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MGL does Nihon..

So here I am in Nagoya, Nihon. Working on one of the world's oddest events - the 2005 World Expo.

Photos - Click Below


NZ party in Shiga Kohen

A NZ party in the park across the road from the apartments. All was well until the feds arrived and sent us away at about midnight. they were nice enough though.

These photos are courtesy of Di the Doctor.


Second time in Kyoto

My friend Josh came over for the New Zealand national day at the expo and hung out for a week after. We dis a fun day trip to Kyoto. Didn't take many photos though..


Out of the city trip.

A few days off work turned into an amazing trip into the mountains with my friend Yuki-san. About 5 hours drive into nowhere and we found the other Nihon you rarely hear about.


Tokyo - nuts.

This was Miranda and I taking in the sites of the crazy city of Tokyo. Photos don't really do any sort of justice to intensity of one of the biggest cities in the world. Awesome place.


Papermon goes to Kyoto

Papermon, MGL and Miranda take in the sights of Kyoto.


Travels in Osu

A few photos around the interesting bit of Nagoya

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From Chris E
Hi guys,

Natalie G forwarded on the link to adventures with Papermon - very Cute! Gotta love those Japanese temples in Kyoto aye! (Ahh it brings back memories) Hope Michael, Miranda and Neal are all having a blast in Tokyo or wherever it is you are in that crazy country. (Can't wait to see Miranda in London). Big ups to the NZ contingent in Japan. You rock.
Response: Hi Chris! Nice to hear from you. Hope all is well in London. Maybe we can catch up after this crazy Expo has finished - I'm probably going to come for a Europe visit at some point. All is well here and the NZ crew is doing well.
From Nat
Dear Mig,
We want moose pics!
Response: You want moose. OK.
From Miranda
Hi Boog,
Goog to see your page up and running. Really looking forward to seeing you soon.
XX Miranda
Response: Thanks for visiting boog. It was fun.