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Echo's Adventures in Peru

Welcome to my adventures in Peru. Hopefully, I can entertain you with stories from my travels and amaze you with fantastic pictures from the sites that I have seen. This is an account of my five month trip through a country that I have been dying to see for years. Please have patience with this site as I think that my priority down here is school and not travel. The first few months I will try hard to keep it new and exciting but please make sure you check back after April when my travelling adventures really take off. Feel free to leave me a quick note to say hello or some travel tips for those of you who know about the places that I am going to see.

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 07 August 2007

Location: Canada

Not sure if people are still checking this website for details so i thought I would leave a little note to let you all know that I am moving. I am going to set up a new website and hopefully will post the address on this site so stay tuned. I am going to miss everyone and thanks for reading my stories.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Location: Zabalo, Ecuador

A story about bathing:

I told you earlier that the Cofan people are one with the earth and all that stuff and this also applies to bathing. The Cofan people are in fact the cleanest people that I have ever been around in regards to personal hygene. In fact, there were many a days where I just wanted to crawl into bed without bathing but this is not considered normal for them, at least from what I saw.

However, similiar to the fact that they do not have bathrooms in the traditional sense that we Western cultures do, they also do not have showers. Most of the time the bathing is done in the rivers or the streams or very rarely from the rainwater bucket outside the house. This was one of the things that I did not seem to bother me that much seeing as I think that I am part fish. I love the water so any excuse I can use to jump into a river, lake, ocean, I will take it and go. Well that was until the Amazon...

Don´t get me wrong, I still bathed in the rivers but holy man after everything that I saw in the Amazon, I was a little more scared of water then ever before. You see the first day that we went out in our canoe we saw a three or four metre Anaconda sunning itself on a log. Shortly after discovering this beauty, I then saw the body of another, which was about the size of my thigh, come out of the water and slink back in. Now let me explain, that is probably two of the coolest things that I saw, okay no I saw tons of cool stuff, but the river is what is known as a black water river, which means that you cannot see more than about 10 cm in the water. This river was also the same river that we bathed in every day that Lisa and I spent in the Amazon with our guide, our boat driver and his wife.

Too top that all off, every day that we were in the jungle we would end our monkey watching with a few hours of Pirahna fishing. Yep, it is official, I am a Pirahna fisherwoman. Let me tell you they can be huge. And guess what, do you know where you find these huge Pirahna, yep you guessed it in the black river as well. And these too are in the same water that you bathe in. But despite that I still went in, I still cleaned myself up after a long sweaty day but I really didn´t stray that far from the edge!!!!

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Location: Dureno actually, Ecuador

A little snake story:

Okay so I previously mentioned that I am a little paranoid of snakes. In Belize I was paranoid but not quite as much. I think that part of the problem is that as I get older I realize that death can happen and snakes sometimes can make death happen, certainly a lot sooner than other things. So that being said, I was a little paranoid but in Dureno I still wasn't overly paranoid. I kind of figured that since we were in a village that had a million stray dogs and chickens running around in it snakes would stay away or at least bite one of the previously mentioned animals. I wore my rubber boots everywhere, partially because it rained all the time plus partially because I figured that it would offer me part protection. Well the last morning that we were in Dureno the boys from the states that we were with were talking about something in a low voice and with a little concern in their voice. I figured that since we were on this voyage as well and what ever concerned them should probably concern Lisa and myself as well so I began to pry.

"Oh it really is don't want to know" Clark informed me. "In fact it is probably better if you don't know", he added. Well I think that is the last thing that you want to say to two people who are about to jump into the canoe and head into the Amazon only an hour away from the Colombian border so I insisted that they tell me.

They finally caved and told us that one of the little girls from the village stepped on a Fer de Lance the previous night and was rushed to the town Dureno across the river and then to the city of Lago Agrio and they weren't sure how she was doing because there are no phones. I am not sure if everyone is familiar with the Fer de Lance snake but in many countries in Central and South America it is referred to as the 2 step snake because after you get bit you take two steps and you are dead. This is a little bit of an exageration but the vemon is very lethal. Fortunately this girl was rushed off in time and last we heard she was okay.

Well this sealed the deal for me. I was in full awareness mode and walked slower at night and concentrated fully on where my foot and other parts of my body were at all times. I am glad that I was able to pry the info from the boys cause I was getting quite confortable walking at night with very little use of my flashlight and this is just not something you should do while in the amazon.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Location: Quito, Ecuador

A bathroom story...

Well like I said Lisa needed to use the facilities a little more than a person without stomach problems but this in itself was a little bit of a problem. See the Cofan are at one with the land, they use it for food, for shelter, for medicine and best of all they use it for their bathrooms. They do not have western style bathrooms or any bathrooms for that matter. The world is there bathrooms. So you have to try and hike to a quiet little spot in the forest and find a place to go. Me being pretty paranoid of snakes (story to follow) did not allow for me or for Lisa to stray to far from the beaten paths that we were familiar walking down so we would walk close to the river path and go behind banana plants or some bushes.

Well the morning after our nature hike we headed down to our bathroom and were looking for snakes and spiders and anything else that could cause you harm when we spotted something coming down the path. I tried to get Lisa to keep walking deeper into the jungle but she insisted on looking and sure enough it was our first monkey. A beautiful wooly monkey. They are incredible they look like teddy bears with their thick grey hair.

Unfortunately this monkey was not walking on his own or swinging through the branches. Nope. I know you were just painting the picture in your head and you were almost there with us in the forest but sorry erase that picture. This monkey was being carried by the tail by a young woman about 15 years old who was on her way down to the river to clean and skin the monkey. Yep, it was dead and it was going to be someones dinner that night.

Well I thought that Lisa was going to die right there. I too don't agree with it, don't get me wrong but I know that the Cofan people hunt and they hunt to survive and they hunt almost anything and Wooly monkey happens to be a favorite. However, all I kept thinking was please don't let this be our dinner. Thankfully it was not and instead we had soup made of banana, rice, canned tuna and sardines...YUM!!! It was better than monkey though.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Location: Quito, Ecuador

Part two jungle monkey adventure...

Okay so I am not sure if all of you know this but the reason that I came to Ecuador was to help Lisa look for a potential research site for her PhD studying monkeys. So this was the reason for the jungle adventures deep into the amazon.

That being said we were there to see Monos. This first place we stopped in had very few monkeys left in the jungles this was due to people encroaching on the jungle for farming as well as overhunting. However, the Cofan are trying to establish a reserve area that lies close to the Dureno community. The idea was possibly to take monkeys from further up river (about 8 hours by canoe) and relocate a species of monkey that were originally there but the numbers are very low right now.

The first full day we were there we hired a local guide to take us out to the forest to hopefully find some monkeys and to see the jungle to see if it was a good environment for the monkeys to be moved into. We went for about a four hour walk with our local guide and his dog but we never saw any monkeys. We did see the print of a huge Jaguar but we never saw the cat as they are pretty elusive. We also learned a lot about the medicinal properties of the plants that the Cofan still use everyday. We also ate all of the local fruits and nuts that we could find in the forest that were ripe. It was pretty cool. Luckily our guide spoke spanish and since it was also his second language his spanish was easy to understand and I was able to translate most of it for Lisa. I also tried fresh Papaya right off the tree for the first time and I have to say that I have changed my mind slightly about the fruit. Don't get me wrong, I am not running out to the stores to buy Papaya and I will still request for no Papaya in my food but fresh Papaya right off the tree is amazing...absolutely amazing.

So the day was monkeys but the forest looked capable of sustaining a population and the project was starting to look feasible but we still needed to find the monkeys that we could move into the area.

We chilled for the rest of the day, avoiding any possible interaction of banana drink, which was not quite successful as we got served some for lunch. However, it was hot cause the morning stuff was consumed by all the people that we had in the house.

The next day began the start of the struggles that were to follow. Lisa, being her first week in a developing country in over a year, began to get sick with crazy stomach pains. I think that this was due to all the new parasites that she was given. I was lucky enough, my stomach is host to all sorts of rare and exotic bugs was able to avoid all stomach issues. This meant that poor Lisa had to make many a run to the bathroom...oh wait...more story.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Location: Quito, Ecuador

Okay a big apology to everyone out there who is checking this site regularly. I must say I have slipped a little on my entries, stories and photos. I am going to try and get my photos of the Amazon put up for everyone in the next couple of days but I thought I would write so that everyone would know that I was alive and well.

So the trip to the Amazon was crazy, fantastic and a little overwhelming at times. We went on this trip with three academics who were down there to do research on the history of the Cofan people. We started our trip in Northern Ecuador and headed to the first small village called Durano. Here we began our adventure into the Amazon.

When we first arrived at the house we were staying at we were welcomed with a bowl of juice. Well I know I am no cultural anthropologist but I do know that when invited into someone elses home and offered a drink it is pretty rude not to accept. Since very few of the Cofan people speak Spanish most of the time we relied heavily on Mike to translate and speak for us. He asked if we wanted some and I said yes but just a little. Well I do not know if there is a word for little in Cofan so I was given a bowl of the same size that Mike himself just finished. Looking at the bowl it looked like I was handed a banana smoothy. If only I were so lucky. What I was given was indeed Banana but it was a drink that was prepared early in the morning and had sat all day in the it was like a fermented mashed banana and river water concoction. As I was drinking it I tried to picture myself somewhere else. I must admit the first few sips tasted okay but I had a huge bowl to drink and after the first few it became a challenge. I began to picture myself in Fear Factor and was doing everything I could not to gag too much as to cause all of the earlier sips of banana drink to launch across the floor. I must say I did very good untill I looked next to me and saw one of the other guys that we were travelling with drinking the same nasty drink out of a tiny mug. I could see that he was enjoying his really SMALL glass so I leaned over and asked him if he would kindly finish mine when the lady of the house was not looking. He took it gladly stating that he loved it.

I learned later that this is a staple of the Cofan people. They make a big batch of it and they eat the mash throughout the day and then drink the liquid that settles on the top as well. I also learned that it was made fresh in the morning and lasted through the whole day and night until the next day. Well I was given some every morning after that first experience and I do have to say that I love the morning version of the drink way more than the afternoon.

to be continued....

Thursday, 31 May 2007

Location: Quito as a Base, Ecuador

I know I haven´t been writing lots but I haven´t had much to write about until now. I am in Quito and have met up with my friend Lisa. Lisa is down here to do some looking around to try and find a site to set up her research site for her PhD. I am here to join her on this hunt. The last couple of days we have been running around setting up and attending meetings to make sure that we are all organized for our two trips...slowly it is coming together. This little entry is to fill you all in on my upcoming adventures.

Tomorrow morning we are heading out by bus with a couple of anthropologists and some members of the Cofan group, the indigenous tribe that they are studying. Sounds cool already hey? We are getting to a small town where we can pick up supplies and then get in our big canoes and take off down the river. We are staying in little Cofan settlements along the way and Lisa and I are going to do some side trips looking for Red Howler monkeys and other wildlife (but the monkeys come first). We will be travelling down the river, camping and looking for monkeys for 10 whole days. I am pretty excited about it cause we are going into parts of the jungle that tourists don´t go and we will be staying with local people. The area that we are going to is fairly close to the Colombian border but we have been reassurred that it is fairly safe but there is a couple of dangerous areas. Hopefully Lisa and my navigation skills will be in better shape by that time. It is going to be pretty cool though.

That being said I will be out of contact for the next ten days and then I hope to have some fantastic pictures to post for all of you. Wish me luck, no snakes (I heard there are lots) and good weather (which is not really around right now). Stay tuned for some cool jungle stories.

Friday, 25 May 2007

Location: Peru

Well it this is the last day that I will be in Lima (this time). I changed my flight so that I could go home early but I was unable to change the city so I will be Lima bound again. Not that I don´t mind this city but it is just that a really really really big city. I have seen many of the tourists sites already so exploring the city is not something on my list of things to do anymore. Mainly I have been enjoying hanging around the hostel, reading my book, laying on a couch and watching tv. It has been a while since I could just veg out comfortably and it was a great place to do it.

I am off to Mancora, again. I thought that it would be the perfect place to break up the journey to Quito. I tried to fly to Ecuador but the airlines wanted 440 US to fly one country away. Crazy airlines, some people looked into flying Lima to Mexico and it was the same price. Apparently though if I wanted to go to Chile right now I could go for the inexpensive price of 150US. I should have talked Lisa into changing her field site. tee hee. Oh well, I really am looking forward to the beach for a couple of days.

So I guess the plan for the next three weeks after I meet Lisa are prettty interesting. We are heading into the jungle and from what I gather with talking to Lisa, we are camping in the jungles. The locals that we go with have built palm platforms where we will be camping with Lean-to´s to keep the rain off...sounds very survivor like. Hopefully I won´t be kicked off before my three weeks are up. Lisa sounds a little unexcited about camping in the jungle but I know that she will be fine and she is bringing a tent for both of us. I am a little happy about that one cause there is a lot of things that can eat you and crawl on you while you sleep and a mosquito net does not seem to offer that much protection.

We really do not have a set schedule but hey that is the fun of travelling... the different paths you can take. I am really really excited though about camping with locals in the jungle. Wonder what kind of food we are going to be eating. Hopefully no monkey cause that kind of defeats the purpose of Lisa going down there to study the local monkeys if we are going to be eating them.

I am not sure how often I will have access to the internet but I am hoping that I can at least post a couple of really good stories when I do find a cafe. I will also try to put pictures up so that at least mom can see pictures of the jungle since we didn´t make it to one. Sorry time.

I miss everyone back home and I will be back on June 24th.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Location: All over, Peru

Okay...the time has come for new pictures to be revealed. I am sorry that it has taken me so long to put up some photos but here they are. There is more to come so keep checking back but this should make some of you plan your next vacation to Peru. Enjoy and I will try to put up more soon.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Location: Cuzco, Peru

Hello everyone out there. I know you are expecting more writeups about my trip. I promise that those are coming. I am just travelling a lot with my parents right now and this leaves very little time to sit at a cafe and write stories. I have lots so they are coming but now I have some cool news. I am now officially a teacher in Gambia at the Banjul American Embassy School. I am teaching grade three and four and I think that I will have 8 to 15 students in my class. I am excited and nervous but I am about to start another chapter of my life. Let the adventures begin.

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From Penny
need more stories. Can't wait for u to get home.
Love Mom
Response: Trying hard to put up more stories but it takes time and my brain hurts!!!!
From Sophia
Hey Ms.Miller! Have I told you that me and Jennifer are going to Vietnam? We're not going together and not at the same time and not at the same city or town in Vietnam. Well she is going in May 28th and I'm going whenever the summer break starts which is like June 28th or something like that. Also I'm going to the middle east of Vietam but I don't know what the city or town is called and Jennifer is going to Saigon and it's up north of Vietnam. Well see ya later!
Response: That is cool Sophia. I hope that I can make it in to the school to see all of you before you guys are done. I get back to Calgary on June 24th.
From Amy
Fantastic Photos!! You guys are sure daredevils perching next to cliffs and all! Glad you had a great time with your parents! Can't wait to hear their stories of their Peruvian adventure!
Response: Thanks Amy, I am sure mom and dad will have tons of stories. I wish they could have stayed longer as there is soooo much to see and do here. Mom never got to go to the jungle so hopefully the next time she comes to visit me...whereever that may be.
From Fay

Super pictures Echo. We are tracking your ventures... nice to see pics of Penny and Jim...
Thank you for sharing!
Love to all of you! Enjoy!
Response: I am glad you didnt give up on my adding photos. I have way more to put up so have patience and they will come. Then three weeks camping in the jungle so no pictures I dont think unless I find internet deep in the Amazon.
From Lisa
Hi Miss Miller! I sent you one that said that i saw your friend's,Jared,blog.I don't think you got it. Well,bye!
Response: Hey Lisa,
Sorry about not responding. I am glad that you found Jared´s blog, yes we have some of the same pictures cause his camera broke and then mine broke after his got fixed. He and I are travelling different places now so our pictures will be different.
From Cheryl Howlett
Hey Echo!

I just read all of your entries so far...sounds so great there. I was quite excited to find this, as I am planning to spend a few months in South America next's great to get your thoughts on Peru...I plan on spending more time there than anywhere I think.
Oh, and I agree with you that we should greet with kisses. I'm so used to that from spending time with friends in Mexico...its just such a friendly thing to do! :)
I look forward to reading more updates!
Response: With a few months I would really only recommend Peru. It is such an amazing country with tons of things to see and do and you really couldn´t do it justice in only a month. There is an appeal about going to more countries but trust me you can always do another country the next trip.
From Alex
Hey, I realize what i've been missing out on. you rock for doing this regularly. I was and still am awful at keeping up with my blog. Love the entry on the bus trip and the urinating old woman. Had a similar thing in Poland but it was on the street so not as nasty but it still was a guy peeing into oncoming traffic at a busy intersection.
Response: I am trying to keep up with it. Sometimes it is hard to write but I don´t have to tell you that, you know what it is like. Glad you checked it out.
From Jennifer
did u get my very very very long one i sent not to long ago? i sent three not including this.
Response: Hello Jennifer, I did get all of your emails that you sent me and thank you, I enjoy reading them. I am not able to put them all on the website though cause they are really long and take up a lot of space. However, keep on writing me cause I enjoy keeping up on what is going on in class. I can only put on little messages though.
From Jen
LoveLoveLove the pics. I thought the lines would be my fave but the double spiralof the aquaduct--very nice shot!
Response: Thanks, the double spiral is one of my favorites as well. I am going to add more pictures so keep checking.
From Breanna
i miss you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!how is the foood in peru is it better then over here?
sigh breanna
Response: The food here is very different than in Canada but better I wouldn't say better. I still have to try Llama and Guinea Pig and I will let you guys know how they are after I try them. I miss you too Breanna.
From Lisa
Hi Mrs.Miller!!!!How are you?How's Lima?I'm really good.But we are having subsitutes lately.Mrs.Greeig has been really busy.Omigod!!!I just saw from Sophia's and Sylvia's computer and i saw awesome pictures!!But the 'Warning Dead People' one is freaky!EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!Sophia is looking at a picture of the person with no brain!!!!I am supposed to be on Wonderville but the subsitute Mrs.How let us go on yor site so it's all good.She's really nice.Sophia said that Jennifer wrote alot.You are a student teacher at a different school?!?!?!Sophia showed me.I know now it's like me and Sophia are best friends.We are but Breanna and Austin are still me best friends.What is a Huaca?Sophia.Again.She is sitting right beside me.Sophia showed me that she tried to go to a web site called 'ilikecheese'.I am writing just like Jennifer.I write to much.I am trying to
write with all of my fingers.I miss you!!!
P.S.:Did I say I miss you?
Response: I miss you too Lisa and thank you for writing so much cause it is good to hear what you guys are up to. A Huaca is a big pyramid of mud bricks or it can also refer to a clay pot. That was a good question. I hope the dead people pictures didn't scare you too much, that is why I wrote warning. Keep checking back cause I will add some more pictures soon. I am happy that you are practicing typing with all of your fingers. It gets easier.
From Breanna
hi Ms.miller i miss you so much!!!!
have you change much? wuts going on in peru.i want you to come back before schools out.the weather here
is's snowing when it should be are you? have gooten to any interesting placese yet.i hope your having fun over there and exploring new things so you can tell us all about it when you come back write me back
love breanna
Response: I miss you too Breanna and I am very happy that you were able to check out my website. I haven't changed that much only I have a suntan now most of the time and my hair is getting longer cause I haven't had a hair cut in three months. I am not sure when I am coming home but if I am back before you guys are done school I will come and visit. I hope the weather gets better, I will send some sun home to you.
From Raylene
hi mrs.miller how is your trip acording to the blogs it souds like a hot relaxing vacason.
in my girl guide group i got to go to your place and your mom bought 5 boxses
shes reaily nice and you have a nice house too
thats nice that you have a friend in peru

love Raylene
your elementery school friend
p.s. when are you coming back.
Response: Thank you for checking out my blog. It is a pretty good vacation but it is going to get better because I don't have any more homework from University. I am now finished school and am officially a teacher. I am happy that my mom bought your cookies, I hope she brings some down here for me when she comes to visit. I hope to be back in Calgary in a couple months so keeping checking my website.
From sylvia
HI! its me sylvia rememmber me? im the one who used to have troubles with stuff i really miss you and i hope u r having fun in Peru u shold send me a message any time on my hotmail i cant wait to see u i hope. when r u coming back? or r u? give me a message thank you miss u SOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! MUCHHHHH!!! bye hehe
Response: Hello Sylvia, I am very happy that you sent me a message, I miss you too. I am glad that you visited my website. I am supposed to be coming back to Canada in July but I may be back early and if I am I will be coming to the school to visit with the class, that is if Mrs. Greig and Mr. Thompson let me. Miss ya Sylvia and I hope school is going good!
From Austin
so wuts up. im doing so good in math as usawell. hope you are doing well. Bye for now.
Response: Hola Austin. Thanks for visiting my site and keep checking back.
From Jennifer
hi Ms. Miller,
how are you?
What are you doing there that is very fun there?
did you see all kinds of new places?
Do kids there play different sports then us in Canada?
We have learned alot of stuff and in gym we are doing mission impossible.
We did trickster, it was totally fun. Everyone loved it they had a blast. We got to see what everyone was doing in trickster. They were all funny, I wish you were there to see.
I hope you are having an exciting time when you visit another place. Also I was help in the class and i saw a postcard from you. Tina and me only read one sentence, but it's sounds like your are having alot of fun there. Is it very hot there? If it is I hope you have a air conditioner. Lol =D
Response: Hey Jennifer, I am glad that you are having fun in school, that is what it is all about. I am also happy that my postcard made it there. As far as the games kids play, it is almost the same as Canada but they play a lot of soccer. I am almost done working in the school here and I will be travelling more so keep checking out my pictures so you can see all the places that I am going.
From Mrs.Grieg and Mr.Tho
Do you remember us from school?
We really miss you! The school has changed abit because of the construction. I hope you can come back. How are you doing there? Please come back on April to May 28. If you are asking why im say April to May is that I'm going to Vietnam for along time and i want to see you before i leave. I hope you are having a blast there. I miss you the most. I really want to see you again =D

P.S. PLEASE COME BACK SOON I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =P


A new day has just begun.
Go outside with the sun.
Yesterday was dead and gone.
So everyone should feel belonged. =D
Leave your burdens behind.
Just let the good fill your mind.

Like it?
Response: Of course I love your poem. That is so exciting that you are going to visit Vietnam, one day I hope that I can make it over there because it is supposed to be an amazing country. I am sorry but I am going to be in Peru until July. So have fun on your trip and keep sending me little notes on my website.
From Sophia
Hi Ms.Miller! I hope you are having a great trip! You Have missed alot when you when you were gone. But I do hope you visit soon it's really interesting that you went to Peru! Bye
Response: Hello, sophie. I am so happy that you guys are able to see my site. I am going to try and add more pictures so you can see what I have been up to. I don´t think that I will be able to make it home before you guys are done school but I will try to send more postcards though. I miss all of you guys too. So far in all of my teaching your class was the most fun.
From Jen
Three words about the cabin space under the bus: CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING. there, my nursing duties done.

A friend went to India and was telling me about little old women in the market who would step out of their stalls and make a funny angle with their hips (standing) and wide spaced feet--still working or talking and peeing into the gutter at the same time. Yay for long saris, and it takes multitasking to a whole new level!

Cheers, Jen
Response: I know, that is what I thought too. As far as the peeing in public thing goes, I don't think I will ever master that one, I like toilets too much.
From Janice Way
Hi Echo,
This is the first time I have had time to go to your website. What wonderful stories. Look forward to seeing you when you get back. (when will that be?) I sent you an email today as well. Take care of yourself and have fun.
Janice Way
Response: I am so glad that you were able to check out my site and happy to hear from you. I look forward to visiting with you when I get home.
From Amy
Ah, hearing your bus stories brings back so many memories of crazy Peruvian buses!!
Response: Can't say I love the buses but I can't say that I hate the buses. It is just a good place for adventure.
From Laureen
How cool to say you have been in South American illegally - make sure you tell people the story whilst exhaling smoke and looking skyward - it'll be way cooler that way!!!
Response: I thought it would make an entertaining story when I get older. Wait I am getting older, tee hee. I think this may be my new thing, seeing how many countries I can illegally travel in. Only I think that might be a scary thing to do in some.
From Cent
Echo: Really miss u. Read your e-mail to Jim while he sat in the hot tub. After went down to the two man Jacuzzi too! Ooops! Miss u
Response: Thanks for the email mom, nice to see that you are taking advantage of the bathtubs in your life. But be ready for toilets without seats, and most of the time no water, as well as showers with only cold water. Then we will see who is laughing. Teeeeeheeeeee. Love you and miss you.
From Leisa
This is a fantastic site. So neat that you ran into Theresa (not gona try to spell her last name). Good ol' Sask girl.

After looking at all your pics I have decided I might have to come visit.
Response: Hey Leisa,
Glad you checked out the site. Peru is truly a cool place to be in. Although I can´t wait to leave the city and travel again. Hopefully Jared and I will be travelling South in the next couple weeks so I will have more pictures to add.
From Laurie
Hola Echo
Sorry no meesage earlier!
Nice site! So happy youre having such a wonderful adventure! Lotz of love from the Doversons!
Response: Hey Laurie, It is so good to hear from you. I hope all is well in Edmonton. i hear that you are getting lots of snow. Lo siento mi amiga. I miss you and the family tons.