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Hi everyone!
I hope this will be a good way of sharing my trip with you.
Dannielle xx

Diary Entries

Thursday, 01 January 2009

Location: Florence, Italy

We drove from Switzerland to Florence today via Pisa to see the leaning tower. Driving out of the Swiss Alps was so pretty, a little slippery though due to all the snow. We drove through a little mountain pass and I got some good pics from the front of the bus. We were all a little hungover from NYE celebrations but eventually got to Italy and passed a mountain range that looked like it was snow capped and it turns out it was white marble and this is where Michelangelo got his Marble from. We arrive in Pisa which is the Boondocks except for this amazing square called the Campo dei Miracoli (Field of Miricles) which has a Baptistery, cathedral and (of course) the leaning tower. The building of the leaning tower began in 1173 but almost immediately stopped as the soil underneath shifted. It leans a further 1mm per year and today it is almost 4.1 metres off perpendicular. That was the highlight of Pisa – I bought a magnet – got asked for money and people tried to sell me crap from hawkers and we left again onto Florence the home of the David.
Florence is a really pretty city. Famous for the 3 M’s, Michelangelo, Medici and Machiavelli, Florence was founded by Caesar in 59 BC. We went on a walking tour of Florence with our Italian guide with a very cool accent. The Ponte Vecchio Bridge is arguably the most famous part of Florence (bar the David) as in WWII all the bridges in Florence were bombed except this one. Also the Medici family built this bridge and added a walkway above it so they didn’t have to walk with the commoners while commuting from their palace to work in the 14th century. The shops on the bridge were once butchers but because they were a bit smelly the Medici’s broke all their tables and moved in gold and silver merchants. Breaking their tables in Italian is apparently where the term Bankrupt comes from – see aren’t I learning lots!
The Duomo is probably the most impressive part of Florence though. Marble, marble and more marble. The Piazza Del Duomo is one of the largest cathedral in the world. It has an enormous octagonal dome (cupola) and it has a green, red and white marble façade and it is huge! Onto the Palazzo Pitti which is the 15th century palace bought by the Medici’s in 1549 as their residence. The Galleria Dell ‘Accademia is where the David is housed, Michelangelo carved this sculpture in 1504 from one piece of marble – he believed that the piece of marble had the sculpture inside already and he had to get it out. Great city and one to come back to, but I had a bad cold so I don’t think I appreciated it as much as I could have. Karaoke tonight (look out) then onto Rome in the morning.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Location: Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

So today we drove from Paris to Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland. Lauterbrunnen is this pretty little town at the bottom of the Jungfrau mountain which is the highest point in Europe that you can reach on a train (really high too I got altitude sickness 3571 metres or 11, 782 feetThe Swiss Alps are spectacular. I’ve never seen anything like it. Lauterbrunnen is sort of in between two massive cliffs that had waterfalls but because of winter they had frozen (it looks like in mid flight down the cliff). I hope the photos will do it justice.
We had New Year’s Eve in Lauterbrunnen and as if on cue it starting snowing at about 9.00 pm. Half the people we are travelling with are Australian so we went a little bit nuts and made a snow man and danced around in it. ). They make the best beer here. Fledscholosschen – I am going to import into Australia. I bought a Swiss Army knife from here – and my brothers as well (you lucky buggers!). Off to Florence in the morning – bring on Italy.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Location: France

First day! Bee and I woke at sparrow fart to get to Hammersmith from Greenwich in time to catch the bus, just to drive past Greenwich Park about an hour and a half later, about 5 minutes from where we were staying!
From London we drove to the white cliffs of Dover and got on the ferry to get to Calais, France. We learnt a lot of French history on the way from our tour guide, from Charlemagne, the Louis’s, Mary Antoinette, Charles De Gaulle, Napoleon, Joan of Arc, the French Revolution, the Storming of the Bastille, guillotines, German occupation - basically I'm an expert now!
From Calais to Paris and a quick dinner at our hotel and back on the bus for a driving tour of Paris at night. They call it the city of lights for a reason, especially at Christmas time. We drove past the Moulin Rouge, Monmarte Hill and went into the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, the Arc De Triomphe (commissioned by Napoleon in 1806 to commemorate his victories) and the round about called the Place de L’Etoile, that has no lanes but about 8 cars deep can drive around it – crazy scary. Your insurance is null and void on the round about, there is a crash every 12 minutes. One of the streets off this round about is the Champs Elysees which is so pretty and its rent for shops is the most expensive in Europe – Louis Vitton, Chanel and the like. On to the Place De La Concorde which has a massive Obelisk (3300 years old) which is from Luxor. The French say it was a present and the Egyptians say it was stolen?!?! This is also the area where all the guillotining got done in Paris – Mary Antoinette lost her head here. On to the Musee Du Lourve which is so pretty. It was once a fortress old and beautiful with this amazing glass pyramid in the middle, controvestial but I like it. The French people don’t like it and wanted it taken down – but what do they know, they wanted to take the Eiffel Tower down as well (idiots!). Onto the Eiffel Tower which is bigger than I thought. They built it in 1889 for the World Fair and were planning to take it down a few years after – luckily it was a great place for a communication tower which is why it is still standing today. The Germans nearly took it to pieces and used it for building ammo etc…lucky. We did a “Fat Tyre Bike Ride” which took us past all the major sights of Paris, saw the Thinker and Notre Dame as well. Seriously you have to see this building to believe it – it is amazing. It’s almost not fair that Paris has all this amazing stuff in one city – definitely a city to come back to. Off to Switzerland tomorrow!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Location: Bristol, UK

Last day in Bristol!
Merry Christmas to all of my family and friends - hope you all have a great time where ever you are and whatever you are doing.
I leave tonight on the train from Bristol to London for a Christmas extravaganza in Greenwich, should be good.
Everyone at the hospital bought me presents which was so exciting and Brenda (the lady who's daughter is in Perth) gave me one of her old winter jackets to take to Europe and it is toasty warm - Thanks Brenda!
A few departure drinkie poo's tonight at the Hostel before I leave as well.
Merry Christmas!

Love Dannnielle xxxxxxooooooo

Monday, 15 December 2008

Location: Bristol, England

Happy Birthday to Nanna for the 13th! Hope you had a good day, Mum said they took you out for dinner and a night out on the town in Trundle.
Jenny Robinson came to Bristol on Saturday for a visit. Was great to have a little touch of home. We rang Matt and Karen and talked to Harry as well which was nice. Anise was there as well and I thought she was Karen on the phone - woops, but that's another story. We talked to Harry who is getting a guitar from Santa and showed us over the phone how he plays guitar which was cute.
Went to the Bristol Walkabout for a couple then another little bar called 'The Mother's Ruin' for the rest of the night. Jenny has been travelling around everywhere and sounds like she's had a blast - her tour actually went to a lot of the same place that my tour is going (in 13 days time!!) so I got some good tips from her and picked her brain a little. She heads back to Australia in a couple of days which she is excited about and then I think moving to Perth with Jo. Went to the movies yesterday with an Aussie mate of mine - the Day the Earth Stood Still - don't watse the money, wait for it on DVD it's ordinary.
So I have 7 1/2 working days (9 actual days!) left here before I leave Bristol on Christmas Eve and head to London for 3 days and then the tour starts!! Can't wait - Just have to buy a coat.
OK - I will post some photos of Jenny and my night out on the town and the next ones will be from Paris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Dannielle xx

Friday, 05 December 2008

Location: Bristol, UK

Happy 30th Birthday Andy Pandy!!! I think he enjoyed my phone call at 6.10am this morning/last night, he sounded chipper seeing as though he just got to bed after falling asleep on a bag of oats - that wouldn't be itchy at all mate!
I hope all the Ward/O'Bryan crew don't run a muck too much at Fifield this weekend for his party! Apparently the Dannielle head is coming out for a run again, so I'm sure I'll have a good time as well. Brace yourself Fifield (OK the 3 other people that live there!)
Don't have too much fun without me please......
Love Dannielle xx

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Location: Cardiff, Wales

Kate and Jo arrived around 7.30 on Friday night – just in time for the cocktail party. Because I am silly – I had already had a few beers – 4 in 10 minutes actually trying to get my name on the wall at the hostel wall for the fastest drinking of 4 beers – the 4-10. The first beer went down well, but you have to pour the beers into a cup after you finish skulling so basically you drink a lot of froth. Fun though.
Coinage happened again….woops. As Kate says “It does bad things to good people”, but all in all the cocktail party was lots of fun but went to bed a few hours after we should have. So next morning we were off to Cardiff at 9.15am – about an hour on the train. Well we didn’t quite make it to the castle in the morning, it was quite cold when we got there so we decided against going to the castle and headed for the closest pub with seats. A few hours later we headed for the stadium a little bit pissy – but nothing outrageous. You would all know the score by now so there is no use re telling that much – except that the last penalty was ridiculous and Steven Moore was sent off for no reason – and what was the penalty count?? C’Mon! So then we caught up with Brennos and Biggsy (ex Albies boys) – randomly ran into Barton Leech and Kath and Sarah again, apparently my mum has been speaking to Barton’s mum to say hello – so he tells me. Was supposed to catch up with Tori Moran as well – but apparently she was calling Boy Wardy from Uni instead of me. Ooops.
Back to Bristol on the train and back for coinage - because once is never enough, although I wish I went straight to bed instead. So I woke up with a raging hangover and some severe Sunday remorse at being such a menace to society the night before. Sorry society.
Love Dan x

Monday, 24 November 2008

Location: Cardiff and Beyond, Wales

Welcome to Wales! Croeso i Gymru! Jane – my Kiwi friend that I worked with in Edinburgh and Susi my German friend who used to live at the hostel and myself (we sound like the start of a joke huh?? A German, a New Zealander and an Australian walked into a bar…..

Well we set off from Bristol – albeit a little hung over from a mean game of coinage the night before that got out of hand, Jane and I Susi picked up our little car Jazzy and set off. First stop was the Clifton Suspension Bridge as Jane hadn’t seen it yet go some happy snaps and set off West for Wales – with no map….
Luckily we got on the main highway and crossed the Severn Bridge over the Severn River – this bridge is crazy big, can’t imagine how must it would have cost to build – but they charge you £5.30 west bound to cross it so I think they are recouping their money. Then we were in Wales headed to Cardiff. The All Blacks played Wales in Cardiff on Saturday so it was really busy. Had a bit of a drive around getting lost then tried to find a park (which was fun!) finally found one and went to the walkabout to catch up with Gwysen who was bouncing their. Gwys is good – he’s lost about 20 kgs, still at Uni and working at the pub and playing rugby for the Uni. Cardiff is a beautiful city, the Castle and Millennium Stadium are right in the centre of town. I’m heading back to Cardiff next weekend as I have tickets to watch the Wallabies play Wales so I will check out more of Cardiff next weekend.

So we hit the road again for Swansea as we couldn’t find any accommodation in Cardiff on Saturday night, drove around for a while and then found a cute little B&B that cost about £18 each and a pub right next door. So we settled in and watch the All Blacks games and then the Australia V France game (which they didn’t show…).

Next day we headed South West onto the Gower coast and the Mumbles which was a really lovely coast line. We also purchased a map that morning so we had a general idea of where we were going (thanks goodness!). We drove up some really small roads – narrower than the Irish roads if you could believe that, but we saw some really pretty place along the way as well. We then headed north again to get on the motorway to go to the Brecon Beacons which are a mountain range north of Cardiff and ended up in a town called Abergavenny. The colours where stunning this time of year as it was all Autumny browns and yellows and reds – I will post some piccies!

Then we headed back down to Bristol taking a slight detour (I accidently took the wrong turn off) but it turned out to be a really nice drive. Actually taking wrong turns was half the fun of the road trip – at a few intersections we “spudded off” (scissor, paper, rock) to see if we went left or right. It all worked out OK in the end. Driving back into England it started raining quite heavily and the temperature was about 5 degrees….brrrr. It was cold in Wales too but the sun was out for most of the weekend.

So a lovely time was had by all I’m off to Cardiff again this weekend with Kate Hudson and Jo Ryan to watch the Wallabies. Can not wait! Also have a cocktail party at the hostel on Friday night so I will get some photos on here next week.
Much Love
Dannielle xxx

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Location: Twickenham, England

Oh my goodness!!! It was surreal to be at the Rugby at Twickenham. The atmosphere was amazing.
When our national anthem was sung you couldn't really hear anyone (except maybe me singing) then the Poms sang God Save the Queen and I thought the stadium was moving, it was so loud. They also sang Swing Low Sweet Chariot – which is really quite catching and it makes you want to sing it, and they sang Rule Britannia as well, there was a little band playing behind us.
We had awesome seats though – 3 rows back just off half way, I could almost smell the sweat. We were in and amongst loads of Poms as well which was really funny – good banter, very quite when they lose though. The bloke sitting next to me had this radio thing called ref link which basically means you can hear what the refs are saying - £5 I wish I got one, but it was awesome because sometimes they didn’t replay penalties on the big screen so we would just all wait for him to hear what happened and re-tell all the people within a few rows of us.
So those of you who watched the game realised it was a bit boring really as they aren't playing the new laws that they play in the southern hemisphere and so every time the Poms gave away a penalty anywhere in their half Giteau kicked it – kind of like Johnny Wilkinson would have done. Back fired for them though. They think we like to play it because we don’t like scrums but really it just makes for a better game when it isn’t won soley on penalty goals. The funny thing was that all the papers over here were bagging Australia especially the scrum and specifically Al Baxter so when the first scrum packed all the Poms were yelling at him and although the first few were scrappy we ending up getting the 2 full penalty because and we won their scrum twice – Cop that poms! (Insert backward peace sign)
Second half was better – a bit more running and a try by Adam Ashley-Cooper also Giteau made an awesome try saving tackle right near me – I was literally 10 metres away from him. And I’m pretty sure the George Smith heard me yell out when there was a line out right near our seats – I yelled something like “c’mon Wallabies!” and he gave a little knowing nod that said “Thanks Wardy – we’ll win this line out for you!”
All in all – line out’s were great, defence was awesome, Sharpe had a blinder and Steven Moore was even better and is the new Phil Kearns. Mortlock was great defensively and axed his opposition but wasn’t great attacking and knocked on twice. Wycliff should be run on for sure – he’s a freak and as he walked around for the victory lap I yelled that out to him and he smiled. So they did a victory lap and thanked all the aussies….”You’re Welcome!”
So then on to the pub for a hard earned beer – actually cider as I was on it the night before. So Lauren and I and Emily (Loz’s stropper friend) met up with Pisser, Barton Leech, Kath Nixon and Sarah Q and we had a couple of beers at the footy ground then headed into Fulham and randomly ran into Tori Moran. A great night was had by all (unless you were English), and we rocked home in the wee small hours. So that is one thing I can tick off my list of things to before I die!
The next day after missing the bus back to Bristol (Accidently on purpose – old rubber arm had a beer and thought that was a better idea than going home) so I stayed another night and caught the bus back to Bristol this morning. So I am tired and hung over but still on a massive high because of “our” win….
Off to Wales this weekend so watch this space for more updates.
Wardy xxxxxx

Friday, 14 November 2008

Location: Bristol, England

So I'm off to London this afternoon after work to watch the Wallabies play England at Twickenham. The game is 2.30-3.00 pm so for you guys it would be on 1.30-2.00 am - Look out for me.
Catching up with Kath Nixon and Barton Leech, Pisser, Lauren De Witte and another Robb girl I think. Should be a good night.
So I will post some photos on Monday.
Much Love
Dannielle xx

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From Anna Patton
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! You sound like youve had the most amazing time so far! Am loving your stories. Enjoy Europe, and stay warm! All is good in Narromine & Dubbo town - 40degrees at the mo, a bit different to where you are! Im missing you heaps! Love, Anna xox
Response: Surprise I am back in Oz. Got back on Monday night - went to Ted and Nat's Wedding (great fun). In Orange and heading out to Narromine this Friday/Saturday night if you are interested in a beer.
Dan xx
From amy
hey so how was your new years!! tell me stories! I ruined mine by getting too pissed and i lost my wallet amongst other things.
hope you weren't too homesick at chrissy!
amy xx
Response: Chrissie was great in
london, had a ball with Bee and Eollyn, lots of wine!!!!
It snowed all night o NYE in Lauterbrunnen Switzerland - amazing!!
From Chloe
hi aunty Dannielle I'm at Nannies in Narromine am staying with Dad for 4 weeks and he gave me a bike for xmas then I am staying with Grannies in Orange for 2 weeks.Nanna Ward has 2 days off then works for 2 days and flys to Phuckett on boxing day. i'm loking forward to my holiday but am s t scared but I will enjoy it. Love from Mum and Chloe xxxxoooo
Response: Hi Miss Chloe!
How is your bike going? Are you riding it with the girls next door? Have fun on your holiday and have fun in phuket Mum.
Love Aunty Dan xoxo
From Di
Getting ready for xmas. Bernie & I r going to Jindabyne for xmas then to Traralgon to Mums for a couple days.Hope u have a great xmas & new year. See u soon. luv Di & Bernie
Response: Merry Christmas Di Di and Bernie and the O'Bryan crew, have fun down south and say Hi to everyone for me. Love Dan xx
From Amy
I hope you have a great christmas and you arent too cold and lonely! Im stuck working christmas day and the fam are going ahead and having christmas lunch without me. so im going to be stuck with the leftovers. im terribly hung over and im at work- i think ive had every anti-nausea pill we stock, just starting to feel better now. i think you taught me a little too well
Response: Poor thing... Merry Christmas - Hope you get nice pressies from Santa. My Christmas lunch is at a pub - o oh...
Love Dan x
From Tammy
Hey Bub,
when will you learn. You might want to stop and think What Would Tammy Do in those moments, and sit back and watch the coinage, you'll wake up healthier. Going to Fifield in the morning for Andy's 30th, good to see the fam again. You might even make an appearance. I'll send photos.
Take care,
Love Tammy xxxxx
Response: What WOULD Tammy do? She would make it even harder for herself by alternating the drinks with Bourbon, Rum and Brown Muscat - or be sitting beside me egging me on! You know it! I rang Andy this Friday morning at 6.10am - he was happy to hear from me! Have fun xxxxxx Bubxxxxxxx
Hi just got this bloody thing to work again just haven't been able to connect to the internet very backward in Tullamore Still waiting for news of Sally and cus baby hasn't arrived yet. Did adouble shift today and yesterday going to Wagga on Wendesday I think Nanna is coming with me Work Xmas party at Albert Golf club[didnt know they had one} on Sunday All well here still missing you love Mumxoxoxo
Response: Hi Mum! Just got back from Wales last night - had an amazing time and it is a stunning country. Will write more on a diary entry for you all. Miss you all too.
Love Dannielle xx
From Sair Mayes
I can finally look at this at work again.... excellent... Am loving all the photo's.
Hope everything is going well.
Enjoy the rugby...
Miss you HEAPS!!!
Much Love x
Response: Hey Lady! Good to hear from you. I will be adding photos and a message from the weekend tonight. So tired and have no voice what-so-ever!
Wardy x
From Lynne
Just found our to write you a note - we have Tony & Klara here tonight & trying a few reds. All sounds good with you & might see you January.
Love from U.Frank & A.Lynne
Response: Have fun with Dad and Klara and your wine. Hope you are feeling alright. Love Dannielle x x
From GEG
Go the Wabbalees!!!!

I am jealous, will keep an eye out for you though. Have fun, talk soon!
Response: GEGGIE BOY!!!!!!!!!
We won it was amazing! Our seats were awesome the actual game wasn't great lots penalty goals but still it was at Twickenham and it was so good to give the Poms crap for losing.
Miss you.
Wardy x x
From amy
dude, been flat out. hope youre still having fun. will write you an email on the weekend.
Response: OK - Heading to London to watch the Wallabies on the weekend! YAY!!
Little bit excited.....
From Di
sorry haven't been in touch,kept up to date with what u were up to. Hope fully recovered. Had a good time in Perth,wedding was good.Only short trip though. Bernie still doing bit of shearing & bar at Tullamore.All gearing up for Andys 30th now.God we"re getting old{or got} keep having fun luv DiDi
Response: Hi Di Di,
Glad you had a good time in WA - popular lot you are weddings all the time! We are getting old - well Tammy and Andy in particular. Quiet weekend this week then London for the Rugby next weekend and Wales on a road trip the weekend after! Very exciting.... Love Dannielle xx
From Tammy
Hey Bub,
thanks for the pressie. He's propped beside my bed next to my signed Adrian Morley picture (how sad am I). Loved the photo of Uncle Tony on Abbey Road, Cheyenne got the giggles over that one, and the Tammy shop how cool. Always thought I should have something named after me, like a country or a street, but I'll settle for a shop.
Talk to you soon,
Love Tammy xxxxx
Response: Hey Tam - Sorry my phone cut out - HAPPY BITHDAY you old bugger! Glad you like Goran - now your cat can see her name-sake. Have a great day! Love Bub xxx
From amy
no. you sent me a text??
Response: Is your number the same??
From Amy
getting paid to drink? cant get much better than that babe!
just getting my international english test sorted out so i can register - ill be so embarrassed if i don't ace it!
decided im going to work until 14th April then ill be over! so make sure you wait for me to get there before you plan any adventures for that time of year!!
Response: Done and done! How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck with the test. Did you get my text the other day....??
From Nanna
Hi Bub
how are you? getting warmer here now.have to go to Parkes on Monday forsome tests.Doing a bit of sewing. money is handy.Wedding was good/.Imissed the Preston Wright reunion at Dubbo.GranWalker was aPreston.Gr parents came from Nottingham.Have fun .LOVE Nanna.
Response: Hi Nanna, I'm great thanks. Getting a bit cooler over here now, still in Bristol until Chrsitmas time and then off on a trip. Say hi to Pa for me. See you soon, Love Bub xxoo
PS. Did you see the photo of you and I from the wedding??
From nisey
Hi Dannielle really no need to write to you so soon after seeing you at the wedding! We all had a fabulous time. Tam is right Boggy is hilarious .his email very funny. Was great catching up. Thought I looked pretty good (for an aunty) until I saw the photos!Jack took himself off to Wagga after , to get Karen to cut his hair! Long time ,no write but love reading your news lots of love as always Nisey
Response: Ha ha - I it looked like I was there but a felt a million miles away. It was greaet talking to everyone though and the photos are hilarious! Didn't get to speak to Unlce Donald or Jack though so tell them both I said hi. Hope you guys got my postcard from Ireland?? Or Budapest can't remember where I sent it from... Love Dannielle xx
From Tammy
Boggy you are too funny. I have more photos that I will send to you (and you to Bub) good one of you spewing in the dunny, reapplying lippie and giving Dean a noogie. We had a blast. Try to ring you tomorrow night xxxxx
Response: he he. Sweet - I see you are on FB now - About time.
hi all well except uncle mick on his way to have another back operation in sydney today hit a roo in nannas car on the way to the air port, having trouble with the phone at tullamore it is not my line so they disconnected it and i have had 6 attempts to have it reconnected and over 8 hours on the phone i'm still on the phone at narromine at the moment to try and get it done an i'm not in the best of humour and i think the person on the other end of the phone is beginning to realize it . other than my blood pressure being up i'm fine am going to dubbo tomorrow back to tullamore for work saturday night worked 48 hours this week very short staffed by love mum
Response: Well your all good news today Mum! I tried to call your Tullamore number this morning before work and they told me it was disconnected, so Dad got a the phone call. Do have some news so I'll try and call you soon. Text me if you are still in Narromine tomorrow as I have a phone card to call home cheap to landlines. Talk soon. Love Dannielle x x
From Tammy
Wedding was a ball. You had the best time, and are in every single one of my photos. You even got lucky and had a spew in the dunny. (I think I annoyed a lot of people) Screech and Karen picked up the microphone dance very well. In fact Screech started it. Anyway I will send you all the photos and a detailed e-mail when my head stops pounding. Very pissed off that you woke up fine. (actually woke up with you in my arms, too funny). You are now on your way to Thailand with Oby and Suz as chaperone. I'm sure you'll have a ball. Lots of love, The best sub bub ever, Tammy xxxxx
Response: Thanks Sub Bub! You and I couldn't possibly annoy people...You are talking nonsense?!
Can't wait for the rest of the photos I will be adding them to this page as if I did actually travel to Parkes for the wedding. Can't wait for Thailand!!
Real Bub xxxxxx
From andy
whats doing, had cloe 4 a few days shes well. got obys wedding on tomorrow should be good, sounds like your having alot of fun hear from u soon
Response: Hey Andy,
I'm jealous about you guys all being together without me, I will be there on a stick though....Boggy has blown up a picture of my head to life size and will put it on a stick so I'll be there for family photos....should be interesting/funny until you lot draw on me! Someone is calling me tomorrow (if it is Mum tell her that the UK is 9 hours behind Ausstralia).
Miss you, Dan x x
From DiDi
all systems go now for sat. Numbers for Forestview beds growing daily, shearing shed could be a option.Photos r great. Maybe one day. Chloe isn't sure what her present was maybe u could remind her. Talk to u saturday love DiDi & bernie
Response: HI Di Di & Burl, You can tell her I got her a t-shirt from Spain and a braclet from Greece plus some postcards and things from other places. How exciting about the big wedding!! I'm sure someone will sleep in the shearing shed - it's prob been done before! Can't wait to talk to you all.
Love Dannielle xoxoxoxo
hi aunty dan i'm at nannies in narromine love chloe xoxox0
Response: Hello Miss Chloe!! Are you having fun at Nannies? Are you hanging out with the girls next door? Did you get my presents that I sent you?
Miss you, Love Aunty Dan xoxoxxoxoxo
Maybe Nannie could ring me so I can talk to you???
From Jizard
yo yo! just had a squiz through all photos - feel like i did a mini world trip in the last 20 mins!
looks great.
were any greek goddesses redheads? :D
Response: Gym Junkie Jizard!! Glad you are alive and well. How is the conditioning health club going?? Having a ball so far just got back from Ireland and Budapest with Dad and back to work in Bristol for 6 weeks then off again and doing a ski season in France (well I haven't got the job yet...but fingers crossed).
Keep in touch.
Wardy x
From Tammy
Ireland is bloody beautiful. Hope to see it myself one day. Very excited about my present, promise I won't open it until my birthday.
Love Tammy xxx
P.S. Be prepared for phone calls on Saturday night, and give my love to Uncle Tony and Aunty Klara xxx
Response: I know and I haven't even put the photos on from the Cliffs of Moher - they are on their way. I'll have my phone charged..I have already e-mailed the boys to say that whoever is feeling the richest gets to call me so I can speak to everyone! Can't wait. What about bloody Manly - bastards.