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derek 58

Hi everybody just going to show its possible for us middle aged, can keep in touch via the electronic systems.
Our antipodean adventures should keep you all warm during the cold, wet and mainly dark months of our beautiful English winter.

Diary Entries

Sunday, 06 January 2008

Location: sydney, Australia

Hi everyone thanks for the messages, i can now see how Carl was missing the replys' when they didn't come in, so keep them coming.
We have the great fortune of staying with the best hosts possible who are making the stay here just brilliant.
Well Sydney on saturday was the nuts, first we took the Manly ferry to Circular Quay and as the beaches have been shut for 3 days we knew it was going to be rough but no one had told us we were in for white water rafting on a ferry boat, when we got to The Heads (the gap out to sea ) we met with probably 30ft swell and the poor old ferry was getting bounced all over and as you can imagine, mum doesn't like that but we got to shore okay if not a little stirred. We trawled The Rocks, done the bridge, walked through the city to Scruufy's, Cockle wharf and Darling harbour (mum said we had been to Darwin harbour) so i explained it was like 4 hours away. We walked back to the quay for an even worse ride back on the ferry (but good fun really). We had a terrific Barbie back at the house and drank rather large Quantitie's of Quality wine to go with the monstrous amount of food.(we may have to get some shipped if its an acceptable price).
Sunday we do an hour in the spa for full scale catch up of all news young and old from England and i got cooked (forgot to put on the 30 block) , we then trekked down to Manly round the scenic walk route which took us about 2 1/2 hours getting fried as well again, done lunch and then went to the surf beach which was pretty damn cool as the waves were massive (beach closed again ) but all the lunatic surfers were out there. Pictures coming soon. Going to have a quiet night in tonight with take away and refresh the body. Should be back in rest of city tomorrow and on to Clon Tarf beach on Tuesday. Don't get too burnt at home by the wind.(ha.ha.) Speak to you soon.

Thursday, 03 January 2008

Location: Hong Kong

Just geeting ready for airport for the flight to Sydney, looks like we've got shit seats but tough eh!.
Will be able to spend more time on line at Tim & Mandy's because i'm sure they will have a mega P.C. and we will phone when in Sydney after checking on your time.
Will be posting photos when in Aus.
It's Goodbye for today and G'day cobber for tomorrow.

Wednesday, 02 January 2008

Location: Hong Kong

Well here we go, It all started at Heathrow with an enormous flight with no sleep and not much room for the legs.
No real dramas to report on flight so onto H.K.
Through customs in a flash, baggage took a while but not too bad.
Greeted by our company for the trip to hotel only for some absolute lunatic who had totally banged the head to start talking to mum and shouting the place down, well the cops arrived and chased him round the airport terminal for about 15 mins to keep us amused.
Trip to hotel o.k.and then into the throng of people for the first foray to the shops.
The amount of people around is amazing you just struggle to get to grips with it and mum gets the panics every now and then.
We have done the tailor bit and nailed every shop in H.K. eat in almost all the roads we've been down and basically mum's feet are shot(she just can go the pace with me when it comes to walking the streets).
Gadget shopping tonight on my own i think.(mail me if there is anything i should be looking for) i will read mail before i go to bed.
Quiet night in our hotel restaurant tonight after i've been out gadget hunting.
I'll send you Darran's phone no. so you can ring him for me and get him to send me mail so i have his address.
This is a bit poor because of the lack of excitement but when we get to Aus. it will explode into a fervour of class literature.

Tuesday, 01 January 2008

Location: Hong Kong

Just got into site after composing rather lengthy mail.
Will post tomoz.

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Recent Messages

From Wendy
Alright Mum and Dad, by now you sould be in Perth - nice to talk to you the other day Charlie was chuffed but a little confused. Have found a Nursery for him and he has a place from 7/april so feel a bit more relaxed now about that. Meant to say i'm doing Paul McKennas "i can make you thin" and it's going really well not a diet at all and have lost 7 lb in 2 weeks i have to have 20 mins of his cd each night which pretty much sends me away with the fairys but it's worth it! Anyway look forward to your posting soon - get some pictures on!
Wendy x
Response: Youv'e always been away with the faireis haven't you. Ha Ha.
From Faye
Hope to see pics once you get access to the internet. Dans sent you an email with a video attachment of the kids, hope it works. Looking forward to hearing from you. Take care X
Response: Seen them .chuffed.
From Emma
Hi Derek and Elaine

I hope your having a lovely time and lathering on the factor 50!!! Have spoken to M & D and they have asked to pass a message on that they've organised a BBQ on Sunday the 20th which they would love for you to go to so you can experience the real thing -as opposed to cooking bangers in the rain alla english summer!! Enjoy xxx
Response: Hi Em. Spoke to your Pa. on thursday eve. and will be speaking again on Friday to organise the weekend activities.
Just started exploring Perth.
Cheers derek.
From Faye
Hi sent you a couple of emails to both yours and mums personal email addresses but not sure if you have got them as havent heard back. Wends said you replied yesterday so you must have got hers. Let me know either way.
Take care Faye x
Response: got them all thanks
From derek58
hi mate played shit today thinkin about giving up and becoming a shoperholic like claire so we can just go shoppin all the time as this is the only thing that makes her happy so you know wat they if you bet them join em.Pompey won 1.0 nuggent got the winner at ipswich and united srapped throw 2.0 at villa.wat u been upto.
Response: Cheers for the news. Even if you take up shopping for a living Claire will do you. Keep swinging mate. Looks like you sent me 2 messages.
From Wendy
Hi Mum and Dad,

Can you tell which of your children is the busiest and has finally gotton round to sending you a msg! Everythings fine here...Charlie's missing you esp. his Nanny Elaine but he understands that you are busy seeing the kangaroos. Your missing loads here, 100 hospital wards closed through norovirus, threat of snow but just rain instead and chaos on the railways but hey only 3 weeks and you'll be back in this joyful country!
Anyway take care
Love Wendy , Jim and Charlie x (oh and the mutts! - who don't seem to missing you that much!!!)
Response: Cheers sounds like your having a whale of a time in that beautiful country of ours.
Say hello to Charlie & keep the news coming.
From OLI
Just to let you know that I have delivered T.V. to Carl, seemed v. pleased with it, looking forward hear what you think to Aus.
Speak Soon
Response: Cheers for that you'll have to mail me on regular e-mail get Carl to give you address then i'll have yours to send you mail.
Aus so far been brill walked Elaine of the feet today so tommorrow might be easier.
has the horse been named because they all asking me about it out here.
Hope all is well at home speak soon.
From darran
Hi buddy been reading your expliots sounds good sent you an email at your email address all is good keep me posted on the golf stuff speak soon bud
Response: Cheers blue, keep reading the blog will get better from now.

Just checked the weather for Sydney and it looks considerably warmer than here. Yesterday was very,very cold and it snowed over some parts of England. In fact, we were meant to have some but didn't happen. Hope Sydney is the same as I left it! I didn't think much of the shoppng there but I know you both have an internal radar that can seek out the best shops. Anyway, try and go for lunch in Scruffy Murphys, think it's on the corner of Goulburn and George St, near Darling harbour and off Kent St. Steak, chips and a pint for about 8 bucks! Just in case you've overspent on the budget. Sunday looks like it'll be a nice day there. Maybe do a sunrise bridge walk, then nip off to Manly. There is a good walk from the point to Manly beach if mum can handle a bit of a long one. Coogee is also meant to be decent and may be nearer where you're staying. Ferry ride from the CBD to Manly is pretty nice and you'll get some good photo's.

Anyway, Faye has severely done her back in. I had to use the van to take her round the doctors so she is off work now. She's not far off looking as bad as you did Dad. Jim has gastric flu so i'm steering clear. Otherwise all is fine. We're keeping the house in good shape and i've got a little DIY project to here. Tax disc has come.

Keep well and enjoy Aus

Response: The budget is always under pressure with mum around so we might try Scruffy's. We've already decided on sunday for Manly and e few of the other little beach's. Tell Faye to just take it easy and try and relax a little.
Be careful not to chop any fingers off or anything like that. Will update soon.
From Faye
Hope the flight is okay. Look forward to seeing some pics! Take care x
Flight fine but no sleep so absolutely knackered.
Great to see Tim & Mandy again.
From Carl
Aha, first name on the search and am assuming that this derek 58 is my dad! Don't see Faye's message on here anywhere so I guess i'm the first. Anyway kee penjoying yourself and I want to hear som Bill Bryson-esque stories soon...
Response: Unlucky Faye has done you but i cocked up the reply.Will be posting first major epic storyline tomorrow, make sure you dont lose sleep waiting for it.
If you got my earlier mail send return to my mailbox. Don't miss opening foray into the faar east drama.
From Hollie
To Nanny and Grandad,
I hope you have a good time and I miss you. I was crying earlier today becaue both my nanny's and grandad's have gone away on holiday.
Love Hollie
Response: Hi Hollie won't be that long before were back.
It's great out here and we've only just started.
See you soon.
From Faye
Just leaving my email address so that you have it. Have a good flight and we''ll speak when you are in Hong Kong. Say hi to mum and tell her to remeber her large Bacardi's may help her sleep! Take care x
Editing my original, only 3 days late, never mind. Look out for first blog tomorrow.