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The Distinguished Partners

Welcome gentlemen.

If you have pictures please send through on normal DP email and we will post them for you!

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Diary Entries

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Location: London, England

October 2012 - Any danger of reignition?

Monday, 12 February 2007

Location: UK

I have no idea what is going on!
Radel is moving over to London.
Balls just got his visa for UK to stay and work.
Damo has run off with all the money.
Maggott murdered a few DP's and spewed on his shirt.
Campelli's willy has shrunk.
Joelly has quit life as we know it and become a minor looking to attract the black lung - eh hur.
Golder is unfit.
Trev came off sebatical and is back in the UK.
Barry is dead.
Two Names is the only responsible one.
AJ is dead.
Blanksby and Dellit have gone quiet.
Scotty to hotty is dead.
Hawkins is getting married!
Brauer has just had his 20th birthday.
Meggsy is still sober
Gerbal is pilfering phones from Vodaphones stockroom for all the boys.

Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Location: UK

Congratulations to Two Names on the announcement of a new two names coming into the world!!

Well done Kappeeesh and good luck with the birth later this year!
Fingers crossed for a JP!

Sunday, 30 July 2006

Location: UK

Well done to all DP's for putting on the Ball 2006 another huge success. Many thanks to GG for his time and efforts on that one! photos to come i believe...

Check out 'DP's Abroad' with a few snaps of the lads at the World Cup - on fire!

MDP 2006
This man has just received the highest accolade available in real life - The coveted stainless steel jug - The MDP for 2006.

His name is added to the illustrious list of Distinguished Partners who have pathed the way before hand.

Will he fall into the same trap as the others? Will he succumb to the many pitfalls that await as celebrity status brings its baggage? As history has proven many times before the MDP goes into his shell hiding from paparazzi and no longer aiding towards the cause. Many go quiet and fail to have stamina similar to Lance Armstrongs string of victories.

Can he go back to back victories? Can one of the past winners show claims that the Jug is not given out to someone different each year for the hell of it?

Lets explore further into the mind of the 013 in his tell all interview exclusive to Planet ranger media.....

Photos - Click Below

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Recent Messages

From Vincent Kennedy McMa
You've got.. SANS PANTS!!!!

From 020
Thanks to all for efforts with the ball. Plenty of cat, though no success from any of the boys.
From Chief
There is a DP among you who has the power to barter with restaurant bills by doing more pushups than the waitress requests.

I have seen this. It is fact.
and the discounts flow like wine..
From 001
clear the calendars!

Daddy Mac returning for whirlwind tour of Gold Coast & Brisbane.

prob Oct 12 - 24!

Joelly I want a box for the DP's at Indy because I know you can sort it.
From Joelly

For those that haven't heard Meggsy is conducting Boot Camp on Monday and Thursday nights down at Broadbeach. Great opportunity to take the piss out of Meggsy when he gets angry at you, have a laugh will the other unfit DP's and then watch as people go close to spewing after completing some of the Major's demands!! Well done Major Meggs for looking after our health - all the good work is usually undone in the Broadie pub straight after!!

See you there!!