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Sail Away With Dia!

Welcome to my Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read and get jealous about. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them! Enjoy my happy sailing stories and I miss you all!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 01 April 2008

Location: Toronto, Canada


Ok ok ok, I know I've been slacking but give me a break, I just got back late last night. I have to post my pictures from Argentina and from the Destiny so give me a week or two and I'll have everyone up to date with all my travels. Keep checking in on this page or I'll let you know when there's something new and exciteing but I think it's time to stay home for a while. Don't get me wrong, I still have the travel bug and I will till the day I die but some good home time is well needed. Talk to you all in a bit.

Saturday, 08 March 2008

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Home Sweet Home!

Finally home and I’m loving it! It’s so great to sleep in my own bed, eat my mom’s food and best of all be with family and friends. I almost died when I saw how big Teresa and Nicole’s belly’s got but it’s fantastic! It’s the most amazing thing to see a life grow inside of someone who’s so important to you. I’m only home for a few days and then I’m off to Argentina with my sister but it will only be for 2 weeks. My birthday was on Saturday and what a fantastic night. It was just how I wanted, drinks, music and the people who are important to me right by my side. I know that sounded lame so don’t get me wrong, it was a disaster of a night. Call the ruki police cause we was crunk! There was barfing and inappropriate make outs, flips, dancing, goose, short shorts and 40 empanadas. The only way to end an amazing evening. I’ll put pictures up for you but nothing to get excited about. The night was so good that we only remembered to take photos before we got out of hand. After a few jaggers and the goose there was no camera’s in sight and I’m thinking that was a good thing. There was only one thing missing from my birthday this year and that was all the great friends I had to leave behind on the ship. I miss you all and you were there in spirit. Or should I say “spirits” cause that’s what I was drinking for you all night!!!!!! Other than that it’s been chillin time back home. The snow is in full effect but everyone keeps telling me it’s not that bad. I guess after you miss 2 winters everything feels cold. It does look really beautiful though. I had 9 loads of laundry and now that it’s all done I have to pack all over again. It’s going to be nice to just stay home for a while once I get back. I had my first Monday night dinner since I got back and it was everything I remembered. Great company, delicious food, arguments, laughs, the funniest and cutest kids around and of course full belly’s.
I hate that I’ll have to miss 2 Monday's again but I look forward to being around on a regular basis again. I’m telling you these kids melt your hearts and make you pee your pants at the same time. From Nicky’s sweet face and hugs, to Alana telling me she missed me “SO MUCH,” to Jacob’s beyond adult sense of humour. When I asked him if he got good gifts for Christmas he answered me, “Oh boy did I ever!” The night couldn’t have been better. That’s it on the home front for now but my last few days in Miami were definitely adventurous. My original plan was to sign off the Freedom, spend 2 days in South Beach and fly home. I hadn’t seen my friend on another ship in a long time so we decided that I would cruise as a guest on his ship cause it only does a 4 day run. So the plan changed to 2 days in South Beach still, 4 days on the Fascination and then I would fly home on the 22nd. That happened, just not how I expected it to. I know what you’re thinking already, always an adventure with Dia. Well it’s true, nothing ever goes as planned in my world but in the end everything turned out ok. When I went to sign off the ship on Saturday morning immigration didn’t want to let me. I started to panic but thanks to my fantastic boss he figured out a way to get me off the ship. I had to vessel transfer to the ship I was going to anyways on Monday. So my sister surprised me in South Beach and we had a great weekend minus the weather. Then Monday morning I joined the Fascination as a crew member but only for 4 days. It was very funny cause everyone was confused. I worked a little bit to help out where I could but otherwise I was just cruising. I spent some time with my friend Francesco and Natalia and then I came home Friday night to my mothers fantastic food and company. I’ll post some pictures from my sisters visit and from the other ship too so you can see all the fun we had. That’s it for now and I’ll try and post some stuff from Argentina otherwise check back in 2 weeks for another update.
Since I’m home, now I can really say, “see you soon!”

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Location: Toronto, Canada


Well I managed to get the rest of the photos up there until my last day on the ship. They're not in the right order but at least you can see everything. I don't have much time to write about all the stories but the photos should speak for themselves. My last week on the ship was great. Marcus came to visit so it was fun but I got sick as a dog. I lost my voice and was in the infirmary a lot but I managed. Poor Marcus had to party some night with the crew cause I was stuck in bed but I don't think he minded. Sarah's B-day was a disaster in it's own. I think we ran that disco. There must have been more crew members than guests. St. Marten was supposed to be a beach day which it was just minus the sun. It rained like crazy so we took the drinking approach. That day was probably one of the best days off the ship. My going away bash was a surprise but not just for me. Everyone who planned it didn't think I would show up so drunk that I could hardly stay for an hour. I ended up in my bed, passed out till someone woke me up for the Valentines Day party. It was all in good fun and I miss everyone so much. Hope you all enjoy the photos and there are a few more to come from South Beach.

Saturday, 09 February 2008

Location: Miami, USA

Outta Time!

Sorry guys, I thought I would have more time to upload some photos today but time have run out. I need to go for lunch with Ronaldo and then to pick up Marcus. You might have to wait another week for more. See you all on the 22nd!!!!

Thursday, 07 February 2008

Location: Ocho Rios, Jamaica

I’m Coming Home!

Yes you are reading correctly, I’m coming home!!!!! I told you all I would be home before you knew it and I was right. The 2 week countdown has begun. I’ll be back in Toronto on February 18th so just in time for my birthday. Get ready for a good party weekend cause my birthday actually falls on a Saturday for once. No excuses, everyone has to come out…..well except for Teet but we’ll have our own party! I’ve been having fun at all the islands and enjoying my last few stops. I’ll spend the weekend in South Beach again like last time and then I’ll fly home on Monday. I’m trying to think if I’ve missed any story updates for you guys but I’m so excited to come home that I don’t even think anything else matters. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves cause really it was just some crunk and crazy party nights. My friend Fiona left last Saturday which was really sad but since I’m leaving soon it’s not so bad cause we can see each other soon again I’m sure. Me, Krysta and Gabri went to Playa del Carmen this Monday and it was fantastic. We had the perfect day filled with good food, weather, beach, music, and best of all good company. I decided I’m going to go to Argentina with my sister when I get home for our birthdays so I think I’ll be leaving again February 28th for a few weeks but don’t worry I’ll be back. I’ll still post pictures and stories about that trip too for everyone.
So I think that’s it on my end. This will probably be my last update until maybe February 16th so take care everyone and now I can really say “See you soon!”
Hugs oooooooooooooooooooooooo

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Location: St. Thomas, USA

Ok so I lied! At least I tried to get everything up by today.
I really tried hard guys but the internet isn't fast enough today and it's time to get back to work. I'm almost all caught up though, we're only missing a few pics from my sister's trip and new years so for sure within a week it'll all be up and I'll have some new stories for you. Love you all and miss you more than you know :) Hugs ooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Location: at sea, Caribbean


First off I would love to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I know it is long overdue but that’s just ship life. You lose track of time and dates and forget almost everything. I guess like they always say, better late then never. I hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday. I had a wonderful x-mas with sister and Paula and I know most of you won’t believe this but I WASN’T sick! If you know me, that’s amazing for the holidays. But surprise, surprise, I’m sick now. Figures it was going to happen sooner or later. I’ve been doing all the right stuff though and it’s almost gone in under a week. So I know I’ve been slacking with the photos and the updates but I managed to get a few more photos up on Wednesday and I think I’ll have you guys up to date by Monday or Wednesday the latest. Now, without taking up to much of your time I will try to bring everyone up to date. Let’s start with my fantastic visit from my sister. She arrived here a little bit in space cause of a long day of travel and no sleep from work deadlines but by the 3rd day she was right into it. I’m sure my teeny tiny cabin and all the crazy people I work with shocked her but by the end of the week everyone knew her, she was like crew and she didn’t want to leave. By the way T, if you’re reading this the gang says hello and they miss you! We had a week of fun, sleep, no sleep, IBS, to much food, booze and sun! What more could you ask for? Our day in Cozumel was spent swimming with the dolphins, building sand snow men on the beach with crew and a wonderful x-mas eve dinner with almost 30 friends from the ship. A typical Italian x-mas, surrounded by tons of people. Our sea days were spent trying to find each other on the ship, T watching me work, big dinners in the dining room and super club, crew bar drinks, shows and drunken piano bar/disco nights. She even got to experience an entertainment corridor party with munchies and vodka soaked gummy worms. In Grand Cayman we swam with the sting rays and met this cool guy named J from England. We spent the rest of the day with him, Paula and Karel on 7 mile beach soaking up the rays and swimming in the ocean. Our Jamaica day was spent river tubing down white river and then to the beach with Sergio for some last minute sun. If anyone has seen my sis since she’s been back I’m sure you’ll think she’s still white but believe me, she got some great sun. We were all sad to see her go, especially me, and tried to convince her to stay for new years but really I can’t complain. My first x-mas away from home in 27 years and I didn’t have to spend it alone. Thanks T! As for new years, what a night! I never thought I would enjoy it so much but it was defiantly a party. Because we’re in different time zones sometimes we actually got to do 3 new years celebrations. Live concert, New York ball drop and our own balloon drop and all. It was good times, good company and good memories. To top it all off, that week was Paula’s last week on board and we got to spend a fantastic new years together. The end of that week was very sad having to part with Paula once again but when you have something like Paula and I do you know it’s never goodbye just see you soon. Since then it’s just been the regular crew parties in the disco but still loads of fun. I took Mathia and Fiona to Cancun with me last Monday to see Marcella, Robert and the kids. We almost missed the ship coming back, yes again, but the day was well worth it. Fiona and Mathia had never been to Cancun before so they had a blast and I loved seeing Luca and Erica again. We had lunch together, spent time in the pool and ocean (with my new underwater camera!), made sand castle and then some ice cream at La Isla and it was time to come back to Cozumel to catch the ship. Mathia left this Saturday for Italy so it was sad to see him go but Fiona and I will keep in touch with him. Anyways, I’m sure I’ll have some new crazy stories for you over the next few weeks because James and Fiona leave soon and we’ll be having some definite fun before they go. I’m off to bed with my sick roommate Carly, as we try to nurse ourselves back to health. Hug to all of you and here’s to a great 2008!

Monday, 17 December 2007

Location: San Juan, USA

It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas!!!

Well hello again everyone. It hasn’t been that long but a lot has happened. The ship is buzzing with holiday cheer and we’ve already done all our Menorah celebrations and 2 x-mas shows. Paula has 3 weeks left on the ship so we’ve been spending as much time as we can together but with our schedules it’s hard sometimes. And it’s official now, Paula has a man. It was on the DL for a while but she’s out with it now and he’s wonderful. He surprises her all the time with fun stuff and activities which are great and shitty at the same time. Well only shitty for me cause I’m a selfish friend. He takes up a lot of her time and he’s signing her off the ship early cause he’s taking her on a trip around the world. I know, pretty amazing eh! I’m SO happy for her because she’s been waiting for something like this for a while and she deserves it. He’s planning something amazing for her birthday so I won’t get to spend it with her this week but I will have x-mas with her. Speaking of x-mas, I might get the best gift ever for being away from home…….. My sister Tania might come for the week!!!! I managed to score a great deal and if I can find a flight that’s affordable and works for her we’ll be spending x-mas together!!!!!
Since the last time I wrote there’s been crew parties backstage, Noortje’s B-day, James’ B-day, my first time eating at the super club, a new tattoo and party after party. Just to much to write about in detail but I’ve posted tons of photos from all the new stuff and wrote a little bit beside them. Ok fine you’re right, I can skip over the other stuff but not my new tattoo!!! It’s beautiful! For those of you who know me really well you’ll know what it is before I even tell you cause I’ve been wanting it forever. For everyone else, it’s a seahorse underneath my arm pit. Paula wanted to get a new tattoo and we wanted to get it together so she got a tribal design on her foot and I got my seahorse. We did it this Monday in Cozumel. It’s still healing but you can see from the pictures how great they both are. Hope you all enjoy what I’ve been up to. I’ll post some x-mas photos as well so you can see our ship décor and how I decorated my room. Just to give you a heads up, James’ b-day got out of hand along with the backstage party so the pictures should make you laugh. And in case you didn’t know or can’t tell James plays for the other team which made the night even funnier and easier to plan. Paula’s b-day is Dec 20th so I should have a few more updates and photos for you next week as well.
I miss everyone SOOOOO much and I can’t wait to see you all soon. Sorry about the no x-mas cards and gifts this year but I’m watching the $$$$ and to be honest I forgot all my addresses back home. I’d love to see some pictures of the snow even thought I don’t really miss it so if anyone can email me some I’d appreciate it. Off to San Juan tonight and hopefully drinking some wonderful Mojitos with mofongo!
Hugs ooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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From Rob Schieda
Hey Bella,
You look great as always and as always looks like work for you is a blast.
Sending lots of love Rob.
Hoping to go south soon but I really dont know about being on a ship. blah blah barf barf
Response: LOL
What a nice surprise! I agree about the barf barf barf. I wouldn't vacation on a ship but it's great to work on. I'm in Argentina right now with my sis and I'll be in Toronto in another week. Hugs
From Bri
So you're not even at sea, you're actually on land, but somehow I still have to communicate with you over Planet Ranger cause YOU'RE NOT HERE!!!!! LOL It's all good - Hope you're bashing it up in Argentina!! ...and saving some energy for PR & taking it like a wo"MAN"!! LOL - BTW, that's the first thing going on "the bag"!
Loved the new pics! Just a much do you like break dancing now??? HA!
Response: Honestly, jokes!!!! See you in a few weeks
From Ta
What are those pics from your birthday?? You didn't get authorization for those puppies did ya?

Jokes... The Ruki didn't even make it there on time!
Response: hahaha I love it! I think they're jokes. We run the ruki, they no longer exsist!
From sonia varone
Response: whoa! Thanks! Nice to hear from you. I was actually just thinking of you 10 mins ago. hugs
From Lora
Hi Honey!
Guess we'll be seeing you soon and this year we get to celebrate your birthday at home in to....see you soon! hugs and kisses,
aka Lady
Response: Can't wait to see you too!
From Ali
Hola chica, it's one of your fav bartenders back in the T.O. It looks like you are having a great time. Keep it up.. I miss you lots and so does Sabi.. I missed you so much especially when Sabi came to Plaza and we were talking about the big "what If..." you know what I'm talking about... Anyways miss you lots... Analisa misses you too I can't wait for you to see her, she is getting so big....Anyways,, love you lots and I can't wait to see you again...
Response: I can't wait to see her too! I always miss you guys but you know me and my travel bug. Looks like I"ll be home sooner than you thought so get ready for my bday!!!!
From carlos
hi babes im glad u r having fun like always and thats why i love u so much no matter what u r always happy te quiero mucho y te extrano bastante cuidate y no mames way .....oh ya i got invated to go to bermudas for a fight but i cant go but my little brother its going . anyways cuidate i hope to see u soon...carlos
Response: That's wicked news but to bad you can't go. Wish your little bro luck for me. How's the new apartment? Miss you too!
From Ta
Happy New Year Biatch
Response: Same to you Bitty!
From Oscar
Hey Dia happy new year!!!!
Response: Same to you wherever you are!
From stephanie
DDDDDDD what's going on ... hope ur havin a blast ... miss ya.. xoxoxo c u soon
Response: Hey Girl! Always having a blast wherever I am. Miss ya to and I'll see you soon. Hugs
From Magdalena
Hi Dia, just wanted to say Happy New Year hun all the best in 2008... And behave yourself. lol
Response: Behave myself? You know me better than that! hehehe Same to you girl
Cuba soon? I'm in!
I sent you a text on X MASS hope you got it. Hope every thing is good, and hope to talk to you soon!!
Response: I never got your text. That's so weird cause I got everyone elses. No worries. Everything is great just missing you guys and I'm dying to see your belly so take some pictures please. Kisses to you, the buddha and Juls
From hi babes
im glad that u r still having fun ...te deseo que pases un a feliz navidad y un propero ano nuevo tu amigo que te quiere mucho carlos ...este es mi numero cuando regreses me llames ok
6473467914 cuidate y no mames huey
Response: Same to you babe! Miss you and I"ll be home before you know it. Hope you had a wonderful xmas and all the best this new year. Besitos
From Bri
That pic of the bday girl with the condoms on her reminds me of a pic from before we left for Cuba last year!!! JOKES!...always your doing eh D!!??! D EH!!!!!!!
Response: Ha! I forgot about that but how could I. That's jokes! I love it!
From Ta
You getting my texts?
Response: yup i got them. you getting mine? i love them. Send as many as you want
From Daryl
U gonna be in Miami Spring Break 08
Response: maybe. I'm trying to extend so I'll let you know.
From Bri
Hi there - just wanted to let you know that I posted a MISSING FRIEND alert this morning!!! WHERE YOU AT CHICA??! Guess the gossip on The Love Boat's keeping you busy!! :-) Missing you...need some juice, soon time!
Luv Bri
Response: Sorry it's been busy with work but also party and getting as much Paula time as I can since she leaves Jan 5th. I got your message about coming to visit and I'll see what I can do but no promises. Otherwise I'll get you a deal to come for sure in March and it'll be a massive deal hopefully so don't worry. Miss you and everyone else. Another update on the way asap and TONS of pictures.
From Bri
AHHHHHHHH!!! Missing you more now that I just saw your recent shots and read your update!! :( Glad to hear that things are looking up and at least there's no surprise about your nasty uniform this time! LOL. The pics are awesome...looks like you already fit right in...was there any doubt?! LOL! And I never ended up seeing the pics you posted from when I came to visit!...nice!
LOVE the pic of Paula's on call bag!!! And....WHO are those ripped rippers???!! WOW spicy!! - way to make a girl proud!!!...really, who are they?? - hope for your sake one might be in the running to become the new "Edar"! Or for my sake, maybe both!! LOL!! Keep up the good work!! ;-)...and all that hard work better come with some spicy stories!! LOL
K - I need a personal update asap...need to know the juice on the ship before you become carne machinats!! LOL! Say hi to sexy Paula :)..miss her too :(
Love ya...Bri :) xoxo
Response: Miss you too and so does Paula. She leaves this week so I"m so sad but I know I'll see her again soon. We need to work on getting her to Canada. Glad you like the pics and stories. There's a lot more where that came from. Stay tuned
From Lady
Hi Tramp,
Only a couple weeks and you'll be home. Dan had lots of Goose on hand at the Porketta Party...i'm trying to convince him to have another one! see you soon! xoxox
Response: That would rock! See you soon!
From Susie
Hi missy!!!! Gosh it's been awhile....Miss you much to even express in I heard your coming back...whoa...Let the party and I were like ...shit ..she's coming back, were not sleeping ...LOL...anywho ...see ya soon ...and oh yeah I'm heading to cuba again in in case your interested...?lol big muah ...small muah ...and big hug ...small hug..xo's
Response: Did somebody say Cuba????
Of course I want to come. Did you book already? Wait for me! And that's right, get ready to not sleep for a while....Dia's back!
From Kim
Hey girl. Just wanted to say i'm thinking about you and miss you soooooo much!!! When are you coming back to Toronto??
Response: Missing you too! 4 more weeks to go. I'm having a great time but I can't wait to come home.
From carlos
hola espero que te encuentres bien i haven seen any new pictures or any writing about u i hope u r ok anyways i lost 15 pounds and i have 10 more to loose . yeah i forgot i have my first figth in augost 26 very excited anyways my cell phone got damage so i can get i hold of sabrina but hope to see u soon te quiero mucho tu amigo carlos a barrios
Response: I'll be home in 4 weeks and I can't wait to go dancing with you. I've been very busy so not much time to upload pics but I'll try to get some up this week.
From stephanie
Unbelivable!!!!!!!! R u home yet??? lol missing u
Response: ALMOST!!!!see you soon
From toma
hey nena you can call me toooooo!!! i miss you r crazy butt!!!!!!! holla back mi amor
Response: I miss EVERYONE but I'll go broke if I call you all! I'll be home before you know it. Get ready to party with this buttttt!!!!!!!
OK...OOONNNNESSSSTTTLYYYY..............Are you STILL ALIVE????????????????????????????????????What no updates!! no e-mails!! In case you forgot it's me TEET!!! Miss you, want to hear from you.
Response: AHHHHH! I miss you MORE! Every time I tried to call I never reached you. I just sent an email saying I was missing you. Tell me when I can call and we'll talk for an hour if you want. HUGS