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Diary Entries

Tuesday, 07 April 2009

Location: Sao paulo, Brazil

Well we we are now one whole week into our two month marathon from Rio to Buenos Aires. Both me and Elaine are having a great time and are settling into the life a culture quite nicely. starting to pick up a few words and phrases in portugese.

anyway here we are now in Sau Paulo on the east coast of Brazil roughly 5hours south of RIo. we have just got off an 8 hour bus trip from Belo horizonte where we spent three nights. i really liked the city. the people were amazingly friendly and everytime we looked a little tired, lost or hungry there was always someone wanting to point us in the right direction. a little unlike rio it has to be said. although the city was set against a stunning backdrop the sheer size of the place was often overwhelming and the people kept very much more to themselves. looking forward to a couple of days in sao Paulo before heading back up to rio for a week sailing on a tall ship. Cant wait

Will keep this entry short as word has reached us that breakfast is being served. will try and get some photos on soon.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Location: Rio, Brazil

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Location: Mahe, Seychelles

by the end of the phase we had some stories to tell. most of which will probably never leave the group. but all in all it was a good final 5 weeks. we had finished it off with another BBQ, this time cooked by the local caretakers, never tasted a BBQ so good, and a night of festivities ranging from limbo dancing to cross dressing. a great night but nothing could of beaten our final night on camp. a heavy rainstorm had been battering the ground for a long time before the thunder had started. it wasnt to loud but it was getting closer. little prepared us however for the large fork lightning strike followed by the boom of an exploding generator. the generator which powered our base. So after cooking by torch light on the gas stoves and killing half an army of killer Gaint ants, we all got ourselves a slightly warm beer, fridge wasnt working ofcourse, sat round the candle lit picknik benches an regaled each other with stories of the past 10weeks. and then we sang some songs, all performing our respective national anthems. And it struck me, standing on the table as the lone scot doing "o flower of scotland" justice, with the candle light bouncing off of the faces of the people i had spent every waking minuet of the last 3months with, that it was finally coming to an end. i had learned a lot over the period and met some amazing people which i hope to stay in touch with and will no doubt cross paths with again soon. yep it was definately worth it in the end!!

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Location: Mahe, Seychelles

i felt i had to start a new entry for the new 5 week group arriving simply because they could not of been more diffrent from the previous months group if they had been from mars. in fact after the first weekend, with the Pole dancing and numerous other antics fuelled by copius amounts of vodka, gin, rum and a few bottles of other duty free, we wernt quite sure where these people had come from. right from the first moment we met them, the six of us that were left on camp had been sent out to do the wednesday chorse, turtle surveys and plankton collecting, iinsidently this was one of the clearest days i had seen. visibility in the water exceded 30mtrs and snorkling in water that clear is an experience that will stay with me, i knew that our sleepy camp was going to get a harsh wake up call. Dont get me wrong though, it was far from all happy go lucky fun and games. whereas pretty much evrybody in group one was there on an expedition to do a bit of work for the good of the enviroment, the second were there on holliday. so working long days, 6-6, eating mostly pasta and lentils and attending classroom lectures to learn the 14 famillies and 47 Genus of corals that we were studing, seemed all a bit to much like hard work when all they really wanted to do was sunbathe. something that was stricktly forbidden for the first group, many things changed it the second part of the phase, there were more people on site for one, which actually made doing jobs a lot harder. when a duty group contained only three people there was no where to hide, it was blatently obvious if you werent pulling your wieght, so everyone did. and things just worked. now when there was five or six people to do one job it became a lot easyier for people to slack and for people to miss thoes who were carrying others. tensions grew as you would expect. some people bucked thier ideas. some left, one didnt care what people thought of him and continued to sunbathe. but eventually a system grew and it began to work again.

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Location: Mahe, Seychelles

Ok so its been a fair while since my last entry and i am putting that down to computer problems. the internet in the seyshelles was like a love child of AOL dial up and the US postal service. I wasnt waiting two and a half hours for my pics to upload. anyhoo now that im back it relative civiliastion and a decent internet service i thought i would have another crack at this. so far so good. right, down to business. i think i wrote my last entry just as i came back from the satalight camp on the final week of the first five weeks of the phase. That was the satarday, it had been a long day since we had been up since six in the morn in order to make the 3hour hike across the island to the port, where we would be getting the boat back to mahe, before it got to warm. the 6am start came a s a bit of a shock to the system as over the week we had been sleeping in a bit, 8am, awaking most mornings only to the smell of freshly made porridge and the sound of the early beach walk volunteer returning. so it was evn more of a shock to be thrust back into normal camp life on sunday. i dont think i fully got back into the flow of the early morns till about the wednesday. The few days prior had gone in a flash. it was party time due to it being the final days for the first 5 weekers, a few birthdays amoungst the staff and the End of 5week BBQ where we got our first helping of red meat since being on camp. soo good! after the barby we all had a few drinks round the picknick tables and told stories of the previous month, little did we brave few who were staying on for the long run, know what we were getting ourselves in to.

Saturday, 10 February 2007

Location: Mahe, Seychelles

Right well i have now been in the seyshelles for almost five weeks. havn a blast. just back from a satalight camp where i got to share a deserted beach with a giant tortiose called hector. was ace.
im here doing a bit of marine conservation and diving. had to learn 47 diffrent coral species in latin and we start doing proper surveys this week. kinda scary. been diving with animals from sea turtles to dophins. its all good im signed on to be here till sometime in march but im hoping to stay longer. in which case ill get a few weeks off which i may use to have a look around kenya!!

more later cause must get back to camp

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