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Welcome to DEE's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Monday, 27 March 2006

Location: hong kong, Hong Kong

Hi Guys,
Well my time has nearly come to end and my trip is over :-(. If I have inspired anyone who has read my pages to see the world or Oz then all I can say to you is going and doing it.... NOW
Signapore was really good, an amazing city, all they love to do is eat and shop, my kind of town. It was very hot in the mid 30s, and very humid but very green they call it the city in the park. I have to say I am very cold here in Hong Kong only 21 at the most. My tan is fading fast, far too much cold weather. But hey I don't know why I'm worried according to your weather you will only see my face and hands as its soooo cold... lol
While I was in Singapore I did various trips to get to see the isand I went to see the merlion statue, Thian Hock Keng Temple, gem stone factory and the national orchid garden.
The second night I went to the night safari, it was really good you go round in a tram ride and go past all the animals, and you can get off and do walking trails. I ended up talking to a mother and son from NZ (which I find I do a lot now just talk to strangers, more than I did before Kim). I'm sure the mother kept calling him ETHEL, Here Ethel look at that!!! I'm really hoping that his name was Ethan and it was her accent that made it sound like Ethel. He was a big strapping guy. Otherwise his Dad may have been a Johnny Cash star and was thinking along the lines of Boy named Sue... I wasn't brave enough to ask! While on the walking tour I went into the various enclosures and I saw a flying squirel AWESOME watching it fly I was then feeling very very brave and went into the fruit bat enclosure. There I am looking up and around saying where are they next thing this huge bat is in front of me hanging from a branch. Well I shout out its huge, obviously wake up the poor thing, it flaps itsd wing and you can;t see my arse for dust, I ran straight to the exit. All I can say is dracula has a lot to answer for!!!
On my second day I went to Sentosa island and met a aussie mother and daughter who had just been to england. There worst day for the cold and wet was yes you guessed it in Greenwich!. The island is very beautiful and I went to the aquarium and on the sky rail which was massive.That night I done the eve city tour and we went for a meal at the wQuay, very nice the food was brought out on hot stones, and basically you cooked your own steak. It was very nice but could have done with a plate of chips to go with them!!!! We then went to Raffles and I had my singapore sling, very tasty could get use to them. Its strange in the long bar you have a very beautiful building and its tradition to throw your monkey nut shells onto the floor. So they are everywhere and you end up walking on them just can't help it. When I had mine I put the shells in the ash tray and they come along and throw them on the floor!!!
Well not in Hong Kong and I have to say I like the cityu but not the people, they are so abrupt and rude to you, and stare at me lots, maybe its the height not sure. I've been to few market and that is a test in its self they hassel you so much... But I've enjoyed getting a bargin off them. They say 60 you get them to 40 dollars and then I walk away and tink its onlt 3.50!WEIRD
Iwent on the eve meal to the 62nd floor but it was really crap weather so you mainly saw mist not the buildings whioch was a shame, but i did meet a really nice Scotish couple who I went shopping with yesterday. Well Betty went for a coffee and Colin and I went to the market..I have been round the city, on a sanpan (small boat) and up to the peak, but again not great views. Well I fly today and will be back with you all tomorrow in the UK.
I have had the best trip and have great memories and made great friends.
All I can say is it has been f--kING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Well I hope you have enjoyed reading my travel entries and looking at my photos. I'm in the most computer city in the world and can't find anywhere to put my photos on disc.... so they will go on later for you all to look at, saves me boring you with all my disc's.
Well thats it, see you all soon Love Dee x x x x x x x x

Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Location: singapore, Singapore

Hey guys,
Well I have landed safely in Singapore, must say that Singapore airlines have been the best flight so far. I had the whole row to myself of three seats and the food and huge supply of alcohol they supplied was brilliant.
Well since my last message I celebrated Paddy’s day, it ended up being a very good night. I went to a pub called Bridie O’Reillys and left there some time after 3am; photos will follow in due course guys. It ended up with six of us from the hostel but started with 12 but some wanted to go to a non-Irish pub, well that just wasn’t an option for me!!! I cannot believe but for my very first paddy’s day I did not hear the wild rover, who said the Ozzie’s know how to party!!!
Well on the Sat Simon came and picked me up and we went to Torquay to his caravan park. It was an awesome beach, again photos will follow and good to catch up with Si. Also nice to spend time with the locals, he showed me how to put a bet on in the local pub. I must say all those who like a bet would love the system here you don’t even leave the bar!!! On the Sunday we drove to the 12 apostles about 3 hours (a short distance in Oz) and yes you know what’s coming they were f--king awesome. It’s amazing that was where the shoreline started and through erosion all that is left is the apostles. It was strange having a beer with Simon in Melbourne seemed very normal.. Although we were the other side of the world.
In the Monday I went to the Neighbours tour in the morning, all the brits have to go and see Ramsay Street. It’s a really tiny street although the photos do not show it, we also saw the school and went to the filming studio… we staked for a while and saw Toadfish leaving. Later that night I went to the games and the MCG s a f--king awesome stadium. The brits didn’t win any gold’s but it was a really good night, just a little cold. I will so freeze at Highbury. It was weird as they had some medal ceremonies from the previous day and medals where given to various countries, yes Australia didn’t win them all, and everyone stands for everyone’s national anthem, very very strange! But hey I entered into the spirit of the games!
Yesterday I spent the day at St Kilda beach, as it finally got warmer, yes just as I am leaving Not Fair! approx 25 still not scorching… My face got a bit of sun, which is good as I was losing my tan after returning to NZ and in Melbourne. Last night I had a drink with a few from the hostel I met three really good mates, Vera, Donna and Anna. I will def see them again when they have finished travelling in a year, life is so not fair! We entered the quiz and won again, really need to speak to Brian and my husband.. We paid nothing to enter and the five of us won five free drinks, bargin. So we were the reigning champions… yay
Have not seen much of Singapore yet but can tell you its bloody hot, very humid. I was very sad to leave Oz and want to go back but will enjoy my last 6 days. Cannot believe I will see you all next week.
Well that’s you all up to date with my news, speak soon
Love Dee x x

Friday, 17 March 2006

Location: MELBOURNE, Australia

Hi Guys, Happy St Patrick’s Day!!
Well I am in Melbourne and its bloody cold, only 19 but am hoping it will get warmer at the weekend, but cold today. I am behaving myself and am saving myself for tonight and not starting to drink too early.
Well I arrived after having to change planes at Christchurch due to a problem with the fuel line, thankfully they realised this while we were on the tarmac and not in the air…
I was a little sad when I first arrived after having such a great time with Mark and catching up with Julia. On Tuesday I went exploring the city and went down to Federation Square and the River Yarra, which is were it all happens for the games. They have these huge metal fish on the river that represent a country, by all accounts England is a Roach!! Go Figure? Tuesday night I made friends in the hostel (see photos) and we entered the quiz night. Jamie was just a fountain of knowledge; well we won five free drinks each so that was pretty cool, and a good laugh. All became friends as we were the champions!
On Wed we all decided to go to the botanical gardens it should have taken 30 mins but as none of us knew the way it took an hour and a half but it was a nice day. That night we went to Alexander Gardens and watched the opening ceremony on the big screens and were right by the river. The fireworks at the beg and end was f--king awesome… so cool over 200,000 people came out to see the opening, I have my ticket for Monday night in the MCG 100 meters men’s final. It was a very good night.At least I can say that I was there!
Yesterday Thursday I went to Philip Island and saw the fairy penguins, sooo cute but no photos as we were not allowed to take any, hurts their eyes!! My first call was to the winery which was a good place to start, very nice wine, have grown to quite like it while here in Oz. We then went to a wild life park and I cuddled a wombat and fed the kangaroos they were mad!!! When we walked through the gate 20 of them came hopping towards us, they were very hungry and quite funny being attacked by them. We then went to Woolamai beach yes you guessed it the views were f--king awesome; I so love the beaches in this country!! We then went to see the Nobbies, someone had a sense of humour when naming these rocks out of the water, and finally we went and saw the fairy penguin. Over 300 of them make there way back to the burrows after being at sea catching fish all day. The fats ones that could not run up the beach were soooo funny. It was really good to see them.
Today I went to Queen Victoria Market, it was huge, didn’t buy much as will have to carry it all home then I went to Melbourne jail, where Ned Kelly was hung!! A really nasty place and they did some cruel things, must have learnt from the English!! But it’s a cool jail a bit scary going into the cells but hey they didn’t lock me in…. Well I intend to go out tonight and get very drunk and meet lots of Irish. I spoke to Simon last week and we are going to Torquay for the weekend and we will drive up the Great Ocean Road. It will be good to catch up and see the sights.
Well take care guys, will write soon
Love Dee x x x

Sunday, 12 March 2006

Location: CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand

Well guys, at last you have another entry,

I am having a yes you guessed it…. f--king awesome time, just getting very upset that time is now going soooooooo fast and it won’t be long before I am back it very cold dark crowded London, but the plus side is I will get to see you all again….

Well as you know I was in Sydney when I last wrote to you all. I had the best time, Mark and I got on really well which made it even better. It was nice to actually do things worth someone after spending so long looking at many awesome sights on my own. While we were in Sydney we went to Manly really cool beach town and went up to North Head. And the gap, had the best view of Sydney. We went to Darling Harbour a couple of times for breakfast and an eve meal, which was such a laugh after drinking three bottles of wine….. we visited the gap and Mrs Macquarie’s point, we visited the rocks and circular quay. I really did cram so much into such few days, but didn’t do the bridge climb just ran out of time, but hey gives me a reason to go back ;-) The weekend we arrived was gay & lesbian Mardi Gras on the sat night, oh wait till you see the photos!!!!! It was just crazy, over ½ million people come to Sydney to watch the parade and there really was some sights, a very good but weird experience…. The photos will give you more of an idea of how crazy it really was. On the Sunday we done the jet boat, which I wanted to do in Queenstown but it had broken down… it was so mad going around the harbour passing the opera house at neck breaking speeds and doing 360-degree spins, jumping the waves and getting absolutely soaked.. real good fun!!!!
Di d you know that in Sydney there is a Greenwich, Woolwich, Lewisham and Blackheath and Lewisham is a shit hole in Sydney also!!!! CRAZY….Its mad walking down Oxford Street, which is the gay capital no shopping there!!! Kings cross is the same as London, but Hyde Park is not as big as ours!!
Mark and I flew into Christchurch late Monday night and after being questioned my intentions (not by Mark, but by immigration….) they did let me back in, another stamp for the passport tho yay!!! It’s been bloody cold here only bloody 19°. I got to see the football f--kING AWESOME through to the next round, if memory serves me right I did say that it COULD happen. Am gutted that the next game is on the 28th day I fly back not the 29th. It has been so good catching up with Julia and the kids, nice to see them all again, very weird coming back to somewhere I have visited and not somewhere new!! I have been out catching up with Julia and had a few beers and been out with the kids. Also went round Christchurch and looked at all the shops and Canterbury Cathedral. Mark and I went to Hamner Springs lots of hot pools, steam and sauna, Kim you would soooo love it. The pools range from 34 to 41, but the smell of sulphur was sooo gross, it tarnished all my rings but have cleaned them today!!! We also went up to the mountains today and Sumner, the views were yes you know it f--king awesome!!!! It’s such a cool way to spend Sunday sitting by the beach sipping a nice glass of red wine while the sunsets.
It has been wonderful and although I am looking forward to Melbourne the Commonwealth games, St Patrick’s Day, Great Ocean Rd etc etc I am sad to leave NZ, Mark and Julia. I have to go back to a hostel, new town, and a new place, but hey that’s what this whole adventure has been about…. So you will get an update shortly and I will load photos when I have a chance lots to put on for you all to view.
Just in Case I don’t put an entry on before Friday,,, HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY!!! MAY YOUR HANGOVERS BE HUGE x x x x x x
Lots of Love Dee x x x

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From Michael
By the time you see this you will be in the UK. You wont be seeing me for a while but I cant wait til I come home myself. Nice to know your back in the country safe and sound.

All my Love Michael xxxxxxxxxxxx
From Kay
I have been reading your messages. You seem to be having a wonderful time. All good things come to an end. Keep in touch when you get home. Love Kay
Response: I will I promise, my personal e mail is, as I don't have yours.
From Jude
Oh honey!! God love you, how in gods name will you adapt to normality again?? Looking forward to seeing you though...J xx
Response: I know its going to be a huge shock to the system!!! will just book my next trip to keep me going lol x x
From Dermot and Sue
You think its cold there, well its blooddy freezing here- coldest Paddys day I can ever remember. We all had to keep warm in Hardy's- Sue and I worked and Peter was in Ireland and sacked the new bar man- but we still had a good laugh and the gang were all on form, mad Maj won the most drunk award.Got your text, glad to hear my song is so popular even is Aus. hope they got the words right.Will be back to leave a massage after we beat Arsenal today- come on the Addicts
Response: so you won't be sending me any more messages then dermi... ha ha ha
From Darryl
Have f--king awesome St Paddy's Day!

(or, having just worked out the time difference, have a f--king awesome day-after-St-Paddy's Day! I'll give Highbury my best regards from you when I'm in the away end tomorrow...)
Response: so did you have fun at highbury!!!
From Brian
Happy Paddy's Day!

An bhfuil tú ar meisce fós?

Response: you too, hope you had a huge hangover x
From Kim
You old tart!!!!!!!! The count down has now begun ha ha ha ha - Dan is awaiting your return with great joy!!!! and lots of work!!!!!
Response: you are a very very nasty lady, i had a nightmare last night about coming back, i left after three days!!
From Lynne
If you say Awesome once more you're in trouble!!!!!!!
Response: can't help it everything here is f--king awesome
From Dave
AWESOME 1st goal by TH, AWESOME bacpass by Gerrard 4 TH's 2nd, AWESOME win, only 2 points behind Spurs.....AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
Response: totally mate, saw the goals, f--king awesome
From Dan
ok, so your in the last 8 of the champions league, i'd call it boring, you'd probably call wicked, excellent or maybe F**king AWESOME, you sound like a proper sheila. Sounds like your having fun Dee, make the most of it, there's not long left. Please dont chew my ears off all the way home from the airport, still waiting on a time!!!!!!!!
Take care xxxxxxx
Response: hey u, it was f--king awesome, i frightened Julia's daughter and the dog with my shouting. Will e-mail details soon, promise x x x
From Subs
Well done to the Gunners, hope you got to watch the match?
Response: yes I did, so f--king happy!!!!
From Brian the ex-Quizmas
It all sounds rather... what was the word? Begins with 'A'... Two syllables... Usually written in capital letters... Nah, can't think of it.
Response: f--kING AWESOME MATE!!!!
From Dave
Fink you shud stop communicating wiv Spurs fans!! Won't be laughing wen they cum forth and we win Champions League, cos we then take there place..Ha ha!! Anyway we wos...ow u say it....AWESOME on Sat. Don't undastand wot the probelm is..I've been to four away game and we've won them all!! Real Madrid on Weds, if memory serves me right there's a big sports bar at Darling Harbour..shud av game on. R u going to climb harbour bridge?
Response: I missed doing the bridge climb ran out of time,,, am in NZ for a week now and have just watched the game YAY!!! Hope we play 29th as i will be home for that not the 28th when i fly!!
From Tony
We're still five points clear!!
Response: soooooooo not funny!!! not over yet
From husband
hi how are you doin finally got through to the web site only took me eight weeks aol messing me about with broadband spctacular photos and views no stopping me now that im finally in speak to you soon lots of love hubby xxx
Response: at last you took your time getting in touch. Better late than never!!
From Juliette
Hi Dee.
Juliette here (fun in Noosa). Glad you are still having fun and enjoyed Fraser. Im having fun in Asia now - very different! Keep in touch and see you back home.
Ju xxxx
Response: yes having a blast in sydney, must keep in touch Dee x x
From Pranaye
Wassup Dee
Ahhh, so you are heading to Byron Bay? You'll be gutted to hear that they don't sell fags there so it looks like you'll have to stick to the wacky baccy. Say hello to the clouds for me!
P x
Response: now I've been to Nimbin I know why you love this place
From Tony
We're still five points clear!!
Response: not over yet
From Mags
Now the hotel comments make sense to everyone else too! Glad you enjoyed a bit of luxury compared to the shared dorms - at least there you have company! Keep up the sickening descriptions of blue lagoons etc, sorry AWESOME blue lagoons ... Mxx
Response: oh i will don't worry mate
From Dave Madden
Hi Dee, just returned from our awesome result in Madrid, '1 nil in the Bernabeu'. Gr8 three days away, but nothing compared to ur trip! Thats the only footie highlight we've had recently. Hopefully we're do a Liverpool.....c u in Paris for the final!!!!????
Response: oh i will be there, nice of them to play crap while i'm away
From joan
I see your having a good time bingo when you get back x joan x
Response: yes most def....
From Jude
OH MY GOD!! WOW, WICKED, CRACKING - These are all words will replace awesome!!! Still, glad to see you're fitting in with the locals!!! No news here, cold and miserable. J xxx
Response: Nah sorry just don't cover it only f--kING AWESOME will do!!!
From Michael
Happy Valentines day! Love you loadz!
Response: there was me thinkng you forgot about me
From bina
hi hun

what's this AWESOME business you turning into a Assie!!!!!
Response: fair dimkim, no worries MATE!!!!
From Mags
............. can you tell i'm not talking to you! Sounds fab. Very jealous. wedding photos looked fab and who woulda known the dress was tested for creases! you looked great (hangover or not). glad it all went well. You're not missing much here, its cold, its dry, but the best thing is ... its the weekend! Enjoy time away as much as poss ... your work is like mine and mine's been a right pain this week!!! Hotel room ... bath ... freebies ... mmm!
Response: i glad to hear you have been working hard lol x x x