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The Great Escapade 2007

Welcome 2 Darsh n Bav's Great Escapade. Here is where we will be sharing the living dream of our travels 4 all of u 2 read. Please feel free 2 drop us a quick line or 2, n we sure 2 return a few words, when we get a chance.
No time wasted read on 2 find out where we are ........................ oh n not 4getting 2 take a quick look @ r photo album ..........

Diary Entries

Thursday, 08 February 2007

Location: Krabi - Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Woke up at 1am to call home and wish mani a happy graduation, but that did not work so went back to sleep.

Day of island hoping, set off in our speed boats in the morning and after 30 minutes on the sea we landed on our 1st island “Bamboo Island” chilled here for 30 minutes and moved to our 2nd island Maya Bay. Darsh attempted to be a bit adventurous and did a bit of snorkelling, totally enjoyed it as well seen lots and lots of fishes…..bless him. 3rd island was Phi Phi Leh, this was where the movie “The Beach” was taken and it is also known as the James Bond Island. We then went to Phi Phi Don where we had lunch. After an hours stop we headed for our forth island “Monkey Island”. Give u 2 guess what was on this island… the beach was beautiful the best sand ever. Bit more snorkelling for Darsh. Finally we went to “Mystery Island”, we just chilled here for 30 minutes and went back to the hotel to shower up and meet everyone for the sunset show down.

Wednesday, 07 February 2007

Location: Krabi - Ao Nang, Thailand

Back to those early mornings, we left Koa Sak National Park and headed for the sun sea and sand of Krabi.

Got here and all I could see was Tourist, nice place though. Headed for the beach and chilled. Stomachs started rumbling so get this we had a MacDonald’s, got those fries tasted goooooddddd……..

We met the group up on the roof top and our tour guide Derek took us to a local food market were I had a smacker of a fish – yum yum and poor Darsh had vegi-tables.

We then met up with the local lady boys at the Chang Bar….. we actually left the lady boys alone and started our own party with the rest of the group and a bit of pool comp.

Darsh still waiting for his ice cream, as we walked back late that evening.

Tuesday, 06 February 2007

Location: Koa Sak National Park, Thailand

Yipee we had our first lie in after a long time, now I felt like I was on holiday. A day of pure chilling and relaxing until 3:30, when we did that deadly thing and decided to go on a walk around a MOUNTAIN. Thought we learnt our lesson, but I guess not. We walked and walked and met some monkeys and visited a monk and continued walking until the early evening and until we finished back at base.

The evening was great as we all had a bar-b-que at the local reggae bar on a balcony with floor seated tables and Bob Marley singing in the back ground…..not in person of course.

Monday, 05 February 2007

Location: Koa Sak National Park, Thailand

Arrived in Surat Thani very early, did breakfast and hit the road for Koa Sak National Park. My god it was hot in South Thailand.

Our Morning Mist resort was beautiful, we had our own lickle huts in the jungle along with all the bugs, great fun…..

We occupied the afternoon with a bit of sport and did tubing down the local river. Tubing is jus basically a rubber ring that we sat our fat arse’s in, it was good fun but hard work as the river in places was dead so we had to work it a bit. 2.5 hours later of smelly dirty river water and everyone pee-ing in it – it came to an end and jumped straight into the shower. Finished the day off with a chilling evening in the resort restaurant.

Sunday, 04 February 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Found a place where they did British food, so skipped breakfast and went straight onto a jacket potato, yummmmmm……good food finally…..Thai food gets a bit annoying and sickly if you have to much of it…..

Today was our last day on a sleeper train, and it was also our last day in Bangkok. Left Bangkok at 6pm and headed for Surat Thani

Saturday, 03 February 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Got into Bangkok really early and guess wat our bloody rooms were not ready, do they not know that we are so tired….anyway we had to occupy ourselves some how. We had a bit of breakfast and headed to see the Reclining Buddha. After this we were all templed out and headed back to the hotel in hope to seeing our rooms. No such luck so we went for our 1st fitting at the tailor who was making my dress and darsh’s linen suit…..

We met our new group in the evening and went for dinner. These were the ones we will be travelling south with. We had the most cheapest dinner yet only 3 pounds for both me and darsh….cool….

We continued the night with drinks at an outside cocktail bar in a shell petrol garage – how cool is that. Drinking did not stop there as we went to Kaosan Road (street full of stalls, bars, restaurants oh and did I mention the lady boys and dirty old British men with young Thai girls). It was a very buzzing place, found a club, went in did not fancy it and then found a bar to the early hours of the morning.

Friday, 02 February 2007

Location: Sleeper Train. CM to Bangkok, Thailand

We work up “aram thi” (relaxingly) after all those dum early mornings. Chilled most of the day and then got back on the a sleeper train, 2nd class this time and headed back to Bangkok.

Thursday, 01 February 2007

Location: Hill Tribe, Thailand

AGAIN another early start – im sure I was not on holiday with all these early starts. Thought we had a chilling day today as we headed back to our creature comforts – BUT I was WRONG…. It was either a 6 hour walk or a 4 hour bamboo rafting out of the jungle…..pooped myself on hearing both wat ever next… Took the bamboo option obviously…
Bamboo rafting was not all that bad, was a good choice… 4 hours of in the river and our toes like blinking prunes the rafting came to an end and we had lunch at a local café where a somtels (pick up) trucks were waiting.

Yuk after a 3 days of no shower – it took 4 ear buds to clean out our ears – yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk…..but we managed to scrap of the dirt and get into some clean clothes.

Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Location: Hill Tribe, Thailand

Darsh looked like death warmed up – but like a “man” he pulled himself together. We started early AGAIN today as we wanted to beat the midday heat because we had a 4 hour walk ahead of us.
Me and Darsh managed to conquer the 1st mountain with no problem, took a 10 minute break with the glucose drink and then looked up…..”OH MY BUDHA” the mountain was as big as the mount Everest and we had to climb to the top, I almost fainted at the sight of it – but not really. Took my 1st 5 steps with Darsh and Dek behind me and we was tired. This was like my worst nightmare….but we continued….5 more steps and that was it “MY LIFE WAS OVER”. Dek took my bag and I carried on, with darsh behind me…… 30 minutes of sheer hell we eventually made it to the top…I had a welcoming committee at the top…BUT we did it….TOGETHER….aaahhhhhh that was just half of the way, we still had more but that was not as bad. 4 hours later we got to the elephant camp, where we had lunch with the elephants literally. Loaded our weights on to the poor elephants and started our elephant ride…..2 hours of laughing, sliding off and blistered hands we got to our next village where again we over took a families home for the night.

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Location: Hill Tribe, Thailand

2day we started early, we left the luxury comforts behind to enjoy :o( the village life for the next 2 days. We got to the spot where we left the transport and headed into the jungle on foot with our back packs, sleeping bags and our life jackets. My back almost broke after 5 steps, but I kept smiling :o| 30 mins into our walk and we were like what the “F” we got ourselves in for. I was rolling/falling down the mountain and darsh following shortly behind, my clean clothes were now dirty muddy clothes. After a lot of puffing, panting, water drinking and sweating e finally got to our first village…..and pooo wat a smell. Hogs, chickens, dogs, bulls roaming like they owned the place….sure I thought I was in Thailand and not India. We met the people of Curan and settled and over took their home for the night. After a spot of chilling, dinner and sitting round the fire playing games we all headed to the SAME bedroom. The night was interesting, never have I followed darsh to the toilets so many times I my life….bless him….

Monday, 29 January 2007

Location: Chaing Mai, Thailand

Arrived in chang mai @ 7:30 in the morning and went straight to the Thaepae Guest House in a son-tel… for you English people’s reading this a som-tel is almost like a pick up truck with a top and seats…..and a lot of air conditioning.

Just like a Deli Belly – we both decided to have a Thailand Belly….but it was cool as we re-covered within hours, but the bathroom was not pleasant for the cleaners though. Whilst the rest of the group did water rafting and bike riding we decided to do the good old tourist thing and went around chang mai on a TUK TUK….. other words a rickshaw….if you still don’t get that one then an engined bike…. Good fun..

For £2 the muggings took us to see the Thai silk village, umbrella painting and lots more other places as we jus let him take us as he gets commission, well its only fair as he was not getting it from us ;o)

After so mush fun – we hit the nite market where we had so much fun shopping….. bartering is so great here, within 20 mins we mastered it…. You barter, walk away, they call you back with another price and you barter again, then they hand you over the calculator asking your best price……. AWESOM

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Location: Still in Bangkok, Thailand

Woke up like at 11 am, had to check out at 12 as well. Managed to get down there at 11:59, secured our lugage and hit the Buzzing Bangkok streets. We had time on our hands before we caught the over night sleeper train to Chang Mai, so we spent 1 hour 30 min in an internet café updating this page for all u peoples to read and see.

Found ourselves a tailor who does made to measure suits and stuff for virtually nothing, Darsh got himself a Linen suit, and a pair of linen 3 quarters made and I had a Chinese dress, and a pair of linen trousers made…..all for just under £100 bargin.

4:30 headed towards Bangkok train station to catch the 6pm sleep train to Chang Mai. Good fun all slept in one carriage with our own seat converted bed type area, and of course our over loaded back packs. There was a funky disco on the train which was quiet amusing and which shut at 10pm, beds were made by 9 and we were in bed by 12 but chatting with 2 girls from back in UK.

Saturday, 27 January 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Finally got to Bangkok at 11:30 an checked in. We had a tour group meeting at 6pm so before that we decided to visit the GRAND PALACE….very beautiful pictures to follow. Its not a palace but a Thai temple of 4 gods…..

We managed to fit in 40 zzz and then had to meet the group…..seem cool enough but will see when the journey begins which is tomorrow at 4:30.

We did the anti-social thing and did not join the group for dinner as we is so tired and as you know Darsh must get his sleep ;o) it may be Saturday and we did not have our Dar Bhat – but that did not stop Darsh from sleeping…

Friday, 26 January 2007

Location: Leaving Jo-burg, South Africa

Last of the days of those showers with horriable flies and dirty bug bugs…….. left our Ritz about 9:30 and headed for the airport for some chill out and a dam good breakfast…..

14:40 boarded out flight to Singapore with an onward transfer to Bangkok.

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Location: Still at Kruger, South Africa

Hit the Safari for our last time……but did not see that blasted male lion……lazy fool’s could have at least got of their butts to come an say RRRoooaaarrrrr.

Group decision and we decided to continue u with a 7 hour trip home….

STOP……that’s wat the cops told us to do when we got to GRASKOP where we was having lunch. The van was converscated from the driver and we were stuck….. fear not help was on its way – but 5 hours away……. So we all walked it to our corner little (silver spoon) restaurant (shak) and sat there for 5 hours until our driver arrived. Got back to Jo-burg 10:45 that night…..feet like balloons cause of the heat and looking like death warmed up…… sorted that out with some good old rotli’s and paneer…mmmm beautiful…..

Back to our Ritz and hit that pillow….

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Location: Kruger, South Africa

Shock horror another day where we were out of bed at 4am, and wat 4…. 2 see some animals. We went out on a Morning Game Drive to see if we could spot the rest of the BIG 5.

We was lucky enough to see a Leopard……wooo hoooo…… its lucky if you see one of those as there is not many of them…..

By that afternoon we did wat we brits love doing the best…..sat in the Bar and drank cold Black Label (Carling) to you folks in UK.

Because we were so excited about these animals we even spent a lickle cash an went on a night drive to see if there was anything but interesting at night….and not to our surprise……we sore NOTHING and sat there cold on this open bus freezing out butts… Talking about the butts – you should see the size of the ones here, BIG massive HUGE….. mama’s here know how to shake that ass….

An then once we ate and slept till 4am the next morning…..

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Location: National Krugur Park, South Africa

Get this up at 3:45 am to be precise - earliest yet.....thats only because we had to leave for our safari at 5am.
A bloddy 7 hour smelly van journey with no air con just to see some animals.....
Arrived at Kruger just gone 12pm and swapped vans only to leave our only bath towel that we had in the other van......bloddy hell....
Highlight 4 2day is that darsh was introduced to his new friend. They bonded so well, the turtle was so comfortable with him that he poop'ed on his hand....bless.....ooooo smelly.....

After a long Game drive we headed back to camp and and set up - had a bar-b-que and hit the sack...litterally...

Monday, 22 January 2007

Location: Jo-burg, South Africa

Hee hee hee we slept all morning......

Chilled all day and visited a rich mall in Jo-burg....yes thats right a RICH peoples was tight there i have you know.....

Return to OUR RITZ and get this watched a movie on our laptop....we even had time to do

And guess wat SLEPT some more.....this is the life hey......

Evening visited the Monte Casino which was quiet nice - there are pictures of that to in our worry will load them up soon......

And slept again .....ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, 21 January 2007

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Arrived in Jo-burg safely - bags still in tact nothing piched ;o)
After a long flight checked in to our first ever hostel "THE BACKPACKERS RITZ" and slept................

Did the norm and met the family went shopping.....woho..(Bav)....only to by a suitcase as it torn on our journey.

Tried African food and then slept some more.....on holiday after sleep and Jalsa (enjoy in gujrati)

** Photos will be up loaded very soon....

Saturday, 13 January 2007

Location: The GlassHouse - Leicester, UK

The Journey starts here. 19:30 party time at THE GLASSHOUSE. Drinks for the nearest and dearest.......

Exit UK on 20th Jan 2007 @ 17:55 from heathrow airport....

Land South Africa, Jo-burg 4 our 1st adventure......

WATCH THIS SPACE ........................

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hello externals
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from Bij the greatest
Response: Happy 18th Bij.....
guess wat u smell 2 ;o)
From sheena
hey u!!! wot have you been up to recently??? i see micky and vinay are still wearing the same t-shirts they wore in my photos.

hows the job hunting going?

have you been to pancake on the rocks yet? its open 24/7...yumm
Response: this reply is from vinay mistry how dare u acuse us of wearing the same t-shirts. we took them to pancake on the rocks and bahbi almost fell over when she saw the desert pancakes
From Girish
Bavnaben and Darsh, eventually got round to sending a message, beterr late. I have read about your travels and seen the photos. It seems that your having lots of fun. I think all that have followed ur adventure want to be on it. I hope u r all well and getting a good tan. I understand from mani ur travellling in Ausi and looking for work. I'm sure you'll find it.
Love and best wishes

Girish Nayina Aaron and Anya
Response: Hello girishbhai - its good hearing from you, we were travelling but had to stop as i managed to get mysellf a contract so we hav up the travelling on a hualt until we get itchy all is well, will email you very soon.
Take care
From hema
luv yoooooo both
ps. hi
ppppps. hi im gonna go now so gd nite and gd mornin in ur case!
Response: Hems drop me an email on
From Bijal
hello jus on here 2 say i drove ur golf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wohoooooooooooo hard work on the biceps triceps wen changin gears n the clutch is hard but its quite comfy 2 drive im impressed.o n i stopped on the hill 2 chagan motas, put handbrake on n jiten sed it doesnt wrk!!!!wots that all about but i dealt with it well.ok end of my report had 2 tell u cos i gt bit excited bout it.
pics r lookin great some of em r unreal its aceeeee

gdnite im tired
Response: glad to see the car is in still good nick.....the handbreaks only work for the good drivers ;o) anyway enjoy the ride....
From Anjuben
hi both,
c u r having a great time. Everybody back at home r fine, abit cold here ! well it was last week.
Dhiren undergoing French exams this week & Hema's with her maths & english mocks.
Mum is fine now.
Manita is begining to live at house now , well at the w/ends anyway. All hi have to do now is teach her to cook so i can put my feet up & chill.
Anyway speak to u soon.

Chow for now.
Response: good hearing from you and glad to hear al is well. spoke with mum yesturday which was nice and kaluben to which was great. guess u are gonna have to look for a big house now that mani has moved
im sure i will speak with u soon. take care
From Bhav & Beej
Easssssssssssy yaaar..!!

How you doing dude and dudette? Just thought we'd drop you a quick line or two. Top photos and we have to say you've both tanned well...Bet that didn't take much effort?? he he :p

Looks like you're having a wicked time...!! Missing you guys...

Speak to ya soon
x X x Bhav & Beej x X x
Response: hey its good hearing from u - hows married life treating u both? we are fine jus traveling oz at the moment. will drop u an email soon
From bij
bloodddyyy helll its chuckin it down with damn hail stones wot the helll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS MARCHHHHHHH SO BLOODY ANNOYIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jus askin 4 lil favour....please can u send us some gd weather from over there. it wud be nice.


Response: will try but enjoying it to much here - sun sea and sand.....mmmmmm
From anand
well by wizard i mean...cuz u r in oz i went to see the 'wizard of oz' lol now wen u ave read this i bet u r thinkin...oooookkkkkk lol im currently in IT jus chylin.
inabit then
take care x x x
From Moni
16th March 07

Good to talk to u las nite. and good to see u two 2. missin ur dark asses. finally darsh u lookin brown n good.

goin to rugby tonight to see hema as it is her 15th birthday today. u owe me another £10 for her bday prezzie. ha ha ha. im still rinsing darsh for money even when he is not in same country. ( i got all my brother in laws round my likkle finger. (especially this one) )
ha ha. love it.

ok ciao for now

From Bijal

u look like....shit..joke...u seem to be havin fun.2much fun because u aint updated ur diary thingy i wana no goin 2 lesta 2nite n iv booked out ur room im gona redecorate it n get a number plate wi my name on it n put it above the door.hehehehe.

bye bye

ps i did ok in my exams!wohooo
Response: given up on the diary but will try to update it - photos are being updated though take a look
well done on the exams, keep it up
From Neil Pretty
Hi Guys,

Sounds like your having so much fun. Hope you enjoy Oz, I was there for 5 weeks and loved it, you have to go to Sydney Harbour for New Years, it's awesome. Also take a few days at Tangalooma which is just off Brisbane, worth a visit. If you fancy scuba diving, got to be Silverswift up in Cairns. The great barrier reef is a totally awesome place to go scuba diving. Highly recommended !

Enjoy yourselves ! I am very jealous in a slightly colder England....
Response: hello neil, all is good, good hearing from u. we are currently in melbourne at the moment in time for the grand prix. still trvelling so may up a few of your hints and visit those places. will respond to ur email shortly.
From Daisy
Hi Bav and Darsh,
I love the pics, thier great. Missing our good old chats Bav. Sounds like your having a bril time, cant wait to hear about the next chapter on your journey. take care x Daisy
Response: Hi daisy glad to hear from u, sorry its been a while but we are currently traveling again and we are in melbourne will be back in sydney soon, will respond to ur email very soon.
From Jiten
Hope you are both well. Good to see you are both having a great time.
Nice photos.

Response: thanks
From Amber & Sumeet
Sorry its taken a while but been dead busy but we have been reading with interest and we soooo envious. Really pleased you are enjoying yourselves and having a fab time. Pics are fab n you both look great. We bought a new house in Bedworth so you'll have to come and stay when you get back here, house partys and barbies all around (of which you'll be only all too familiar with once in Aussie). take care you guys. Much love n kisses, Amber & Sumeet xxxxxx (Looking afta yr little sis and as proud as punch on her graduating)!!
Response: sorry for the dealy in responding but still travelling and enjoyin it. congrats on the house - were's are the invite for the house party lol.
From anand
soo r u in the land of oz now? enjoyin urselfs i bet...motabapa and motiba gave me a lift home from skool a couple of days ago. my car was at the garage gettin 'pimped' so i couldnt drive home. i was standing at the bustop when motabapa and motiba comin dwn the road. n they gave me a lift home. well am off now....ive got to go and see the wizard...if you know wah im sayin
bye bye
anand x x
Response: yep we have been here since 25th feb - quiet a nice place, currently in melbourne still traveling.
wizard ???? explain please
From Ash
So wat have u 2 been doing since the 8th........have u got bored already updating this diary.

All is well here just chilling here like normal.

Hurry Hurry with the update and photo's. Add some pictures of mama's house and all of them to.

Take it easy

Ash and Mash
Response: sorry been a bit slack on the diary but the photos are slowley getting updated. watch this space it will be updated soon
From anand
u went to maya bay and phi phi leh? omg hey are lyk the best places to go to chill out in the world (i think) im so jelous of u 2! thts so not fair and darsh did snorkeling? bet u 2 r avin the tym of ur lives dwn der in the gd weather while its rainin dwn ere..shit country. LOL
anyways its gd to see u2 enjoyin urselves alot. keep it gd hehehe
Response: yep they sure are - thers more where all that came from, we will send u the pictures all on disk soon. phi phi leh is an un touched island as phi phi don is more touristy so yeah we been there - make sure u come join us and we can take u to some of the nice places
From Dav

How are you both? just bored at work not alot to do. Missing u both alot, how can we get in touch with you's? have you got your mobile with you, can I ring you on that? let me know.......take care and hopefully speak to u soon. xxxx
Response: we are fine - we are just in melbourne again so back to hotels and stuff
just a quick message to leave my mark as i have 4gotten about ur site...sorry!
busy with skool SHIT cant wait till its all over n then off to uni.......wohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

neways batery on my laptop almost dead.

good nite (ish)
Response: u forgot - disgusting wait till we get our hands on
From Pooja
Hey bhai & bhabhi!
how r u guys? hope dat ur gud!
jus mailin 2 give u guys sum gud news!
WE'RE GOIN INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!

we r gonin on da 23rd march n commi bk on da 14th april

Yep! can't wait
nways gonna go now bye!
Response: excelant - make sure you have a good time - enjoy your 16th birthday
From anand
yess..the LAD family is one is missing u hehehe...priyesh is alrite i fink...i havent seen him lately..he told the reason why he cant drop a line is cuz he has a lot of work to do soo he will drop u a line but i dno wen...OMADAIZZ the car is bad..i got 25% tint on it yesterday and then i gave the keys to ma m8s dad hu owns a garage and he added some NOS tanks and hydrolics for the car and i bought sum relli nice alloy wheels..ur car looks totally different..trus me!! anyway i dnt want u to worry bout ur car just enjoy ur hols..cya
Response: glad to hear the car is lookin goood.....enjoy the ride.... currently in Hong Kong - nice place recommend it to ur folks. Will be in oz after this weekend catch u soon.
From Moni
22nd Feb

well got few moments spare at work.right now im jus designing party popper headers and pocket diary box holder for co-op. interestin shit.
i did this 3d design of a popper in illustrator with streamers and tikker tape confetti comin out of it. it looks mad.

my professional graduation pics have come throu post and they look ok.4 members of family missin (u2 and dad and gran) but hey, wot can u do? and shit happens. i will send u pics throu post next week wen u get to aussy land.

mum and i are doin fine, still havin same ol scraps

its sumaj chinese ball this weekend so ush and panni comin down (or up in their case) so us lot goin out fri and sat nite cuz ushi dnt wanna go ball.muku will join us on sat.

nothin else is interestin here, actually i jus got my eyebrows done and rest of face and now i feel like a woman, by the way bav ben, who is doin ur facial since sandy and i aint there to clean u up? dnt start on the bleach will ya.

im gonna print out your photos and make a likkle album for other members of family to c.

still waitin for post cards, of beautiful scenery n places visited.

much love, hugs and kisses.
good night
sleep tite
sweet dreams

ha ha u know the rest
Response: Hey girlie how many times do we have to tell u long messages to email account. Please can u send me a picture of the entire family at ur graduation and the other pics from dhirens birthday and stuff....dont mind if its on cd as we have not recieved any on email. if u dont have the address get the PO BOX address off darsh's dad, not the home address. Sorry chuck no postcards no time having to much fun. Currently at the Peak in hong kong central, catch u later when we are in oz.
From Hasmita
Hi Bav & Darsh

Soo glad you guys are having a good both look well, the pictures are great and sounds like your having lots of fun..take care speak to you soon.
From hema again
geez your both well tanned
nice pics
sounds guuuuud.