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Drousas "Griswalds" Family USA/European vacation

Welcome to Drousas Family Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Location: Hong Kong

Wow this will probably be our last diary entry! One more sleep to go and we are flying back home.

Our last day in Athens (24th) was spent with our cousins John, Litsa & kids who had driven 3hrs from Geraki to spend our last day in Greece together! We were very sad to say goodbye but thank God for internet & Skype!

We arrived in Hong Kong on the 26th July and what can we say but what a fantastic place! The people, the culture, the food and so much to see and do. 2 nights will not be long enough..definitely on our return list!

We arrived last night just in time for cocktail food and drinks! Last ones to leave and crashed after our flight.

Today we spent the day at disneyland! Tomorrow we have a half day tour booked to see some more of this wonderful city with the afternoon shopping! We have a late night flight and are due back Fri mornin in Adelaide!


Saturday, 23 July 2011

Location: Greece

Well we have had an amazing few days in Santorini & Paros. Our last 2 days in Santorini were spent at the beaches of Perivolos & Kamari. Gorgeous black (volcanic) sand beaches with crystal clear water and a coast line covered in umbrellas & sunlounges. There was also a whole row of shops, cafe shops & taverns across the road from the beach! We preferred Perivolos to Kamari as it was a smaller and less commercial version of it.

On the 18th we left Santorini for the island of Paros! On arrival in Paros we realised we had just dropped a gear..although we had not noticed Santorini was quite as fast paced as it was until we arrived in Paros. Not as stunning as Santorini, paros still had a unique charm to it and it was a little more what we imagined a greek island to be. We stayed in the main town of Parikia - a great location to see the rest of the island. Our first afternoon there was spent relaxing by the hotel pool and going for walks along the coast.

On the 19th we went to the sandy beach of Kolimbitheres where we were taken by boat to get there. Gorgeous natural beauty with crystal clear water and white sandy beaches!

The next day was spent at the 'Pounda beach' where the shore is lined with umbrellas, sun lounges as well as a pool & pool bar! Here you could take turns between swimming at the sea and the pool! This beach club also played great music through out the day which you could hear from the sea too. We loved it here. At the end of the day we bought our souvenir 'pounda beach club' t -shirts and took a photo on the shore! The kids working there ie. they took drink & snack orders while we relaxed on the beach..I know a fantastic idea...were laughing and told us we looked ready to start work! They also wore the t shirts. : )

After 2 days at the beach it was time for a chill out day..where we hung around Parikia and John hired a quad bike taking the kids for rides around the island! Oh yeah me too..I had a ride and got to have a shot at riding one (after much convincing from the kids).

Our last day in Paros was spent at 'Santa Maria' beach where again it was similar to Pounda but on a smaller scale. Beautiful white sand and crystal clear water. By the way it has been 40 degrees for the last ten days or so..perfect for swimming at the beach!

Today we left Paros by ferry for Athens. We are staying in Glyfada - a coastal area of Athens for 2 nites before we leave Greece on the 25th for Hong Kong!

Take care and not long now before we are back! xoxox

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Location: Greece

Wow ten days since last diary entry!! I (Toula) have been very slack with the updates! Ok from the 7th-12th July we were in Argos/Nafplio & Corinth. We caught up with all our relies there and had a great time. Our days always consisted with a trip to the beach either at Karathona or Tolo..absolutely stunning beaches with crystal clear (warm) water! We visited the Palamythi castle, had a drink in the argos platia with our cousins as well as dinner in Nafplio (and with ourn relies). We spent a day travelling through Nemea/Dafni in Corinth with the gorgeous vineyard countryside.
Our last night we spent having dinner with relies at cousin Aggeliki's place just outside Argos and on the 12th we travelled to ancient Corinth, Korinthos and Loutraki (another gorgeous coastal town) before returning to Athens for car drop off and dinner with our other cousin Aggeliki in Plaka.
We spent the night in Pireaus in a hotel room that was across the road from where we caught the ferry to Santorini on the 13th. Basic accomodation where nothing worked but where we had a lot of laughs every time something went wrong! Luckily for us we had to be up at 5am to catch ferry and we only spent 5hrs in the room! : )

On the 13th we arrived in gorgeous Santorini! Words can not describe how beautiful it is and the pictures do not do it is better in real life! Our first night here we watched the sunset while having dinner on the caldera (cliff facing the volcano) is as stunning as everyone says it is!
The next day we had a full day tour of the village Pyrgos, the church Prophet Elias (highest point of Santorini), the volcano (where we walked on it), the hot springs around the volcano, the other island opposite - Thirassia (where we had lunch and a swim in the sea). We then were taken to the town Oia in Santorini where kids & John took a donkey to the top (I walked up 200+ steps in the heat and nearly collapsed at the top!) I also by deciding to walk up just missed a donkey stampede where people yelled out to me to move out the way..just in time..with one donkey scraping past me : ) I had regretted my decision to walk!
Here in Oia we relaxed a little, explored the winding, cobbled stone streets with the white washed architecture and then watched another gorgeous sunset before returning to Fira where we are staying!

Yesterday it was time for a chill out day. We relaxed, went for a walk around Fira and John hired a quad bike where he took turns taking Zara & Pete for rides around the island.

Today we are off to the beaches of Perissia and Perivolos! It has been hot here and we cant believe we will be returning to freezing weather! Will have a dip in the sea for all of you..miss you all and love to all xoxoxoxo

Wednesday, 06 July 2011

Location: Greece

Yiassas! Yes it has been ages since our last diary entry! We left Corfu on Tues nite the 28th June by Ship and arrived in Patra - Pelopponiso at 5am.

On our last day in Corfu we visited the old town there and the absolute highlight was visiting St Spyridon church! The saint's remains are kept in a gold coffin there at the church and we were fortunate enough to arrive in time for the priest to perform a blessing! This actually meant they opened the coffin..we saw his feet covered..which we then expected the rest of the body to be covered..but his face unexpectedly was not. We could not believe our eyes..we actually saw St Spyridon's remains & face. There was a sweet aroma emanating from the coffin as I have heard before is due to the body being of a saint!

Once we arrived in Patra we took a quick drive to see Antirron bridge and then on to ancient Olympia. Again it was great to see those ancient ruins and the place where the lighting of the Olympic flame begins before each Olympic games! The afternoon we drove to Kalamata and then through the Tayeta mountains (yeah they were full blown mountains!) reaching Geraki around 5pm. We caught up with all our cousins & relies in the arvo and again that night.

The next 3 days we spent visiting Monemvassia, Leonithio & Yitheio (these are all gorgeous beachside locations). We also visited the caves of Thiro..absolutely amazing! The next 2 nights we were with the other cousins in Sparti! That is where you will see the photos on the kids facebook of them out clubbing!! We also visited two fortresses at Monemvassia & Mistra (near Sparti).

Shopping of course in Sparti on Monday 4th July before heading back to Geraki in the arvo (with a few tears from all!). The last couple of days we have been hanging around the village..getting a taste of the village life!

Last night cousin Peter Drousas had a party at his place with all the relies..a great night was had by all! Lots of drinking, eating & dancing!! (and lots of tears too!!).

Today we visited the fortress at Geraki (after sleeping in from the late night last night!). The weather has been fantastic..around 32-34 degrees every day!

Have so many photos we need to add..but so little time. Promise to add some in the next few days!

Tomorrow we head off for Nafplion..take to all..Tha ta poume! xoxoxoxox

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Location: Corfu, Greece

We spent our last day in Athens Wed 22nd visiting Parliament house and the changing of the guards. The guards dressed in traditional greek costumes (tsoliathes). John and I found it a really moving experience full of history! We took photos with them too!
Our next stop was the cultural Benaki museum! Here we saw pottery, jewellery, greek costumes, parts of old mansions, parts of old church altars, greek church Icons, paintings and basically the greek lifestyle dating back to 400-500 BC! It was very interesting and we soaked up the history!!
After that we stopped at nearby trendy Kolonaki for some shoe shopping (and this time the girls not Peter!) and a refreshing frappe (iced coffee) people watching as we relaxed! A really nice area of Athens.
In the evening we caught up with Thea Maria & Chrusa for a drink in Plaka. I (Toula) had not seen them since 1977 where Chrusa & I played together in Greece. They were lovely and instantly we felt like we had known them for years!

Next day..23rd June we picked up our hire car & it was time for John to drive on the opposite side of the road!! Lucky for us our hotel was on the side of Athens that we needed to be to catch the highway to Meteora (Monasteries in central Greece) and it didnt take long to get out of Athens. Of course that didnt mean I (Toula) didnt have a panic attack trying to get out! It really wasnt that bad and before long we were on the highway! We stopped half way to see the statue of Leonidas at Thermopylae where 300 spartans fought off the Persian army from invasion. We then drove on to Kastraki, a village at the foot of the Meteora. Our first experience of a greek village..only 800 people living there! After settling in at our traditional guest house run by a family (who were very friendly and hospitable to us!) we walked around the hills in about 36 degree heat until dinner at the taverna also run by the same family downstairs from our room! We saw greek kids poking fun at another boy calling him names, moutzoning (Giving him the open stretched palm - not nice) and we could not stop laughing! Being a small town where everyone knows each other we were stared at as we walked past the residents! They actually turned their bodies around to watch us..again very funny!

Next day we visited 2 monasteries. The first one was Agia Barbara run by nuns. It was beautiful and one of the nuns gave us a personalized tour!! These clifftop monasteries are amazing! The next one was the 'megalo (Big)Monastery dedicated to our saviour Christ..which as the name says the largest of the monasteries (with lots of steps to get to it!) and run by monks! Again an amazing experience This one was 600 years old!

We then drove west to the Igoumenitsa to catch the ferry to island of Corfu! The first hour was spent driving through mountains (with about 3 panic attacks from me!). Here we witnessed the famous greek driving we had heard so much about! Overtaking on bends, general break neck speeding and no regard for their lives! John drove well and pulled over when he could to let these crazy drivers pass! On one occassion we were behind not one but two semi trailers..the idiot behind us decided to overtake us and the semi trailers not far from a bend with double lines marked on the road!When he realised he could not make it he squeezed in front of us..forcing John to brake a little but we were watching & taking care knowing this driver was being reckless! John beeped at him and this driver proceeded to signal to John sleeping on a pillow! In other words he was going so slow he was asleep!

The next hour and half of our drive was on a beautiful highway with lots of tunnels going throught the mountains!! What a wonderful piece of construction by Greece..we were impressed! We had a lovely 1 and 1/2 hour ferry boat ride to the beautiful island Corfu! Once here we drove another hour of mountainous road before getting to our resort..right on the beach at Agios Stefanos! Paradise! We were told there was a better road to take to get here (although a little longer!) and the one we had taken only the locals use! (another panic attack! :) ).

Today we swam in the gorgeous blue Ionian sea and generally just relaxed in this wonderful resort! Will post some photos over the next couple of days! Waiting for our adapter we left behind in Kastraki to be delivered so we can charge up laptop & mobiles! Lucky for us the owner of the resort is originally from Kastraki knew the owners of the guesthouse we stayed in! He organised for the adaptor to be sent to us here in Corfu! Take care everyone! xoxoxoxo

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Location: Athens, Greece

Yiassas! We arrived yesterday arvo in the capital of Greece - Athens! It was a smooth 3 hr flight from spain with aegean air. It was hot 35 degrees with clear blue sky. We caught the bus to Syntagma (Consitution) Square. Protesters camped in tents also greeted us exactly like Spain! Tonight there was a protest at the square with streets blocked off and police monitoring the situation. We drove past on the bus as people were gathering but we were off sightseeing and didnt see any of it although our hotel is only around the corner!

Last night we met up with cousin Aggeliki Mitsia (who is a lovely gorgeous girl) who is studying in Athens even though she is from Sparti. We went to a lovely rooftop bar/cafe called Chocolat where we had a drink and a gorgeous night view of the Acropolis! We were impressed. However there are parts of Athens that are dirty and mainly have those concrete, ugly apartments with graffiti too. Not all of it is as nice as the area we are staying in - Plaka.

Today we visited the acropolis - athens icon and we were in awe of these ancient ruins that overlook Athens. The new museum was just as inspiring and we followed our day with a late lunch just below the acropolis at this lovely vine covered taverna nearby (it was hot today also and it provided some much need shade & relief from the heat).

We cant get over the stray dogs & Cats that are scattered around just sitting around trying to stay cool.

Loving the little cobbled stone paved streets with their little souvenir shops that are around Plaka & Monastiraki with the character buildings of Athens!

We also saw sellers of non greek origin trying to sell various goods on the streets. One was attempting to get us (toula & zara) to buy when all of a sudden he took off into the bushes. A few cops on motor bikes had just come up and were looking for them (as there was a group) for selling illegally!! Cops had seen them and were calling out - Ella was funny to watch!

We are still pinching ourselves that we are here and absolutely loving the summer weather before we come back home to the cold!! Gotta go..have to go pinch John & the kids.. ; ) Tha ta poume!! xoxox

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Our last 2 days in Barcelona were busy touring with the hop on hop off tours around the city. the highlight of course..drum roll..was the tour of Barcelona FC stadium! The real reason for visiting this city (for John & kids). There was a museum there detailing the history of the club as well as trophies, flags etc. they have won over the years. The 3 of them shopped heaps in the store there too.

On our last day we managed to spend a couple of days at the beach. We hired our sun lounges and umbrella although the water was a little cold. Here we were worried about the moulin rouge..that was nothing compared to the sights on the beach!

After our stint we headed off the La Sagrada Familia Basilica. Gaudi's vision and life work in the 1800's before he was run over by a tram and died. It is amazing! It is still not completed except for the inside which ws finished late last year and consecrated by the pope on the 7th Nov 2010. The intricate detail on the both outside & inside was incredible.

On our last night there was a protest down our street and at the placa Catalunya protesters have set up tents since mid May!
We also made sure we had enough paella & tapas before we left the country too!!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Location: Barcelona, Spain

This morning we were up early as we had a tour to Monteserrat (meaning serrated edge)..A catholic monastery in the mountains. It was breathtaking. We also went on a walk to St Michel cross..our tour guide had told us this would be an easy walk around the mountain! It was not and then we found out he had travelled across the US from west to east by bike..solo! Anyway we made it and it was worth it!! The view was amazing!! This was followed by winery tour in the arvo where we saw how cava (champagne) was made followed by a testing of it too! Internet is bad here will post photos when in Greece on Mon 20th!! We also went for a walk after dinner along the Port area of Barcelona..very picturesque with boat marina too!! Take care xoxoxo

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Ola Everyone! We have arrived in the gorgeous Spanish city of Barcelona! As soon as we stepped off the plane we noticed the rise in temperature, the sun was out and the sky was was around 29 degrees! Cant wait to go to the beach. We walked around la Rambla where we are staying and had dinner at one of the Tapas cafe´s..yum!
We managed to get through the day without the traditional Spanish welcome..having our wallets stolen..;) Love to all xoxoxo

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From Desi
all i can say is wwwooowww!!
Santorini definately gets the thumbs up!!
Response: Yes we all highly recommend gorgeous Santorini!
From The spiliopoulos cla
Yoisou koumbari, thanks for the reply and glad to hear your all well. Lovely shots in santorini, noticed your're all sporting a nice sun tan so far !
The local retsina wine brings back momories for me, my mums family are wine groweres and I recall many occasions rolling off the dinner/lunch table in very good spirits !! Look forward to more updates. love nick, Megan and family xo
Response: Yes Nick the wine here has been great! We want to look into ordering some from home once we are back. Take care & see you all very soon xoxox
From Nick Spiliopoulos &
Yiasou koumbari John, Toula, Zara & Peter. Lovely holiday photos so far. Looks like your all having an enjoyable/relaxing time in greece with your rellies. John, thanks for the SMS regarding spiridan's birthday, all went well any you were missed. All good back home and busy as ususl. love Nick, Megan, spirodon & andreas. xoxo

Response: Hi Koumarakia Spili!! Great to hear from you and that all went well with Spiridon's bday..we were thinking of you all on the day!! Cant wait to see you all when we get back in a couple of weeks! Miss you all and love to all xoxox
From Colleen & the rest o
Hey Grizwaldopoulos family, its been wonderful reading about your trip. Toula you should take up a job writing for Lonely Planet. have enjoyed reading bout your funny adventures and amazing experiences..and fab photos. we're looking forward to more updates soon. stay happy and have the time of your lives while we sit here freezin our #$#@ off. kids send their love as does Jack too....catch u back in Adelaide soon!! love and hugs to you all....missing you all very much.....filakia xxxx.
Response: Marangos family! So great to hear from you..dont know about writing for planet ranger..been a bit slack last couple of weeks! Now in Santorini..will lap up the sun while we can before returning to freezing in cafe' in a couple of weeks! : ) Cant wait to see you all when we are back..missed you guys heaps and love to all of you xoxoxo Mwah!!
From Evie
Hi Ya sis

Looking forward to seeing more photos...missing you so much..especially today.

Love you all
Response: Missed you heaps on that day too..wish we were there love you heaps xoxoxox
From Litsa
OMG just got tingles reading your latest. Seeing a saint. How amazing! You are going to love Nafplion. Hopefully you might run into some of my rellies. Love to u all XXX
Response: yes it was amazing! Still get goosebumps thinking about it! Had a great time in Nafplio..gorgeous town..but didnt see any of your relies :( only mine :) Not long to go and tha ta poume in person xoxoxox
From george karagiannis
hi everyone, hope your having lots of fun , have'nt seen any new photos or blog for a while.
Response: Hey George! You are right..havent had a chance to even think about updating the blog & photos..we have been out everyday with the cousins here..having a great time! Will try to update soon and to also choose some photos out of the heaps we have taken. Hope you are all well and coping with the cold!
From Angelo
Saturday 25th June.. The last time you caught up with Thea Maria & Chrusa.. Proof ... that you were not born in 1979!

BTW..great idea Toula with this website.. Also, Orania says hello and that her daughters are in Greece too with their father.

Hope you and your family are well.. and having a wonderful holiday!
Response: I knew you would message me about the date Angelo! he he..ok I wasnt born in '79 it was '73..ok..that is my story & I am sticking to it! I know this is great all get to hear our stories pretty soon after they happen rather than 9 weeks later! I will be so jealous when you & Rosie are overseas next year! Say a big hi backto Orania for me too and hope the girls are having a great time! Hope work is going well too!
From kirgi family
Glad to hear John is doing well on the road,,cant beleive u have done so much, uve been gone for 1 month already,, u all look relaxed, and looks like the kids are enjoying themselves,,toula when r u going to be in the village so we can skype... Kiss all love and miss u all...xoxoxoxo
Response: Hi Kirgi fmly! I know one month already..we have had a relaxing 2 days on Corfu and the kids are having a great time but still missing family & friends (us too!). We plan to be in the horio Wed arvo so yes lets skype soon after. We can sms to the moment both John & I have our batteries on mobile flat..waiting for adaptor to arrive tomoro to recharge! Love to all and miss you guys heaps too! xoxoxox
From desi
Hi guys...really enjoying reading your experiences....feels like we are there with you !!!! i wish!!will have nothing to talk about when you guys get home...!!! lol...take care xxx
Response: I iwish you were all here with us! What a laugh we would have!! Nothing to talk about? He he this is the stuff I can actually remember..than there is the thousand or so photos we will torture you with when we are back!..yes this is a great get to hear what we are doing as it is happening rather than 2 mths later..hope you are all well to you all xoxoxo
From Litsa
Hi Guys, Just caught up with all your wonderful travel stories. Brings back memories of when Peri and I went to Paris and Barcelona. Even though it seems like a life time ago now. They are amazing cities. Glad you are a having a wonderful time and enjoying all the experiences that come with it. Missing you all! xxx
Response: Hey Litsa! I was thinking of you guys in Paris & Barcelona as you had told me when planning our trip what great cities they were right! I am especially thinking of you while here in Corfu!! Sooo lucky that you guys stayed for 2 weeks! We are staying right on the beach 'Agios Stefanos' and we are loving it!! Want to stay longer. Missing you guys heaps too!! Love ya xoxox
From desi
Toula...ur a classic...laughing..picturing u stuck in the lift with a guy in red pjS !!!lol.. wonder what he was saying to u ??.sounds like you are all loving Paris very much xxx
Response: Yeah these things only happen to me Desi!! At the supermkt the same thing happened to me..the cashier started waving chocolates in air at me gibbering in french..luckily guy behind me knew english.he was trying to tell one get one free!! It was embarassing!! Paris was wonderful but really enjoying Barcelona..we arrived on Thurs 16th..the weather is beautiful..29 degrees! Take care xoxoxo
From Evie breathtaking!!! the jacket in the it new???
Ps...our new addition to the fam arrives tomorrow will post them on Facebook
Love you all & as usual missing you all terribly!!!!!!!!!!!
Response: Gee addition? You werent even showing when we left!! Just kidding..thanks for sending us photo of coco today..sooo cute! Yes it is a new jacket from NY..bought another one in Paris too! Miss you and loveyou all!! Internet is even worse in barcelona..cant upload any more photos of Paris or barcelona. Will try from Greece on Mon 20th. xooxoxoxox
From Desi
@ Imelda...errr..i mean Peter...keep eating pasta like that and your new jeans wont fit you!!! LOL!!! great photos guys....Paris photos PLEASE!! xxxxxx
Response: Havent had a chance until tonight to post Paris photos Desi!! Love it here..the sights are amazing, love the cafe culture and easy to get around! xoxoxox
From Karagiannis family
OMG....loving the photos & updates!!!! Missing u all terribly & wondering when r we going to to all xxxxoooo
Response: Hey Sis!! Miss miss you guys heaps & heaps..will skype soon for sure! Willl sms you to to all squeeze kiddies very hard from me!! xoxoxox
From Betty
Imelda!!!...can not stop laughing.
Thoroughly enjoy reading the blogs. xxxxx
Response: yeah Betty we actually posted a box back home with Imelda's shoes! Hope you are all well..xoxoxo
From kirgi family
Hi Drousas gang,,,
Its sunday, raining and cold, as im writing this to u all,,con just came home from walking yr (horse)he he, saber,, shes great and the house fine, dad is giving her her meds. and walking her abt every 2nd day all is well on this end, hope all is great with u al, the fotos on fb look gd,,miss u heaps.xxxxxxooooo
Response: Hey Kirgi fmly..sorry to hear it is so cold back home! We have had a scorcher today and we walked over 300 steps to the crown of the statue of liberty! Thanks for the update on house & horse..miss ya guys heaps too..take care xoxoxoxox
From Desi
Thanks for the updates and photos all look chilled !!! lol....have fun enjoy your adventures
Response: Thanks Desi! Hope you are all well. We have had a ball in NY and have crammed in as much as possible..will update soon..take care..xoxo
From Evie
Hello beautiful Drousas Family!!!! OMG love the photos and I had a feeling you may hav had to race to get to your next flight!! I still cannot believe you are in the US...Elleni said to me..mum...9 weeks is not that long they will be back soon...yeh right!!! Love to all and looking forward to seeing more photos and all about your adventures. LOVE YOU ALL & MISSING YOU GUYS SO MUCH ALREADY!!!!!!
Hey Sis, George & Kiddies!! Elleni is right it will go week has gone already! We have had a couple of jam packed days so will post some more photos soon. Did a tour of capitol hill yesterday it was amazing..the architecture of that building..will write more about it on the blog. We miss you guys and love you heaps too!! xoxoxox
From kirgianis gang
Hi all, Glad to here, yr all safe and sound, not much happening in Radelaide, its cold and miserable,, miss u all,, how are kids going in all hussle and bussle,, give them a big kiss from me(helen),, hope your enjoying your holiday, the dog and your house r aokay,, by the way when john text con it was 4.15 am, thats why he didnt answer straight away, he was asleep,hehehe loook after each other, write to u soon.<3 <3 xoxoxoxo
Hey Helen & rest of Kirg fmly! Kids are travelling really well, keeping up with all the walking & travelling..I think even better than us! Oh poor Con I hope John's sms didnt wake him. We have one more day left in Washington then catching train back to NY where my cousin is having us over for dinner with his family. We will update blog soon with more photos & info. Take care, love to all xoxoxox
From Litsa
Great photos guys. The one of the top of the world trade centre gave me goosebumps. You all look so relaxed. Enjoy! xxx
Response: Hey Litsa it was very moving as well as a short video we watched on it too! I still cant believe that tragedy happened. We are having hectic days trying to see everything but it is funny we are relaxed at the same time! We cant believe a week has gone past already! take care love to all..miss you guys! xoxox
From Litsa
Hi Guys
Hope you are having a fab time. So sorry I didn't ring before you left. Can't wait to hear of your adventures! Love Litsa xxx
Response: Hey Litsa! Its great to hear from you! Dont worry hun about calling us, Peri did on behalf of your family. Hope you are all well. It has been hectic but lots of fun so far..we are still pinching ourselves that we are here! Love to all and especially our gorgeous Godson Emm xoxox
From Colleen & the rest o
hey guys aka are you all!! exited im sure!! Peter I hope you finished your Maths homework!! the much anticipated holiday finally arrived!! make sure you all revel in the moments along the way and enjoy the time together. Toula, its gonna be a long 9 weeks without our kafe mornings. we'll be keen to hear your travel blog updates along the too!! stay safe and happy and take good care of eachother. xxxx mwah xxxx Marangos family.
Response: Hey Colleen, Jack, Nikki & Costi!! Nice to hear from you..we have already seen and done so much in the few days we have been here..thanks for the reminder on Pete's home work : ) Will let you know when and if that happens! : ) I will really miss our Kafe mornings John was at conference & kids were catching up on sleep..I had one by myself at starbucks! Love to all and K of KC & Sunshine band too!! xoxox Big Mwah..