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Bienvenidos al caribe Mr. Barnes!

Well, I am officially a teacher now and have been fortunate enough to begin my career in a place many would associate with paradise: the Dominican Republic. Centered in the bustling city of Santo Domingo, I hope to share as best I can my experiences living on a Caribbean island. iDisfruta!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 09 June 2009

Location: Dominican Republic

well.... it is 430 am and i cannot sleep. My mind is racing with things that i need to get done in the next 2 1/2 weeks before i leave the island, and i guess its enough to keep me from sleeping a full night. this is the first time i have to kind of 'close up shop' so to speak, as i have many things that were set up for me to live here that i now have to shut down. things such as my bank account, transferring money up to my canadian bank account, getting rid of all the accumulated nonsense that i know i wont need anymore (and some maybe with sentimental value), getting any document from the school that i think i may need, shutting off my phone, getting the apartment ready to move out, selling my bike, selling my surfboard, the list continues...... its not really stressful, but kind of a little overwhelming as i know that this is the firm end of a 2 year phase of my life. its not the same as when i left canada, because i still have everything there: my bank account, a place to live, a phone, a vehicle to borrow (thanks mom and dad for making these things possible), etc. when i left peru, it was sentimental as well, but that was just travelling; i knew my time was up and i was sad to leave, but its not like i had to do anything important before leaving besides make sure i had a bottle of peruvian pisco to take back home.

i dont think i am sad about leaving, but there will certainly be things that i will miss. the last two months having the place up in cabarete have been definitely some of the best times i have had here, and such a good way to wrap things up. watching the waves roll in at encuentro, listening to the wind move the palm leaves, seeing the beach dogs rolling in the sand and chasing crabs, its all just an amazing thing to take in. i also think i will miss the 'mañana mañana' attitude, where there is no rush to get things done; of course this was the cause of SO much frustration, but still, when you get used to it, you get into it. i will also miss being able to communicate in spanish. i am disappointed that i never developed my abilities to a level i would consider to be fluent, but still love being able to get pretty much anything done in a second language with relative ease (aside from cracking the code of the dominican dialect). there are things that i will definitely NOT miss such as getting hit by cars, getting every known caribbean sickness (we were joking at school that once i leave the island i will be immune to everything and will never be sick again), and the pollution of this city.

i think most of all, i will miss my students. i have enjoyed being their teacher, and am so happy to have had the opportunity to be a part of their education. i just hope that something i did with them over the past two years has sunk in ;) haha.

I definitely do have much to look forward to though, which maybe is distracting me slightly from some of the things i need to do now. Marina is coming on saturday for another week (sooooo excited), doiing the west coast trail starting july 1 with best friends, the slow road trip back home from the coast with heather, seeing my family, hopefully seeing some friends who i haven't seen in over a year, going to chile for what will probably be 2 of the most fun weeks ever, and finally starting a new phase of life in poland. haha, im so bad, i am really good at distracting myself from the things i need to do with the wonderful website of, looking up any info on chile, poland, germany and anything else in europe that i may get the opportunity to see in the next couple of years.

515 am, what to do now? definitely not going to sleep again..... exercise! my body is going to need to be ready for the intensity that will be my July!

Monday, 01 June 2009

Location: Dominican Republic

Sigh..... I couldn't leave this island unscathed. Needed a little more punishment before calling it quits in the DR. I was sick all last week, and when I finally decided I should go to the doctor, the only diagnosis I am told is this:

"You have the symptoms of dengue fever and the swine flu"

I don't think I had either, probably just a bad case of regular flu type A, but still, how can I just be left with that? Such goes the story of my life in DR. Positive note, found out last Wednesday that I am for sure going to Chile this summer!! Woohoo!!! July 24-August 8, shredding in the Andes with some wine tours thrown in for rest days!!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Location: Cabarete, Dominican Republic

and time draws near..... the beginning of the end of my time in the Caribbean!

A LOT has happened since i last wrote. I went to surf for a week on the north coast for easter, and found a place by the beach to rent for my last two months here.

While I wasn't completely inebriated the entire week of Easter, I wasn't far off. I partied pretty hard for almost 2 weeks straight, and woke up early to go out for a surf. Oh so much fun. I stayed for semana santa at a surf camp in Cabarete, a small party town east of Puerto Plata. Choosing to do this instead of what I originally had planned on doing (going traveling in Colombia) ended up being one of the best decisions i have made in a long time. I had an unbelievable amount of fun, met some awesome people, surfed for 7 days straight, and partied HARD. It was like I was actually out traveling again. Obviously traveling in Colombia would have felt like traveling again, but traveling like this on the island i have called home for the past two years made me so much more satisfied with what I have done here. And I was able to surf. And met one of the most incredible people I have ever met. In the midst of the surfing and the beach parties, a lovely little (literally) lady came to the camp. Of course, I was already under the influence of a couple of spirits, but we hit it off right away. It was like meeting a best friend for the first time. We were the two amigos for the rest of the week, having a great time, talking about traveling, skiing, and life in general, surfing and partying until I had to go back to work. Marina came with me and stayed for 4 days. She went back up north to Cabarete, and I was hoping to go back the following day and stay the weekend, but found out that I couldn't go back due to a school field trip. Regardless of this, she came back to Santo Domingo a second time when I came back from the field trip and stayed until she had to fly back to Germany. Since then, we have been on the phone every day, and she has come back to the caribbean a second time to stay with me. Wow, what a feeling! I am so happy right now, with my decision to stay in DR for semana santa, with the fact that I am moving to Europe in just a few short months (there are 4 or 5 direct, hour-long flights between Wroclaw and Munich), and to have met Marina. She will come back to DR again in 3 weeks, and I cannot wait!

Now, I come every weekend to Cabarete to stay in an apartment I am sharing with two super cool and fun girls I have randomly met along the way. Laura, who I met back in February in a guagua (local bus), is from Toronto and is working for the UN down in Santo Domingo, and Crystal who is from Corpus Cristi, Texas, working for Save the Children in development and is here to surf as much as possible. I surf every weekend as much as my body will allow on a surfboard I bought off of one of the surfers working for the camp (this board is a piece of garbage mind you, and I dont think it is really helping me in improving how i surf, but oh well). Life is good for sure.

I am now nearing the 1 month mark for when I will depart this crazy island. June 26 I will leave the land of merengue and bachata, brugal and barcelo, omega and juan luis guerra, el presidente and ....(there is no other beer in comparison). Its been a rough ride for sure, but a good experience no doubt. The time has come to start selling things I have bought here, getting rid of all the things I really don't use or need, and final parties with the people I have met. The month will go by super fast I am thinking.

Thursday, 02 April 2009

Location: Dominican Republic

Well, its been a long haul. This stretch from Christmas to now at least seems like it has been long anyways. Its funny, with everything that has been going on, friends and family visiting, this 3 month stretch has felt like longer. Nonetheless, semana santa is here! The week-long easter break officially starts tomorrow at 2:45! Originally, I had hoped to use this week to go to Colombia and jump around the center of the country between Bogota, Bucaramanga and Medellin, but ticket prices were just too high. However, this actually worked out pretty well for me.
I have been missing snowboarding like no other - I only got out twice when I was back for Christmas, and upon signing my contract in Poland, I began looking into what was available for riding in Poland. And then in Slovakia. Then Czech Republic. Germany. Austria. Italy. Switzerland. This got me watching snowboard movies over and over again (of which I bought 2 new ones in December). So a longing to leave the caribbean quickly and get somewhere I could snowboard developed, and actually depressed me a little. I was in a funk. Those who know me though, will know that I don't usually stay in these funks for long. I eventually gave my head a shake, and asked myself how could I be depressed being in the caribbean? Do something about it! Enjoy your time here! Take advantage of the location! That is why you came here! (can you picture me yelling at myself? I actually did)
My strategy to attack this desire to snowboard is to do something similar, something that I didn't have the opportunity to do growing up, and have actually wanted to do since long before even arriving here in the summer of '07. I booked myself a week-long surf holiday. $366 for accommodation, breakfast and dinner, transport to the beach from Cabarete every day, and 7 day board rental. I am super excited for it, I just hope that the party atmosphere of Cabarete doesn't inhibit my time in the ocean... that much anyways. So that is my plans for the next week - I heard Calgary was expecting another dump of snow? hmm, I think this time I may not be so jealous :)

Monday, 02 March 2009

Location: Dominican Republic

One thing about traveling by yourself is you have a lot of time to think. I am leaving Latin America in 4 months with no knowledge of ever returning, will I get the chance to come back to a region I know so well (I had never been to Panama, but it sometimes felt like I already had)? Am I making the right decision to go to Poland? How long will I stay in Europe? What will I do after my contract finishes in June 2011? While this last question is super exciting for me, and I love the spontaneity of not knowing and deciding only just before I make a major change, the truth is, what will I do? I don't know if I will be a classroom teacher for the rest of my life. I would love to go back to University. I would still love to go guide in Chile for one of their winter's. I would love to go backpack through SE Asia and spend a season snowboarding in Hokkaido, Japan. I need to see Africa and Australia. Is this ambition or just 'wanting'? International teaching affords me the opportunity to see a region of the world fairly thoroughly, and I love that. But how long can, or do I want, to do this? Could I return to a life where I truly believe I will stay for longer than 2 years? There are many places I know I could live happily for 5 or 10 years (maybe even more!) but when would I do this? I love British Columbia, and I know I could be there and be happy (and have a job! that part is important as well). I also know that the diversity, size and ease of travel would keep me happy for a LONG time in Europe. I do have a really good feeling about Poland as well, obviously I have no idea what to truly expect, but from pictures I have seen and stories on the internet and my new Poland Lonely Planet (thanks Heather!), I think it will be great.

ONe other thing I noticed myself doing in Panama (I think its kind of funny): I was actually converting the costs of things to Dominican Pesos (the US dollar is the currency in Panama). Whoa.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Location: Dominican Republic

Oh Jared, why do you insist on lying? "I want to write more...." "I hope to write more....." Liar liar, pants on fire.....

In all sincerity, I do wish I wrote more. So much happens, especially lately, and not only is writing on here a way for me to let my family know I am ok and what is up (sorry you guys), but it really is a perfect place for reflection, collect thoughts on the craziness of day to day life.

Sooooooo..... upon arriving back in the DR from Christmas, the action has been nonstop - within an hour of arriving I was hit by a bus in a taxi (serious whiplash), went to one of the most secluded and definitely beautiful beaches I have ever seen (Bahia de las Aguilas), had a fantastic visit from Mom and Dad (they even stayed a night in the city here, Mom wasn't too excited that I don't have any blankets to offer guests, only sheets), hurried through the entire process to apply and arrange all the necessaries to go to Queen's University for their amazing Teaching Overseas Recruiting Fair, moved again, hosted some cool Estonian girls through couchsurfing, and now am happily spending time with one of my best friends Heather (who has come here for 2 weeks). whew.

It is already past my bed time so I must be brief (its 9:41 pm..... sad no?) The principal reason I come back to my (somewhat forgotten, which, again, I hope will change) website is to get it all out in the open with what happened in Canada a week and a half ago. The fair in Kingston was incredible, such a fun and exciting experience SERIOUSLY filled with ups and downs. I was a little anxious to be there, getting ready for quick 1/2 hour interviews that could potentially relocate me for the next 2 years of my life. Plus, I knew that it was going to be a $1000 weekend after flights, trains, taxis and food (an investment right? I saved a ton in housing though thanks to some amazing girls in Kingston I met through couchsurfing who set me up in a room in their house in the 'ghetto' of Kingston for free, plus of course the amazing and never-ending generosity and hospitality of wonderful Ingrid in Toronto). The anxiety remained throughout the weekend, but it was actually kind of like a game (isn't life a game??) going to different interviews, selling myself, being sold schools and countries. Quite exciting to say the least.

The line-up was set on the friday night, where I arranged interviews for the following 2 days. I was asked to meet with several different schools, some of which I had to turn down as it was something I knew I would not truly like to move to the location (one was Queretaro, Mexico, a city south of Cancun and just north of the Belize border; beautiful I am sure, but Caribbean beach is not what I want for the next two years, been there done that). I also tried pursuing other schools to set up other interviews, one went well, the other didn't. I was set to interview with schools in:
Cali, Colombia
2 in Cairo, Egypt
Milan, Italy
Wroclaw, Poland
The school in Milan was one my sights were set on before even leaving for Kingston. I knew that I would be a perfect fit for their school, and my confidence was definitely showing (I didn't think I could be THAT confident, guess I have learned a few things from all this time in Latin America). The schools in Cairo were also high on my list of possibilities, as Cairo is an amazing location. I have really wanted to see Colombia since arriving in South America, and although I knew more or less going into the fair that I would prefer to try someplace outside of Latin America, the school is amazing and the area is beautiful. Poland caught me off guard, didn't have it on my list, nor knew anything about it (Wroclaw is a city???).

Funny how things work out in life. Both schools in Cairo offered me positions (one had to be decided early Saturday morning, couldn't say yes to that one so early in the 'game'), and Colombia went amazingly well, but the highlight was definitely Milan. I knew I fit. The recruiters knew I fit. All was perfect.... except for they had already offered all their contracts before me (I was the last interview), so I had to wait until they heard back from the other candidates on whether they would accept or not. Now that was anxiety. As it turned out, the others all decided to go to Milan next year, leaving me without a contract. The recruiters did tell me as they were leaving (I went up to see them and thank them for the opportunity to talk to them) that they were actually disappointed to be going back to Italy without me. The wind was taken from my sails.

But wait. 40 minutes later, I had an interview scheduled with Wroclaw, Poland. I had to pick myself up, get back in the game and head into that interview with enthusiasm and confidence. I did.

August 10th, 2009, I will arrive in Wroclaw, Poland to teach grade 3 until June 2011. Whoa. What a change. I know nothing of Poland besides the division between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia in 1938, Auschwitz, and the Warsaw Uprising. No idea of the Polish language, Polish food, Polish culture. Nonetheless, the schools seems fantastic (120 students from K-10, IB, international student population, supportive environment), the city is BEAUTIFUL, it is located 1 hour from the Czech border, 1 1/2 hour from the German border, is big enough to have the discount airlines coming to the airport, and....... (a big selling point for me) snow. I cannot wait to live in Europe. I cannot wait to go snowboarding again. I cannot wait for something completely different from anything I have ever done in my life. I cannot wait!

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From Pisco
lovely pictures. I must say, you have quite the talent underwater, splendid shots! I would adore the one from las ojos if you feel like sendin' some luv to Canada.
un abrazo
Response: of course my sweet, will send right away! and thank you very much for your kind words, i would like to think its talent more than luck...... but being in clear caribbean water probably helps as well! besos
From Mom
Happy Birthday!!
If you were home you would be looking for your longjohns before venturing out into the
-39 degree (with windchill) weather. It is just as you would like it here - lots of snow! Enjoy your warm birthday!
Love, Mom
Response: Thanks mom! See you soon!
From Kate
Holy crap amigo! Stay off the roads!!Time to get home for some TLC!!! Hoping to see you over the holidays and before we leave Dec 25 for Punta Cana. The kids are coming along - keeping them busy - lots of projects and group work. As individuals they are all great kids - as a group - not so much. Not as bad as our bunch though. The curriculum is fun. Greece we'll start in Dec/Jan - ditto for Sky Science...yay! Anyway, do call when you're home - love to make you lunch or something. Stay well. K
Response: I would love to catch up with you Kate! I will be home on the 21st so we should be able to make something work before you leave. It definitely is time for me to come home, a break away from this country that seems to have it out for me, recharge the batteries before the final stretch.Greece and sky science = so much fun! I have to admit, Im kinda jealous! Take care in the transition to crazy December!
From Kate
Ciao Jared - long time!
The workload never really gets me. Teaching grade 6 this year is a huge challenge. Remember our lovely class? That's what I have now..oy vay! I do love the new school and staff and some of the kids are great... others - not so much. The curriculum is fun. Greece!!
We are making travels plans for Christmas - probably Jamaica or Cozumel and next summer...Spain, France and Monaco - maybe back to Italy to hike the Cinqe Terra.
Anyway, glad you are busy with something other than work. You deserve it. K
Response: Hi Kate! sorry I didn't answer you any sooner (yikes you wrote a month ago!) It is great to hear from you! Oh my, your gr. 6s sound like a handful! I hope that they are not so resistant to being kind to each other like the others were. They are in good hands though. I can just imagine the fun you must be having with the curriculum, I still remember gr 6 social studies from when I was in it! Your travel plans sound exciting, has anything been finalized for Christmas? Thanks so much for writing Kate!
From Blake
Get your drinking touque on buddy, only a couple weeks left!!
Response: jaja, well, after a year here, I may need my touque for the canadian summer! and don't you worry, i will be prepared, make sure you are too, i get back on saturday!
From Kate
Hola amigo!! We are slowly wrapping up our year and it was a fabulous year. New news-I am moving to Cambrian Heights to teach grade 6. It just fell into my lap. I think it'll be a great change and aside from the packing, moving and unpacking, I am really looking forward to it. We leave for Italy in a week so life is incredibly chaotic. Lots of work to do at the farm, home and both schools before we go. We'll swap work and travel stories when I get back - the backyard date is still a go - it depends if you are in Cowtown or not. The new apt sounds great - sign me up!!
Chat soon
Ciao K
Response: wow, what exciting news! cambrian is one of the more progressive and evolving schools right? thats fantastic, congrats on your new position! i think that as i write this you will be enjoying the Tuscan sun, i hope you have an INCREDIBLE time in Italy, take lots of pics, drink lots of delicious wine and eat lots of delicious food! glad to hear we can still get together, there should be many opportunities as well as my 6 weeks will be entirely in Canada (the last time I spent 6 weeks in Canada was with you in your classroom in 2006!). cant wait to hear about your trip, feliz viaje amiga! Jared
From Carla
I'm from Chile.
By the way.. do you have msn? and can i have it?
Response: k bueno!!!! eres de Chile!! quiero ir a chile MUCHISIMO! i am actually hoping to go this summer (well, winter for you) to snowboard, if all works out of course. my msn is, definitely add me on! do you have facebook?
From Marta
Hola Jared! How are you?? Although, from reading through some of your postings it sounds like you are continuing to have some truly amazing adventures. As always, I'm super jealous.
As with you, my first year of teaching is coming to a close (tomorrow is the last day of classes). I've had many ups and downs, but overall I'm very happy with the way it went. Unfortunately, I'm in limbo right now waiting to find out whether or not they are going to be able to keep me at Central next year (keep your fingers crossed for me - or whatever they do in the Dominican for good luck). Let me know when you're back in town this summer and we will get together for a long overdue coffee. Enjoy the last bits of your first year of school.
PS. Bring your hurricane gear with you if you come's been raining here everyday since I can remember. LOL - can Calgary get hurricanes??
Response: Marta, so great to hear from you!!! i would definitely love to meet up with you for that long overdue coffee (or beer;) and hear about your first year! I definitely am curious to hear why you are in limbo, as i have been hearing from my parents that the CBE continues to have more and more problems putting teachers in front of students; is it your subject? I get back on the 5th of july, kind of a crazy schedule for the first week as i go out to bc for a wedding, but i will certainly try and call you (i think i have your # still, mine is the same). haha, i will be such a baby in cold calgary rain, but at least it doesnt come down as hard as it does here (UNBELIEVABLE). i will try to bring some caribbean sun with me!
From Carla
Hey Jared. I know you dont know me.. but i loove your photos and ur traveling stories!! Really REALLY loove them..! i really enjoy them..! love yaaaaaa
Response: Thanks Carla! its thrilling to know that people I haven't even met enjoy my stories and photos! Thanks again!! just out of curiosity, where are you from?
From Kate
Let's do the back yard thing for sure...we're back on the 16th...will be jet lagged and itching to get to the farm but I'd love to connect with you before you head off to Chile. Zoo week was fabulous. I have oodles of pics that I'll have to post for you to see. I'm putting together a pp of our pics for an assembly Thursday. We got to feed the giraffes and rays...very cool! Looking forward to Italy...must start sampling some Italian vino soon...tried their Lemoncello and know I'm in for a treat there. Last minute booking of trains still has to be done.
Love reading about your adventures. What an interesting life you lead!
Ciao for now.
Response: I watched your video that you made with the kids, FANTASTIC idea!! I would love to see the powerpoint as well; it sounds like it was so much fun! Its definitely a date this july, things with chile are kind of dwindling as time draws closer, so i might have much more time in canada this summer. good luck with your train booking, hopefully everything works out well, and affordable. i will try to write on my site again here soon, or at least add some pics. ciao Maestra!
From Kate
Long has been busy here but not as exciting as yours. What did you think of Cuba? Nice to visit...wouldn't want to live there? I do prefer it to Mexico but sure did like the DR. We're making final plans for our trip to Italy this summer. Can you believe it? Kate and hubby in Europe?? Anyway, had lots of fun searching hotels, trains, planes and automobiles as well as learning some Italian and researching what to see and do. Can't wait. Spring break is quickly coming to a close...not exactly relaxing but we did get a lot of things done. Zoo school is in 2 weeks. :) I'll have to send you pics.
Glad you decided to stay in SD. A very professional and mature decision, grasshopper! I think you have a lot to offer to the kids and the school and if you have a principal you like, well...that's priceless.
Fill me in on your summer plans...a patio awaits you here. Cheers amigo!
Response: Hi Kate! it has been a long time. Cuba is definitely an experience, a place to really make you think. Living there would be difficult, but because the tourist and local worlds are kept so separate, I would be much better off than the Cubans themselves. Im so excited for you guys to go to Italy! One of the best things there is the fact that the incredible wine is cheaper than water. I would love to see pics from your time in zoo school, I can imagine what an incredible experience it must be. I am taking my grade 7s to the zoo on wednesday this week, probably not as good as your trip, but good nonetheless. Thank you for your support in my decision to stay, it really means a lot. I will have to tell you all about it in the summer (hopefully). I think I should be back around the 6th of July, and will be running off quickly to Chile on the 18th to snowboard guide for a month, so hopefully we can hit that patio!!! Great to hear from you Kate, take care!
From Kmat NORA
Hola - so good to read about all your travels....some of your adventures are getting a bit more grimy. Sorry to hear about your camera. I had mine permanently borrowed too and all I really wanted was the photos back.
Sounds like you have some interesting choices ahead of you. Decisions aren't always made in the heart as you get older ( and wiser ), so do think over your options. Each country you list has its benefits and drawbacks. Consider your own desires and then consider the uniqueness of the situation. You are still in such a building / formative stage.
Don't worry about your quick stay in DR. You gave it a lot.
The world still wants to give you more before you settle in a little.
Thx for the bday wishes. All is well but out of control busy tryin g to build a new Faculty at York U.
ciao Krustmate NORA
From Guera
WOW Jared!
It is about time you got a picture up there, considering all the dazzling amateur fotos you have taken!
Your pictures make me thrilled to get down under the sea. While we enjoy our snow, you explore the unknown realm of the Caribe;)
Keep up the safe diving!
Besos de Canada!
Response: Thanks Heather! I love hearing when people enjoy my photos and stories! I will try my best to get more up soon, I have been kinda lacking lately since my camera was stolen, hopefully I can do it before I head off to Cuba
From Kmat
Sweetie -
It's been too long....your quarter of a century was indeed not acknowledged by your wicked Kmat. She's getting old and the days all blur......sounds like your Dec was one big holiday.
I"ve been under basically house arrest as my Xmas present from Stephen was a lovely kitten that is just so very sick ! Every disease in the book ( and some that aren't ). Regardless, no real excuse. I love reading your blog.
Did I encourage you to connect with my guys' blog? Nick is planning to ski the entire length of the mckenzie river....not too sure about that. Check him out at
I would love the two of you to meet some day.....
I'm so thrilled you are not just seeing a whole new world, but taking time to experience it and more importantly, share it.
Hugs Krustmate NORA
Response: Krustmate, I am so sorry to hear about your kitten, I hope things start taking a turn for the better very soon! I saw a picture of him (or her?) when I was home on my parents email, super cute, I really hope things are improving. I have to apologize for my writing, it really isn't very consistent. I keep saying I will be better, but it keeps turning out to be a lie. I definitely want to write more whenever I hear from you, your words seem to light a fire for me to buck up and share my experiences! I don't think we ever talked about Nick's blog, I will definitely have to check it out though, sounds like quite the trek! Hopefully I will be able to meet someday, Im sure we would get along great and have all kinds of crazy stories to swap. Thanks for writing Krustmate, always a pleasure to hear from you.
From Claudia
Muchos exitos.... Te quieroo!!!!!
besos!!! tu peruana :)
Response: Happy New Year Claudia! como te fue? ojala super bien, recibiste algo en el correo? muchos besos mi peruana
From Mom
Just wanted to say Happy Birthday!
Response: merci boucoup mama!
From Kate
Happy birthday!! We didn't celebrate your birthday when you were with us last year!Pour quoi?? Our DR countdown is on but after viewing tripadvisor and seeing some of the comments, we're a little freaked out over the 'sandflies', fumigation requests and nasty weather!!! Fingers are crossed!
See you in a week, hombre! K
Response: aii, obviously i need to do this sooner, cause you have already been to the DR now, super happy you loved it! i think my bday last year fell in between the times i was at the school, just before stampede school. sorry didnt get back out with you, that last week was non-stop. oh, i received an email about a possible position in Istanbul for this fall...
From Claudia
ohh!! Jared!! I miss you too!! in february I going to Mancora again!! jjaa.....
que beuno que en navidad la pases en Canada!! yo quiero NIEVE tambien :(
mi familia te manda muchos saludos...
Take care and enjoyng!!!!
MANCORA HASTA MARZO, after Univ again!! :( jajajaaj
muchos besos. TU PERUANA!!!!
Response: aiii mi peruana, quiero ir a mancora contigo otra vez! vas con tu familia? muchas gracias por los saludos de tu familia, igual a todos! yo voy a enviarte un poco nieve cuando estoy en canada ;) mas uni?? que haces? como esta el clima? verano alla ahora, increible, entonces creo lima es super linda con el sol. besos chica bonita
From Kate
Hola Jared, Glad you want to come in to school to visit us.
The least disruptive would be Friday because the kids are already on vacation...or at least their brains are but whatever suits your schedule best...I'm pretty flexible. Email me at school re: details. We're doing paper mache wetland creatures right now - couldn't/wouldn't have last year. What's in the Hat and how long are you going down for?? We're done school Friday and fly off Tuesday. How long are you in Cowtown?? Our staff party is Nov. 30 - before the insanity of other soirees!
Chat soon...hey?? Posters...?
Response: i think friday wont be a problem at all, it only takes 3 hours to get to the hat so i dont need to leave until 4ish. a couple of my best friends live out in the hat so im going to go out and visit them for at least one night. i definitely want to meet up for a drink with you as well, when do you get back fromthe DR? I leave on the 7th of january, so hopefully something can work out. as far as the posters are concerned, i can grab them when i come in on the 21st. i have to double check, not sure if i have your school email, i probably do... talk to you soon Kate
From claudia
ey jared!!! how are you? como esta mi peruano!!!! jaja que es de tu vida? ACABO DE terminar la universidad!!! todo bien! cansada de tanto estudiar...... como estas tu? cuentame ok!!!!
muchos besos de Peru!!!!!!!!!
Response: oye mi peruana, felicidades!!!!! no mas uni pa' ti! y ahora, una abogada, super chevere! muchas felicidades, bien hecha bonita! estoy bien, tengo mucho entusiasmado por navidad porque yo tengo un vuelo a canada incluido en mi contrato, y puedo jugar en la nieve. como estas?? que haces ahora, no mas uni, vas a viajar? o mas uni? te extrano bella, diga hola a tu familia para mi por fa. muchos besos de republica dominicana!!!
From Kate
RC's go home tomorrow. What a heap of work they were this round. The projects we are able to do this year are very time consuming but worth it but I do think we are turning down the Mayor's Env't expo - time crunch. When are you home on the 19th?? Late? Early? School goes til the 21st so coming in Thursday PM or Friday AM would be great - lunch too! Re: posters, etc - do you want to go through them at school here or just send them with mama and papa? Hasta luego, amigo.
Response: ya, i have to say that report cards are not my most favourite part of the job. I come home late on the 19th, so i could definitely make it in on thursday or the friday. im planning on heading to medicine hat the latter part of friday afternoon, but thats really it. i will probably squeeze in a trip to COP as well one of those days to see friends there and do a couple runs before the immense crowds get there. which day would work best for you? when are your christmas parties i guess is the big thing, i dont want to distract anyone from lessons, which I think would probably happen. wicked, im excited to come into JK Molloy!
From KAte
Do you still have your hotmail acct?? I emailed with DR ???'s.
When are mama and papa visiting you?? I have posters etc for your classroom.
Up to 25 munchkins now but still doing well. Finishing RC's today. Hope all is well in your island world.
Response: i do still have my hotmail, but i really dont check it very often, my gmail would be better; do you have it? I can pick up the posters (thanks a ton!!!) when i come in, so no worries with my parents. take care Kate, see you soon!
From devin
hey man, good to see your having fun over there, keeping yourself real busy. I wanted to let you know that i'll be in Puerto Plata at the beginning of January for a week. Not sure if you'll be busy travelling or teaching but it would be cool to meet up.take care buddy, and hear from you soon
Response: so good to hear from you bro! what dates are you going to be down here? part of my contract included a trip home for christmas so i will be in canada until the 7th, back at work on the 8th. i hope that it will work out, definitely be rad to see you down here. we definitely gotta meet up for a pint around christmas too, or better yet, head out for a rip. talk to you soon
From Marta
Hey Jared!! Como Estas? I can't believe how long you've been gone! I'm glad to see you are staying out of trouble (well except for the big party with your students ; ) j/k. I haven't been doing anything near as exciting as you Senor Barnes. I got a temp contract teaching social and CALM at Central Memorial. It's a pretty good gig and they've asked me to say for next semester teaching only social studies, which will be awesome. Anywho, just wanted to say 'hi' and let you know I was thinking of you and your travels. Take care.
Response: Marta!! so good to hear from you! im very well, cant complain too much starting my career in the caribbean! congrats on your position, its funny, I want to say that its great you got a social studies position, but generally in Canada you teach what you specialize in (my degree: elem. gen. w/ social studies background, my job: middle school science and high school biology). fantastic to hear from you, im not sure if i have your email or if it was your uni one, as the uni ones obviously dont work. wicked, catch some snowflakes on your tongue for me. talk to you soon!
From Kmat Nora
oh my stars.... I don't read your blog for a few weeks and it covers storms and blood and hospitals...dear me.... but the good news is that there is also Puerto Rico, bacardi and sunny beaches.
I hope the kids still inspire you and feed you with their questions.
Keep well....avoid mosquitoes...have your parents send me a postcard. I'm so glad you are all going to be together for a vacation.
Super big hugs.
Response: Hola Krustmat! i guess you could say im trying to keep things interesting here! how is everything in TO? and Stephen? Im super excited for my fam to come down to visit, we will definitely send you a postcard! I hope all is well, take care.