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Bens and Deb's Adventures

Welcome!!!! Hope you enjoyed these pics almost as much as we did posing in these amazing places and meeting these very cool people.

Photos - Click Below


Amsterdam and randoms

self explanatory...


Lake Louise Camping

A few different shots of camping at Lake Louise tea hut, Moraine Lake, Bens camping at Lake Minnewanka


Egypt Lake 26kms

Very challenging hike but amazing!!!



Shots from Sunshine, Lake Louise, Golden, and Norquay..


Party Nights

A few shots of the end of season "do" at Cascade Ponds and other fun nights in the last weeks in Banff bars.


Banff... Summer

Check us out!

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Recent Messages

From Jo from Freespirit
Hey Doobs and Benson, just checked out your pics, they are wicked. I will have to visit that side of Canada soon!!!
Take care my lovelies, see you in Oz

Jo xxx
From sal,rye&kate
hi guys.All here checking out the photos. Sal wants to go travelling again! Hows uk treating you? Rye's got a great job, and loving it.Got himself in the paper the other day(just some research thingy but now he thinks he's famous!) He went 4 his first seaside swim the other day and nearly drowned, but it's all fun.
From Jade & Matt
Hi Doodiehead and Bens,
Where are the latest photos. Did the camera not work in UK? Have salon in sight and ready and waiting the next victim. Are you two working hard to pay off the credit cards? When are you shouting everyone a trip to where ever you are?
From Theresa
Hello my lovelies!
Just wondering what your response is when a pommy says "you awright". I think it took me about 6 months to figure out that they didn't really give a damn about how I was and to stop saying "yeah, I'm alright thanks".
Hope London Town is as fun as you hoped it would be.
A word of warning is to not fall asleep, pissed on the last bus or train. Coz you'll be shit outta luck when it comes to getting home and the tube could have gone from one end of the line and back again without you even knowing. Speaking from experience!
Miss you guys!!
Love Theresa
From carsten
hey kids how you two doing in pommy land? how was vancouver I and how was the trip to uk? we just came back from a night out at bryant creek, it was about half way to the big A, but we didnt really get to see it, no bears but so that was good. so whats the weather like over there? getting colder and colder here, only about 1 week of work left, shit yeah, looking for holidays now, anyway have a ball and a couple of warm beers for us, later from the mountain man!!!!
Response: heya! wow we miss u too! We are in Blairs wine shop helping.. sand the floors! We both got jobs today.. seein Barnes/Cath tmzza. Write u a proper email soon lub youz
From blair
what is up with the ad for amnesty international. aren't they a bunch of whinging communists
ps hi david and di
From David & Di
Hi Guys
Just been through your photos , so good and a great web site, just need to put a few more photos on it but I guess that now you have your new digital camera it will be so much easier. Great to see all the fun you are having keep enjoying yourselves love you both, D&DXXXX
From jilly willy
hey kids!!!
good to see ur doing well tho im offened there are no photos of me on there who the hell wants to look and gorgeous mountains when u can look at me!!!hahahahahahahaha love ya work see u in perth
From Dave & Kylie
Hey you too! WOW Sooo jealous brings back some great memories of Canada. Happy B'day Bens. Looks like you are having an amazing time - stoked for you! Do you have a no. in UK we can call you on yet? Speak to you soon I ope. Luv Dave & Kylie xxx
From Tonyboy
Benson you are a f*ckin' animal!!!!! You better come back to canada and rip it up on the mountains soon!
From Dave and Kylie
Beno and Deb, How are you kids??? You look like your having a lot better time than we have had down here for winter. Take Care and speak soon.
From Ernie
Hi! Deb & Bens,
Great pics, so you had lots of fun and adventure during your stay in Banff. Cool shots. Congratulation to both of you.Sent me news when you get home. Anyway, nice working to both of you. Take care!
From Kelly
Look I'm sorry - but is that shot of that lake - 'M' something -real!...still spinning out!
From Kelly
Wow!! Oh my god these look so awesome! I can't believe you are able to see these sights in person - they're dream like!!!! You both look very happy and like you're having heaps of fun!!!!Love you!!!
From Mich & Keith
Hey you guys,
Pics look awesome!!! Glad you had such a good time in Canada. Have a ball in England. Love ya both talk soon.
From Meagan
Hi Deb and Bens!
you guys look like your havin so much fun! im jealous! :) you guys look so happy its great to see some photos finally! keep smiling!
miss ya heaps xx
Response: Thanks bub!!! Miss you more... hope your happy and can't wait to see you overseas xxooo
From Larra
Hiya Deb! Thanks for sending the photo link. You must be having so much fun!! All those beautiful photos make me want to go on an adventure! Good to see you are so well & happy! Lots of Luv Larra
From Jono
Deb... you guys suck!!! Thats so not fair!!! Oh well! have fun and take care...
From nicole and dave
hey deb
the scenery there looks sooooo amazing! how much longer will you be there for? keep in touch buddy! love ya heaps:)
From hannah
hi, just checking out the web site...very cool..see you guys soon. cant wait. hannah
Response: Wish you were on it! We should hav a digi camera by the time I see you so you should be on it in no time! muah xxooo
From Matt and Jade
You guys look like you're having too much fun! Thanks for leaving the link Deb, and Bens, be carefull snowboarding, looked like a steep slope!
From Kelly
These are cool!! I'm so glad I can see you!!! I can't believe how long and dark your hair is!!!!! I miss you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much - it was fantasitc hearing your voice - you sound so happy!
Love you heaps = keep up the photos - I've already saved this page to my favourites menu!!!
Love Kelxoxoxoox
Response: Thanx bub!! I think my hair must look darker in the shots as its much the samereally! We are gona buy a digiatal camera so there should always be new ones too! xxooo