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Honking in Hanoi with Angus and Didi

Travel with us, as we venture down the back streets of Hanoi, honking our bikes and taking in the fumes! Come explore the Vietnamese way of life - wake at sunrise for aerobics in the park, haggle at the fruit market at noon, experience beggar fatigue, dine on plastic stools and let the humidity play with your senses.

Photos - Click Below


Snapshots Of Hanoi

A glimpse into life in Hanoi with Angus and Monique


Hanging in Halong

Hanging in Halong - a weekend trip away from the fumes, relaxing among the natural beauty of Halong Bay.


Hoi An & Pagoda Visit

We took a weekend trip to the beautiful Hoi An, taking in the historic sites. The pagado visit was with Golden Key students, a school where Angus teaches. The Pagoda was an hours North of Hanoi.


WVV Kim Dong ADP

World Vision's KIm Dong's Area Development Program - transforming the lives of children and their families.

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Recent Messages

From Janinne
Hi Gus,
Fiona sent on your website. Great photos. Looks fantastic. Teach those kids well. Learn to enjoy the humidity - it does great things for your hair!
Love Janinne and Darwin
Response: Hi Janine
Wow. Long time no see or speak. Yep it's a bit of a test, the humidity. I'm getting used to it. The somer is nearly over. I think I've made it through alive. How's things in Darwin?
From Fiona Kemp
Love the site you guys. Have just come back from the NT - was up there for a month. Finished my time up in Arhnem land at the GARMA festival . Great. Now I have to think about a trip to see you guys!!!
I'll write a proper email in the next few days.
Response: Hey Kempy. I was wondering why I hadn't heard from you. Yep, come on over.
A and M
From Anna Boyd
Hi Guys,

Looks like you are having an amazing time. Love the photos. Miss you nique, will drop you email.

Love Anna
Response: Hey Anna,

Congrats on the awesome uni results! Hope your looking after Oz for me, will be back in December for two weeks. Take care beautiful, will be in touch, Nique and Gus!
From Louise & Adam
Hi you two,
Took me a while to get to see this site, none of the browsers on my machine will connect to this site for some reason.
Still working on Adam to make sure we come and visit before the year is out - hoping November after uni is over. So see you soon! xx Louise
Response: Howdy,
You better not leave it too long. Or we'll be gone.
From Adrian
Great photos, jealous of you both in your summer clothes as Aus is freezing at the moment!
Response: Thanks mate
Sorry to hear about the freezing weather there, but no matter, you never had any anyway
From nana&john
hi didi,gus
great photos very proud of you
both have a good tripkeep well
and safe love you xoxo
nana andjohn
Response: Hi Gloria and John
Don't worry we're looking after each other. It's good to see you've mastered the email. I hope you are both well and havinf fun looking after Charlotte.

Keep in touch,

Didi and Gus
From Mark Knower
Hi guys, great photos. Definitely the MOST organsied (with captions!) from any of my friends o/s!

I cant wait to see more and hear more about your trip. Sounds like you're having a great adventure. Enjoy.

Response: Hey Mark,
How's things back in cold Melbourne? It's great to hear from you.... any plans to travel O/S in the future. Say hello to everyone for me...

Best, NIque and Gus
From Nicole

I am so proud of you seeing photo's of you at work on location. It is amazing the things you are experiencing. Nice to see that the money you donate goes to things to help people less fortunate then us. Keep up the good work.

Luv you and miss you lot's.
Nic x
Response: Nicole, Dean and Charlotte,

MIss all you guys!!!!!

Will be heading out into the country side in the next few weeks, will keep you updated.

Love you all, take care, Niquexoxox
From Nicole, Dean, Charlo
Hi Guys:

Had a look at the site pretty cool. Willhave to set up one for Charlotte

Thinking about you both lot's
Luv you
Thanks guys, take it easy and keep well, all our love Nique and Angus
From david
hi monique , just saying hello.
Hey Dave,

How's things back in Oz?
Heard its getting cold down under. Say hello to your family for me. Thinking of you and Renee during this important time.

From Lisa
Hey love the web site. Gives me a good idea for when I eventually make it over there!
Love Lisa
Hey Leace,

Your welcome whenever... got a room waiting for you!

Hope you well. Say hello to all the girls for me!
From sonia
hey beautiful great pictures you and angus look great and wow what an adventure !!! Keep in touch and I hope you have a great 2 weeks xxx
Response: Thanks Sonia,
Hope your enjoying Sydney!
Keep in touch xoxox
From bec brideson
It's lovely to see you guys again! You both look really happy and well.
Great site Gussy... did you do this yourself? We miss you here at Venus. X
Response: Hiya Bec
How it all going there? It's bloody hot here. We're sweating our A's off. How's the Venus gig going. There's cheap labor here if you need any artwork done. Just drop me an email.

Gus and Monique
From Leisa Reeves
Hey Monique Its great to hear from you..enjoyed the photos it must be such a fanastic experience for both of you take care and look forward to hearing more...Love Leisa
Hey Lisa,

Wanted to say happy birthday for later this month. Wont be near an email on the actual day.
Have a great day, all my love, NIquexoxox
From renee
This website is great cant want for the next update

Response: Hey Renee,

Thanks will keep you updated. Hope your settling into the new house - all ready for the bubbie!

Love Monique and Angus
From OCC
Great sight!!!
Thanks for a great time in Hanoi*
Love Kim
Response: No problem Kimmy, pleasure to have you. Had lots of fun. Hope your having fun in London.