Easy.

Its unreal, for that do it yourself Zorbing experience simply turn the washing machine to heavilly soilled colours (or similar) jump in and enjoy the ride. Quality.

Then I jumped onto a big bus and made my way to Auckland. Im struggling to give you the impression that I did anything exciting or out of the ordinary here. I did the now customary wander around till I get lost then try to find my way back to the hostel, which was nice (if a little easy as the streets are in a grid system). Oh, I blagged myway into seeing a comedian in the 'classic comedy club (and it was classic, or at least his jokes were).

I met up with a few people in the hostel (Karen, Justin and Caroline) and we decided on a trip to the comedy club. When we arrived there was a private function sigh outside but we thought we'd have a look in anyway. So we went in and were stopped by a guy at the first bar (before the main hall) "are you with the 'Brave New World' Party, your a bit late"

This is where I should have said 'oops sorry, no' and left but the little devil on my shoulder was in fine fettle. "Yes, mix up with the taxi" and so it went, we put our drinks on the company tab and got into the main hall just in time for the speeches before the comedian came on. Much 'here here-ing' was partaken in, as was bottles of Stella. After a couple of drinks and before we were discovered as imposters and shot at dawn we quietly slipped out and into the night. Buggers I know but Im on a budget and it was an opportunity too good to pass up.

I'll repent on my deathbed and it'll all be forgiven.

So, after a couple of days in Auckland I jumped onto a aeroplane bound for L.A.X. I boarded the plane and we took off at about 5:55 pm on Sat 13th Aug for the 11 hour flight, and touched down at 10:45 am on Sat 13th Aug. and if that doesnt make your head hurt I dont know what will!

So your all caught up and were now in the US of A

Saturday, 06 August 2005

Location: Taupo, New Zealand

Hello boys and Girls,

In prep for the trip to US (Ive noticed how Zig 'n' Dodge seem to playing a hell of a lot) I walked down to Lake Taupo and had a go at the par 3 challenge. You stand on the waters edge, grab a 9 iron and whack the ball at a green about 115 yards into the lake. There are 3 different holes of varying sizes and if you get a hole in one theres a prize. Anyway I baught 18 balls and bashed the hellout of them, 6 hit the green the rest went to a watery grave. It doesnt bode well for the US. Oh and...

If you're struggling to find things to do with your day tommorow, go down to blockbuster, rent a copy of Lord of the Rings 'Fellowship of the ring' and watch it.

Pay particular attention to a bit where the fellowship are walking through the 'misty mountains'. At about 12:30 tommorow I will be jumping on a small airoplane and enjoying a scenic over the top of said mountains.

Oh, yea, silly me I almost forgot to mention it. When I get up to 12,000 feet the door to the aircraft will be opened and I'm going to jump out of it (lets face it, Im getting pushed) as you do.

After about 45 seconds of freefall (and reaching speeds of about 120 mph, faster than my old car used to go) the plan is to open a parachute and float gently down taking in the views of mountains 'Tongariro', 'Ruapeehu' and 'Ngauruhoe' (aka misty moutains) I'll let you know how it goes.

If not, Id just like to say its been your pleasure and you can donate my underpants to medical research. anyway, I said to this bloke with the long neck, giraffe to look like that?

Ta Ta

Wednesday, 03 August 2005

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Hello from 'Lord of the Rings' land.

Im staying in the YHA and have been addopted into a group of people who've been staying here for months. Lastnight was a leaving do so a few drinks were partaken in - and we ended up in a Karioke bar. I have a new song, I knocked out the best 'Lets get it on' you could think of and finished with 'Rainy days and Mondays' by the legendry Karen Carpinter. A real crowd pleaser.

Ive spent a couple of days looking around wellington and am leaving for middle earth tommorow. I'll keep you posted if I find any rings.

NZ looks fantastic, very pretty and a lot like England (dont know if thats a good thing) pity I only have 13 days here, its on the list of places to come back to, along with every where else Ive been.

Ta Ta For now

Friday, 29 July 2005


Whilst enjoying all that Byron bay has to offer I have lost my camera, I'll buy a old 'film' type one but pics will be more sporadic. Sorry.

Zig n Claire, take a digital camera to the US and I'll keep the fans up to date.

Reespec in evry aspec
n peace in tha middle east


Monday, 25 July 2005

Location: Yep, you've guessed, Australia


Im still in brissy but dont worry, you'll be getting tales from Byron Bay and Sydney in a couple of days, I leaving on Wed! I leave Aus at the end of the month so reckon its about time I made a move south. Im going to dance over the sydney harbour bridge then its off to NZ to freeze before heading to the US to get fed up on super size Macky Dee's

So, on Friday night a bunch of us went out for dinner and a drink, yea good one! I fell under the influence of bloody students again and they conspired to get me completely plastered!

It was the usuall craic, few drinks, on for a meal, a few more drinks...and Karioke. Oh, yes. For a change a gang of us ended up in Dont tell Mama's (we now get loyalty points for regular attendance) knocking out hits and pulling shapes on the tables!

Anyway I was as rough as a badger the next morning so missed the train to Noosa, the day was wrote off to a hangover and making sure I was in prime condition for Sunday. I went to see big Steve, the crocodile hunter.

It was Quality (with a capital q). Im just putting the photo's up so you'll be able to have a butchers in about half an hour. Steve was there feeding the croc's, I watched a pair of Tigers have a scrap and got my photo took with a albino Kangaroo. The stuff dreams are made of.

I've got a bit of a Y-list celeb staying in the same Hostel as me (yes the one with bed bugs) its only Marco, the bald camp big brother bloke. It's all getting too much, Im going for a lie down!

Thundercats HOOOO

Monday, 18 July 2005

Location: Bris-Vegas, Australia

I've put a couple of picture pages up. There is no battery left on my camera so you'll have to wait for Scenic Brisbane, Daves (lack of) Cookery Skills and some more shandied up shenanegans.

Oh bit of an update, this morning I was woken up by a crack team of Cleaning Pro's invading my dorm. I was kicked out of bed quick smart and they proceded to fumagate the dorm. I was given 4 dollars to put my clothes through the dryer, 'the only way to kill the bugs'. So now Im feeling a bit itchey.

just off for another shower...

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From Alex, Germany
All right mate,

got your e-mail you are back in england. I had the same feelings when I came home! Things didn`t change. Everything was the same old sh...
But it`s getting better after a while. So relax, take your time and plan your next trip!
take care!
Response: Glad to hear is not just me!

the next plan is already on the drawing board, doubt I'll find a better dance partner though!

where's next on your list?
From Angus Claus
Man, I can't believe the last time I saw you was probably in that Robin Suite in Hoian and maybe a hoody in Hanoi. To think you have been on the road ever since is remarkable and I am insanely jealous.

I am in London, feel free to swing by in passing or just for whatever.... Chow Chow
Beers are always in the fridge.
Response: Its unreal how long ago Vietnam feels, you must be close to getting your new passport by now?

I'll be in London town in just over a week if you fancy a night on the beers? If you send your mob. number to my e-mail I'll give you a ring to arrange it.

See Ya soon

From Saku
Hey Dave! I got your e-mail as did those 200 other people around the globe. I had great time with you in China and although we both left long time ago, I came back and still satying here in Shanghai happily with my gf. Unfortunately you left one day before I fell in love so you didn't meet my girl. I will send you some kinky photos of us sometime. Last weekend I joined to German beerfestival with my company. Lot's of drinking, singing and playing drinking games you taught me many others. I'll try to keep in touch with you.

Response: Good man, just remember to send an invite to the wedding and make sure you have a spare bed for when I come to Shanghai. If you are looking for romantic honeymoon destinations Hartlepool is right up there and Im sure I could find you a couch to share!

Have you introduced shanghai to Finnish vodka yet?

Speak to you soon mate, take care

From Whitty & Prest
Alright Mate!!!, got a vistit up in Elgin from Prest & Sarah we were just browsing the net when prest metioned your site, thought we would have a look, looks like you are enjoing yourself....p.s. are you still "full of poisonnnn"
Response: Alright mate!

Jesus, its been a while, dont you still owe me a mars bar from work experience at Halfords?

I have been enjoying myself but have come to the most exotic of my destinations, a couple of weeks in Hartlepool!

How's life treating you then, give me a shout telling me what you've been upto for the last 7 yrs!
From Freya
Hey tiger,
Long time no hear. Hope the roaches didnt get to you or that you didnt take my zip lock bag idea seriously. That could be awkward. Two and half weeks to go!!!! Weee! Suze carl and I got together on sunday to give each other our typhoid jabs. Super fun. Suze makes it hurt, never get an injection from her.
Hope all is well, Im just studying so not much excitement. Went to a fondu night on saturday night. Too much cheese
See you round like a rissole
Response: Eh-o

Nah, roaches were a bit of a dissapointment, a few whacks with my smelly trainer and they ran off. In fairness it cant have been a pretty sight though - me in urine shorts and socks with a stinking trainer above my head waiting for the buggers.

I spent 4 days in NY and had a little disagreement with the ATM so decided it was time to have a pop back to the metropolis and muster some funds for India.

Injections are overrated, at least I'll have Delhi belly to show for the trip! Carefull with the cheese, it gives you nightmares!

Tried to ring yu tonight but with no luck, will persevere tommorow night.

Oh, if you need some help with your study log on to ''. hours of fun

see ya soon
From Caroline
Come on Raver
Back at the top spot. I am very proud of you. After we were all so rudely usurped by the newcomers Laura and I came to see you in a new light!
I hope that you're still enjoying your travels.
Response: just on a bit of a break to clean my clothes and try to air off my trainers!

still on the road?
From chrissy-boy
well wavey!!
your dates had me more confused than Sven actually is.
Anyway, just forget footy and concentrate all your powers on the boys in white? They are as i type, thrashing the panties off of that team of whinging sons of ex-convicts.
I have just returned from Cyprus (for a top up of me tanning booth tan) and bingo..........the cricket's actually looking good for once!
Pietersen (good Anglo-saxon name and strong plummy accent........not!) is having a little go at knocking the ball all aroung the Oval. Worryingly though, Girly earringed Warnie is trying to undo us. Still it will end up okay....... just like your shot offa that poor blokes roof did ?
Nice to see you've got rid of the excess baggage and sent bruv home to do they get so much holiday! I'm asking Offsted to investigate his annual leave entitlement.
Apart from all of this you keep on having a better time than us and remember to try and keep us posted with the correct information or you'll be the next patsy in Dallas...........
Peace out or whatever Zig says!!
ps. we've lost another wicket and suddenly we're wobbling a little!!!!!!!!!!!!
Response: but we came through in the end. Just like to say:

'Australia, what are you good at anymore?'

Im back in blightly for a couple of weeks so will probably bump into you at the club (if they let me in with my postponed membership) and I'll let you buy me a pint.

Erikson out, Peterson in?
From Uncle Cliff
Hi Dave...............

Just to let you know............
Pools won today...........
2-1 at Blackpool after going behind as well....

Just thought I'd let you know as well............

175 Yards with a 6 iron.....
250 Yards with a 3 wood......

and 2 years ago I couldn't hit the ball 25 yards with my 3 wood before..... so I binned it...
Response: I heard pools are back to winning ways, \i'll be there on sat cheering them on!

175 with a 6 iron doesnt make any difference if you have to hit it 3 times!
From Uncle Cliff
Hi Dave.............

Didn't kwnow that you could travel in the future......You're dates are all to pot looking at your site on the 8/9/05 and your dates are 2/10/05.

How's the trip going......enjoying my time up in Aberdeen....Auntie Linda is even getting to like the place as she came up the other weekend again.... Wnet to see the Queen....but they wouldn't let us in as they said your not on the list.....I said do you know who I am...and he said NO whilst pointing his loaded uzi into my we went to the distillery next door to sample a wee dram of the nectar of the gods.....boy it was nice.

Will write again later.....

P.S. been getting some golf lessons again......The Pro say's I'm a least that's what I think he said......
Response: I think your problem is your standing too close to the ball...

...after you've hit it!

old ones are the best ones
From Keith (Norn Iron)
I do believ I warned you in my last message! Underestimate the mighty Norn Iron at your peril.

I have turned into work today and I am still bouncing. I think I'm doing rather well to be here!

What an atmosphere last night, I was wrecked at half time, so I don't know how the players were.

I just had to chat to your old man and rub it in!

How is the travelling going now? I would recommend avoiding New Orleans, I hear its not the prettiest this time of year.

Devestation follows you, first the tsunami now this! What does it say about you?

David Healy for King!!!

Maik Taylor, Tony Capaldi, Chris Baird, Stephen Craigan, Aaron Hughes, Steve Davis, Damien Johnson, Keith Gillespie, Stuart Elliott, James Quinn, David Healy, Warren Feeney, Ivan Sproule, Michael Duff. TAKE A BOW! OUTSTANDING

Response: ahem, we can take a lot of positives from the performance....

From Mam & Dad
Which country are you in? I think the time zones are having an effect on you. I thought we are in September not October or have I missed a birthday somewhere, you will probably get a message from Keith as England got beat 1-0 so he will be slightly inebriated. My team won tonight, beat 2nd div champions Newton Aycliffe 3-1 and played great. They had not lost a league game in 2 years, how good is that? Well put the diary right before I print it.
all our love
Mam & Dad
Response: ok, at least someones taking notice
From Darren
Oh dear, Eriksson out! your mate keith is a fair old psychic!

Was it his "Norn Iron" flag behind the goal?!

Football hates us at the minute I think with pools being crap and now this, i'm gonne take a few months off footy when the baby comes and calm me nerves a bit!
Response: you do right, I hear Darlo have a few season tickets left...
From zig
Hello mate.
Long time no see! Sorry about the delay in uploading photo's, a long story I won't bore you with. Needless to say, at 20:00GMT Wednesday your escapades in the states will be there for all to see. It's a good job cameras weren't alowed in the casino, or we'd have some quality pctures of u out-hustling yourself on the poker table!!!
Dealer; Hey kid, where u from
Dave; England.
Dealer; Guess they don't have poker yet over there!
Quality. And Dodge has just received the repair bill for that house u hit while playing golf at Troon, priceless. Here's me thinking u's have aquired a few skills while globetrotting!!!
Ah well, some of us have work to do. Shame the Guard wiuldn't take the bribe I offered him to keep u locked up on Alcatraz! Peace out!
PS. I have the video evidence as well, it could be the next internet hit, first Pammy, then Paris Hilton, now... Dave the Rave for only $4.99 US!!!!
Response: shush or I'll tell Claire how much you really spent on the Poker table!

Just been to the Empire State and have some flattened coins for Claire and Nita. NY is a bit special. I had a picnic in Central park today and am hitting the statue of Lib. in the morning.

I'll buz ya at the weekend
From Keith (Norn Iron)
Just been chatting to that bandit brother of yours!
I see his luck extends from the golf course to the casino!!!

Was mightly impressed to hear of you waking people up at a golf course with your tee shot of the roof! Nice touch!

How far have you left on the trip now?
I am sitting in class again trying to wile away the hours until 3.30pm!

Will be in touch before next wednesday when the mighty northern ireland tonk england!

What scares me the most is we have just called up a guy who used to play in the same league as I did! Rio and Carra beware!
Response: He was a tad lucky in the Casino, it was only because I distracted the rest of the table by pretending I didnt know how to play. Stratergy you see.

Fancy putting your house that close to a fairway (it wasnt really but Im just that good) they were asking for a wake up call!

I'll be home for Christmas but am looking for a boozer that's showing the footie, wouldnt want to miss out on watching Englands easiest game of the qualifiers!

Peace Out
From Kat
Hi ya mate

Just a quicky ( stop thinking filth ) thought i would let you know the famous 42nd street where we have had many of laughs is closing. No more feet sticking to the carpet, no more dancing upstairs thinking we look elish lol.

My little friend Laura is looking into doing what you have done and popping round the world. She hasnt got a clue how to get any info so i said i would ask you. Any advice would be great.

thats all really. Hope ya ok and stuff.

see ya x
Response: I was good but Im a bit devo'd coz fourty poo is closing it's doors Oh well, ots off to the Wesley we go. What with star wars cafe shutting I wont have anywhere to practice my moves!

Tell Laura to buy an Atlas and start by sticking pins in where she wants to go. then its just a case of join the dots, simple!

There's loads of 'round the world tickets' on 'tinternet but mine was pretty good. I'll post the fone number when I get chance.

Speak to ya soon
From Amanda
Nice to see you've got your top spot back!! Although, I must say, the diary entries and photos are a bit thin on the ground.
Not much going on here, just on count down for my hols-8 1/2 weeks to go!!
What's this about a forthcoming trip to India? beginning to think we might never see you at home again!

Keep having fun

Amanda, Neil, Cameron & Leila x
Response: Yea, I'd let the other kids play top kiddie for long enough!

There should have been a load of photo's going on but it looks like Zig has let me down again!

India should be a giggle and I need a tan before I come home so it'll be a winner.

Only 8 and a bit weeks, are you on the countdown yet? Whats the plans?
From Freya
Ok slacker. Im home every night for the next week except saturday. I did warn you i was going to be out tuesday night. Just send me an email anyway. Team india is meetin gon saturday to discuss party plans. I am studying fairly shittily at the moment but am off to try again. Hope all is super
Response: All is fantastic but due to a pretty big cock up Im only spending a few hours in Vancouver and so wont be able to catch up with Kirsten.

I thought it was Monday night when I called? Nevermind, I'll call again and if I dont catch you'll I'll attach a note to a pigeon and fly him over.
From k boffy esquire
now then raver, glad to hear your keeping up the good work, spoke to your old boy in the pub sunday he's over the moon for you. have a stuntie for me!
Response: I was on the blower to him and he said he'd been speaking to you. I heard you were changing your career after your dance moves at matty & nic's wedding?
From dodge
Back home and going to bed to recover from our grueling endurance break. Really enjoyed meeting up with you. I expect you'll be glad to get back to sleep, regular meals and leisure time. Hope Alcatraz was good and you weren't too cold. Did you manage to stay and get locked in the cell? Zig seems pleased to be back and free from the Rogers itinery. I thought I was going easy on the Martindales. Will see you at Christmas.
Response: Nowthen, glad to hear you got back to blightly ok, I spoke to 'wor zig lastnight. It feels weird, you were here a couple of days ago!

Im trying to stick to Rogers time, but being late all the time is getting to be a headache!

Hope my putter got back un-scathed and is still as hot as it was over here!

Peace out
From Freya
Alright LL,
Apparently kirsten is going to call on sunday night too so it will be a bit competetive for the phone. I wont be back until lateish either so if you can swing a monday call might be better.

As for study I am relying on the harrow cat big time, although mum keeps taking the batteries because the waving arm is freaking her out if she gets up at night.

No Kaiser Stuhl this weekend its all class, and none of it provided by me. Im actually up in the gold coast hinterland at my Boss's 'guest house' on his 200 acre property. Which has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, massive balconies both sides of the house and a lounge room the size of my flat. Oh and a conference room as well. The boys have brought up a selection of fine wines but after my Thursday morning hangover ( not good) Im taking it easy. Keep your fluids up.
Talk to you soon.
From Freya
I cant believe I missed you again! I am going to the coast for the weekend to get away from it all and study like a maniac but I will be home on sunday and monday nights, out Tuesday( Going to the Law Revue: Charlie and the doctorate factory- not nearly as good as ours Im sure, the title is not nearly as catchy for starters) , but should be home the rest of the time. Had dinner with Suze last night and she and Carl are both gearing up for our highlights of india tour! Weeee.
Four weeks to go, I cant wait. Study seems so token now. Glad to see you are still having a super time. I will blast you a proper email after the weekend. See you round like a fruit loop.
PS. Look forward to seeing more photos of you in stigmatising hats on your website soon.
PPS. Kirsten gets to Vancouver on Tuesday so if you are still heading that way its for good times.
Response: Study by the seaside, sounds a little suspect, will Kaiser Stull (?) be on the trip?

Law revue will be pants compaired to med, I bet there's no somerset accents to be found anywhere and there's nowhere near the same scope for dodgey songs.

I've been practicing the owld Bollwood banter just so I'm ready for my big break, it'll be fantastic if we manage to avoid the monsoon and collapsing buildings, they sound like one of your Jenga towers! I hope you Suze and Carl are ready for the Cow hearding, Ive heard it can be difficult (granted we'll have the aid of a cross dressing donkey).

I should be in Vancouver, but I fly out on Wed (I think, the 1st Oct anyway) so will blast Kirsten an e-mail, hopefully I wont end up with a hangover as bad as the last time I met her!

I'll give you a ring on Sunday night, 474th time lucky, I think Im getting to know how it feels to be a stalker!

Anyway I'm off to ride the tram in San Francisco. Dont study too hard (ahem), you'll have no worries in your exams, the harrow cat will see you through.

Peace Out
From Mam & Dad
Lucky Liverpool, only got Chelsea again, Ah! Ah! well sombody's got to play them. how's the USA we don't know cos noboby sent us a e-mail. Hope you are all still having a great time, while you have been enjoying yourselves and getting a nice suntan pools only went and beat darlo 3 -1 in the carling cup on tuesday night. There were over 6,ooo watching goal scorers were Daley 1 PROCTOR 2 .
Hope to hear from you soon, or a photo would be nice.!!!!
take care
love Mam & Dad
Response: The US is very good, Zig, Claire, Dodge and Nita are a bit of a change to the usual backpacking banter so its been a giggle. I left them in Las Vegas and am meeting them in San Fran tonight (if they turn up, rogers time isnt as reliable as I'd been led to believe).

I'll pop some photo's on the site soon, I have a load to put on and some to steal from Zig 'n' Claire. Lots of the Grand canyon and there was some video footage of us all having a go at playing baseball with a 75 mph delivery, I'll let Claire explain what happened to that...

I'll give you a ring at the weekend to bring you up to date.

Speak to you soon
From zig & Claire
Hello!!!! We've arrived at The Boulders Resort. It's just past Scottsdale; keep going along Scottsdale Drive at it's on the road, about 4 miles out of Scottsdale. It is absolutely amazing.Give me a ring; 800/553-1717, and ask for room 327. It's 6:10PM Phoenixtime, 18/8, will check this again tomorrow so you can get in touch, could give u a lift or whatever. Peace out!!!!!
Response: 4 miles, good one!
From peekie
Hello my friend

Cant believe how long you've been away. As for getting married yet I dont think so got better things to spend Harry's money on for the time being. Hope your still enjoying your trip. When are you planning to be back. The town seems quiet without your gob in it. ha ha only joking xxx
Response: Hello stranger

It feels like Ive been away for ages, I reckon I'll still be able to find my way to Church St. though! How is the big H? Tell him, your owld girl and Neil I said hello.

I'll be back in blightly for christmas so get shopping!

See ya dafter
From chrissy-boy
You chicken!.......should have still parachuted and no one would have noticed the colour of your y-fronts after!!
Steer clear of the bars etc in US of A as they shoot "drink blaggers" there!
ps;Cush did his best at the drinking competition the weekend in Blackpool and so had a ready made excuse for his bad golf the next day.
Say Hi to Zigs when he gets there.
Work !! who wants it?
Response: Just going to catch my greyhound bus to Phoenix, and should be laffin at zig soon. It'll be a bit of a slog though the temp is well into the 100's, I might have to take my string vest off if it stays like that!

Just waiting for Zig and co before going to 'hooters' I'll fillyou in when I get back.

C Ya