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Welcome to dobsons's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Location: Athens, Greece

Here we are in ATHENS and I am still writing about Amsterdam.....anyway back to the story...yes hotel staff didn't treat the girls very well nor us once we got back. Still we had a great time, hired bikes for a day that was hilarious.

Flew to Venice on KLM...very nice...and had a wonderful time....well went we got there that is..another holiday story!!! Got bus in and had to catch ferry to the part of the island we were on only and to walk aways to it with our heavy bags (because we have brought to much stuff with us...have been remindered a few times..don't worry he did too) then once we got them on this small thing got told the wrong stop ending up walk f...n miles because nobody could under stand the address more help off other tourists. Anyway worked it out in the end and the apartment was really big and very nice and we were close to everything....Only 10 min walk from St marks square. Had a great time, Venice beautiful and went on a very romantic gondola ride one nite with the kids, also toured the grand canal with guide very interesting. All went well .but freaking out about how heavy the bags were going to be when we got to the airport...oh yes the airport bloody thought we were on the wrong bus it took an hour to get out to another village where the plane left (cause we on budget airline)....then racing to get bags checked in and then, then resorting the bags ( oh I bet you wish you were there)...but we did it I was high fiveing myself because so relived...even more relived when I realised that had 20 kgs each on next

Now we are have flown in to Chania (Crete) big island in Greece....OMG it's has to be one of the most beautiful towns/islands we have been to.. Up there with Hoi An in Vietnam. We did't get there until after 12 in the taxi, woman in stilettos who loaded the boot her self wouldn't,t let us help her and lovely...she got us to Hotel and the man was out there ready and waiting for nice...cute....tucked the girls in and Tommy and I went out for a drink, just around the corner...The atmosphere was gorgeous...omg just loved it!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Location: Santorini, Greece

So much has happen....loved Paris had awesome flat...(to anybody that wants address). We went to the louve, was huge and loved to so much to see but on time limit....Mona was beautiful and right across from her was the next fav "the last dinner" it took up most of the wall " i was rapped that the two were in the same room.

Got train the next day to Amsterdam, another great trip....took a picnic aboard with lovely fresh produce. Hotel well located next to square and really nice....and great staff until the robbery! Last nite went our for dinner and came back to drop girls off so mum and dad could have a nite out and the girls IPads had been stolen.

Friday, 05 July 2013

Location: Paris, France

Hi all, have been a bit slack on the dairy but here we go.....Tommy and Tailah dyed their hair red and we went to the Robbie Williams concert at Wembley was awesome...the stadium was awesome...his first concert since 2006.. Had a great nite...then next day dyed Tommy's hair black as not liking red...went a bit pink..hehe....had a look around at went to Abbey Rd where the Beatles did a album and had photo crossing the zebra crossing....a bit awkward as heaps of traffic but a laugh anyaway..bussed back to Oxford St had a beer and on to Coventry Gardens. Had a quick walk through...heaps of buskers doing their thing some really interesting...absolutely gorgous square with markets, wine bars etc had another beer...really starting to feel the tired legs then walked to Soho (Asian restaurant) nearly missed it but not there in the end.mmm

Us girls taxied to the Victoria Theatre (over the bloody walking) and Tommy got train mmmm, to see Billy Elliot....awesome...girls loved it and meeee...glad we did it the theatre was quite small with heaps of atmosphere...really thought you were back in time.

Caught train to Paris..only a couple of hours and nice and easy. Arrived about 2.50 pm and caught tube to station just around corner to apartment...again to easy. Love the apartment, so French and cute. We are quite central mind you had a few problems coming back off at the right station but came out wrong entrance and got lost for a bit...mmmm

Went to the Eiffel Tower and had a fast track semi tour pass, fantastic idea, the line to get in was unbelievable. They get about 25000 people visit a day. We did not line up, yay, busy as up there but had great views, we only went to the second level the line to the third was shocking just about went around the second level and only small lift to go up, have been up there before so was not too disappointed and the others were happy with what we saw, still really fantastic, it is just gorgeous ....a highlight! Had lunch on water front had trained it too Notre Dame. Another line up so the rest weren't interested in going in even though it moved quite fast...was getting really to mention that it was the first clear day for week or weeks, they had a strike on the tower last week for a few days. Lucky. We will go back tomorrow earlier.n

Tuesday, 02 July 2013

Location: London, UK

Sunday we to the Camden Markets, great day, hot..heat wave in fact, 27....haha. Heaps of people and loads of stalls just waiting for us. Us girls brought a couple of tops and bags, had yummy Turkish wrap at the locks and watched the boats go through...a couple of beers and bused it home through thr suburbs, Nottingham Hill, Shepard's Bush etc. London reminds me of Melbourne and Christchurch just love it. Early night.
Yesterday up early on Big Bus Tours (open aired)..paid 72 qid for on and off bus route to all the sites. Great day and saw heaps as well on the river cruise, which probably was the highlight with the one of the crew doing a running comendtray of the sites...very funny...had nice Thai meal around corner from Hostel another early night...buggered. Hostel well located lots going on and have a local already two doors down which we are sitting having Guinness now. Having quiet day...pretty cold today...have Robbie Williams concert! Holly in bed or at computer downstairs...feeling tired. Tommy going through middle aged crisis...has just brought dye for be continued

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Location: London, UK

We hired a taxi in dubai and went site seeing for a couple of hours...a great way to get around quickly with no was early not hot and no traffic. This place is an architects paradise. Went to the "open"beach mmmmm, Palm Island - amazing - . Dubai is very hot everything seems to be dusty but clean streets all the plants look like they are just hanging in there, it only rains once a year, they get there water piped in from Pakistan hussall and bussall out in the streets but the malls are packed with people....might have Something to do with the heat! Went to Dubai Mall not thinking the girls wearing shorts and singlets, get to the doors and there is a sign saying "please have respect by having shoulders and knees covered up" oops...wasn't going to back to get changed just copped the stares...wasn't that bad. The mall was amazing with a three story waterfall and aquarium,ice ring and the most beautiful Shops, loads of lollies and chocolate shops and cafes...what else is there to do when you can,t drink!!
Was really good to see.
We flew out about 3 pm for another seven hours. Girls coping well not sure about Tommy....

Arrived at Gatwick and managed to get to Victoria Station okay...bit heated and hecked with the bags...carrying them up and down the bloody stairs to the tube, managed in the end to catch the right train to Bayswater Station where the hostels is butttt...arrived a day toooo f...nn early...had wrong date so we actually have five days here. If that wasn't enough...hostel booked out so decided to leave bags there and look for another accommodation....carried them down stairs and bottle of Tequila broke in the carry on bag all over the bloody floor....I just wanted to cry...where was Tommy....anyway I got it sorted and found hotel around corner for the night mmmm 10.00. It's very small rooms but clean and who cares...had great sleep...bring on better day today...London here we come!

Friday, 28 June 2013

Location: Dubai , United Arab Emirates

Hi, we have Arrived safe and tied. Was a long haul but went rather quickly if 11 hours can. Bloody hot here! Hotel was a let down was expecting something quite flash but noooo it's quite ordinally but its clean and spacious. We had a swim in a hot pool not so refreshing but got us moving. Taxis are cheap so went the Dubai Mall, and the shopping there is,money...just beautiful shops and the souk was gorg not to mention the three story aquarium, waterfall and ice ring. Never seen so many lollies and chocolate shops I mean what else is there to do when you can't drink! The architect all the buildings is something else.. Well are stuffed now and back for what's looking like a early night. :)

Monday, 14 September 2009

Location: singapore, Singapore

Hello everyone
Sorry have been slack with entries but has been hard in Cambodia and even thailand with not enough time or slow really slow internet and by time checked major stuff was over it!
But we have had a fantasic holiday, with no real upsets, and girls were gems. Obviously good age to travel andthey excepted all the hassel and bussel, and having to move every two or three days with sometimes hours on end of travelling on not so good transport. They and us have come back relaxed, maybe too relaxed, and have been, seen and done things that will stay with them for a lifetime.
So not looking forward to work. Tommy and I have a anxiety attack everytime we think about it!!.

See Ya Soon Jules

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

hi isaac is me holly that is ssssssssoooooooo cool u got to be on tv tell our mum and dad keep up the good work what is going on with school my school is the pool and beach is so hard

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Location: Ho An, Vietnam

Hi Guys
Well so much has happened since I last made an entry. We went to temples, one day pass $20us each except Holly she was free. First one we saw was Ankgor Wat, it is amazing and so big, is was soooo hot and we hot fried just walking up to it, a bit a relief walking around inside, then on to Ankgor Thom – which is made up of a few temples and had heaps of cover from trees to walk between them. Have taken loads of photos.... Tuk tuk picked us up again to go to the temple with the trees growing over it (which name escapes me right now and haven’t got book on me) but my god, it looks like something out of a Harry Potter movie, was my favourite and of course was when the batteries of camera ran out!!!! got a couple though........ Was a big hot day and was glad to get back. Siep Reap was a great place, but hard to get anyway else unless going to Thailand from there.
We came back thru Battabong, since heard it was a good spot, but really was only a stopover for us in between the two 6 hours bus journeys. Then jumped on plane, OH LOVE the plane, to HoChiMinh and then arrived in Nha Trang. Big beautiful beaches and plenty of well deserved swimming. First day hired a bungalow (umbrella thingy) with beach chairs and chilled for most of the day or until we looked liked tomatoes, as Tailah was referring to her sister’s face! Yeah got a bit of colour!
Had a minor hiccup with travel arrangements – hotel booked overnight train out to Danang,for us but after checking a couple of travel agencies found out that the story he spun Tommy was all you know what and when we got back to hotel, as you can imagine, he wore it, Tommy roared and he was shaking neediest to say we got back the extra money he pocked back... So after that spend a hour changing tickets because also found out there was a later train that suited us better.
Nha Trang is a beautiful city and fantastic beaches, the water is warm, we paid a bit extra ($40uswith all of us in one room ) and the hotel we stayed at had a pool on the 15th floor with a great view of the city, it was nice having a bit of luxury and lift!! Doing alot of walking and knee get a bit sore at times , the food is great and have had some wonderful experiences, girls are living on spag bol, spring rolls (fresh and fried) rice and egg and chicken rolls, they each have had a chilli moment not too hot! Yesterday went on cable cars over to VinPearl Island, Nats and Ged will get this, pay one price which I thing was $300,000 for us and $210,000 for the girls (which is about $25us for us) for the day and its a bit like water world and dreamworld wrapped in one but differently better. Has an amazing underwater world which blew us away, and all games you could think of like timezone, only missing the crowds you get at all of them. So the girls were in heaven, we had a brilliant day and to finish they had this light show with water.
Went back to hotel different one we hired just for a shower and keep bags at for the day until we caught the train, OMG that is truly an experience, got to sleeper and has been taken over by locals so they got kick out except mother and baby, anyway its three bunks each side and enough room to turn over, a mattress the size of blanket, never mind we slept well after our huge day, never heard baby once... was a 12 hour trip but enjoyed it, better than the bloody bus!!
Have noticed big difference with Vietnamese not speaking English as well as Cambodians.

For thoughs who want to know mum has started her treatment.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

holly here GRILS SEND ME A MESSAGE please sorry it is just that Tailah is geting all these messages and i haven't got any yet so can u please send me one TA

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Location: Cambodia

Well another big day yesterday, We went to the Killing Fields by tuk tuk, took 3/4 hour. It was good getting in amounst the traffic, having a few smiles and laughs, we are an interesting to them as they are to us. Man, how many people can you fit into a van, mini van, oh about 20 if you have the back door open and about another 5-10 on top depending on balance!
Killing Fields were horrific, what are you thinking when you kill inisint men, woman, children and babies... We walked around the mass graves in silence and read the history, saw the thousands of skulls in the temple, all trying to comprehene what we were seeing. The girls took it in there stride proprobably not really understanding the full extend of it, mind you the questions on who do this and whiy were hard to answer, trying telling them that their government, prime minister ordered this, whole families had to be killed so there wasn,t any come back later in life...
Got back to Okay Hotel and Tommy relented so got "VIP" bus out to Siep Reap -has toilet- cost us an extra $3 each, all up $7 US each for a 6 hour journey. Man, we got front row, when we put bags on the boys said "put your seatbelts on"laughing, thought they said that because of our seats, shit couldn't open my eyes for the first hour ! Didn't seem to worry the girls at all, my knuckles were white- once we were out of town the driver seemed to relax a bit- or was that me - and rest of journey good, even though book said roads were alot better, still pretty bumpy. The country side is fantasic, just beautful, it truly is a pretty place. You don't get sick of looking out the window, cows, water buffalo, (whom we had to dodge a few times) pigs -black one, pink ones, spotted ones oh yeah!! For thoses who don't know Holly loves pigs! Anyways got here an hour early - makes a change and proprobaly cause paid extra bucks for fast driver. Staying at Yellow Hotel - was suggested by Okay Hotel (brother and sister) but they picked us up, free, hotel has recently been renovated and very nice, flashes one so far and the cheapist!!!
Girls still aspleep - quiet day today, have a lookies, can see hotel with pool from here so might suss out swim. Hit the temples tomorrow.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Location: Cambodia

Hi guys
Well finally arrived at Phnom Penh, it is a beautiful city, alot different from what I imagined. People here speak very good english which always makes life easier. It took two days left Saigon (has they all perfer to call it) at by bus and caught boat toCai Be and went to see the floating markets next into canals

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From Lee
Jules what is it with you and travel bags, I can just imagine it... Bring back memories of our Vietnam trip lol.
You should be telling Tommy and the girls they can only take one change of clothes each, because knowing you you will need you the extra weight the carry home all the stiff you buy on the way.
Response: I know...but we have made it thr again...yay..on our to Rome!
From Lee
Jules what is it with you and travel bags, I can just imagine it... Bring back memories of our Vietnam trip lol.
You should be telling Tommy and the girls they can only take one change of clothes each, because knowing you you will need you the extra weight the carry home all the stiff you buy on the way.
Response: I know...but have made it the again....yay...we are off to Rome!
From Lee
Bastards, hate it when something is stolen from kids... Makes them loose trust in the world. Karma is bitch it will get the bastards back one or other. Hope that the only bad luck you you have. Have big cone of Amsterdam fries and mayo for me 'love them , but not good for my mayo addiction ' followed up with a nice cold beer. Love Amsterdam one my fav places of all time, flowers, canals, bikes, art, markets, shopping, great food and drink etc... What more could you want.... Enjoy lov and miss you always Lee xxxxx
Response: Thanks Lee, yes it's a great place...what a shame!
From Megs
So that's all the updates till you get home then?? LOL
Response: Have been a bit slack....haven to much fun...
From Megs & Dan
Hey Guys,
Sounds like you are having a fab time!! Brings back some memories of London! Love the Camden Markets.. Can't believe Cocko had pink hair!! Where are the photos? Big hugs to you all, can't wait for the next update!
Sounds like you are having a ball Jules, are the girls enjoying themselves? What colour hair dye Tommy!!! Im just picturing it !!! All good here. Kenny went tuesday, Elliot off to Argentina tonight and Abby & Luke going to NZ tmoz night, so ill be home alone. Enjoy yourselves xx
From Lee
Hi Jules,

No what you mean about Dubai mall pretty amazing at first glacé , all about money money . It's like a big machine feeding the need for more, something so unsettling about seeing very young toddlers in shopping centres at 11 pm at night. Beautiful on the surface but I don't know something seems the be missing in Dubai the place doesn't seem to have a heart, it really is about money, making it or spending it . I not really sure what I feel about it at this point, their are things that I really enjoyed about the place , got over the shopping thing really quick , had some amazing food. no problem having a drink or too. Great for a couple of days, but misses the energy of somewhere like Bangkok, Hanoi, London , Paris and Berlin maybe it is the fact the everything is new and really don't get the feeling of time and history in the place.
Will the Tequila Jules what can I say you should be drinking it not dropping it, would have been the last thing you would have wanted after a room mix up and long flight. I'm sure you a had a few drinks since to make up for the loss. I have a pint of me and hopefully it cold. Check out if you are looking for accommodation on the way amazing website, you can rent everything from studios, unit, houses even castles everywhere. I use it all time how, and works out better and sometime cheaper than hotel or hostels. I used it in Paris and Dubrovnik on my last trip, great way to leav e like a local for a couple of days or longer. fantastic from family's like having a home away from home.
Anyway look forward to reading more, travel safe.... Big kisses to Tommy and the girls.... Love and miss you always Lee. Xxxxxx
From Ray
His mum doesn't really want a peroxide sun sounds like you are having a ball
From Jan
Hi all, thanks for the update Jules, and what a shame about the tequila!! Looking forward to the rest of your adventures. Stay safe xx
From Ged & Nats
Have a blast guys on your next trip. Looking forward to reading all about it!
From Ged & Nats
A bit slack on the updates guys? Whats up??!!
Response: Its been a bit hard the last couple of weeks
But at Singapore for a few hours and home tonight boo hoo
From nana
hi tailah and holly, hows the school work going!!!! lots of places to see and language to work out. hope you are both having a good time and are behaving yourselves. yes. we are having a family bbq here today for fathers day for simon and all the family are coming so i will think of you all and pretend you are here too. wish dad a happy fathers day from me and i hope you remembered to buy him a pressy. it is a lovely day here today. we had a big frost but the sun is shining so that is important. 13 degrees and i think your temp are a wee bit higher than that, but we think its cool!!! love and leave you now just to let you know that i am thinking of you both and love you very much. Love nanaxxxxoooo
Response: just arrived at Phuket may go to Phi Phi Is tomorrow 1 week left to unwind on beach xx
From ME!!(renee)
my comp is now up and running it wosnt working for 2 WHOLE NIGHTS!!(i thought i was going to die !!!JJKING)
i hope your nails are long !!!!(AND PRETTY lol !)great cant wait to c ur fotos and i bet ur aunty megs and dan and lily-grace are looking after ur house just fine....i missy u !!! lol i hope u r havin a awsum time P.S im getting my agnoids takin out on the 15th of september (lisas b'day) im going into pmh and have to have ONE WHOLE WEEK off skool it sukks...wat date r u getting bak ???? do they speek ok-ish english ova their or not ???
i ok gotta run sozzi bye !!!!
Response: hey my nails r very long but i broke 1 in the pool yesterday anyway we get back on th 14th of september some speak really good english and some dont gotta go bibi
From shayde
i chose wite cause its awsome n blues gay seriously i dont want to have another blue jumper n blue fades everyone else tinks so as well its gay the wole class has got wite part from nay-nae fish an brit carl spaz ana n zara im the only girl
Response: hey im in thailand rite now and im going to stay on an island called peepee island weird name i no im missing you so much and i get bak the day b4 nay nay goes in to PMH any way bye for now
From Ellen-Rose
Hi Holly - I got your postcard today (1/9/09) and I was very excited to hear from you! Today at school I had my jumps and throws. I had to do it with the year 5's. I came 4th in long jump and 2nd in throws. On thursday it's my sports carnival and my faction green is winning from the jumps and throws today. On Saturday we are leaving to go to Phuket and I'm really excited that we might see you there! I can't wait until I see u. Love your bf ellen. xxxxxxxxoooooooooooooo
Response: hi ellen im in thailand rite now and you might not get this for a while but im exited to c u 2 bye
From Megs, Dan & Lily
Hey you guys, OMG sounds like you are all having the best time!!! We are having a pretty good time here too! The animals are great. Wilson and Lily are best mates - not sure where Tom will fit into that relationship when he gets back LOL. Puddy spends most his/her days out on adventures but is always home at night and squishes himself/herself right up against my belly (I think it must be the warmest place - beside the baby) nearly pushes me out of the bed would you believe!! What is Puddy - a girl or a boy? Milco got a treat seed ball thing the other day and my god he can make a mess! But I'm pretty sure he really liked it! The chooks and crabs are also good - but ofcourse all the animals (from Noahs Ark) miss you and can't wait to see you all in a couple of weeks!! Oh and can you ask Mum to send through your arrival info when she has a chance, so that we can come get you when you get back. Love you all xxxx PS Piggy sends his love Holls
Response: hi you guys is holly you do not know haw much i miss you it sounds like your having fun with the zoo make sure you have lots of balloons at the party!!! tell piggy I MISS his ssssooo much puddy is a boy! mum said she has to look at the time on the ticket?
luv Holly xoxo
From Megs
Hey Jules - quick work question.. sorry.. Carl Allan from yellow pages has sent thru contract (that you had previously signed) for a platinum tile advert, apparently you wanted one and he now has 1 available for Parco but it needs to be signed off on by end of bus. Monday. It is $1640 - do you want me to sign off on it? I will send another message for the girls now - perhaps you can just email me what you want me to do with this. Cheers Megs
Response: !!!yeah if its not too late. has been hard to get on line but hope to catch up now.
From Renee!
HEY TAILAH!!missy you so much !
red came first in carnival
green 2ND !! YAYY! and
gold....well u know !(last)
i got four 2nds and 2 firsts !!! ikt was so kool we had book week parade today i was one of the girls from sisterhood of traveling pants..anne was SUPER ANNE!! britt shayde and karla where mean girls !!(and they were acting like it aswell (tell ya bout it wen ya get home )) today EVP (Primary yr.7's)came and we printed our jumpers !!!!! they r soo kool !hope u r takibng lots and lots of foto's ...ok i gotta go but i amm missing u so !!HA HA im a poet and i didn't even know it !! OH THEIR IM OFF AGAIN !!
bye for now but not 4eva bye !!
Response: hey i missy you so much thats so kewl that you got firsts im taking heaps of photos and tell shayde to stop being mean to you and you should see my nails there so cooool but there rubbing off but im going to get them re-done a few days be4 i go so you can see them thats cooool that ur now a poet!!!! cya soon in about 15 days !!!! :) :)
From KK, Ellen & Jayden
Hello Holly - (from Ellen-Rose) -
Sounds like you're doing really different things and having lots of fun. Looking forward to seeing you in Phuket! Next Thursday is my sports carnival. I'm in 9 events. I made it into all the jumps and throws. Madelene is still my main competition. Today I had my dancing exams and missed half day of school. Miss you luv Ellen-Rose.xx
Hello Holly (from Kristen) Today we had book character dress up at school. I went as Minnie Mouse and so did someone else in Yr 7. I'm having a sleepover at Ellen's tonight and grandma's tomoro - tell mum that sandi and raeleen are going to Busting Out. Your holiday sounds fantastic and miss you and can't wait to see you and all your photos. Luv KK xxxxxx
Hi Holly (from Jayden) - I went as SpongeBob to dressup today. I have hurt my big toe from sports carnival and had to have xrays today. I have not had a good week with Ms Angus. Bad notes in diary to mum & dad. Luv Jayden
Holly (from everyone) please say hello to Tailah, Mum & Dad and give them a big hug from us and hope you're all having a great time. We miss you all very much. xxxxx
Response: ELLEN- i cant belivie that u made 9 events thats good!!!!!! looking forward to c ing u in phuket 2.
KRISTEN- hey thats cool that u dessed up who in yr 7 dressed up??? wat did calista dress up as? and dont worry i took heaps of photos.
JAYDEN- wat did u wear for sponge bob???? wats wrong with ur toe??? has ms angus been really meen???
ALL- i miss all of you so much and cant wait to see you!!!!!!!
From Sandi & Raeleen
Hi everyone, seems like a great experience you have been having and very busy! Hope you're not getting too sunburnt (rainy and crap still here). Day at the beach sounds like you guys treated yourselves - but hey first day at the beach why not? Your latest accommodation sounds quite luxurious to some that you have stayed in before. Same old, same old here at home. Miss you heaps - look forward to seeing you all soon. Love Raeleen & Sandi

p.s. We arrive to hotel around 5pm on Sat 5th Sep. Hotel is Horizon Patong Beach.
64/39 Soi Kepsamp Thaveewong Rd
Kathu Patong.
Tel - 6676292526-30 will also have my phone.
Response: cool. can,t wait to catch up, we really have to sit down and orginise ourselfs now so we have plenty of time in Thailand
From Lee
Reading your diary has sure does bring back some great memories of our trip together in Vietnam. Seems like yesterday. That was a very fun night that night we had in Nha Thang, don't know if the brushes we fell in would agree... Sorry to hear Shirl is not will, send her big love from me. Fleur had baby girl no 5 on the 25 aug, so hoping to spend some time with her before Sue and I leave for Japan on Fri 4 Sep. Can't wait. Lov to you Lee
Response: Lee off to Halong Bay tomorrow can't wait, has been great sharing this with Tommy and the girls so much you forget until you see it again. xx
From robyn and levi
Looks like you are all having a wild time i am so jealous but we will get there one day again i am sure...Levi and i had a good gold coast trip but i think we would to be on holiday with lyndon or you guys... keep safe and keep enjoying xxx S S Chic
Response: Hey SS keep thinking of you, glad you two had time together, its been great to come back and do it again and have the experience and also do different things.xx
Hello all. Your holiday all sounds so exciting and full on. Going to see nats and ged tomorrow for weekend then tim and i going over to auckland to watch george play hockey for the week he is playing up at north shore. home again next friday. mum good we have had jeremy home for a few days so thats been nice. we will have drinks for you in the weekend so cheers to all love marg xxxx
From isaac
hey holly, athletic carnival today. Rhys and I both got champion boy for year 6 and 5.
We also got champion boys for year 5 for swimming and rhys runner up champion boy for swimming. The weather here today perfect...stay cool to after school chow chow....Mackean team
Response: hey champion thats so cool that u got champion boy u must be really fast the weather is always perfect here c u soon holly
From calista
hey holly u no how you went to ankor wat we are going there must of been hot there. i hope your having a great time.
xx calista
Response: hi thats cool that ur going to ankor wat its very hot there im having a great time here c u soon xx holly