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Hey there everyone. Well ive fianally made it over here and starting to get settled. I've put together a bit of a web page so you can keep track of my adventures with pics and stuff. Enjoy and ill speak to you all soon!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 06 July 2005

Location: UK

Ok, so its now week 6. Ive successfully done no travelling, spent hardly any money and have landed myself an unbelievable job. Im working at Harrods 9yes the department store) as a Recruitment consultant being paid £130 a day to do jack shit!! Well not really jack shit but its not exactly a stressful job (for an aussie anyway). All the poms i work with are stress heads ive decided.

So yeah...all ive really been doing are 12-14 hour days at work (worse than danielle at MSAC!!!). Really boring. Dad has been here which has been good. he brought me tim tams, cherry ripe and naturaly confrectionary lollie. May I just add that he brought me enough to last a life time so I dont plan on coming back to australia any time soon!!!

its been good having dad around. We went to the tennis a bit (i know my way around Wimbledon like I do the oz open now!) and ate and drank too much with the amount of times we went out for breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper/mio- rning and afternoon tea, you get the jist!

Anyway ive chucked some more photos on for you all to have a look at. Having an absolute blast, especially with the Deakin crew. Yes Dutchy and Zoe made it here without killing themselves, and birdy, mumbles and i are travelling along just fine trying to keep them on talking terms. Havent seen Matty Riese yet but have spoken to him a bit. oh yeah and Matty Sheilds is here to. Caught up with him at the footy show and the tennis (and yes I got to see Jimmy sing Khe Sahn live).

well id better scoot. need to get these photos on.

Catch ya later

Sunday, 29 May 2005

Location: Wimbledon, UK

Well im finally here. Its taken a long time, but ive finally arrived in London. Im staying with family friends in Wimbledon at the moment which saves me a bit of cash. Should be here for at least another few days but they have a whole lot of Tennis Players staying with them over the Wimbledon tournament so I can make this my permanent residence.

The flight was bloody terrible. I cant say im coming home any time soon because I dont think I could put up with another 24 hours on a plane. Id go insane!!!! I was pretty lucky that I only had a 3 hour stop over in Kuala Lumpur and then I was back up in the air again. Any longer and I literally would have gone insane. I made it through heathrow in about 10 minutes which is absolutely unheard of! I obviously dont look like any form of terrorist. Lucky enough my flight came in an hour late and I missed the traffic from the 4 other planes from Singapore which landed at the same time as I was suppose to arrive.

My first few days consisted of sleep, sleep and more sleep. Then going to the pub(s), sight seeing and more sleep! Its great to catch up with all the MSAC crew which are over here and others I know.

Well at the moment im just job and house hunting. Hopefully that will be done by the end of this week. Cant say i have much exciting news yet except that im safe well and drinking too much. To all the MSAC crew Emma, Carla, Tristan, Sleethy and Kitch say hi and to all the Deakin peoples Mumbles and Birdy are keeping up the tradition and drinking to much £9 a slab stellas. Dutchy and Zoe - hurry up and get over here!! Your sister is also going to kill you as she has fund out that you never tell anyone that she actually exists!!!

Well I hope all is well. I'll keep you all up to date with my travels at some stage. I think im off to paris in a few weeks as well as the greek islands in August so im sure some good stories will come out of that!!

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From Jacqui Ilott
Hey Amanda!
Photos look totally fab - im very impressed, the web page idea is great!! Very enviuos of the warm weather you seem to be enjoying - its hit freezing point here in melb now... Looking forward to lots more of your tales - Jac
Hey mate. Hows things? Hope all is well back at the SAC. I'll keep you up to date will all of my tales as soon as I get back from THE GREEK ISLANDS hey!!