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Dean in the usa

hey guys,here are some of the photo's from my trip so far....i'll try to update them from time to time,hope you enjoy....cheers,dean

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Miami and bit of orlando

Some new pics at last guys,Cameron has some better ones as he was main photgrapher but for some reason his pics didnt copy across properly so will have to live with these for now...


a few pics of my trip so far..

Just some of the general and random things we've got up to and few sights that we've seen,hope to build on that soon!!

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Recent Messages

From Bear
Big Man! Glad to see your holiday is going well. I had the priviledge of visiting Hooters in Vegas when I was in the States. They have great decor in those places. I miss the colour of the walls. So when you coming over to mud island?
Response: Hey Bear,thanks for the message...indeed they take a great deal of care in their interior decor!Will be over in your part of the World in late April....will get hold of you once I'm there and we must meet up for a few lagers.keep well.cheers
From James
Whats up dean, nicola will fill you in, awesom pics bro, looks like you and the rest of the saffas are having a blast! Tell All I say howsit.
Response: howzit boet.yeah were "all set" this side,having an awesome time...just been flippin cold lately!!!sure i'll eventually meet you when we get back,heard all your hero stories already:-)enjoy the sun.cheers
From richard lee
hey wanker!! i wanna see hooters girls!!
Response: okay so that not all that good but they on the site now at least, so let me know what you think....k?bit dissapointing i must say.....and when the one asked us if we could organise her a free lift ticket for her 6 year old son we all got a bit of a shock...!!!!!dodgey!!!
From TC
Thanks Percy, sorry it took me so long to finally get to see them. Impressed with the computer skills ;) Good to see a couple pics of you... the memory was starting to fade. feels like you been gone for ages. love u lots x
Response: hey t.i must admit that i do you a bit of help in getting my pics onto this site.....but at least it happens in the end hey?:-)
From Swift family NZ
Hi Dean , Just found yr web adress now .great pic's .looks like you are having a great time . A bit on the lean side , I bet yr miss sa good cooking . hahah . looking ast those ski slopes , u have gotta get over here NZ and try ours @ queenstown and mt . hutt. awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . we start our season in may . cheers 4 now and keep warm hahahah . now where was that bottle of "obees . "Richard
Response: thanks richard,yup the cooking every night after work gets a bit much at times and the walmart $1 pizza's come in pretty sounds good for the future sometime possibly,would prob also be cheaper to go there.keep well,cheers
From Robs and Clint
Hi Deanie
Nice pics! Looks like you having an awesome time! Looking forward to all your stories when you get back.
Keep well:)
Response: hi bobbin and clint.yup,good times being had.will have to catch up when get back and sgare then:-)c ya
From Family
Great pics, we want more. Mom also seen them, try get some more on when you have time so i can help her see them. Cheers :)
Response: hey.will do asap.let u know...cheers
From Bear
Deano! Glad to see you are haing a jol over there boet! Dont forget your heritage though. You know South Africans need to be good ambassadors! Lucky to be with family that side too.. and it can't hurt to have an extra wingman about!! Anyway boet, will email you soon. Have a good one.
Response: big bear!!!!you do the same over in pommie land...go BIG
From Dean Percival
Well done Dean you've made 1 month away from your mommy. Now be a big boy and just hang in there. Hope you can find your p---- with all that snow arround. Cheers Bru
Response: howzit bru....guessing this is brian since you never left your email address.but its all good this side and its reallly not that bad although i know you cant stay away from your mom for more than a week!cheers
From Ur Ma !!
Howzit, really enjoyed seeing those pics. Very different to what I imagined. Really looks like a lekker plek !
Is that room the same one that you and Cam are sharing ? who sleeps on the top bunk ? Lookout - hot air rises !!!
haai ma.fanks for v pretty here isn't it,and not what one would expect from the's the same room but i just re-organised it before boy got here,think its MUCH better now?!i'm sleep on top,hot air hasn't been too bad thus far:-)luv diens