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Dicky on tour!

Hello fellow humans. Hope you enjoy me site!.

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 23 March 2005

Not coming home, going to stay in fiji. Paradise!!!!!. Cant tell you much as i dont do much here. Im staying in a resort type place right on the beach front, warm water and beach side bar!. Fantastic place.

Saturday, 19 March 2005

Location: New Zealand

Managed to do the Tongariro crossing in 4 hours, this is a 17k hike over volcanoes, it was excellent apart from it came in misty on the top for a while and rained abit. It cleared out tho and i got to see most of it, had to go down this right steep bit and it wasnt solid rock it was like ash and gravel, slid down on me arse, shear drops either side, i was glad to get to the bottom. there were lakes at the bottom which bubbled and smelt like rotton eggs or sulphur i think it was (green). You could swim in them or at least i sore photos of people swimming in them but they stunk and it was to cold. After walking over what was like the ashes from the fire i started going down again into a alpine valley then into a forrest, very strange. Got to the end at 12.30 and the bus didnt come till 4.30 so me and another lad hitched a lift with a big bald kiwi timber man hows first words were, so how the F**k are you lads, he reminded me of doddsy sort off. anyway got back and my bag had been locked in this room and no one was around to let me get it so i missed my bus, he came 5 mins later. Managed to get me bag and hitch a lift with a farmers wife who i thought was going to pass on along the way, she kept on letting little splutters out, and how she could see were she was going cos the window was completely steamed up. Anyway managed to get to the next town where i just managed to catch the bus i was wanting all along to rotorua.
Next day went to a agrodome, which there was a sheep kind of show thing, very touristy joint. They had 19 different breeds and he told us abit about them then he made dogs run over there backs you no the sort of thing, then he did a dog trail demo and the dog didnt run, did chuckle. Managed to get in for free to as there was a bus load of people going in infront of me so i said i was with them, very good i thought.
I think it was mr bowen who started it up, as in the kiwi shearer. They did a shearing demo as well. After that i went to a kiwi bird centre where they breed them cos there numbers are in decline.
Rotorua smell bad cos it is full of these holes that spout out sulhur mist which stinks.
Anyway legs total nack and am looking forward to fiji.

Wednesday, 16 March 2005

Location: New Zealand

Earthquake!!!!, woke up in the night to find the bed shaking, no it wasnt the people above me, it was a earthquake, lasted around a minute if that, very weird tho. Thought i was just dreaming untill i seen the news the next day.
Back into the sun shine again after days of rain, slept in the hostel tv room to avoid paying for a bed, and if it gets hot enough i think i will take to the park bench.
I went to see ross and ben for a few days which was a laught, then headed up to the north island on a ferry. wellington was ok but was only there a liitle while, been on a bus most of to day, now half way up the north island. Will put some pics on in the next day or so.

Thursday, 10 March 2005

It has not stopped raining for days now, it's just like being at home, so the only thing to do when its raining is to sleep all day and party all night, expensive persuit but very enjoyable.
Still having an excellent time although funds are running low and im living off the free shelf in the hostels. This is food left or just out of date, eating things now i would'nt eat at home.
The bus im on is not the best but does the job, fell asleep and when i woke up i was soaking wet, it had leaked in through the speaker i had to ring my hat out i was that wet.
Anyway went to franz joshef where the glacier was spent 2 and a half days there trying to get a flight to the top of the glacier but it was always too stormy so didnt get to do that. The glacier was amazing tho, its not that cold so i dont no why it does not melt. Did get to walk around the bottom and there were muckel chunks falling plus it was raining.
After that we stopped at a few places on the way to Queenstown. Arrived in qt at 4 and was out by 5, met up with my mates i spent christmas with.
Queenstown is really nice with huge mountains around it and just a good vibe. The bus was carrying onto Milford sounds about 3 hours away so i got my friends to go there in there car, i drove all i did was farm out the window. Its weaning time here so lots of shitie arsed lambs running on fogs, bro johns favourite.
Anyway drove through lord of the rings country, which is very weird and spectacular plus the mountains were covered in snow.

Friday, 04 March 2005

Location: New Zealand

New Zealand very green, lots of hills and loads of dear farms. Loads of sheep too.
Arrived in christchurch where i spent 2 days looking around, very english with churchs and gardens, had loads going on there tho, street carnavals and wine tasteing, motobike people doing stunts, and a very good selection of bars!.
Caught a bus up to blenium which is near the top of the south island. Where i knocked on a door and found good old ross. He is still the same, and the place ben and him are staying in is very like overacers cottage. They are working on a vineyard so only seen them at nights, went out for a couple, what a laught. Next day went for a walk around town, was going to climb a mountain but by the time i got there i was knackered so give it a miss. Ross took me on a tour in his car, crazy motor. The pasenger seat rocks like a rocking horse as we drove along, other than that goes well. Going to meet back up with them on the way back round.
Caught bus up and around the top, it was quite dry on the tops of the hills. It changes as you go, you could be in england then in canada with steep passes were there is just a singal lane. Stayed on a farm, well hoby farm with 12 wethers in a field?!, anyway it had hens and ducks and cows.
This morning help the farmer bring in his cows for milking, this is at a different place, im nearly half way down the west coast. Going to climb a glacier tomorrow.
Lots of vineyards in NZ so stopped of to sample some, made the bus journey a bit better. The bus had a blow out about 20k from the hostel so the bus driver just drove it anyway, Crazy!.

Thursday, 24 February 2005

Location: Australia

Flew into Hobart, nice place buildings like england, stayed there a night then got picked up next morning to start me tour.
The tour guide was very like kenney from school, and i mean very like!. He was nt very good really, but the places we went to were good, it was just good to be some where that was green for a change and was nt too hot. Visited waterfalls, forrests etc.
Stayed in a place called Tallah (which means meeting of two rivers) not sure if the horse is spelt the same. Went canoeing and another horse ride up onto the mountains, but the women who ran it never shut up so did nt see much, ithink all horse people like to talk!!! Calm down!!!
The last day was the best, we climbed cradle mountain, one of the highest places in tass and it was cool. 7 miles we walked up and down, so had a huge steak in the hotel at night, good tucker.
Stayed in Devenport last night, small place with nothing to do. Hitched a lift to Luanceston, were i stay one night and then fligh to sydney for a day then off to Newzeland. Hope the snow is nt to deep for you!!!!!! nice and sunny here

Sunday, 20 February 2005

Location: Australia

Perth was right nice. Flew to Adelaide where i picked up my passport and tickets i left there the last time!. Caught night bus to Melbourne, it was stinking and full of the weirdest people, had a great laught!. Got to melbourne finally found where i was supposed to be, St Kilda, had to use trams, which are go cos you dont have to pay! um!. Spent day trying to change me ticket. Next day did tour of the great ocean road, it was ok. This part is like england, full of mist and green hills. Loads of cows and sheep and finally found a limousin bull. Anyway flying to tasmainia this morning.

Wednesday, 16 February 2005

Location: Australia

Exmouth was ok, didnt have a good beach close by, but the pool was good. Went on a boat trip to a island, it took 2 hours to get there and the beer was swishing about in me belly abit!
Spent the day snorkeling around the island then headed home, sat up the top with the captain on the way back, didnt get to drive it tho.
Coral bay which is 2 hours down from Exmouth was nice, would rate in the top 5 places iv been, lush beaches and a coral reef running up the coast only 20 meters from the beach, so spent all day snorkeling again, kept on nearly drowning, cos i would loose concentration and go to far under and me pipe would fill with water, there was a few big splashes.
After coral bay it was a 17 hour bus journey to Perth, got here a 7 in the morning. Perth is brillant, loads of honeys to look at, hedley your missing out!!!

Thursday, 10 February 2005

Location: Australia

Managed to catch my flight , no problems. We were on a little plane 100 seater, only 20 of us on like. Got to Broome and the sun was shining which was nice cos Darwin had been a bit over cast for a few days. Broome is one off the smallest places iv been to, very quiet and a bit like south africa which was nice. Beaches were lush and i was the only one on it for most of the morning. stayed in a cool backpackers in the middle of no where which had a pool, so really didnt do much there.
Caught the bus to exmouth, got on at 9 in the morning got off, 4 in the following morning, o lord was i sick! And i have another huge bus journey to perth once i have been to coral bay.
Plan to go snokeling tomorrow for the day so should be good. Farming lad staying in my dorm, so some good farm chat going on!!.

Happy birthday fish!!

Happy valentines Fee Fee.

Monday, 07 February 2005

Location: Australia

Had to get up early again to catch the tour bus to darwin. There was only 10 of us on a 52 seater so it was a bit tight but we managed, i hogged the back seat. First we stopped of at the devils marbels, Huge round stones which sort of sit on top of each other. Then futher up the road and i mean a few hours we got to Marys dam where we went swimmimg, the water was right warm, we were already starting to get into the tropics so in stead of dry desert with a bit of bush trying to grow on it, it was quite green and as you moved futher up the taller the trees got. After the dam we went to a old gold mine, were taken under ground and told all about it. I only wanted to find gold but it was a no goa. More travelling and we reached are campsite, we were camping in tents that were there all the time so they were quite big. Went to get the other mat of the bed and there was a squashed frog under it, it bloody stunk. Anyway as we pulled up the driver beeped the horn at this emu, the emu took off going like hell around and around the camp site then it would sit down go up side down the off again round the camp again, just like a terrier. It was very funny, the bugger also attacked you on the way to the toilet.
Next day was a lazy day, mostly travelling, we did stop of at a pub called daly waters which was in the middle of no where, 3 hardy locals drinking tooheys new at a 11 o clock in the morning. After that we wnet into the rain forest, full of bats and bat shit, too these termol pools which were cool compered to the heat out side, but nice, little bit of bat shit never hurt anyone!. went futher down next to the river which was in full flood and there were signs saying no swimming crocidiles!. After that we stopped in Katherine for supplies and carried on to the campsite, most of us slept in the kitchen were there where fans. Had a major thunder and lightening storm.
Up late had some toast and the off to Katherines gorge, it was very over cast so it was not that hot (nice). Caught a boat up the flooded gorge, which stopped half way because one of the engines was playing up. Sorted that out while we floated in to rocks etc. Went on a little treck up this side gorge, going throw this smaller river, having to hold onto ropes to get throw. Anyway got to the top and went for a swim under a huge waterfall, nearly drowned went to close to the water fall and got ducked under, played it cool tho!. After that we were shown abo rock art then taken back down river to the bus. Then it was off to Darwin. We all went out for a free meal and drinks in a pub called the vic. As you can emagine, took full advantage and i ended falling of the table i was dancing on, didnt feel a thing till next morning!. There was a irish lad on the tour called charlie, one of the funniest people i have met, so just laft at him most of the time. O i think there was a miss tropics thing going on, lots of nice young women wandering around on stage (nice). Next day was a day of rest. Although i did spend 1700 dollars booking flights every where. Going to tasmania for 4 days which should be good, booked a tour there that had 3 boots at the bottom, well i didnt think any thing of it, but i was told after that it means you have to hike over 8km a day. Um!.
Weather is overcast with lots of showers, quite warm but not as bad as i was expecting. The lad that was in the same dorm as me is going to broome as well so left him to organise a lift to airport while i write this. Will put photos on soon.

Monday, 31 January 2005

Location: Australia

Spent last few days around the pool and looking round alice springs. Nice place but the aboriganies can look a bit scary. Hear lots of stories about them, the locals dont really like them i think, all they seem to do is lay around and drink and smoke. One local told me that they get 2000 dollars a week from the goverment, dont know if thats true, i did see hundreds outs side the bank today! Monday. Other people tell me they are really nice, but i have been told not to go down the river at night or they will attack you.
Anyway of on another 3 day trip to Darwin tomorrow. Bought new camera, not as good as the old one but it takes pictures!.

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