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This is Dr.Gerbick.

So what do you think everyone.

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You all wanna see what the D-D-D-Doctor looks like. Well have a gork but I warn you. Its recommended your on drugs before you do.

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Recent Messages

From M4E

love to see the email you described on Ozleague.


From GOD
You're completely mad. I need another cone now. Now I know why your Indian princess is leaving you - she finally went and got glasses! ;P Cheers Doc.
Response: Yeah, Nana Miscourie ones. I dont know whos worse. Thanks for checking out the sight my man.
From TKL
You are one freaky dude Dr G. - it's interesting - for some reason I always pictured you with long hair and a massive chin - kind of like Shaggy from Scooby Doo
Response: I use to have shaggys hair at one time in my life but no massive chin. Perhaps thats a good thing for me. Would be more of a chance getting knocked out. Cheers for checkin the site dude.