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Debbie in Oz

Now I have been abandoned by fellow Guernsey-men I figured may as well have a page just for me!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 04 January 2006

Location: Sydney - Central, Australia

Left hostel earlyish and moved to Footprint backpackers in the city....dumped bags and went straight to cricket.....sat with 3 Aussie guys from Adelaide who took great pleasure in taking the piss out of the "Pommy Bird" but it was me able to take the piss out of the pretty appalling cricketing performance....
Ended up going with them to pub after game then out for food and out on the town....

Tuesday, 03 January 2006

Location: Sydney - Manly, Australia

Last day in Manly today so went for 10km walk from Spit Bridge back to Manly - beautiful day and fantastic views with lots of nice beaches to stop at for a quick dip.....can't beleive have been here for over 2 weeks and is first time actually been anywhere but the beach!!!
Back to pack - fish and chips on the beach with roomy Timo - and early night again!!

Monday, 02 January 2006

Location: Sydney - Manley, Australia

Nic and Juz left this morning so headed to the cricket with cousin Ben!
After +40 degrees for the past few days not sure what has happened to the weather as raining and cold so play delayed till lunch.....not overly exciting but good batting performance by SA...
Bumped into some fellow Guerns at the cricket so sat with them all day.....
Ben left straight from cricket so back to Manly alone and earlyish night....

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