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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Location: Reefton, New Zealand

Feb 17th. Well now we know why it's called a rainforest. Torrential rain and thunderstorms overnight continued as we drove north. All of a sudden the dry rocky river beds we have been crossing look very full and fierce. Appalled to find the tractor trek idiots had set off before us, so once we had passed them every time we stopped we had one eye out for them coming so we weren't stuck again. Stopped off for elevenses at Roddys Nugget cafe which resembled a western barroom from way back. Got to Hokitika for a stock up and the sun came out 🌞. Jackie decided she needed a paddle in the Tasman Sea (it's an attempt to paddle or swim in any water we stay near!) and ended in up to her neck as an unexpectedly large and fast moving wave knocked her over! Attempts to outrun it failed! (Must work harder at training!) Even the photographer got wet and the black sand got everywhere!! Got to Reefton for the night, decided to have a meal out in a little place opposite the site as we were too knackered to cook. Unfortunately we discovered the worst waitress in all creation and ended up eating at different times. Hey ho, sometimes it's not your day. 😏 Having said that there are loads of people on site involved in a bike race who ended up being helicoptered around the place cos of the rain and swollen rivers! Hopefully a shorter drive tomorrow as we head back over the mountains towards the east coast.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Location: Franz Josef Glacier , New Zealand

Feb 16th. Bit of a long drive today from Lake Hawea to Franz Josef Glacier via the Haast Pass. Lots of nice stopping points on the way, mainly waterfalls -(Fantail, Thunder Creek and most pleasingly Roaring Billy) and beaches with big waves plus a gorge called The Gates of Haast. Lunch stop on the Tasman Sea at Bruce Bay. The west coast is a very sparsely populated corner of NZ. No towns of any size. We stopped for our mid morning cuppa at Haast which basically consisted of a motel, cafe and petrol station! Got caught by the infamous sand flies today so need to remember to apply the repellent before getting out to admire the views!!! Twisty - turny - uppy - downy road not helped by us getting caught up in a fundraising tractor trek! Overtaking 10/12 slow moving tractors and their support vehicles whilst negotiating tight bends was something we could have done without at the end of a long drive 😡! Made it to Franz Josef in time to take a walk up to the glacier, all very impressive although low cloud cut some of the views. We are in a temperate rainforest, they get 8 metres of rain per year a fair chunk of which is forecast overnight. Plans for tomorrow on hold till we see if the forecast thunder storms turn up.⛈⛈

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Location: Wanaka/Hawea, New Zealand

Feb 15th. Short drive from Arrowtown to Wanaka, mind you it did take in the River Anduin and the Pillars of the Kings. Wanaka proved to be very busy with lots of very fit looking people around the place getting ready for the long distance triathlon they are holding this weekend. Serious event but if you are of a certain age amusingly titled Challenge Wanaka. Getting well into NZ cafe culture (there's always cafes!) and enjoyed a very nice cuppa and some Persian cake! After a false start we found somewhere that would rent us bikes and cycled about 30km along the lake shore and along the River Clutha ending up at what is apparently the 'world famous' Wanaka Tree, never heard of it before today! Jackie took a paddle next to it anyway. Stayed at a site on the shores of nearby Lake Hawea, probably the prettiest yet, Jackie bagged her second lake of the day with a dip before tea.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Location: Arrowtown , New Zealand

Feb 14th. Drove by Lake Wakatipu alongside a range of mountains called the Remarkables which is a fine name even if the highest peak is unoriginally called Ben Nevis. Had intended to stay in Queenstown but we had been warned it was very busy and commercialised, it certainly was, the only place we've seen like it so far. So we drove through, stocked up and did a linen exchange and headed out to Glenorchy (or Amon Hen and Ithilien if you are a hobbit) and found a super lunch stop that turned into an afternoon at the beach. J sampled the "refreshing" waters of Lake Wakatipu - beautifully crystal clear. Drove on to Arrowtown originally a gold mining town, took a walk to the Fords of Bruinen ( which I could see) and the Gladden Fields ( which I couldn't work out). What they don't show in the film is that there is a lovely little pub called the Fork 'n Tap just round the corner. Barman warned me the beer out of the hand pump was warm, I explained I was English and expected it to be! No Nazgul in there either. Back for a barbie, it's been 27 deg today - and, we think, for the next few days. Just an average day really.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Location: Doubtful Sound, New Zealand

Feb 13th. Doubtful Sound. Fjordland. Doubtful Sound was named by Captain Cook. He was wrong on two counts, he called it Doubtful cos he doubted he could get his ship in and out - it's huge and apparently it's not a Sound it's a Fjord - no I don't know either. The trip is mega, a fifty minute trip across Lake Manapouri, an hours coach journey on gravel tracks across Wilmot Pass to get to the Sound then a three hour cruise around the Sound followed by the same trip in reverse. Really impressive scenery, more atmospheric than photogenic as most of the day was damp, misty and grey so mountain summits lost to view but literally hundreds of waterfalls cascading down into the sound. There is so much fresh water coming down into the sound that the top 10 metres are freshwater on top of the seawater below! A real demarcation visible as we briefly passed out of the sound into the open ocean of the Tasman Sea. This is the wettest area of New Zealand so that's usually what you get. Saw bottlenose dolphins in the Sound. It all looked very green but there is no soil everything just clings on to the rock. Now and then with two much rain they get travelanches which takes everything back to bare rock to start again. Some very gnarly trees which Peter Jackson used as models for the Ents.
New Zealand's greatest innovation - the ring pull beer bottle - genius
Plus we are in the top five visited sites on planet ranger - thanks

Monday, 12 February 2018

Location: Manapouri, New Zealand

Feb 12th. A run along the beach at Porpoise Bay as the sun comes up is the only way to start the day so we did. Jackie braved the ocean as well. (To call it bracing would be an understatement ❄️!!) Curio Bay has been the real high spot so far, not that there have been any low spots. It's also the furthest south we are going to be. Drove north to Manapouori ready for our big trip across Manapouori Lake, Wilmot Pass and Doubtful Sound tomorrow.
Staying on a site that has the real ring of a luxury Caravan Club Site ( for those who understand these things!). All separate hedge-enclosed pitches with seats provided! Facilities are spotless and very well cared for. Lines, pegs etc all provided! The lady in charge is pretty fearsome so woe betide anyone who makes a mess!! ( As I type she has just had a go at people opposite for moving their picnic table !!) Here for 2 nights as we won't get back from our trip until early evening - let's hope we can remain well behaved!
Thanks for the messages - lovely to hear from you. X

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Location: Catlins - Curio Bay, New Zealand

Feb 11th. Took the scenic tour of the Catlins from Dunedin down to Curio Bay. Weather turned agin us for the first time, very wet and grey so we didn't see it at its best but we are used to holidaying in the rain so coats on and crack on with it. Stopped at Nugget point, a dramatic headland with a lighthouse at the end - next stop Antarctica. Saw seals and sea lions below us on the rocks. Lunch by Catlin Bay ( which is not a bay it's an inlet - thank you geographer). Then Purakanui Falls and Lake Wilkie (by passing Niagara Falls strangely, we've seen them before!). Arrived at Curio Bay around 5.30 just as the weather cleared. Marvellous spot. Porpoise Bay on one side an enormous arc of white sand on one side. I'm planning a run there in the morning and Jackie is doing the run/swim (all being well!). Then there is a rocky platform beach on the other which is a petrified forest. Yellow eyed and Blue penguins nest here. Hoping to see them later. They come in at dusk, would love to see the blue ones particularly, they are only 6 ins high also known as Fairy penguins.
Update! We have seen penguins! Spent about an hour watching 2 pairs make their way across the rocky beach to their chicks waiting at the tree line. Then as we walked back along the path behind the beach we saw them again near their nest sites and managed to get close up - only about 2/3 metres away. Magical!

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Location: Dunedin, New Zealand

Feb 10th. We like Dunedin very much. Started with the parkrun. Everyone very friendly some other Brits there, course was very tough but both Jackie and I got a podium finish in our age groups - 3rd for Jackie, 1st for me. Small field to be honest. Apparently Dunedin is Gallic for Edinburgh, settled by Scots and all the names are Scottish - we are staying at a site in Leith. Chatting to a bloke at the run from Glasgow who has settled here who reckoned the English stopped at Christchurch but it wasn't miserable enough for the Scots so they came further South. Headed into town, wandered round the Farmers Market by the station. The Market was lovely, the station is ridiculous, they imported the granite from Aberdeen, the roof tiles from Marseille and the decorations were made by Royal Doulton apparently it and the other major buildings in the place were built when the city was awash with money from the Goldrush. Dunedin was having a Gala Thieves Market, the whole of the City centre was filled with market and food stalls, there were three band areas going playing every kind of music, rock, pop country and western even some Irish dancers and some very uneastern looking belly dancers. Enjoyed wandering through it all had some street food and a beer and I talked myself out of buying a Crocodile Dundee style kangaroo leather hat - it wouldn't work in Rotherham. Off out for a meal in the University quarter tonight.

Friday, 09 February 2018

Location: Otago Peninsula, New Zealand

Feb 9th. Spent most of the day on the Otago Peninsular. Managed a nice run along the coast even if we had to do a bit of backwards and forwards to make the distance. J went a bit backwards and forwards to avoid the serious hill climbs that D took on! Worrying notices about earthquake damaged roads!! Took an entertaining drive to Seal Point. Very tight, twisty and steep. Would have found it tough in the Sorento but in the lump I'm driving here it was quite exhilarating. Walked down to and along Sandfly Bay so called cos the sand flies when it's windy not cos of the insect life fortunately. Gorgeous spot, spent a happy chunk of time watching a couple of Sea Lions swim, surf and sunbathe - brilliant. Tough walk back up the sand dunes though! Wildlife tip on the way to the beach - Sea Lions are not afraid of humans and are quite brisk over short distances - attention paid. Spent the afternoon at Taiaroa Head where Royal Albatross were promised but no luck. Nice spot though. Drove to Dunedin, checked out the start of the Park Run tomorrow.

Thursday, 08 February 2018

Location: Lake Pukaki to Otago Peninsula, New Zealand

Feb 8th. Drove from Lake Pukaki to the Otago Peninsula just beyond Dunedin following the Alps to the Ocean route along the Waitaki River for much of the way. Passed Lakes Waitaki and Aviemore. The scenery was standard for round here as in beautiful all the time with spells of breathtaking. Stopped just outside Twizel to view the Plains of Rohan, the Pelenor Fields and the Estemnet Gullies. Which is impressive as theoretically they are hundreds of miles apart (for LOTR nerds). Stayed briefly in Kurow where they have a "shrine" to Ritchie McCaw, apparently he was born there, came as a surprise to me as I thought he was born offside and lived there all his life, not that I'm bitter. (For Rugby nerds). Other stops were some Maori rock art (underwhelming), Elephant Rocks (impressive) and Moroaki Boulders (quite intriguing - a beach with spherical boulders about a metre or more across that emerge as the cliffs erode and seem to be hollow looking at one or two that had broken apart). Main purpose here was so Jackie could paddle in the Pacific - she said Gail would never forgive her if she didn't.

Wednesday, 07 February 2018

Location: Mount Cook - Lake Pukaki, New Zealand

Feb 7th Lake Tekapo/Mount Cook/ Lake Pukaki. Couple of minor glitches. Last night the motorhome house battery died leaving us with no lights, water, loo flush - nada. On the plus side Lake Tekapo is a dark sky reserve so the stars were spectacular. First thing this morning got onto the hire company and they found a garage for us in Tekapo and we visited the church of he Good Shepherd while they fitted a new. battery. Drove up to Mt Cook Village scenery was spectacular but the world and his wife were there and in the end we couldn't park to do the walk we had planned so headed back to Glentanner Park by Lake Pukaki and had an afternoon in the sunshine instead. Caught up with a few chores while we were at it. Absolutely freezing last night (heating kaput as well) scorching today. Hoping for another fine day tomorrow.
Struggling to get photos up as the wifi has been poor will try again later

Tuesday, 06 February 2018

Location: Akaroa - Lake Tekapo, Germany

Feb 6th. Happy Waitangi day everybody. The day started windy and wet so much so that when we went to book onto the dolphin spotting trip we were hoping to go on most of the boats had cancelled for the day. Only one was going out so we went for it. Glad we did, it was a it uppy downy but we did eventually see the dolphins( smallest species Hector dolphins) , they surfed the waves at the front and under the boat and we caught a few leaping clear of the water) It was tremendous. Also saw penguins and seals swimming about. Got to the end of Akaroa Sound to the edge of the Pacific and the rollers were impressive or I thought so, the captain thought they were minor. ( it was more than enough to make me(J) a little queasy but the sight of those dolphins made me forget the ups,downs and sideways corkscrews!!) Also found out more about the French settlers, apparently the Brits had settled the North Island, got wind that the French were heading for the South Island, sent a bunch of sailors down whoever got their four days before the French so when they arrived after sailing across the world the first thing they saw was the Union Flag flying over their destination. I'll say it again no wonder no one likes us. Drove over to Lake Tekapo this afternoon. We are on a New Zealand Camping Club site. No facilities but on the lake shore with the mountains in the background. Jackie and I managed our first Southern Hemisphere run along the shores of the lake. As hard upside down as right way up but the stunning views made it worthwhile. Off to Mount Cook tomorrow.

Monday, 05 February 2018

Location: Akaroa

Feb 5th. Have motorhome will travel. A bit old, been round the block a few times squeaks rattles and bangs on the corners, suspension resembles an overstretched elastic band. The motorhome not me. It's home for the next few weeks and will do fine. Drove from Christchurch to Akaroa, lovely scenery on the way. It sits on the crater of an extinct volcano. Pretty little town. Bizarrely it's French, settled in 1840, still flies the tricolor has a boucherie and boulongerie and lots of nice restaurants. We had hoped to make it in time to do a cruise around the harbour but hold ups at the MH depot cost us some time and the big shop always takes longer than you think! If weather allows we may try tomorrow morning but its forecast to be windy so we shall see! It's just nice to have unpacked and get settled in - had enough of suitcase living!

Monday, 05 February 2018

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Feb 4th Christchurch. Second long flight got in a bit late, Getting through immigration took a while as we had to declare we were bringing in walking shoes so we had to unpack the cases in case there was anything on them. They were very sharp on that and anyone with fruit or foodstuff. Spent the afternoon and evening in the city which came as a bit of a shock. Large parts of it are still flattened blocks, building sites or propped up with girders form the earthquakes six and seven years ago. One of the main shopping malls is still working out of converted shipping containers - including a food court (ReStart Mall). The cathedral is still half collapsed and the Transitional Cathedral constructed out of cardboard is incredible. Took the obligatory walk around the Botanic Gardens, lovely but enhanced by the free concert taking place at the centre of the gardens so we had a rather fine blues soundtrack to the walk. Lovely city despite the damage regenerating in a really positive way. Shared a beer with a lovely young couple on their honeymoon who were at the end of their stay so gave us lots of tips and ideas about places to go (and places to avoid!) before having meal in the Regent Street area built in the 1930s in the Spanish Mission style which survived the earthquake. Blue skies, temperature in the 20s and a nice breeze for the next week - my sort of climate. Stayed light until gone 9 pm real contrast to Singapore.

Saturday, 03 February 2018

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Feb 3rd. They lied about the weather it's been cracking the cobbles all day. Jackies had a dodgy tum from some crab and lobster pasta last night so the walk on the Southern Ridges was out the window. We'll save it for next time. Wandered (slowly) over to Fort Canning Park then onto the Singapore National Museum for a History lesson. No wonder no one in the world likes us. Waiting in the hotel lobby for the taxi to the airport. Singapore has been brilliant it's an amazing city, the people have been really friendly. The transport system is excellent. Loads to see and do way more than three days can accommodate. I think I've heard every language under the sun in the last few days. Next stop Christchurch.

Jackie is on the mend - managed half an omelette for lunch and it stayed in!

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It looks like you are having a fantastic time. You are visiting many of the places we have on our list, so it's lovely to hear about your adventures.
Response: Having a great time, sure you will enjoy it too
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Well done both of you. Russ and I are all set just about to have breakfast in the departure lounge. Will catch up on your blog when we find WiFi. Xxx
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Think you may be running the parkrun as I write this message, hope all goes well. Xxxxx
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Look forward to following your adventures.
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All sounds wonderful! No surprises mum's already gone a over t. Glad you've managed to source good beer already (I wouldn't expect any less). Photos do look great too.
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So glad you are "living the dream" Dave! 😀 Enjoy every moment. Miss you. Love Kelly x
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hi you two Wow your travels sound and look amazing. What a beast you have had to drive.Brilliant photo's. Enjoy your cruise and the rest of your hol's xx
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Glad you have had such an amazing time. Can't believe you have reached the end of this part of the holiday already. Hope you really enjoy the cruise, a different pace and someone else 'driving'. Relax and enjoy.
Response: Hope they are better at navigating than we were in Calgery. Investigated a couple of industrial estates along with two other RVs who decided to follow us
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Some stunning sights on these photos. Scenery isn't bad either, but that RV......
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Hi Jackie and Dave
Thanks for the stories and photos. I'm sure that there are plenty more to come when you return. The wild life seems very entertaining and interesting, along with the stunning scenery. The RV looks like it's a handful! Russ and Gail
Response: Getting used to the RV. I'm now one of those people I used to complain About taking RVs to innappropriate places
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Hopefully taking the ipad to Nan's next week so we can show her all of this. She hasn't quite grasped the 'no phone' thing yet and thinks you have been eaten by bears. xxx
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Hi Jackie/Dave,
It's Sue who left the last message.
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This is all very exciting! Post some pics of the RV when you get chance
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