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Welcome to The Dean Family's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels to the USA and Canada for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us. If we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Location: Pacific Ocean

Hello Everybody

We are back in Australia after a great holiday. Now that we are back home , we have a few things to say. Thank you to everyone who visited our blog. There have been 443 visits to the page in all which we think is great. We have also had a lot of people posting messages. Thank you to the people that posted these messages.

Mitchells favourite things on the trip were the Rocky Mountainer and Disneyland.

My favourite thing was Hawaii because of the friendly people and the great beaches.


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Location: Honolulu, Pacific Ocean

Honolulu - Sydney - Melbourne (Weather 31C Honolulu to 7C Melb) Today we flew 10 hours from Honolulu to Sydney. We left Honolulu at 12.40pm on 12 July. At Sydney we took a Virgin Blue flight to Melbourne which was delayed about 1 hour. We arrived at Melbourne at midnight on 13 July losing time as we crossed the date line. We all travelled extremely well given that the boys had never flown for more than 3 hours continuously. We spent the night at the Park Royal at Melbourne Airport before driving home on 14 July.


Monday, 11 July 2011

Location: Honolulu, USA

Honolulu (Weather 31C Hot & Fine) Today we visited "Teddy Bear World" in Honolulu. It was wacky and highly amusing. As well as giving a history of Teddy Bears originating with Franklin D. Roosevelt it showcased teddies in lots of situations at different times such as during the dinosaur period, WW2, at the sinking of the Titanic and in current political history. See our photos.

In the afternoon we enjoyed our final swim at Waikiki Beach and tried to avoid being cooked !!!

Tomorrow we leave at lunchtime (Tuesday Hawaiian time) for our return flight to Sydney.

The Deans

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Location: Honolulu, USA

Honolulu (Weather 30C Hot & Fine) Today we took an all day tour of Pearl Harbour from 6.15am until 5pm. We visited the memorial of USS Arizona on the Harbour. It is built over the ship where more than 1,100 men died when Pearl was attacked in December 1941. It was a moving experience.

During the day we also visited the submarine USS Bowfin and walked through the vessel. It was in excellent condition and a portable device explained the vessel and life at sea in great detail. We visited exhibits at the Harbour before leaving to board USS Missouri which was built in 1944 and decommissioned after the first Gulf War. It was an enormous battleship and could fire shells the weight of a car over a distance of 20 miles every 30 seconds.

We concluded our tour with a visit to the Pacific Aviation Museum. It was very impressive fir a museum only four years old. It had a large number of planes on display and our tour guide had an extensive knowledge of all things aviation and the attack on Pearl.

We finished the day with dinner at the nearby Hilton before a well deserved sleep.


Saturday, 09 July 2011

Location: Honolulu, USA

Honolulu (Weather 28C Fine & Sunny) Today we did some more shopping at factory outlets and Ala Moana where we bought lots of shoes and some clothes. In the afternoon we went swimming at Waikiki. In the evening we met up with the artist Michael Daly who we met last time in Honolulu. We commissioned him to draw a sketch of the boys in June. The sketch looks great and we look forward to framing it when we get home.


Friday, 08 July 2011

Location: Honolulu, USA

Vancouver to Honolulu (Weather 17C Light Rain)

Today we took a shuttle to Vancouver airport and caught our Air Canada flight to Honolulu . We left Vancouver on time at 3.20 pm and arrived six hours later at 6.20pm Honolulu time.

After checking in to our hotel (where we stayed the last time we were here) we had dinner. In Honolulu the weather was fine and sunny 31C.


Thursday, 07 July 2011

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver (Day 6) (Weather 18C Light Showers)

Hello Everyone

Today we had a very quiet day and we mostly did packing. In the afternoon we went to a museum on space travel. We saw stuff in planetariums and looked at exhibits. I really enjoyed the simulators that allowed you to land the space shuttle or dock it with a space station. After finishing there we went to a French Restaurant. The food was delicious!! Now we are just in our hotel.

Bye for now


Wednesday, 06 July 2011

Location: Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada

Victoria, Vancouver Island (Day 5) (Weather 25C Fine & Sunny) Today we made an early start and took a coach from downtown Vancouver to a ferry terminal at Tsawwassen. Our coach drove onto a ferry at the terminal. The ferry was about
three times the size of the Sorrento ferry.

At the ferry terminal on Vancouver Island our coach trip continued for half an hour before arriving in Victoria the capital of British Columbia. The city was small in size and had many beautiful buildings and homes. We had high afternoon tea at the Fairmont Empress Hotel which was as good as, if not better, than that at Banff Springs.

After lunch we visited a "Minature World" expo before taking an open double decker scenic tour for 1.5 hrs. At 5.45pm we took our coach back to the ferry terminal before arriving back in Vancouver at 9.30pm.

Victoria is a stunning city. There are many historic buildings and shops to explore. Captain Cook has left his mark here with a statue of him in front of the Empress Hotel. One of his trainees, Captain Vancouver, is credited with many discoveries in the area.


Tuesday, 05 July 2011

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver (Day 4) (Weather 26C Fine & Sunny) Today after breakfast we walked from our apartment to Stanley Park which is a park of 1,000 acres located on Coal Harbour on the western side of Vancouver. We took an hour trip around the park by horse drawn carriage. The weather was perfect and our guide gave an interesting commentary of the park and it's history.

We stopped at "The Teahouse" for an early dinner. The meal was sensational and the setting overlooked one of the many harbours in the area. We will forget neither the meal nor the vista. The restaurant was built as a garrison in WW2 and was later converted and began operating as a restaurant in 1978.

The trip out of the park was by a trolley bus with a traditional wooden fitout. We walked a shirt distance home from the trolley stop. We are looking forward to an excursion tomorrow by coach and ferry to Vancouver Island. We will visit Victoria which is the historic capital city of British Columbia. Another high afternoon tea awaits at the Empress Hotel !!! Many guide books describe this as a must do.


Monday, 04 July 2011

Location: Vancouver , Canada

Vancouver(Day3) (Weather 25CFine & Sunny)

Hello Everybody

Today after catching a ferry to North Vancouver, we crammed into a gondola with a about 100 other people so we could get to Grouse Mountain. When we arrived the first thing we did was to catch a chairlift up to the summit. The view at the summit was really good. We even saw a few gliders!! After that we came down and had some lunch. After catching another gondola down the mountain , we went to a massive suspension bridge and cliff walk. Then we went and saw one of only 3 steam clocks in the world.(One of which is in Berwick!!!) Then we came back to the hotel.

Bye for now !!


Sunday, 03 July 2011

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver (Day2) (Weather Fine and sunny 20c)

Today we made our way to Waterfront train station to travel to visit Scienceworld. Our visit included an informative IMAX cinema experience focussing on the life of beavers. It was fascinating. It helped us to make more sense in understanding the many beaver dams which we had seen from the Rocky Mountaineer.

Next, we boarded a mini boat which travelled along one of the many inlets off the Pacific Ocean. Vancouver looks very much like a cross between Sydney and New York. The chain of islands give it a New York look, while the waterways are very similar to Sydney Harbour.

Our next destination was the Maritime Museum. We boarded the S.S. ROCH which was the first ship to successfully navigate it's way through the North West Passage in both directions. Australian hardwoods formed the outer layer of the hull due to their ability to withstand the shearing effect of the ice. The museum also included photos and artifacts from earlier polar adventures such as Franklin and Amundsen. The role of the Eskimos was fascinating.

Next we made our way along a bus route similar to Sydney's North Shore and enjoyed visualizing the millions we could spend on buying the superb period real estate. Have realized that anything with the word Point in it in a large city will
always be worth multi millions.

Finally we reached the intended destination- a suburban mall cinema so that we could watch the movie CARS 2. Mitchell's pestering had finally got the better of us. It was in fact a highly entertaining movie. Made our way back to Waterfront on a DRIVERLESS TRAIN !!!!! It felt a little confronting to do, but all went well and we survived to tell the tale. A pub meal followed then back to apartment for bed.

Cheers Kathy & Co

Saturday, 02 July 2011

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Whistler to Vancouver (Weather 23C Fine & Sunny) Today we took a gondola from Whistler Village up to the top of Whistler Mountain and took the "Peak to Peak" gondola 4.4 km across to the top of Blackcomb Mountain. The "Peak to "Peak" is the largest unsupported gondola in the world and is only supported at the beginning and the end. The weather was clear and sunny although at the summit it was only 6C. The views were spectacular!!!

After we returned to the village we took a private vehicle transfer to Vancouver which is about 1.5 km south on the Pacific Ocean. Alot of money was spent on this roadway for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. It was in excellent condition and we were able to stop in a few places to see views as we came into Vancouver. We have six nights in Vancouver before heading to Honolulu, Sydney and Melbourne.


Friday, 01 July 2011

Location: Whistler, Canada

Whistler (Weather Fine & Cloudy 14C)

Today after breakfast Dad and I did a Ziptrec Ecotour (pretty much a course of 5 ziplines above the forest). There were 9 people in the tour including us and 2 tour guides. The tour covered about 3 km. Because it took a long time to get everybody up to the forest and it also took a long time to connect and disconnect people from the zip line. All of the tour was great but the last one was the best because I flipped upside down for a while which was a lot of fun.

Bye from Harrison

Today was Canada Day. It celebrates Canada's history. After Dad and Harrison left for the Ziptrec, Mum and I went to the main shopping area in Whistler and saw the street parade for Canada Day. There was red and white everywhere- clothing, flags, stickers, balloons, decorations and on dogs with scarves.
In the parade we saw - children on bikes, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, dancers, acrobats, motorcades of special people, some funny fancy dress characters and some novelty vehicles/ floats. It was great.

Bye from Mitchell

We have been so lucky to visit such a spectacular place. Whistler is indeed a world class holiday destination. The scenery is breathtaking. The 2010 Winter Olympics gave a snapshot of it's appeal, but it is a place with many enticements. There are so many activities on offer- a charming village with lovely cafes, shopping and restaurants ; outdoor activities- all manner of snow activities, extreme sports - downhill mountain bike riding straight down the ski run into the village, gondola and ski chair lift rides, white water rafting and a multitude of other choices. Given the choice of so many extreme activities the walking wounded are frequently on display and the Medical Centre is kept constantly busy. It is actually kept busier now than it is in the winter. We leave for Vancouver in the morning. It is only 1 1/2 hour drive.


Thursday, 30 June 2011

Location: Quesnel to Whistler, Canada

Quesnel to Whistler (Weather Fine 18C) Today after a tour of Quesnel we boarded our train at 7.30am for the 12 hour journey to Whistler. We passed through magnificent canyons and valleys. The scenery was like nothing we could have imagined. We saw an abundance of wildlife including deer, bears, ospray, hawks and eagles. The service of the staff on the train was first class and very personal. We had a great two days and were sad to be leaving the train and the many friends we had made on the last two days.


Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Location: Jasper to Quesnel, Canada

Jasper to Quesnel (Weather 16C Rain early, clear afternoon) Today we got up at 5 am to catch the Rocky Mountaineer train from Jasper. Our train left the station at 7.30am. We sat up high in the last carriage. The other carriages were down below. We had a glass roof on our carriage. We had a great view from our carriage. We saw lots of deer.

It was rainy for a few hours and then the rain stopped. We had breakfast and lunch downstairs. We used a twisty to go down. The workers were super friendly. They told us about things to look at. We all looked for animals and people yelled out if they saw any. We were on the train for 10 hours.

After arriving at Quesnel we walked around the town and had dinner. Tomorrow we go from Quesnel to Whistler. The train leaves at 7.30am.

I had a great day!!!


Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Location: Lake Louise to Jasper, Canada

Lake Louise to Jasper (Weather 20C Fine) Today we left Lake Louise to make our way by car to Jasper which is about 300 km north in the Rockies. There was more special scenery and we stopped about halfway at the Columbia Icefields where we took a large all terrain vehicle onto glacier. It is 300 metres thick. It was 3C on the glacier. It was very interesting and we walked on the ice for 20 minutes before returning to the vehicle. It was well worth the trip. Arrived Jasper about 4pm. Left the car at Jasper and catching the train tomorrow.


Monday, 27 June 2011

Location: Banff , Canada

Banff to Lake Louise (Weather 22C Sunny) Today we drove to Canmore and took a scenic helicopter flight up into the Rockies near Banff. The scenery was amazing !!! We were taken up to 10,000 feet and passed with 50 feet of the mountain tops and glaciers. We took lots of photos and video during the trip. We were lucky to have ideal flying conditions. It was Mitchell's idea and it was brilliant ! In the afternoon we drove to Lake Morraine and arrived later at Lake Louise where we spent the night at the Fairmont Lake Louise which is famous and pictured on many postcards. It was a great hotel. We overlooked the lake and the glaciers. Harrison and Mark did some canoeing on the lake. We loved the 1930's opulence of the hotel and our suite. Our bathroom was bigger than anything we have seen before and was finished in granite ! We could get used to this - although minus 50C in winter is somewhat offputting !

Bye for now Kathy.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Location: Banff, Canada

Banff (Day 4) (Weather Fine 16C)

Hello everybody

Today we have had a very quiet day. We mostly stayed in our room packing or we were at the pool. The only times we went out of our room was to shop, have dinner and when we went out for a drive.

Goodbye from Harrison

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Location: Banff, Canada

Banff (Day 3) (Weather 14C Fine & Cloudy) Today we went on a boat on Lake Minnewanka . We could see the mountains up close. Four weeks ago the lake was frozen. It is between 15 and 150 metres deep and is 27 kilometres long and about 1 kilometre wide. After the boat trip we went on a scenic drive past some other lakes. We saw long horned sheep and lots of chipmunks.

In the afternoon we went to the very old and beautiful Banff Springs Hotel for a high afternoon tea. They brought us our food on a tower of three plates. We had a lovely view and a look around the grounds of the hotel.

Bye for now - Mitchell

Friday, 24 June 2011

Location: Banff, Canada

Banff (Day 2) (Weather 14C Mostly fine light afternoon showers)

Hello Everybody

Today on our second day in Banff after having breakfast we drove 5km to a gondola station at the base of Sulphur Mountain. The gondola took us up to another station near the summit. We went up from 4,500ft to 7,000ft during the trip. The incline in the last third of the journey was very steep at about 45°. When we reached the station we used the viewing binoculars to look at Lake Louise, Mountains and the town of Banff. After that Dad and I walked about 1km to reach the summit which was about 100 to 200 meteres above the gondola station. We both got headaches and runny noses because of the thin and pure air. We also took some ripper photos from the summit. Then we started getting back to the gondola staion because up on the summit it was only about 4 degrees! When we reached the station we warmed ourselves up with some warm hot chocolate. After all this we took the gondola down the mountain and drove to the Banff Springs Hotel. (Which is in our picture page) and looked in the shops.

Bye from Harrison

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Location: Banff, Canada

Drumheller to Banff (Weather 23C Fine) Today we visited a Fossil Museum in Drumheller in the morning. Harrison did inside rock climbing and both Harrison and Mitchell did some hunting for fossils. We left Drumheller and headed west towards Acme ( yes - like in road runner!) and Airdrie cutting across the top of Calgary to avoid the city. We experienced our first rain for the trip today during a 20 minute storm about two hours south of Banff. After the rain cleared we had a magnificent final drive into Banff having a clear view of the snow capped Rocky Mountains.

We arrived in Banff about 5pm. Our apartment at the Fox Hotel and Suites is built around an underground cave. The cave is approximately 200 sq metres and is 5 metres below the ground. Inside the cave is a thermal hot spring for swimming which is at a constant 40C. The cave is partly open to the sky above. Whilst swimming before dinner a hail storm hit the area and we experienced the unusual sensation of swimming in a hot pool at the same time as being hit by cold hail. The storm caused all power in the town to be lost for 3 hours.

The buildings in Banff are built predominantly from stone and wood (or like products) and are stunning. In the evening we drove around some nearby streets and saw deer, raccoons and gophers.


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Recent Messages

From Mrs Millington
Hi Kathy, Mark, Harrison & Mitchell,
Hard to belileve your wonderful trip is coming to an end. The photo's a have been amazing and it has been wonderful to follow your travels on the blog.
Enjoy the last bit of warm weather in Honolulu it has been very cold here in Melbourne.
I am looking forward to seeing you next week Mitchell and hearing all about your wonderful adventures.
William is growing and I have had a very busy time with Derek's, Belinda's, Jodi's and Olivia's birthdays.
Safe trip home.
Mrs Millington
Response: Hi Mrs Millington,

Happy birthday to all of your birthday people. It sounds like you have been busy too. I am going swimming today and visiting Teddy Bear World. I will call you when I get home.

Love Mitchell
From Matt and Liz
Hi travelling Deans! We enjoy reading about your travels and look forward to speaking to you all when you arrive back. A quick update of the footy - Essendon beat Richmond by 39 points, Collingwood beat North Melbourne by 117 points and Geelong lost to West Coast by 8 points. Essendon 8th and Collingwood 1st and Geelong 2nd!!!!!!!
love to you all
Response: Hi Matt & Liz,

Had a great day at Pearl Harbour yesterday. Today we are just relaxing at Waikiki beach today. Will call you on our return.

Love the Deans
From Trace Wilkinson
Hi Guys,
Wonderful photos what amazing memories you will have from this holiday makes me want to pack my bags. All well here Abbey turned 10 today we went rollerskating yesterday & are heading either to the sports museum or aquarium tomorrow as Wayne has taken a day off work ( the relentless wind chill & rain have worn him down) We had to catchup on your journey as we have been off line for 10 days with computer troubles all fixed now. The girls say hi, Jordie was very jealous you got to see a bear cub, we have visited the RSPCA twice over the holidays just to pat & cuddle the animals, no extras have been bought home much to the girls disappointment ! It's late here so i will say goodnight enjoy the last leg of your trip love Trace xxxx
Response: Hi Trace,

Happy belated birthday to Abbey. We hope that she had a great day. We hope that you are enjoying the holidays. Leaving the sun and beach here tomorrow - speak to you soon.

Love Kathy
From Gran & Pa
Hi Travellers,
Enjoying the blog. Most impressed with photos of all venues, camera work brilliant. Enjoyed looking at the High Afternoon Teas. Geelong defeated by West Coast. Send full results at the end of the round.

Love to all Gran & Pa
Response: Hi Gran & Pa,

We have been enjoying the warmth and the beach swims in Hawaii. Our last bit of relaxation today then the dreaded bag packing!!

Look forward to seeing you soon - love the travellers
From Robbie and Eb
Hi all,

Your adventures and stunning photos are giving Robbie and I bugs... of the travel variety! Absolutely breathing taking! You will have to start a postcard business as a side venture when you return using all of your shots!
Banff was on the morning news with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spending the last part of their tour in the area... Spectacular!
(Your house appears just fine from the street)
:-) :-) :-)
Response: Hi Eb & Robbie,

Yes we have many many photos to sort through when we get back. Mark has a favorite he took from the front seat of the helicopter in the Rockies. It is a panoramic shot with the pilot's glasses reflecting the landscape. I think that one will have to be framed.

From Matt and Liz
Hello Travellers

We have greatly enjoyed reading the messages and looking at the photos. Enjoy the rest of your trip and the warm weather - it is very different to south east Australia at present.

Love Liz and Matt
Response: Hi Guys,

We are boarding our ferry at Victoria to make the 1.5 hr return trip to the mainland where we take a coach back to Vancouver. We have travelled a few hours today but the views and history of Victoria have been well worth the effort. We could easily spend a week here. We leave for Honolulu Friday afternoon our time.

Love the Deans.
From Fiona Posar
Hi Guys,
We are getting very nostalgic reading about the wonderful things you are doing in Vancouver. Isn't it a gorgeous city? Glad to read that you are enjoying yourselves so much. Can't wait to swap Canadian stories on your return. Love from all the jealous Posars.
Response: Hi Posars,

We are off to Victoria on Vancouver Island today for high tea at the Empress and a guided city tour. Tomorrow, which is our last day, we are headed for Granville Island. Looking forward to our August catch up.

The Deans
From joe
hi Mitchell
i have seen cars 2 that you wanted to see i wont tell you anything about it but this it is awesome if you want to know to know more about it replied and say you do by for now joe
Response: Hi Joe,

On Sunday I saw Cars 2 with my family in Vancouver. I agree it was fantastic. I liked it more than Cars 1. I enjoyed the blue and purple spy cars and how they disguised themselves. Mater was good too!

Bye for now - Mitchell
From Michele Dunlop
A big hello to you all and it has been wonderful to read the accounts of the beautiful places you have visited on this spectacular holiday. I am also enjoying the start of my holiday and could get very used to this lifestyle. Michael leaves for his Japan trip on the 16th July where he'll be working until mid - late November and then spend 10 days in Tokyo. Can't wait to catch up with you all to hear all the about the special stories and photos of this unbelievable trip. Have a cocktail(s) for me during 'happy hour' in Hawaii. Love to everyone.
xxx Michele
Response: Hi Michele,

Thanks for your message. Glad to hear that Michael's trip is going ahead. We are sure he will have a great time and that you will be counting the days until his return. We have a few more days here then head home via Hawaii. Warm up Melbourne for us. Catch you soon.

Kathy & Mark
From Chris & Gaz
Hi Travellers,
Sounds like you are having so many adventures that you won't want to return home.
Polar explorations sound fascinating. Enjoy your remaining time away.

Stay well.

Loe to all

Chris & Gaz
Response: Hi Guys,

Mark thinks it would be great to head to the Canadian embassy to get the migration forms. He obviously is in holiday mode!! I need to remind him about the
winters here. We leave for Hawaii on Friday where the forecast is 31C. Maybe he will then head off to the US Embassy!

From Effi n Tony
It has been so lovely to follow your travels, and see your beautiful pictures. We think of you all often. Effi wants to know if you are the famous Vancouver "High Tea" - whatever that means !!
Lots of love E n T
Response: Hi Effi & Tony,

We are having a great time and off to Vancouver Island for the High Afternoon Tea before we leave here in a few days. Let's hope it is more successful than the one at Banff Springs Hotel which Kathy brought up within a few hours due to we think some dodgy water she drank in Banff a day earlier.

Regards & best wishes Mark & Family
From Mrs Millington
Dear Kathy, Mark, Harrison & Mithchell.
Whistler certainly sounds a wonderful destination with such breathtaking views. Belinda's husband Adam lived there for a couple of years and loved it.
Gosh it is hard to believe you will soon be on your last leg to home, what a wonderful holiday you have all had.
Not doing so well at the footy tipping this week Mitchell didn't expect Essendon to beat Geelong, I am sure I am not the only one.
Enjoy Vancouver.
Bye for now.
Love Mrs Millington
Response: Hi Mrs Millington,

Yes Whistler was wonderful. I am enjoying Vancouver also. Tonight we went to see the movie Cars 2 at the cinema. It was better than Cars 1. Dad has more things planned for tomorrow.

Love Mitchell
From Matt and Liz
Hello Travellers
Just a football update - Essendon beat Geelong last night 115 to 111 (with 6 less scoring shots). Essendon is in the 8, but will be out if North Melbourne beats St Kilda in the late game today. Geelong is on top at this stage 2 games clear of Collingwood. In about 1 hour Collingwood will play Hawthorn at the MCG- I have the fire going and am going to watch the game on TV. It has been great to view your updates on your trip. Continue to enjoy.
Love from Matt and Liz
Response: Hi Matt & Liz,

Good to hear you have started Essendon firing although Dad was a bit disappointed. Have just arrived in Vancouver - lovely drive from Whistler with great views and fine weather. "Stunning" is an apt description of this place

From matt and liz
Whistler sounds terrific! We are looking forward to hearing more stories about Vancouver. We're both well and I am going to Melbourne today to see my mum. Love to you all
Response: Hi Matt & Liz,

Leaving for Vancouver in the next hour. Weather today 22C and fine. We have done the Peak to Peak Gondola from Whistler to Blackcomb mountains. Spectacular views!!! enjoy the time with Pat and travel safely.

Kathy & Mark
From Lucy

Hi Deans,
lucy here, wow you guys certainly are having an amazing adventure. Some of the pictures taken are truly ope you have enjoyed the trip so far and are looking forward to more exciting days ahead. speeck to you guys soon.

love lucy xxx
Response: Hi Lucy,

Thanks for your message. We have loved Whistler. If the mountains are clear today we will take a 4.4 km gondola between the peaks of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains before heading to Vancouver. Holiday running out - only two places left to go,

Love the Deans
From Mrs Millington
Hi Kathy, Mark, Harrison & Mitchell,
The train trip just sounds amazing, something I would love to do one day.
William is coming along well. He is a little dot still in Prem baby clothes. I went shopping today with Belinda her very first shopping spree with William.
Mrs Pask is on top in the footy tipping Mitchell, how is your tipping going. I got 6 last week.
Looking forward to hearing about your next adventures, enjoy Whistler.
Happy travelling to you all.
Big hug to Mitchell.
Love Mrs Millington xx

Response: Hi Mrs Millington,

Last round I picked 6 winners. So did Harrison. We are equal sixth on a family footy ladder. Glad William is doing well. Have a good break. I look forward to seeing you when I get back.

Love Mitchell
From Mrs B
Hi Mitchell and gang, your photo's are fantastic! It looks like you are having a wonderful time and Canada looks beautiful! The helicopter flight would have been a lot of fun, Kenisha LOVES helicopters and calls them va va's. That was a very big prehistoric frog you were sitting next to Mitchell, I'm glad they are extinct! Have fun! Mrs B
Response: Hi Mrs B,

Thanks for your message. I am glad Kenisha loves helicopters as much as me. It really was a big frog. It was the size of a dog. Today I had good fun in a train.

From Mrs Millington
Hi Mitchell, Kathy, Mark & Harrison,
What a wonderful holiday you are having it all sounds so exciting. It is fantastic to see you looking so well in the photo's Mitchell. I bet the helicopter trip was amazing, a fantastic suggestion Mitchell. The scenery is certainly beautiful, my dad always wanted to go to Lake Louise and Banff.
Keep enjoying your travels Love Mrs Millington xx
Response: Hi Mrs Millington,

I am sure that your Dad would have loved Banff & Lake Louise.The grass is very green here. Today the train was great. We have another day on it tomorrow. I hope baby William is well. Have a good holiday.

Love Mitchell and the Deans
From Angela
Hi Mitchel,

How are you going I hope you are great oh yeah I wonder if you have been to lots of places.

Goodbeye Mitchel
Response: Hi Angela,

I am going well. I am having a great time everywhere I am going.

hi mitchel
i mhope your having fun
i think your so luky don't you think so
bye mitchel i think i need to go now bye bye
Response: Hi - I am having a good time at the moment.

From Fiona
Hey Mitchell, how is it going there?
Are you having fun? You are so lucky? Did you know that me and your friend had a FIGHTTTTTTTTTTTT. How is your mum and dad? Are they good? Are coming to the camp because I am not going?
Bye Bye Bye
Response: Hi Fiona,

I am going to camp. My Mum and Dad are well. Harrison is going well too.

From Ethan
Dear Mitchell

How was British Columbia? Sorry We lost 4-2 to Glen Waverley. Bombers aren't doing very well. they lost to melbourne,Fremantle,North melbourne and Hawthorn we are probably going to loose to geelong. They're in first place. this week we're going to take on joe's team ( Boronia ) We won last time I hope we can beat em again.
I hope your having a great time. You must have brought pack some of british columbia. I wond what type of plane your using to come back. I hope that you come back soon. its nearly the holidays(:. Did I write a bit too much last time well I'm about to do it again. When are you coming back. I miss you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I'll talk to you on the holidays. First week back on wednesday its an excursion to cole creek. Then its camp. please come back soon. We're finishing off our research presentation right now.
Response: Hi Ethan,

British Columbia has been good. I have seen lots of wild animals. I am sad that Essendon are not doing well. Maybe they will do better when I get back.Good luck with your soccer. I will see you when I get back.

From joe
hi micthell
hope your having fun because hear it is boring like always just so you know richmond lost to melburne i tip melburne for that and that is not al they took 8 place spot on the ladder at least your doing better than sanits richmond are 9th and sanits are13th i am not happy at all again i hope your having fun i wish i could go their and by the way do thay have diffrent money their by that i mean is just look at it this way here it is dollers and in engaled if dats how you speel it where i come from it is ponds hope your comeing back to scoll i am a bit lonley whithout you i whant to play soccer nnnooowww i hope you pracdiced i just whant you to come back now and if you don,t i will go there when you replay and tell me because i have now idea did you get any gifts if you do can you bring it in scholl for news again like i said at the middle and the start i hope you are having a good time i fell a bit imparresd and you should be here and i will tell you why we are watching kung fu panda 2 danile said it is out but it only came out on the cimamus on sundat today is tusedat so two days ago so if miss smith dosen,t get it we will wacth hop. it is really funny i saw it in the ciamus and cusse what there is a chicken in it he is the funnyest i whanted to wacth dairy of a wimpy kid 2 it is bigger and better and most importantly funnyer again i hope you are having a good time
from joe ps if you whanted me to help you on poptropica if you play it.and i swear it will be completed the next day because i am an exspert
and if you go to wwe because there on would tour in canada in 1 week and you will be in trouble if you do ok by for now
from joe
Response: Hi Joe,

I am having fun here. We both seem unhappy with our footy teams.I have bought some badges and will bring them to school. I hope that I can see Cars 2 at the movies before I leave here. thanks for your message it was good to hear from you.

From Ron & Margot
Dear Kathy, Mark, Harrison and Mitchell,
What a wonderful trip - you are all having a ball! It's great to read all about your fantastic travels and experiences in the US and Canada - the Rockies are something aren't they? It sounds like a holiday of a lifetime and it is easy to see how you are all so happy and excited and doing heaps on your big trip. Your travel diary and photos are amazing and so up-to-date technically! A treasure to have always.
Ron is running a trial that has been going for almost 4 weeks (police bullying) - we will take about 9 days break in Port Fairy later next week. Chilly here.
Thank you for sending us on this visual and detailed journey through your wonderful travels!
Best wishes for continued happy adventures,
Ron and Margot
Response: Thanks Margot - have a great time in Port Fairy. Enjoy the much needed R & R. We appreciate your comments - it makes the effort all worthwhile.

The Deans
From ashwin
dear Mitchell,

How are you?
where are you?
I hope you are having great time.

By ashwin
Response: Hi Ashwin,

I am in a little town called Quesnel. It is between Jasper and Whistler in British Columbia in Canada. I am travelling west towards Vancouver on the Pacific Ocean.