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una chica in latin america

Hi All, I've decided to join the rest of the 5 year olds in the world and make my own website. Afterall, I know some of you may want to escape your regular everyday lives and live vicariously through me for a bit. So feel free to look around and see what I've been up to whenever the cold weather, deadlines, exams or what have you are getting you down a bit. Think of this as your own individual 'wish you were here' postcard.

Diary Entries

Friday, 03 November 2006

Location: Bocas, Boquete and Beyond, Panama

Getting out of Panama was just as difficult as getting out of Nicaragua, as it was for most other places in Central America...but the flight was booked to Lima (twice because the first time I dropped the ball and booked the ticket for the wrong date...this should come as a comfort to those of you who think travelling will change me...I am still as irresponsible as ever). So there was no going back.
I can´t say enough good things about Panama so I won´t say anything (much) at all. Except:
Bocas del Torro are beautiful, I went with Hana for our final few days together doing what we most enjoy, beach, drinks and other ¨d¨things until she had to leave. I got my PADI cert there and had a general good time.
Boquete was a chill little place exactly like Victoria so its no wonder I stayed for as long as possible...afterall I dropped my life in Montreal completely after only a my first few days on the Island.
Panama City-I got there and playing in the taxi was ¨friday night we´ll be drinking Menachvitz...going out to terrorize goyem...¨ so it had my mark from the beginning and it did not let me down.
And now South America...yeah so I had 4 days to get from Lima to La Paz to meet up with Brian and Isobel so I was cutting in kinda close. Its mostly a blur...I will however share with you a little piece of travel involving me, my very full bladder and no f--king bathroom on a 20hour bus ride from Cuzco to La Paz. Those of you who have treeplanted with me know I still cannot pee in public...sorry but I am just not that kind of girl and if 4 years in the bush couldn´t change me I don´t think its gonna happen. So I get on this bus and immediately have to pee...I look behind me for the bathroom which doesn´t exist and decide to wait...4 hours later...the bus stops and I decide now is my chance. I get off the bus with about 15 other guys and look for some sort of shrub or cover or whatever, pain by now I get back on the bus. 2 hours later, same scene only this time the women beside me gives me a dirty look for waking her up (sorry lady, the shy canadian girl has stage fright). This time there is even less shrubbery and more men standing by the side of the road (at this point I experienced my first case ever of ¨penis envy¨, or just maybe envying the ability to pee standing up). Defeated I return to the bus...finally I can´t take it so as the bus has gone for about an hour more I squeeze passed the lady sitting beside me and in my sweatest and most desparate spanish I ask the bus driver if he will make a special pausa for me...he does and I get back on the bus to a bunch of annoyed stares...but in my relieved state I couldn´t have cared less...That is pretty much the only thing I remember about those 4 days but I did make it to La Paz so I guess I worked out alright.
I am with Brian and Isobel and the camaras haven´t stopped so I will try and put some pictures up pretty soon. we´re headed off to Cuzco tomorrow for the Inca Trail where I will be punishing myself for the last 6 monthes of drinking and other trouble that has left my body in the unhealthy state it is now.

Wednesday, 13 September 2006

Location: Leon, Nicaragua

Yeah, so I´m a bit slow on updating this thing but what can I say, I like to keep you guessing.
anyway, enjoy the pics. I think they should give you a good idea of what I´ve been up to here in Central America.

Sunday, 09 April 2006

Location: playa tunco, El Salvador

It was a hard call but i finally made it out of Guatemala and headed for the coast of El Salvador. the day long trip turned out pretty good in the end but i lost my passport at the border and pulled a very familiar tactic that many of you who have been drunk with me know of, the ¨turn my purse upside down and dump everything out on the floor as I frantically search for what I´ve lost¨ technic. Of course I found it in the most logical place, my back pocket, but at least I have the locals a good show of a crazy gringa chic.
I spent a night in San Salvador which looks to me a lot like a strip mall in Edmoton, there has got to be at leaast 1 Pizza Hut per family and an Esso gas station per mile in the city, it was like being in the twilight zone. Anywho, I ended up drinking with some guys from England at my hostel and went to bed early (to be awoken by one guy telling me he needed to be held, I told him I couldn´t be of service). The next morning I played the role of the confused girl trying to make her way to the beach. Luckly for me a woman of about 60 decided she was my mother and found me a bus, gave me candy and made sure all my stuff got on with me (I love the people in el salvador).
Now here I am with Chris and his friend Anne in picture perfect Playa Tunco (named after a rock formation in the shape of a pig in the middle of the water). This morning I was all ready to conquer the waves in my first attempt at surfing, unfortunately the waves are about 20 ft high and i little intimidating for a beginner such as myself...maybe head is still spinning from getting knocked around this morning.
I´ll most likely hang around here in the heat for the next few days, there are a ton of parties coming up for semana santa and its just to beautiful to leave...any visitors are welcome!!!!
take care

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From Shayna
i miss you so much! i love when you update this thing, and i love looking at all of your pics!!
Response: hey shay
i hope you´re not using office time to check my the partners know about this?...hee...hee
I love you and miss you too, a lot!!!!
From Hana
just thought I would admire your wonderful pictures before we go our seperate ways! What am I going to do without you...?! Who else will put up with me eh? Maybe I will find a new hiker/catwalk model to look out for me, but I am sure none will make me smile as much as you do chica! Or hang out in the super market with me...
Response: oh hana
I will miss you too!!!!!!!!!
Who else will help me make fun of the stupidos out there?
i am sure some how you will manage without me, you can always throw a skirt on chilly willy and have him prance around the supermarket with you.
From Moochy
I cant believe i have not seen your pics. its so awsome. If i needed any more insentive, those pics were sweet. I cant wait to see more.
Response: hey moochy,
it has been so long since we have talked! thanks for getting in touch after all these years, I look forward to giving you a cuddle in raimes bed next time i see you.
From Michelle
I love you new pics. Especially the one of me and you. Miss you. Love you lots. Love m
Response: hey michelle
i like the pic of us aswell, i keep in close by incase anyone asks if i have hermanas and then i proudly pull it out.
From brinie
great talking to you today. the pics are terrific -i sent them to isobel-she continues to be impressed by my two amazing daughters.
love dad
Response: thanks brian
i am glad you figured out how to check the pics out, keep looking as i am trying to get better about updating this thing more regularily.
From Shawsy
wow, dara. So fun i really want to come visit. You look great by the way!
Response: ah michael.
you always know how to make a girl feel special!
From Steve Goldenberg
Oye Dara, tiempo Largo al speakl. DESPUES QUE leer este gran sitio web, parece que su en un viaje de una vida. Goce diario y sea seguro. Hable con usted pronto,
BTW sorry for any typos!
Response: Gracias Primo
si, yo he tenido los viajes muy bueno. Creo que hay mucho mas en el futuro.
Hasta Luego