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Hello everyone, thanks for checkin' this out... Please leave a comment and hopefully I can reply to it, but I'm sure I'll be home in no time.

Diary Entries

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Location: Nice, France

Hello Again,

Today has been a pretty good day... i found a computer that has a normal keyboard. Last night we got to the hotel we were supposed to stay at, but apparently they cancelled our reservations. we went for supper while our tour guide, melanie, rebooked at a different hotel. i think we got a pretty good deal because we got a nicer hotel, but it was geared towards more mature groups so we had to be super quiet. We also got to sleep in.. :D

Our tour started at a perfume factory in Eze (said like Pez minus the P). I learnt that it takes 1000 kilograms of flowers to make a couple litres of perfume.

Then we went to monaco and saw the palace and changing of the guard.\

We stopped at a chocolate/crystallized fruit factory just now. We are at the hotel we were supposed to stay at and are going to the beach soon. I love this French Riviera, its so nice and hilly.

See you on Tuesday (for some)


Saturday, 14 April 2007

Location: Nice, France

Guten tag! Bon Giorno! Bonjour! :)

Hey everyone. I'm in Nice right now and tomorrow is our last day.. So iùll be ho,e soon: Sorry these keyboqrds qre stupid so Iù, too lqwy to type correctly: Iùll just briefly summarize whqt iùve done:

Switzerlqnd was qwesome and so beautiful: We went up to to Mount Pilatus, and had a traditional folklore night: it was aweso,e.

Venice was really neat: I went to San Marco Basilica and Doge's Palace. we qlso went for q trqditionql gondolq ride zhich was nice.

On our way to Rome we stopped in Verona where we saw Julliet's balcony and i rubbed her breast for good luck; In Rome we saw so ,uch: I really liked the sight seeing but hated the dirtyness (air and litter). We went to the Vaticqn qnd sqw the Sistine Chapel and St Peters Bqsilicq. We saw the Colloseum, the Roman Forum, Spanish Steps, and Trevi Fountain. :) Probably my favorite history-wise.

We spent a day in Florence which was pretty nice. it had a lot of artsy stuff, and i got to see the statue of Dqvid. I also ate alot of GELato... Mmmmm:) That night we got to go to a discoteque which was a blast!!! :)

Today we came to Nice. On the way we stopped in pisa and saw the Leaning Tower and the Cathedral..

I forgot to mention that the temperatures have been awesome, and we went to q cera,ic factory and a leather one. I only bought so,e garlic olive oil from the former.. Should be good :)

Tomorro is the last day and it should be relaxing.. We are going to a perfu,e factory, Monaco, a chocolate factory, and about five hours of free ti,e which i want to spend at the beach. :) Then its home time, and i'm not ready yet :(

Lookin forward to seeing everyone again though :) I tried to add photos but the computer didn't agree with me...

Ciao, Arrividerci, au revoir!!

Friday, 06 April 2007

Location: Montreal, Canada

Hey everyone, we've made it to Montreal! Last night we arrived in Calgary at about 10pm and then we had to wake up at 415 to catch our flight here. We;ve got a bit of a layover, then we go to Frankfurt then arrive in Zurich Saturday at 1255 pm their time. Here's a little look at where all I'm going...
Lucerne, Switzerland for two days. Its supposed to be really nice and then we get to go up mount pilatus and a swiss folklore night.
Venice, Italy for two days.. hopefully get to go on a gondola :D
Rome, Italy. Our hotel is supposed to be crap.. we'll see :S
Florence and Pisa
Nice, France and monaco!

I'm reall excited and leave me a message\1

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Recent Messages

From Heath
Hope you have a wicked time in Europe. Make sure that you are the last one to go home at night, and the first one to get up in the morning... that way you don't miss anything. And watch out for those Italian girls, they can be a handful.
Response: Hey Heath, all is going well. We went to a disco last night and that was sweet. been so busy to only have one entry so far!
From Jen
Hi Drew,

Hope all is going well and you are having fun :)

See you when you get back
Response: Hey Jen, sure is going well: The keyboards here in france are stupid: Sorry i haven't updated. Its warm here :)
From maynard & joanne
hi Drew........
just found your site, had misplaced address....trip sounds awsome, hope all is well.
your not missing anything here:>)......hopefully your not on a greek cruise ship......:>)
look forward to checking out your site again

Maynard & Joanne
Response: Thanks Maynard and Joanne. Trip is going well: almost over though :( Seee you when i get home
what?? thats it?? one measly diary entry?? Jeeze Drew, I thought you were better than that.
Response: Hey hey now: We're on a tight schedule over here. You're Jealous: hope its not cold when I get home
From Michelle Sweet
Hey Drew, got this address from your mom, hope you keep us posted and that you guys are having a great time. Say hi to Lindsay for me.
Response: Hey yeah I'm sorry i didn't keep it updated; tomorrow is the last day
From Mom
Hey Drew! You'll never beleive it but your curling team is in the prizes in the A event!!! And that's with Jerry skipping and dad playing 3rd! They curl Jim Swan at 1:30 today. We'll let you know how it goes - have fun
Response: Holy crap, that's amazing. We've been so busy so sorry I haven't posted. How did they end up doing? See you when I get home!