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Mis aventuras en Sudamerica!

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Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Location: Israel

Yes, i'm home! but let's ignore that for a moment because i still have a few last places to write here about.

Immediatly on my first day in San Martin, we (me & Efi) have met 2 argentinian guys from Neuquen with whom we spent the whole 1st day while getting used to snowboarding after a very long break. Every day after that we met more and more nice people from the hostel who helped us enjoy our time in San Martin even while we weren't on the snow. But of course, the snow part was the main thing and i enjoyed it very much. We were very lucky with the weather and the snow quality, and every day i felt how i become better and less afraid, skiing faster and trying jumps and all. I think i will start going to the CHERMON a lot more now.
Also, since almost everyone in the hostel was argentinian, i got to talk so much spanish. I feel that once again i learned a lot but also got started getting very tired of it for the first time in my trip.

From San Martin, i eventually decided that i will go to the city of Cordoba, the student city of Argentina, in which i haven't visited the last time i was in Argentina. It was the last new place for me in this trip! (because next was Buenos Aires). People here talk in a very different accent than the rest of Argentina, and actually i found it a bit annoying. It sounded like HODIM speaking spanish and for some reason i didn't like it. Besides that the city was actually very nice and calm. It's quite big but doesn't really feel that way and it's special. The day i enjoyed the most in Cordoba was a day i just took my mp3 player and walked in the streets while listening to music, looking at the people passing by, smiling. I understood how much you can enjoy from the simplest things.

Buying the ticket for my last bus (cordoba-buenos), i couldn't just take the normal semi-cama (half bed) and had to get a try of the best. It was a cama-ejecutivo (bed-business) and it was so comftarble that i actually kept falling asleep and didn't really get a chance to enjoy it enough :) I was quite excited getting on it though.

When i got to Buenos Aires, in the taxi on my way to the hostel, i remembered how much i liked this city the last time i was here, but actually those last 6-7 days i had there weren't that amazing. A bit lack of luck with the people in the hostel and a bit tiredness of mine didn't let me enjoy that much and i ended up actually just waiting for my flight to come. What was nice was meeting some of my friends from San Martin, who live in Buenos Aires. We went out a couple of nights, even had asado (ALA-ESH) once in one's home and it was fun. I really decided though that i'm tired of spanish and i missed speaking hebrew, being able to say exactly what i want and not have any problems understanding others. For the last meal i went to an all-you-can-eat meat restaurant (what else!), filled my stomach and rushed to the airport to catch my flight to New-York.

New-York was a real "circle-closer" since that's the place where i started this whole adventure, and also helped me end my trip with a "taste of more..." after a few boring days in Buenos Aires. It was my 4th visit to New-York (i think) but the first time i actually felt like i'm starting to know it, how it's built and the different neighbourhoods. I slept in my aunt's and uncle's apartment just next to central park (THANK YOU!) which was great and close to everything and made it very easy to visit every area i wanted. On the first day i went with Mira & Mor (M&M) to a musical and had lots of luck since i've won an HAGRALA and got much cheaper tickets. The other days i just walked around the different areas, bought myself lots of clothes in the different stores, met some more with M&M etc... Everything is so big here (maybe too big), espcially comparing to south america. There is almost no store which has less than 2 floors! I think that in New-York you can find anything you can think about except for one thing... silence!
On the 6th day, i woke up for the last time abroad and headed to the Newark airport in New Jersey, from which a 10 hours flight was the only thing seperating me from HOME!

And about HOME... i only landed 2 days ago so i think i am gonna be patient, wait a couple of days and only then write about it.

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From Zully
Hey, I just finished taking a look at your pics and they are really cool !! There are a lot of funny ones.
Baruch Hashem you are safe and back haha. I'm afraid now I won't have any excuse for not speaking hebrew =S hehe And you will have no excuse for not speaking Spanish!
Lehitraot =) !
Response: I'm gonna make sure you start speaking hebrew!
From Amit
OOOOFFFFFF, i wanna ride a dirt-bike now!!!
when u get back home, buy two of then, 1 for u and 1 for me.
Response: I propose that first you come back, and than we'll see if you still have the money for that!
From Zully
Hey, ma nishma?
Actualiza (update) tu página!! Jaja
Response: Finally i did!
From Zully
Beautiful pictures! Wow, Peru is beautiful.
I'm just sorry to hear your Spanish is not improving hehehe.. I hope you don't think the same of my hebrew =P lol
Take care, shalom lehitraot!
Response: You´re not speaking enough hebrew for me to know!
You should come to Peru, but only after you visit Israel!
From Shai
OH MY GOD !!!!!
this is a realy good time for me to say i told you so !!! i told you ,Peru's gonna be the best place in SA for you.
i just realized 2 things: Williams was also my guide in the Apurimac river. i can hear him right now: "FOOORWARD, KADIIIIIMA !!" but most amaizing, i also have a picture with the Indian girl, Dana, neer Arequipa...that's odd !!
Miss you, hermano.
P.S. i have a mic.
Response: Well.. you were right.
Willy was a great guide, i was really happy with him.
Yalla, bo nedaber kvar!
From nurit
i miss you more when i look at the look great,keep having great adventures,kisses
from all of us
Response: Thanks a lot! I love you all and can´t wait to come back home.
From Amit - remember?
So we've come 2 this, huh? staying in thouch through this site...
Anyway, in the little time i have 2 roam through ur pics, i am STILL jelous of the amazing places and views u c!
hope 2 hear more from u!
Response: I already told you i´m more jealous! I might fly to the east right after bolivia...
From tal shaked
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ml_entity_#1505_י&#151- 1; לנ_PR_ht
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ml_entity_#1489_ו&#151- 2; חו_PR_ht
ml_entity_#1508_ן דו_PR_ht
ml_entity_#1500_ר&#149- 7;ם!
Response: HEG-YO-NI that it´s me who snores!
From ima
The marvelous six really seems marvelous.
I liked them very much!!!
Response: Yeah, i guess that`s why i´m with them for almost 3 monthes already!
From shai
JBEK !!!
your pictures are SOFF-HADERECH !!! Huaraz was one of my favorit places in the trip ,so i'm really jelous of you right now... every mail i write you , i allways end with "keep having a great time.." well... i'm glad you're listening : )
Response: I really liked Huaraz too... we stayed there for 18 days with almost no boring moment. Get that microphone already!
From luis
amazing picts.
we send our loves, Mijal, Agustina, Claudia & Luis
Response: Thank you! I´ll send your love to asaf too...
From doron arbiv
shalom dor!
i only found out today about this website(you how poor i am with computs)' anyway, i was realy excited looking throw your pictures, and i just want to say that i miss you, and hope you forgive me for not being in touch. take care, bezrat hashem. the mookie looked great....
Response: Hey doron! Don`t worry, i forgive you but for now on you`ll have to try better, ah ? :)
I miss you too! Send me an e-mail and let me know what`s going on with you...
From ima
what is "Moki"?
you never cooked it at home. why???
Response: It's "Mooky" and i did cook it once at home, a long time ago as a dinner for Ron, Nir & me. It's pasta with tomato and cream sauce, like i wrote to Lea & David two messegas down...
From nurit
fianally we got some new adventures.we were quite warried about you man but now its all over. miss you very much. neshikot
Response: Yeah, i was at on the boat for a long time, but i'm very ok. I have friends looking out for me.
From Lea and David
Shalom Dor,

What grand adventures you are having! We were really impressed with your photos from Iguazu Falls. Those animals in the last photo of that set look very much like coati mundi, a realtive of the raccoon of North America. Please let us know - what is Moki? Keep well have continue to have a great time.


Lea v' David
Response: Actually it's called "Mooky" and it's just pasta with tomato and cream sauce we used to make in the army! We do it really well and had different vegtables and tavlinim each time...
From Ima
i just want to say that i am very proud to be your mother
that i miss you so much....
Response: The time goes by fast... i think i´m already in the middle of my trip. I miss you very very much!
From NoamSever
Hi you.
It was great hearing from you the other day.
I talked to Tal on the chat so i know you are all together.
Pretty much envy at you guys but i'll join you soon (2.5 months).
Response: Looking forward to it...
From Alonzo
torid zevel!!!
Response: Heg-yo-ni!
From Eyal Yaniv
hey dor,

The pic's are amayzing seems like you are having the time of your life!

keep having fun and enjoy every second.

miss you eyal.
Response: I guess i really am having the time of my life. Thank you! I miss you too! How is the new job ?
From Niv (Segev)
Hi Dorkes- glad to hear from you and see thoose wonderfull pics.
have a great time and take care
Response: Thanks! Where are you ? Still working ?
From Marko
Hola Chico,

thats a great site by a great man. We have a nice time in Buenos Aires. Hopefully, everything will be perfect. I wish you a nice trip also.
Response: Thanks Marko. We really did have fun together. Everyone were so nice. Keep having fun and buying carrying weird equipment with you!
From Zully
Hola de nuevo! It's good to hear from you again. Qué padre que pudimos hablar =) Y oye, chateando a las 2am...!! =O Jajaja Ya no te duermas tan tarde =P
Diviértete en Brasil.
Response: Gracias!
From Lea and David
Shalom Dor!

How great to find you back online after a month and a half! We are so happy you are having such a great time. Your descriptions remind us of our visits to Chile and Argentina. Keep having fun! We miss you and look forward to your arrival in Santa Fe this summer.


Lea and David
Response: Toda Raba!
From Zully
Qué onda? How are you? And hey dude, why is it taking you so long to update your site? Is everything ok?
Yebarejeja Adonai veyishmereja
Shalom =)
Response: Disculpeme, tuvi mucho prisa y por eso no pude UPDATE mi sito...
He is keeping an eye... don´t worry :)
From shai
what's up ? you haven't wrote in a loooooooooooooong time. is everything allright?
waiting to hear from you..
Response: No need to worry... how are you though ? We need to speak on Skype sometime!