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DelAska University of Alaska, Anchorage

This site is dedicated to Global Go-First and the volunteers who participate in the ongoing training of youth first responders. GO-FIRST was developed in the wake of September 11th , 2001, to build upon the public’s renewed respect for First Responders as important role models, we bring together students and First Responder mentors from multiple disciplines and duty stations in special camps that combine hands-on training in safety, health and security with character, career and service learning.
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Diary Entries

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Location: Rye, NH, USA

HOSPITALITY! I take this away form the gracious Alaskan EMS personnel. I thank you for your sharing time, experience, education and gifts. One will find no group more cordial and willing to share: Southcentral Foundation, Anchorage Fire Department, Eagle River Fire Department, Learn to Return Alaskan Natives and Native Alaskans.
The Go-Frist kids should be very proud of their accomplishments and contributions. Our future looks bright.
“May the road rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, May the sun shine warm upon your face, The rains fall soft upon your fields and, Until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand.”

Saturday, 04 August 2007

Location: Eagle River, AK, USA

The Eagle River Fire Department, Station 11 of the City of Anchorage hosted or training for this last full day. Training included swift water and technical (low angle) rescue. We were trained in water wear – one piece fleece suit, dry suit, rubber gloves and shoes that looked like mid cut hikers. We wore life jackets and helmets. The water does not run really fast, but faster than one can swim against. The problem is temperature and hypothermia at a chilly 42 º. With the face exposed, it was really a shock, but the adrenaline rush made it quickly go away. While floating downstream, it was difficult to avoid the rocks, but we learned some techniques – on your back feet up and pointed downstream, point your head to the direction of desired travel. The training staff was very professional and safe. They had several back-up systems in place for those who missed the bag tossed, and no one floated to the inlet.

Our next excursion was technical rescue. We worked with the equipment (ropes, carabineer, figure eight, pulley and anchor systems…) to extricate a “victim” from the bottom of a steep embankment. The same equipment used for high angle rescue. The team was outstanding in their effort.

Friday, 03 August 2007

Location: Anchorage, AK, USA

The Anchorage Fire Department (Station 1, or "The Big House") hosted mud wrestling ... I mean Mud Rescue today. Enjoy the pics.
The mud is glacier silt and the equivalent to quicksand. If one is stuck just to the ankle, it is impossible to move. Several mud rescues occur each year, and there have been many deaths from drowning (the average tide is 35 feet) or hypothermia (the water temp in the summer is around 42º.
Rescuers approach the victim on plywood planks, insert a 1 ½ stainless pipe attached to a fire hose. The water can be pumped from a truck or natural supply depending on distance. The water injected around the victim’s legs allows the rescuer to free the victim.
This fire department has 25 dorm rooms, 4 refrigerators, 2 stoves, 2 poles (North and South) a theater seating 20 with a 20X30 screen, sound system and all the toys. Entry level pay is $44K. There are currently no openings.

Thursday, 02 August 2007

Location: Anchorage, AK, USA

Mountain top rescue today, with helicopter rescue. Flattop Mountain (3510’) is the most popular mountain to climb in Alaska. The last 300 meters is all rock and is hand and foot climbing. We carried our rescue gear (litter, backboard, trauma pack, rope, hard hats and more) for 3 hours to the summit. Unfortunately not all completed the climb.
We ran a back injury scenario from primary assessment to helio load. It was a very impressive sight to see the heilo land in such a small area. Hope you like the pics.

We all trained at the international company “Learn to Return” practicing survival skills. The pictures are of their crash cage simulating escape. These guys are unbelievable in their equipment, knowledge and experience and training skills. They train world wide and have made a number of appearances on The Discovery Channel and others.

Wednesday, 01 August 2007

Location: Kenai, AK, USA

Spent the night at a native fishing camp in Kenai sleeping on the shore of the Cook Inlet after a 4 hour drive from Anchorage. Air temp was 48º with a "brisk" wind and the water temp was about 39º. No one went swimming.

At the water's edge, all pcipants added soil and water from there home areas (Myrtle Beach, Chichago, Chile and Alaska) into a native bowl. I brought sand from Rye Beach and water from the Atlantic Ocean. The water I collected was actually a wave I captured when Susan and were at the beach before left, but it was stable by the time I got to Kenai.

Surfers were gathering south of Potter Marsh for the incomming tide. Tide changes through the narrow inlet create a tidal wave 4 to 6 feet high that they can ride in the fridged water for almost 2 miles -- if they don't fall.

Tomorrow we perform a mountain top rescue (Flattop Mountain) where a rescue helicopter is scheduled to land at 7:00 PM our time. I am hoping to get some good photos (if I can make the hike).

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Location: USA


Depart Rye, NH 3:55 AM – arrive Anchorage Alaska 7:15 PM (EST – ANC 3:15 PM)
Beautiful day – mostly sunny, some clouds 68º.
Anchorage is pretty flat and the city is sprawling with the tallest building about 17 stories. The Alaskan mountain range is in the east and several hold snow in the highest elevations.
The EMT and Rescue training facility at ACC is modern spacious and well equipped. They have a large steel frame model of a car with the front seats and a steering wheel to practice extrication. All the rescue equipment is state of the art.
Today is orientation, with most participants arriving except for the Chicago troop. Cristian arrived from Chile last night.
We check in at UAA tonight.
I hope to have photos tonight.
My best to all.

Friday, 27 July 2007

Location: Rye, NH, USA

I have set up this site in an effort to provide updated information about the Alaska trip. I leave Rye at 4:00 AM Saturday, July 28, 2007, fly to Vagas then Anchorage arriving 3:15 PM (their time). I stay with a host family the first night, camp out Monday then at the University of Alaska, Anchorage dorm.
Very excited here, and I hope you get to check out this adventure.

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Recent Messages

From Tam
Great pictures, cool site! I am so glad a great time was had at the Alaska Camp! Everyone was so fun to meet and I know us Alaskans (and SCF'ers) had a fabulous time!
From Sue Record
”Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
- Unknown
Kudos to all of you who participated in the Alaska Go First Camp! Sue Record
Response: Well stated, Susan.
From Adrian
Hey Del,
This is Adrian I hope your trip back to New Hampshire was relaxing and this site is awesome all the pictures are so cool and well hopefully we'll keep in touch and next year we'll see each other again.
Response: Thanks for the note Adrain --
I will burn all my pics to a CD and send it to you.
It was a real pleasure meeting and working with you.
Best regards,
From Robby O'Connor
I love the picture of us and the caption rules, and it looks like you got some pretty important people looking at this page. and with more pictures of me you'll haqve the number 1 picture for the rest of your life =)
Response: You are the man, Robby.

I am home now, plese keep in touch.

Great job!

From Rob O'Connor
Thanks for the updates and the great snaps .The gang at work are impressed /want to go next year.I'll check in again tomorrow .
Rob O'C
Response: Thanks Rob. Swiftwater rescue today.

From Jody
I am SO psyched you made the climb!!!! That is awesome. But how are you now going to say you cant walk on the beach with Sue??
Stay safe.
Response: Beach walking is on soft sand, and my climb was "hard".

Love ya,

From Noel Gould
We are honored by your life and mission joining, teaching and encouraging our work in the Mission of Life. We are very thankful for your gifts and strengths, which come through so clearly in this journal and will reach so many by your work and this record of The Record. God Bless you and your family and keep sharing your leadership with us, Noel
Response: I am only one litte guy, trying to the best I can with the limited skills I possess.

But I am having fun doing it.

Thanks for the opportunity.

From mary o'connor
thanks, Del
Response: I hope Noel gets a chance to see this. It may be a good vehicle for other Go-First expediations.
Great job with the team, Mary.

From Robby O'Connor
Hey Del this site rules you'll e that number 1 picture soon enough

=) =

Response: Thanks Robby,

Great job on the mountain yesterday. Keep up the good work -- GO-FIRST!

From George
Beautiful Country! I know you are in your element. Are you looking for land to build yet??
Stay safe and we look forward to the stories when you return.
Response: Hey George,

Great to hear from you. I have taken a ton of pictures. By far\ yesterday's adventure was the best with the helicopter landing on Flattop Mountain. The climb was tough, but I made it.

From Candy
Wow, this is sooooo cool, I feel like I'm right along with you. Can't wait until tomorrow. Pics are great. I'm going to forward this to George. He will love it. Thanks for sharing!!
Response: Thanks for the visit, Candy.

It is very cool to stay connected and share some of this adventure. George did send a message, I really appreciate it.

From Bob Monahan
Hey Ranger, We think what you are doing is tremendous and will certainly be extremely beneficial to all of us who take advantage of Gunstock Mtn.. Have a safe week. The Monahans
Response: Thanks Bob -- tomorrow is the test. Read my journal!
From DJ
Hi Dad,
Photos look great. Hope things are going well. Beck landed in Vegas 3 hours late last night. At 7 pm, when she arrived, it was 106 degrees. Glad the facilities are nice. Have a blast,
Response: Thanks Deej -- tomorrow is the test. Read my journal!
My love to Emma and Beck.
From Jody
Response: Thanks Jody
-- tomorrow is the test. Read my journal!
From John
What time is sunrise and sunset this time of year?
Response: We have 20 hours of daylight now. Sunset about 11:30 PM and sunrise about 3:30 AM losing 10 minutes per day.
Don't think I could do winter darkness.
From Bob
Glad you had a safe trip. Remember Griz love snickers - keep the candy bars in the dorm.
Response: SNICKERS - NICKERS! You can't fool em.

This beautiful country, Bob. And I have seen much of it yet.

Take Care, Del
From ken sterner
Have a ball. Catch some silvers. And don't miss the F-street bar and grill. ken
Response: Hey Ken,

Check out the salmon on the photo site.
This beautiful country. And I have seen much of it yet.

Take Care, Del
From Paul Kiely
Hi Del - Alaska is like no other place in the world! It defines the meaning of "big". My daughter, Erin, works for the Alaska Bird Observatory, based in Fairbanks. She has spent the last 3 summers in the Denali/Fairbanks area. If you'd like some recommendations on hikes/sights/natural wonders stop in and see her or call her (cell# 603-630-8380). Have a great trip!
Response: Hey PAul,

I can't get my around "big" -- 1 million islands, 3 million lakes; Kodiak Island has 1.9 million square acres of protected wildlife land.

This beautiful country, Paul, and I have not
seen much of it yet.

Take Care,
From Doug
I've been to Alaska, traveling in an RV from SF Calif; one of the best trips ever. I hope you are bringing skis, fly rod and binoculars.
Have fun, be safe.
Response: Thanks Doug.

I have handed out Gunstock stickers to the 24 participants!

This beautiful country, Doug. And I have seen much of it yet.

Take Care,
From John
sounds great. I'm looking forward to reading your journal.....and checking out your pictures.
have fun....
Response: Some pics are up