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Welcome to my Travel Page which is a record of my travels for my family and friends. I invite you to come along and enjoy the ride. There's now even photos which are available on the right hand side of this page. You are welcome to leave a message and I will do my best to send a reply when I can (in between all my adventures). If you need to contact me urgently send me a message to my usual email address.

Diary Entries

Monday, 17 November 2008

Location: London, England

Well, I can't believe it, but the time has almost arrived for me to return back to Australia.

The trip has been awesome, especially in the last couple of weeks. I'm now experiencing the results of attending the Gate in Como with Donny Epstein and the team, and my life is completely changing. A whole new direction is already waiting for me, with so many opportunities already coming my way.

It feels like I've been through some kind of rebirth process, which has been enabled by taking this time off and doing what I needed to do. I am SO GLAD that I trusted my intuition and instincts. I am so glad that I gave this gift to myself. I am so glad that everything fell into place and I was able to trust the process.

Only now can I start seeing the bigger picture, of a series of events that started back in January of this year.

I love Donny Epstein's work, it is life changing. I am so grateful to both John Hare of Tree of Life in Kew, and Steve Katz at Infinite Potential on the Gold Coast, and all the wonderful SRI people, including Julie Clements and Liz Kelly who didn't know it, but truly helped me on this journey of discovery and integration.

Thanks to to Fiona Marsden in Wimbeldon, Dominique Hort in Lugano, to Donny of course and his wonderful wife Jackie, to everyone on the team at Wise World, and the remarkable practitioners who are doing the most amazing job in transforming people's lives.

This work is so exceptional, and because of it I am now attracting a whole lot of new opportunities, and a new direction in my career and life in general. So watch this space people, because there's a lot more to come.

I feel that I am jumping out of my skin writing this because the transformation is so unexpected and yet so timely.

So this page has almost come to an end. I will load up more photos when I get back to Australia and I may decide whether to continue it, just so that everyone can keep track of the new opportunities that are emerging.

Thanks too, to all my friends that I met in Peru, and especially to Maiken and Chris in Oslo who made me so welcome and have given me such a wonderful opportunity, that I can't wait to work with them.

Thank you too, to all my good friends, Helen, Sandra and Tony, Pam, Ali and Graham, Rose, and all the new people I've met, which are too many to mention, but a special thanks to Doreen in Hampthswaite for letting me work on my costume for the Gate, and because of this I won first prize.

A very big hug and thanks to my big sister Maggie, for putting me up in London and taking me to such wonderful events, including the screening of Easy Virtue and the Q&A with Colin Firth, who sat three rows directly in front of me.!!!! Because of my sister I have also met a number of other people who I will endup working with. So it has been a very eventful stay all round.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Location: Oslo, Norway

I feel so excited and yet so sad to be leaving Oslo today. I have had such a fabulous time, met so many interesting people and also had some truly remarkable new opportunities come my way. Couldn´t sleep last night because it all went rattling through my head.

I can´t believe it (but I should know better from a network perspective), but my whole life has completely changed over the past 3 months and especially in the past 2 weeks. Starting with staying with my sister Maggie in London and meeting fabulous new people at various events she took me to, then going to the Transformational Gate with Donny Epstein at Lake Como (that was the real ground breaker). But since Como and my further two entrainments with Dominique Hort in Lugano, my energy has shifted beyond ever I could have imagined. I held some private counselling sessions for people in Norway and they were out of this world, better than I have ever done before, and gave me a whole new perspective on how I will be working with individuals in the future. Plus my friends from Norway run a business that uses Theatre Dialogue to anchor in new safety behaviours in large companies and we are now discussing how to extend that methodology to other organisational issues. And that´s where I come in. And there´s more .... but I won´t write about it yet until it becomes more concrete. I have a feeling I will be doing a lot of travelling in the years to come, although I think I will call Australia my base.

By the way I have also come to deeply appreciate how lucky we really are in Australia. We think the price of petrol is high, you should try buying it in the UK or Europe. The cost of living is at least twice as much as Australia, and I am so enormously grateful that in the words of the famous man- I can call Australia home. But I now feel I have more than one home. I have a home in England, and a home in Norway, and this feels like I have an extended family. I feel I am part of an extended community. I´ve never felt like that before, and I love it.

Although yesterday was foggy and wet, today the clouds have cleared and the sky is blue. It gives a totally different perspective on the Oslo skyline. The apartment that I have been staying in is right in the equivalent of the docklands, and you can see the car ferries come in every day and dock. You can see the new opera house, and it only takes a quick tram ride, or a 10 minute walk to be right in the heart of Oslo city.

I find the Norwegians similar to Australians once you get to know them. They are full of energy, have a positive outlook on life and very friendly. I am told they are shy at first, but I had already met Maiken and her husband Chris in Peru before I arrived, but we have had a friendship that will last a lifetime (or more)!

So today it´s back to London and a quick catch up with family and friends, before flying out to sunny Australia. I´m looking forward to some warmth and sunshine as it is now winter and frankly it´s freezing. But my trip to Norway has warmed and opened my heart enormously. I´ll be back very soon......

Saturday, 08 November 2008

Location: Oslo, Norway

Landing at the Ryanair airport in Oslo was a bit of a shock. It´s more like a field in the middle of nowhere, literally, it´s nowhere near a city, just in the middle of farmland. When I asked how far it was to Oslo I was told one and a half hour´s drive. Then I knew I was in the middle of nowhere. I had thought my friend´s where going to meet me but somehow I knew they wouldn´t be there. There were so many of us wanting to get on the bus into Oslo that we had to wait an hour. So it took 2 hours to fly from Milan to Oslo, and 2 hours to get into Oslo from the airport. Methinks I won´t be flying Ryanair again in a hurry (except for flying back to Stansted).

thankfully my friends Maiken and Chris, who I met in Peru were there to meet me at the bus station and they only live around the corner in the most gorgeous loft flat which I´ve fallen in love with. Although it is in the heart of the city, it is like being in a retreat. So beautiful.

Anyway we have not stopped talking from the moment we caught up except for a short walk into Oslo to do some shopping today. tomorrow I think we are going to do some sightseeing, but needless to say the rain has followed me from Italy, or should I say sleet and snow.

It is going to be a busy week because I will also be doing some private sessions and also discussing strategic communications for their company Splint.

That is about it for now....... L

Thursday, 06 November 2008

Location: Milan, Italy

I finally made it to Milan, after a very nervous train journey from Como. You see they cancelled my train but you can't get on another one unless your ticket is correct, so I kept waiting for the train to arrive, but not sure which one was the correct one. Finally I took the plunge and found myself heading for somewhere, luckily most trains stop at Milan if you go in the right direction!!! If I'd stayed on the train I'd ended up in Florence, which was very appealing, but I decided I'd wait until the next time I was in Italy to do that.

Milan after Como, is hectic and full of very very expensive shops, including Prada, Louis Vitton, etc.

I finally found an internet cafe that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg but the strange this is you can't use the internet without them taking a copy of your passport. What the!!!!

It's finally stopped raining after the most enormous storm that raged for hours last night.

So tomorrow it's Norway........

Wednesday, 05 November 2008

Location: Como, Italy

Splish, splash, soggy, wet, windy. This should be glorious Italy, but it's not and I now understand why there are no tourists about. November is not the month to come and see Italy (Megan please note) ... most of the shops are closed, and all the beautiful villas I had hoped to see, are closed for the winter. But in my usual style I've been exploring and discovering new places.

Yesterday I set off on the train from Como to Lugano in Switzerland. Really it's only 50 minutes away. I'd completely forgotten that I was going to a different country and when I tried to pay with Euros on the local bus to visit one of the local chiros who had been at Eurogate, the driver just shook his head and let me have the trip for free. It was only later, when I tried to pay for my lunch with Euros that I realised I needed Swiss Francs. Luckily there was a bank opposite the pizza place, so I was able to change some Euros. So much for having a common currency across Europe!!!

This next bit of news is for the network/SRI fans - my six entrainments with Donny Epstein at the Gate was damned hard work and having two further entrainments with Dominique Hort in Lugano was the icing on the cake. This guy is truly amazing. He took me from stage 1 to stage 10 in two entrainments, moving energy through gateways I never knew existed before. I was on cloud nine by the time I left his place, but I must admit it was hard to not put my feet on the ground as I walked back in the soaking rain to the bus stop. If you ever get to a Gate in Como or to Switzerland - see this man - he is something else!! Plus, he has an SRI facilitator working with him in the room at the same time as doing the entrainments, so if extra help is needed during the entrainment she's on hand, and then he comes back to you to complete the entrainment. You're not going to believe me but he was working in the room with two other network practitioners and I counted up to 18 people being worked on at any one time, so the room was really cooking. Between entrainments you can enjoy relaxing in their waiting room which has three tables and four lounges with foot rests.

The only downside was trying to find the place, which is in a residential district, but luckily (and here's the beautiful synchronicity), the woman in the tourist information at Lugano station, when I asked her about the bus to the village of Comano (where Dominique's practice is) she guessed where I was going because she has been going to his practice for ten years. So she was able to give me the low down on the easiest way to find his place from the bus stop.

Tomorow I'm off to Milan for an overnight stay and then it's Norway, where I'm sure I'll see lots of snow!!!!

Monday, 03 November 2008

Location: Lake Como, Italy

The last three days at Lake Como have been remarkable. I've been attending a three day event called Eurogate, run by wise world seminars - a US based organisation that runs network care chiropractic and SRI events around the world. Over 250 people attend the gate from all around the world including France, Sweden, Norway, Spain, USA, Canada, the UK, Australia and Italy. The idea is to work with a professional team of chiropractors and SRI facilitators who enable you to become aware of and transform old physical, mental and emotional energy and patterns held in the spine. When the old energy is transformed, that's when the work gets exciting because you can retrieve a new level of vitality and health that can be life changing.

Anyway this is the work of Donny Epstein and believe me, you are going to hear a lot more about him in the future.

A thrilling moment for me was on the first night at a halloween costume party. This is when I won first prize with my designer skeleton 'cat' suit, which I'd spent weeks working on. Although the prize may not mean much to most people reading this page a few will be excited, because I got to win all my six entrainments on the table with Donny. Normally at a Gate you get to have one entrainment with Donny and the rest you have with one of the other 8 practitioners in the room (who like Donny, are working on up to 6 people at any one time). So my Gate became an equivalent of an AWE (A weekend with Epstein) or an HIP (Healing in Paradise)!

Everyone works really hard at a Gate. You start at about 8.00 am and don't finish until around 10.30 pm. You never get outside the front door, so that's why I wanted to stay on in Como and see the sights, but guess what as soon as the Gate finished the weather came in. It's now freezing and rain is just pouring down, but is that going to stop me - of course not.

So today I took the water taxi and went into Como town from Cernobbio and had a good look around. One thing about Italy you can get a great cup of coffee and fabulous patisseries, even if it's raining!

Tomorrow I'm going to explore Bellagio, which is apparently very beautiful and then the next day I may be take a short train ride to Lugano in Switzerland, which is just over the mountain, to have a look around. Then I'll return to Milan where I'll fly out to see my good friends who live in Norway.

To get back to Milan I will have to re-negotiate the train system, which is chaotic. But I made it from Linate airport to Milan by local bus and from Milan station to Como by train, so I have no doubt I can do it the reverse way around, I will just need to keep my wits about me.

PS I've just looked at my previous entry and I didn't tell you about the actual film screening of Easy Virtue with the Q&A session Colin Firth. My sister Maggie made sure we sat three rows from the front and in the middle. I can assure you I was looking Colin Firth right in the eyes and he is just as gorgeous as he appears on screen and very real. The movie was also fabulous, based on a play by Noel Coward, but with a lot of script changes.

The day after the BAFTA screening, Maggie took me to the fabulous penthouse at the top of New Zealand House in London to attend the launch of a book by Maggie Eyres, a well known communications consultant who worked for theNZ prime minister. The night was especially memorable because I got to meet some fabulous people including the outrageous Richie who has been Maggie Eyres life coach for years. On top of that he's a psychotherapist and an actor! Standing in a room full of New Zealanders was music to my ears - so much energy and vitality, it was a real breath of fresh air!

Last but not least I've booked my return flight for 18 November, so hang on to your hats because I'm coming back for some hard earned sunshine and that glorious vibrant blue sky that touches the heart and soul.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Location: London, England

Well it's been an eventful couple of days. Firstly I spent a glorious weekend with an old friend of mine from my Glastonbury days - Ali, who now lives with her husband Graham in Chesterfield. As usual it was wonderful to catch up and do lots of talking, plus she's a fabulous vegetarian cook and I must admit it was mesmerising watching her just throw something gourmet together (including dessert) at the touch of a whisk! Anyway a big thanks to Ali for the wonderful food, the fabulous walks and of course the fabulous shopping (ps my sister loves her earrings)!

We shopped in the very picturesque town of Bakewell, where she used to manage one of the resturants there before she became a registrar (that's similar to a marriage celebrant). We also walked to a lovely stone circle on top of the moors as well as talk non stop.

I love how catching up with all my old friends has been so easy - as if I haven't been away at all.

Anyway after Chesterfield I made my way to Stratford on Avon, but it was too full of tourists so I carried on to the Cotswolds where I stayed in the venice of the cotswolds - Bourton on the Water, where the river runs through the ancient village.

Next it was Westonbirt, a famous arbouretum, before making my way back to the outskirts of London via the M4, but unfortunately I wasn't to know that the whole country was about to be dumped with slush and snow. You can imagine my surprise as the sky became darker (at 3.00 pm) and the rain turned to sleet, and you couldn't see far in front of you, that I thought I was driving on the roadway to hell. You don't want to be driving on a motorway in the UK at the best of times, but certainly not under such treachurous conditions. Well I held my breath most of the way and somewhow made it to Hounslow where I stayed in the grottiest B&B - can't tell you how it made my skin crawl. Of course there had to be a reason why it was only £40 per night (for London that is)! Anyway the following morning I gingerly got back into my hire car for the final drive into London to drop the car off. I made it completely unscathed, except for one wrong turning and probably an illegal u turn. By the time I got to Europcar, my legs were shaking. You try driving through central london in peak traffic, it's no picnic I can tell you.

Anyway I'm now with my sister maggie and we have just come back from a brisk walk around Regent's Park and environs and now we're off to BAFTA to see a screening of a new film starring Colin Firth, who will be there in person. It's her birthday so we are doing it in style.

I'm here for one more day before flying off to Lake Como on Friday.

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From Liz Boyer
Enjoying your travel page. You obviously have enjoyed the Peruvian adventure. Sounds fab.

Response: I have had the most amazing time, and it hasn't stopped. By the way wish I had bought those socks for the plane, my feet ballooned enormously, so I will listen to my big sister and buy some for the next long flight. Email me at the usual eaglewoman address and keep in touch. Love Lucy
From Boris
Wouldn't an eeePC come handy to upload all those photos?
I'm glad you loved Peru.
Response: Boris, you read my mind. Yes I'm getting very frustrated at not having a laptop. Hope to download my amazing pics very very soon. But there are some really interesting small PCs here in the UK, so hope to get one soon. Great to hear from you. How's things?
From Liz
Keep writing as I am following your adventures keenly and even feel tired when you talk about your steep walks...sounds like you are doing great!
I have just read the book EAT, Pray, LOve if you are looking for a holiday novel on those train/plane trips i recommend it.
Cant wait to read your site again in a few days, thanks Lucy!!
Response: I had bought Eat Pray Love, but had to give it away before I left Peru because my bag was too heavy. Mind you I could write a novel about my travels. I am planning to write a book but more about that another time. Email me at my eaglewoman email address. I'll send you an emai from there, so you have it.
From Liz
great to be following along as you share your adventures - stay well and enjoy everyminute!
Response: Hi Liz, I've just sent John Hare an email to forward on to you. My travels are amazing, having lots of insights. Wish I was coming to the Bridge with you (you are going aren't you????). So much to share with you. Email me when you have a chance.