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Sean & Alicia's European Adventure 2006

So all we know is that we fly in and out of London, so if you're midly interested about where we end up this might be the place for you

Diary Entries

Monday, 24 July 2006

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

We got some breakfast and eventually ventured in search of the Van Gogh museum. It was 10 fricken euro to get in, but we paid it and it was actually very nice. Well, I love Van Gogh to begin with, but I really enjoyed this musuem. They didn't have the most famous of his works, but they did have a very large and interesting collection of his pieces ranging from all his years painting. They were in chronological order, so it was easy to see the progression of his work, when he picked up certain styles and techniques and all that. They also had most of the letters that he wrote to his brother and other artists. Besides having a lot of Van Gogh pieces the musuem also had a bit of japanese artwork on special exhibit. The japanese pieces, ranging from paintings, to vases, to carved cabinets, was just beautiful. After the musuem we walked around and ended up finding a Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. It was wonderful American food, and I was a bit of a sell out and bought a t-shirt, because it was an ozzy osbourne signature edition shirt. We got back to our hostel, showered and napped, then went out for the night again. We went to a coffeeshop called the grasshopper and then walked around red light district one last time before we left the next day.

Sunday, 23 July 2006

Location: amsterdam, Netherlands

After a very long and very refreshing nap me and Sean went to a British pub for some hamburgers. After dinner we went and checked out the sex museum, very very interesting. We wandered around a bit and checked out some stores. That night we hung out in a coffeshop and in the common area of our hostel and called it a somewhat early night at about 1am.

Saturday, 22 July 2006

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

After a sucktacular morning we manage to hop a packed, roasting train to Amsterdam. We were hoping to find a place to stay for the night since we were only able to reserve the two days after our arrival. After much wandering everything was either booked solid or charging way too much. So as we're starving for dinner we stash our bags and intimate belongings into a locker in the trainstation and head out for food. After dinner we explored the city and tried to enjoy as much of the nightlife as possible. We hung out in coffee shops, tried to not make eye contact with the prostitutes, and hit up a bar. This got tiring after a while and everything started closing so we started a 2 hour walk around the city looking for a bench or a park to settle in. Admitting defeat we crashed in front of the trainstation amongst heaps of other backpackers, until 5am when they opened the doors so that we can doze off inside the trainstation. Eventually we made it to our hostel at 8am, but we can't get in till noon so we had to go kill some time before we can finally shower and nap.

Friday, 21 July 2006

Location: Berlin, Germany

Today we had to see everything we wanted to see in Berlin. We started off at the Jewish Museum and got thouroughly depressed. Then we moved onto a Berlin Wall memorial, also depressing. After feeling the will to live leave us, we wandered around and made our way towards the theater where we planned to see a movie. We grabbed some dinner at a little diner and then got some donuts to bring into the movie with us. We were able to find a English language theater, and we were not going to pass up the opportunity to watch a movie, it has been so long! We saw DaVinci code because Pirates of the Carribbean only played on Wednesdays. It was pretty good, not as good as the book of course, and it seemed that someone who hasn't read the book might get a little lost at times. After the movie we went and saw the Brandenburg gate and another wall memorial before heading back to our hostel. We had decided to go to a dance club, so I put on my new cute shoes and we headed off. Well they effectively hid this nightclub, because we could not find it at all, so after wandering about for an hour and me getting horrid blisters on my feet, we called it a night and returned home.

Thursday, 20 July 2006

Location: Berlin, Germany

Today, due to us being totally burnt out, we did almost nothing. We managed to a large department store where I FINALLY found a cute pair of shoes in my size. We then hit the grocery store and got some frozen fries and ketchup, stopped at a rotessiere and got a chicken on our way back to our hostel and some beer, and that was about it.Oh yea, and Sean, against my better judgement, purchased a David Hasselhoff CD. I have a feeling I will have much suffering in the future by being forced to listen to it.

Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Location: Berlin, Germany

We got up, ate breakfast, then spend two hours on a train back to Munich. In Munich we caught a train to Berlin. 7 hours later we arrived in Berlin, in was almost 9, our train was very late, we both starving since we didn´t eat lunch and extremely tired. There was much confusion on where we were and how to get to our hostel. Once again we had horrid directions and we arrived in the new train station, which according to our book hadn´t been completed yet and wasn´t on the map. We found it, through our stuff down and wandered in search of food. Most restaurants were closed so we dived into a Burger King and got burgers. We got back to our hostel and were just about to sit down and enjoy a beer when I realized I forgot my purse. I freaked and me and Sean both took off in a run towards Burger King. It was kind of far, so about half way I was breathing heavy and not doing well. Sean kept on trucking and I arrived only a minute after him to find him empty handed and looking around still. I asked at the counter and they said they had nothing turned in. Sean then told me that he saw my purse sitting on the chair through the window on his way to the door. When he got inside though a few seconds later it was gone. There were 3 guys sitting next to the table where my purse was. Sean started questioning them and I tried not to cry. I didn´t have much money, only about 4 euros, 12 u.s. dollars and a few pounds as well, but my passport, drivers license, credit and bank card were all in there. Two of the guys had bags, they were german but spoke english well enough. Sean asked to see into their bags, he had a good feeling they had it. One guy opened his and said they didn´t have and they didn´t see it. But one guy with a backpack was trying to leave and Sean was standing in his way asking to see in his bag. He was refusing and I was pleading with him. I told him I just wanted back, I wouldn´t call the police or get him into trouble, I just wanted it back. He wasn´t budging. After a few more tries his friends said something to him in German. I could tell by their body language and tone of voice that they were telling the guy just to give me my purse back, so then I knew for sure he had it. Finally, after his friends coaxed him to, he opened his bag and handed me my purse. I was such a mix of happiness and anger. I let the happiness prevail and just took my purse and we walked out. I am such an idiot, I was so mad at myself for leaving my purse behind. It was such a long day and me and Sean were both tired and out of it. Sean was sad he didn´t have to stab anyone, hehe. We grabbed two beers at a convience store on our way home and sat in the common room and relaxed before going to bed.

Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Location: Füssen, Germany

We woke up and showered and went in the breakfast room. Coffee, tea, bread, butter and ham and cheese awaited us all spread out neatly on a table with our room name on it. We ate up then went to the bus stop to catch the bus up to the castle. They try to make it really complicated to get to. First you have to make it to Füssen, which is a little reached only from Munich by train and involves a switch at some podunk station half way. It is a cute little town tucked away at the foot of the mountains. Well we got to the town, and after a few minutes managed to figure out the right bus to take. After the bus drops you off you have to walk "100m" to the ticket station to buy tickets. A lot of places in Europe have told us that something is "only 100m away", well I think that people in Europe have a very poor concept about how far 100m is because it always ends up being much further. Anyway, we got our tickets and had some time to kill before making our way up to the castle. We walked around some shops and checked the souviners and looked at how many different objects they can print the same 4 pictures of the castle on. There is the winter shot, the summer shot, the fall shot, and the foggy shot available on almost every piece of merchandise you can think of. There were also several clearly photo shopped postcards including King Ludwig´s disembodied head floating above the castle and purple lighting striking the castle with such force it is amazing it is still standing. Well we finally decided to head up to the castle. It was either a 40 minute walk up a steep hill or a 20min ride in a horse carriage for only 5 euros each. I think you can guess which one we choose. I was all like "omg horses!!!" and "pretty castle!!" Needless to say I was excited. At the end of the carriage ride we still weren´t quite to the castle and had some time to spare so we walked up a path to a bridge that gives a great overall view of the castle and a waterfall running through a gorge beneath the bridge. We eventually made it to castle and took our tour of the inside. The parts that were finished were gorgoeus, it was just like a fairytale, which is exactly the effect King Ludwig was going for. Unfortunatly he was labled crazy andmysteriosly died before the castle could be completed so many of the rooms interiors were unfinished. Every window of the castle showed a breathtaking scenic view, it was amazing. After the long trip down we walked to the lake behind the castle tucked into mountians and went for swim. It was clear blue green water and cool, but not too cold. We also saw a few swans which was fitting since the castle featured swans in most of the designs on the interior. We got back into town and grabbed some frozen pizzas for 3 euro and went back to our B and B. We ate and downed a few beers and watched more Mtv. Early night again since we had to get up early to catch a train to Berlin.

Monday, 17 July 2006

Location: Füssen, Germany

Instead of taking a day trip to Füssen we opted to spend a few days there since it seemed like such a nice area. We rolled in without a place to stay, but it wasn´t too long before we stumbled upon a cute little B&B for only 25 euros a night. This place was amazing. Beautiful rooms, clean big bathroom and nice little kitchen area which we could us and watch tv in. We decided to make good use of our kitchen and went to the grocerty store down the street and got some pasta and garlic bread. Dinner for two at 5 euros. We basked in the glory that is MTV and went to bed early because tomorrow is the important day, the day we see THE castle.

Sunday, 16 July 2006

Location: Munich, Germany

We got a late start this morning, and for lack of better things to do, opted to wander the town again. When we got there we realized it was Sunday and that all the shops and stores are closed. However, the Museum of Science and Technology was open, so we headed down by the river and made our way to the musuem. It was nice to do something a bit different than an art museum, plus they had all these cools toys to play with, buttons to push and that sort of thing. The book said that it was the biggest science museum in the world, and it wasn't kidding. The place was huge. We spent the whole afternoon there are barely even saw all the rooms nevertheless actually looked at all the things in the rooms. We left at 5 when they closed and slowly made our way back to the town center and hopped on the S-bahn back to our hostel. So we have saved quite a bit of money by not paying for tickets when we take public transportation. No one ever checks them and there is no gate or anything blocking you from jumping right on. The only cities where we had to pay were London, Paris, and Madrid because they had gates. It's quite expensive here and we estimate we have saved 30 euros just in Munich from not buying tickets. We aren't the only ones, no one pays really. One guy told us the only person he saw validate a ticket was a nun, and the only person we saw validate one was a cute little old man with a cane. Anyway, we went to the beer gardens for dinner again and came back to the hostel to continue reading our massive accumulation of books. Oh yea, and there are some goofy weird Koreans staying in our room who take longer to shower and get ready than most girls. They also keep putting this weird stuff on their face and literally slap in on by repeatedly slapping their faces. They dress normal in cargo shorts and t-shirts, but then they both wear sombreros. Early to bed tonight because we have to catch a train to Fussen tomorrow morning. Time for a real castle!!!

Saturday, 15 July 2006

Location: Munich, Germany

Today we went into the center of town and explored. We thought about seeing the residence palace and treasury, but we decided we have seen enough of that type of stuff and just wandered around. We went into a few shops and wandered through some parks. We made it back a bit before dinner and one of our roommates started telling us about a few really good beer gardens in the area. Turns out that one of them is actually just down the street from where are staying, which is surprising since it seemed like there was a whole lot of nothing in the area where we are staying. So for dinner we found the beer gardens. We weren't really sure what to expect, but were both very happy with what we found. It was like a giant family picnic. There were rows and rows of picnic tables, then on one end of the park was a line of paviliions were you entered in to get food. We grabbed a tray and loaded up. I got half a chicken and Sean got some sausages with saur kraut and we got some fries to split. We topped it off with half a liter of Dunkel Wiess(dark wheat beer) which is one of my new favorites. It was amazing good food. We were still a bit hungry after and went up and got another beer along with a giant soft pretzel. A liter of beer later, still don't know how many ounces that is, we headed back to our hostel for the night.

Friday, 14 July 2006

Location: Munich, Germany

We arrived in Munich and made to the right train stop after a bit of confusion. It was storming most of the way, but it wasn`t raining when we got off at our stop. We started walking and after a few minutes it just started pouring. We knew our hostel wasn't too far away, or so we hoped and just kept on going. We made it and ducked in totally soaked. Everything inside our bags was mostly dry, so it wasn´t bad. We relaxed for a bit, and despite our lack of motivation to do anything, we got up and ventured out to find some dinner. We found a pizza/pasta place and went in. After dinner we just relaxed and watched some crap on MTV and went to bed.

Thursday, 13 July 2006

Location: Vienna, Austria

After another fruit and baguette breakfast we ventured towards the Hofburg complex. There was a lot to see, but all of it was a bit pricey so we chose to see the Treasury and the palace along with the Sisi musuem. The treasury was really neat, it was hard to believe that all the jewels and gold was real. The had precious stones attached to all their artifacts like some little kid with a glue gun and plastic gems went crazy. The robes and cloaks were all amazing and elaborate as well. The palace was neat because a lot of the rooms still had all the fixtures and furnishings that they orginally had. The audio tour was included in the price of admission, so it was fun to hear about each room as we went in. The Sisi musuem, which was included in the palace tour, was an unexpected pleasure. It was all centered around an Austrian empress who was very beautiful and eventually assasinated. Hearing about this women's life and seeing how she lived and seeing all the beautiful jewelry she had was really cool. After all this we went to the big cathedral Stephanplatz. We were realitively unimpressed and we both thought that the small cathedral we happened upon the previous day was much more beautiful. We headed back to the hostel and got the one guy we ate dinner with the previous night and a girl from Hong Kong and went across the street to the Centimeter. The menu was only in German, so we had a fun time deciphering it and figuring out what we wanted. We actually all ended up pretty happy with the meals we ordered. We called it an early night because we had to wake up early the next morning to check out and catch our train to Munich. Oh zea, and Sean had to call his bank and fix his card because it got red flagged when he tried to take money out of an ATM in Budapest. Apparently trying to use your card in Hungary or the Czech Republic automatically gets your card red flagged and doesn't allow you to take out money. Good thing most places in Budapest accepted Euros.

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From Jen
Sean it does not shock me that you purchased a David Hasselhoff're just trying to get into the spirit of the German economy!
Response: I am hoping to get a hold of that cd in order to burn it, not in the make a copy of it sort of way, but in the, light the damn thing on fire sort of way.
From Matthew
I'm still the coolest "Herr Matt" you guys know, even after being in Germany. Right? Right? Hey, at least I don't own/want a Segway. =)
Response: we are going to germany today, and no matter how many Matts we meet you will be the ONLY Herr Matt and of course the coolest! LOL
From faif
dude, alicia, you have some issues with ice cream or something? hehe, looks like you are nearly in need of a bib! (or was this an ice cream cone that sean shoved in yer face right before taking the pic?) hehehe, looks like you guys are having fun! let's see, hungary was last post, does that mean Munchen is next with the fun beer gardens?
Response: no she's really just that bad with eating from cones since she always gets bowls instead (more surface area), but no at the moment we're in Wien, and then we're going to Munchen
From Don L.
All your Segways are belong to us.

Response: it is truly the symbol of the bourgeoisie, viva la pedos
S. and S., I have scolled thru your trip (I am making it mine) twice this aft. and I just checked the clock. I have walked (and drank) with you for 2 hrs.! Reading again makes it happen again! The pics are wonderbar and I keep checking things in ency. if I need to clarify. All is well. Julie and Travis are leaving for England on the 14th. Julie is using the $ left by M. who wanted to take Travis as well.
Jul has been sev. times. Travis 0. Remember him SS's?

Loving you and travels I am so grateful you SHARE. Whine less L. Lita
Response: s and s? I am glad you like the pics, we feel glad to be caught up with our updates and pictures again, we got so behind! How long will Julie and Travis be there? We will be back in London on the 29th until we come home on the 1st. You might just want to skim over me whining about bug bites in an upcoming entry, seriously bad though, 51 on just my legs and feet, and 17 on my right arm and hand, and they itch sooo badly! The beds at our hostel in Budapest are a little iffy, but what can you expect for $10 a night.
From Pam Wirth
Dear Sean and Alicia:
We did miss you up at the cottage, had a houseful as usual. Jerry bought this water (looks like a love seat) couch that you pull behind the boat. You can have 2 or 3 people on it and it was wild to ride. The weather and food were great, but we did miss you and went on line and read your latest entries. Keep smiling!! Love, Aunt Pam
Response: awww, thanks! I'm glad you all had a good time, I can't wait to try the new toy! Love, Alicia
From faif
where are you guys? wondering where the latest updates are...whats the scoop? We all got so spoiled hearing from you every day, and now we hear nothing for too long...grrrr How are you guys? are you still around? or are you doing too much partying to keep in touch? HARRR let us know whats up kids...missing you
From Toni
Dear Sean and Alicia,
Wow, thank you for sharing! This was first time I had a chance to read about your travels. I shared your pictures with my boys and Andy feels bad that you don't appear to like Segways. Who is your travel bird? I hope your trip continues to be a great adventure. Thank you for sharing. Lots of Love!
Toni Schnorr
Response: My mom's sister got me the rooster for graduation along with the idea of taking him along and seeing what interesting places we could put him in and take pictures of. It's been quite a hit! I'm so glad to be able to share our advertures with everyone! We will try and put up more pictures soon. :)
From Lita
This is so exciting. I read your adventures again and loved traveling with you! The spelling is perfect (do I care?) and therefore I am typing slowly. You have not whined once. I am so proud of you both. The pictures are incredible and the rooster will be highly intelligent when back. The Ponte Veccho became alive in my world for a moment. Truly loved walking with you. I love you and be safe. Try to avoid violence with children.

Having breakfast with F. and S.
on Saturday. Thank you for sharing so graphically. Youi both write well Loving you. L
Response: I'm so glad that I am able to share pictures and stories with you as we go along, it would all be so much right we came back. We are trying to be really good about keeping the site updated and not getting too far behind, it will be fun for us to have it to look back on as well. I don't whine on the website, but I'm sure Sean could tell you that I do whine in real life, Rome is hot and it makes me cranky. I walked across a bridge in Rome yesterday and it had all angel statues along it, I immediatly thought of you! I can't wait to see you when I can back and share more about our trip! Love you lots!
From Stacia
I like "firbie thing" better than rooster !!! Pictures are awesome, the sites are beautiful. Keep smiling!!
From Faif
Hey Guys
Just got Norms hooked up-well, i guess i got her a link to your page on her comp screen...whether or not that means she will be able to figure any of this out remains to be seen. I've left detailed instructions, but you both know how well that works! HARRRR! Missing you both, and having a ball hearing about the adventures and looking at pics. :) Can't believe you still have a month left. How fun is that? :) Missing you both, but know you are having so much fun!
talk soon.
From Dawn
Hi guys---Alicia I'm the one that shares the kitchen with your mom at work. She told me about the site you guys have and I had to check it out. Looks like you guys are having lots of fun. I love the furby thing too!!
Keep putting pictures of it on here. If you get to Germany and see a place called Flensburg, will you take a picture for me? Have fun!!!
Response: lol, sure, is it a city or a place in a city? I'll keep an eye out, we will be going to Munich and Berlin for sure, glad you like the site, thanks for checking it out!
From Sean White
I want to see more pictures with "the firbie thing!!!!" It is awesome! We hope you two are having a great time!!
Response: lol, i keep forgetting it when we go places, but i'll get better, i think we have some more good ones coming soon, and i'll be sure to take him to the colluseum tomorrow!
From Stonewake
Checkin' the site, just wanted to say i love the litle furby thing that's in the pictures.
Response: lol, thanks! my aunt gave that to me for graduation and it was her idea to have us take pictures of it everywhere, its a lot of fun, glad you like the site and that someone from bd is taking the time to look at it!
From TIM
Response: kk
From Jake Mandt
Hey you two, how goes it? Some good reading in the Madrid posts lol. Anyways, we've invaded the basement at your(Sean's) place and such, however with Eric starting this project at Tomo, and with my interview for a potential job on tuesday, we've actually had to start keepin normal schedules lol. Anyways hope ya'll are enjoying your trip.
Oh, the WoW toon is up to 36 now, getting there. Hey Sean, any chance I could use your account<I'll pay it, may even get your brother hooked with luck lol> Just for running instances etc.<got that second pc at home begging for use> Drop me an email if you want.. Cya in a couple of months!
Response: So I see my dad*s spread the word about the site. Right now though we*re back in France with a queer non_qwerty board, but we*ll be in Italy soon so hopefully some freedom there. For my account you*d just have to pay for the reactivation I guess, oh and you*d have to make some inventory room, he and the bankslut twins are packed pretty tight. Well we*ll be in touch, later
From Amy
Wow sounds like you guys are having a blast. I'm sure you'll never experience anything like this again and the memories will be unforgettable. I've been taking notes on places I want to see, so hopefuuly we'll see each other before I leave. When the heck are you coming back anyways?? I feel like you've seen 6 months worth of things!!

Hope all is well and can't wait to see the next journal entry :)
Response: We are coming back August 1st, and it does seem like we have been gone forever already. Okay so, I've noticed a few things that could help while you're here. First thing is that the only women or girls who wear shorts or short skirts are American tourists or prostitutes. So knee length skirts and capris are really the way to go. It is really hot in Italy and sometimes I say screw their stupid fashion and wear shorts anyway, lol. Also, they have more shoe stores and more cute shoes than I know what to do with, however, the biggest size is around a 9, so hopefully you don't have sasquatch feet like me and will be able to get some cute shoes. Oh yea, and another thing is tank tops or anything that shows your shoulders. That is fine to wear anywear except churches and cathedrals, they actually have signs saying no clothing allowed that shows shoulder. I have seen some girls who are forced to wear a blue tarp like poncho to cover their shoulders in some churches, so if you know you are going to see a church or cathedral and want to wear a shoulder bearing garment, just bring a lite shirt that will cover your shoulders to wear inside, trust me, the girls in the blue paper ponchos looked super silly. Well that's all I can think of for now, if I have any other good advice I'll toss it your way. We are planning to try to make it back to Paris while you are all there, we really want to hit the Louve a second time, so hopefully we can meet up. I'll have more details later, in the meantime, email me and let me know the dates you will be in Paris.
From The Mama
I am having so much fun looking at the pictures and crying like a baby!!!! The daily commentary is awesome.!!. I will continue to log in every day and at least say hello -either via this site ir e-mail.
Sean you are adorable--Ashy I love you and miss you-thank you so much for this site!!
Response: Lol, love you too Mom, glad you are enjoying the site! Sean's idea, and it's alot of fun to write too!