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Eden's Tour of Mexico

Join Eden and friends on their wacky adventures, as they travel from Cancun to Oaxaca.

January 7th - January 28th, 2005

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 25 January 2005

Location: Oaxaca, Mexico

We arrived in Oaxaca this morning after a 13 hour bus trip. We had a brief look around the city, which is by far the most beautiful we´ve been too (it´s a little disappointing I´ll only have one full day here).

Tomorrow we´re heading to the biggest tree in the world (may sound pretty lame but should be a site). I´ll be having a big night tonight as it´s my last real night. Tomorrow night I´ll have to get bed fairly early as I have a 7am flight the next day, followed by a 12 hour stop over in Mexico City before the final trip home from LA to Sydney then to Melbourne.


Sunday, 23 January 2005

Location: San Cristobal Del Las Casas, Mexico

Arrived in San Cristobal a couple of nights ago. The temperature here fluctuates dramatically from freezing cold at night to mid to high 20s during the day.

Yesterday we toured a non profit organisation called Na Bolom. A swiss woman and danish guy set it up in the 50s. It´s basic purpose is to protect the indigenous Mayans and preserve the wildlife.

Today we went to a couple of Mayan villages and witnessed their hybrid religion which is a fusion of Mayan traditions with Catholocism. We had a very interesting guide, who explained a lot of the rituals.

Tomorrow we´re off to visit the Jade and Amber Museums as well as a Museum for Mayan medicine.

Thursday, 20 January 2005

Location: Palenque, Mexico

Today we visited the ruins of Palenque, set within the jungle. Only one twentieth of the ruins have been discovered, which were initially discovered in the 1920s. The site is one of the most important Mayan ruins and we had a guide describe a lot of things to us (more than can be put in a couple of sentences).

There is no USB cables in Palenque so pictures will have to wait until San Cristobal. We are heading there tomorrow and then to Oaxaca (pronounced Wahaca) a couple of days after that. From there I will be flying to Mexico City and home.

Wednesday, 19 January 2005

Location: Merida, Mexico

Things were going so well, that was until last night. I've got a mild case of food poisoning, nausea last night and god knows how many times I've been to the toilet. But if this is the worse that happens to me while I'm here than I'll consider myself lucky.

Off to Palenque tonight, which is about a 10 hour trip by bus. Will visit another ruins sight there and will probably head to San Cristobal shortly after that.

Tuesday, 18 January 2005

Location: Merida, Mexico

Today we spent a restful day in the Yucatan´s state capital, Merida. Had a look around the city centre which included Town Hall, Catedral De San Ildelfonso, the old Governors Mansion and Casa De Montejo.

The Cathedral and Casa De Montejo were built out of a Mayan pyramid which the Spanish demolished to rebuild the two structures. We then went a museum housing a fair few Mayan artifacts from Chichen Itza, Uxmal and other sites.

Monday, 17 January 2005

Location: Chichen Itza, Mexico

Went to Chichen Itza today, WOW! That´s all I can say, it was pretty amazing, you get a real feel for what things might have been like 1000 years ago when it was at it´s Zenith. We also went to the sound and light show the night before which was a 50 minute explanation of everything, I couldn´t take pics but Tim got some good ones so I might try and upload them before I get back.

I took about 40 pictures today, but will try and upload about 10 as it takes a while. We got there pretty early so there was hardly any tourists, which meant we could get some pretty good pictures of El Castillo. Hopefully when you view the pics it will give you a good idea of the size of it. Too many things to explain but will do my best when I get back.

Interesting Fact: El Castillo (view pictures) has four sides, each side has a set of stairs. Each set of stairs has 91 steps, which when including the top landing equals 365, the number of days in the Mayan calendar year (pretty amazing considering this was erected over 1,000 years ago). There are many more facts which I´ll talk about when I get home.

Sunday, 16 January 2005

Location: Tulum, Mexico

Last night we went to the Sian Ka´an Biosphere Reserve about an hour out of Tulum. Spent the night where there was no cars, no TV and just relaxed. Went for a swim on a secluded beach and then went kayaking in the lagoon.

We´re about to travel to Chichen Itza and spend the night there before going to the ruins tomorrow, which will be fantastic if the Tulum ruins are anything to go by (they´re supposed to be the worst ones and even they were impressive)

Thursday, 13 January 2005

Location: Tulum, Mexico

The last couple of days were cool, it seems the further you move away from Cancun the more of the real Mexico you see. Playa Del Carman was great, sleeping in a hammock is my idea of a relaxing holiday.

There was one crazy Mexican screaming in his sleep, which to my relief, I slept right through. First night in Playa we went to THE best bar I've been to, it's called the Blue Parrot (have a look at the pictures). Last night we went to another funky bar, it's basically a huge cave with stalactites which has been converted in to a bar, nightclub and restauarant.

Today we arrived in Tulum and will be going to see the ruins that are set right on the beach. Tomorrow night we'll be going to a huge beach party and the following morning we're heading in to the Biosphere Reserve (in the jungle) for a night.

The federalis are everywhere and I've heard so many stories about bribes it's not funny, too many to right down but will definitely tell when I get back. Knock on wood we don't come by them.

Monday, 10 January 2005

Location: Cancun, Mexico

Last night we went to the club area of Cancun where the likes of Coco Bongo and Dady´O reside. It´s not that cheap in that area as it´s where most American´s spend there time in the resorts.

We eventually got in to a place for $15US with all you can drink until 3am. Don got pretty messy but it was funny to watch, Tim and I were on our way but decided to slow down, just so we could watch Don make a fool of himself (in a good way)

Tomorrow we´re heading down to Playa de Carmen then down to Tullum where we´ll be sleeping in hammock on the beach and partying on the beach at night around a huge bonfire.

Sunday, 09 January 2005

Location: Cancun, Mexico

Today was very relaxed, we went down to the beach where all the resorts are and just chilled by the water. We´ll be going to one of the many ¨all inclusive¨clubs tonight which will probably cost about 30US and then we´ll head to the beach again tomorrow before heading off to a town south of Cancun called Playa de Carma.

Pics to come soon.

Saturday, 08 January 2005

Location: Cancun, Mexico

Well I´m here after some problems with my luggage and the longest day in my life, 30 hours of travelling gets to you after a while.

My luggage was lost between Mexico City and Cancun but it arrived this afternoon. Tomorrow we´ll be heading to the beach and figuring out what we´ll do from there. We´ve heard of a nice place where you can get a hammock and pay $1.50US a night about 2 hours south from Cancun so we´ll probably head down there for a couple of days. Will hopefully get some pictures up soon.

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Recent Messages

From Dad
Hi mate,
Sorry that it's just about over but you can look forward now to the next one. Hope you didn't lose all your photos when you lost the camera. Did you download them? Are you coming straight home from the airport as we will have to arrange for you to get into the house if no-one is going to be home. Have a good flight home.
Response: I only lost a couple of pictures from Medina, I´m going to get copies from Tim.

I´ll e-mail Courtney and get her to pick me up. I don´t want everyone there as I just want to get home and go to sleep. I´ll go out for dinner Saturday night and then probably head over to Sitki´s.

See you in a couple of days.
From Courtney
Cant believe your trip is almost up, enjoy it while it lasts.
Heard about the camera..pissed off!
I dropped you a line, check your email.
See you soon... Have a safe trip
Response: Only a few days to go. We´re travelling to Oaxaca tonight and will get a plane from there to Mexico City, very early on Thursday (7am flight with a 12 hour stop over in Mexico City, not happy Jan)
From Mum
Sounds like you guys are really getting around and getting a good overview of the history and local culture.

I hope you are all well. Enjoy your last week travelling. We are all looking forward to hearing about it when you get back.

Love Mum
Response: Slightly disappointing that it´s almost over, will see you guys at the end of the week.
From Fav
Your trip's looking better and better staffy-poos. How are you finding the food in general? (apart from the obvious 'hiccup')
Response: REAL Mexican food is a lot different that what you´d get in Australia, but I don´t mind it.

Will try and catch up with you guys on Saturday night or Sunday.
From Sitki & Sumit (India
Eden - Sumit and I are here in India giving you a huge hello - we laughed and felt sorry at the same time when we read of your experiences with food poisoning and mexican toilets - you now know how I feel - be certain we will share toilet stories back in Melbourne - God knows I went through the same crap - many many times during my stay here - anyway all is good - sumit and I miss you - over and out
Response: I can definitely empaphise with you now. We arrived in San Cristobal last night and now the altitude is playing games with us but its not as bad as the food poisoning. Will see you in about a week. Give my best to Sumit.
From Courtney
You poor thing, what did you eat? Hope your feeling better, would hate to think your still sick while travelling for 10hrs on a bus.
The phots are getting better and better, speaking of beards yours is a no show. Check your email i dropped you a line regarding a few things.
See you in a week, live it up while it lasts!!
Response: I´m feeling a lot better and I think it was just a case of MILD food poisoning. I actually think the cuttlery I used may not have been washed properly rather than it being the food.

Will try to put some pictures of Palenque up soon, no USB ports seem to be available here.
From Mum
Do you have some medication to help you with this son?

It will be nice if you are still feeling this way and have a 10 hour bus trip ahead of you.

Take care.
Response: As I just said to Courtney´s e-mail, I´m feeling a lot better now, Tim and Don also had food poisoning in the US and lasted a few days, so I´m lucky mine was only a day.

The trip was fine and the Palenque ruins today were awesome.
From Dad
Hi mate

Sounds like the good times keep rolling on, except for the s..ts!!! The Lomotil would have come in handy, I suspect. Suppose you have to expect a bit of this in a strange country with unusual food. I'm sure it won't slow you up too much.
Response: Everything´s alright now, the Palenque ruins were spectactular and I hope to get some pics up soon.
From Kelly
Hi Euan,

Checked my E-mail, lots of stuff in there - nothing from u ;) Finishing wk tomorrow, may have trouble checking E-mail. Mobile: 07990702507

Thanx for the msg board facility Eedie!
Response: Anythingn else you'd like me to pass on?
From Nikolaki
What's a federale?
I want a good photo of Don's beard... do me pround young man!

Remember to not talk to strange parrots, they may belong to an evil pirate!
Response: A federale, young Nick, is a cop.

Don's beard is coming along nicely and we haven't wondered across any parrots yet.
From DustyBottomsDA
Ask the locals where you can find the nearest Taco I don't want to do that to you because you will get the cr*p beat out of you. Hope your trip is going well.
Response: Cheers mate, the local food is much better than Taco Bell. The mexican food that is served in western countries is also a lot different than what you actually get in Mexico.
From Dad
Hi mate

Everybody at work is pretty impressed with the photos and wishes they were there having the same experiences - wish I was too! The Chichen Itza ruins look amazing, every bit as good as I've seen on the TV travel shows. Sounds like Mexico is fairly easy to get around. Still no trouble with the federales? Party on!
Response: Touch wood with the federales, haven´t run in to them once.

Chichen Itza was awesome, I think it would be 10 times better during the spring or autumn equinox when you get to see the snake descend El Castillo.

It´s pretty easy to get around Mexico and I´m slowly picking up more and more Spanish as I go (numbers are the only real barrier for me now)
From Quokka
Just in case you need it:

"ayúdeme que necesito mi estómago bombeado por una muchacha mexicana con los golpeadores enormes"

In english:
"help me I need my stomach pumped by a mexican girl with huge knockers"

Enjoy yourself!
Response: You´re a funny man Quokka, will talk when I get back (hopefully I´ll be using that saying tonight)
From shannon riley
g'day eden, how's things dude?
great to see you are having an awesome time. look forward to seeing more photos.
take care, shannon
Response: hey mate,

good to hear from you. I know Courtney was trying to tee up a time for Katie, her, yourself and I to go out for dinner which we´ll definitely have to do when I get back.
From antonio
hey eden
hope you and your pal's are having a rocken time, take care be good and don't do anything i would do :), catch you back in melbourne vato.
Response: Cheers mate, am missing the Friday get togethers but with beer for only $1.50 you can´t go wrong.

See you guys soon.
From Courtney
It seems like you are having an awesome time, kayaking, sleeping in hammocks etc. Those two bars you have mentioned sound unreal and I hope their were many drinks to be had.
The place looks really interesting and ive never been keen to visit but you may have inspired me.I am glad to see you in the photos and cant wait to see more when your back.
How is the trusty backpack going, doing you justice I hope!
Take Care, C
Response: the backpack is going great guns, i´ve only bought a couple of things but will hopefully buy some more stuff soon.

Don´s been in a bit of trouble, being biten by something (not harmful) but which he was alergic to and needing medication and then he thought he´d go exploring at Chichen Itza and feel down, hurting himself.

Was going to upload some pictures now but forgot to bring my USB cable so will do so tomorrow.
From Mum
Hi Son

It sounds like you are all having a fantastic time, which is what travelling is all about.

Things pretty much the same here with no real exciting news at this stage.

Keep safe and take care.

Say hello to Tim and Donovan and I hope they are not leading you astray.

Love Mum

Response: Things are great although we are having to rush a little as we´re not going to Mexico City but need to be in Oaxaca (Wahaca) the day I leave so I can catch a plane from there to Mexico City.

Will pass on my best to the boys for you.
From Euan
My boys! Hope you're having a great time (Eden, I expect a full bear from you as well ok?) and satisfying all the senoritas if you know what I mean. Giddyup.

Shame I didn't get to see you while I've been back in Australia, but that just means you'll have to come visit London soon. (Kelly - check yr e-mail box)

Right. Remember to rug up when it's cold, and post more sexy photos of your fine self. Have fun Staffs! Yerah, more meat hanger snaps please...
Response: Thanks for the message mate and it was good talking to you on Messenger while I was on. Have a safe trip back and hopefully catch up with you within the next year or two.
From donovan
hey eden, you have hat hair. See you when I turn around.

Response: Shut up fool and get back to writing your love e-mails.
From Kelly
Ahh... hit the negro. Good to see Mexicans are real movers & shakers in the political correctness game! ;) Where's all the 'beach shots' of u in your meat hangers Eedie?! Have loads of fun soldier. K xx
Response: You honestly think, I´d show myself in meat hangers. More pics will be up soon, I took about 40 at Chichen Itza alone.
From Fav
Eden Baby!!

Sorry I haven't written sooner but you sent this link to my work email (back today).

I was just about to go on about how much I've missed you but I think it might freak your fam out a little (Hello to all the Staffords out there!).

Anyway chief, those pictures are making me pretty jealous you dirty bastard but it's good to see you're having a great time!

Say hello to the other kids and don't forget to wear protection! (from the sun that is *cough*)

ps - fridge magnet for mum ;)

Asta la vista,

Response: Funny you mention the fridge magnet I got one today when I was in Chichen Itza. It´s a nice pic of El Castillo (the main pyramid) at the spring equinox, will explain it to your Mum when I get back.

Things are pretty awesome here and I´m leading the language barrier charge, a lot of seems it could be transferable to Italian (which I´m more keen than ever to learn now)

Anyway, hope the house is coming along nicely, give my best to the boys and Belinda and will see you in a couple of weeks.
From Dad
Great to hear from you, mate. Sounds like you and the lads are having one hell of a time - just going where the mood takes you. From what you say it seems like there is no shortage of things to see and do and the night life sounds fantastic for young blokes like you. How's the money going. Stay safe.
Response: Money´s not to bad, I think I´ve only taken out about $500.

Off to Chichen Itza today, we´ll see the ruins tomorrow. Spent the night in the biosphere reserve last night which was awesome. It was great to get away from the cars and spend it in a real rural area
From rob
it sounds like you are having a great time. party hard!
Response: Thanks mate, will tell all when I get back
From Courtney
Its great to hear your having such an awesome time, I havent heard you so excited in ages. The beach parties sound awesome and Im glad the whole hammock thing worked out. You sound like your getting around to quite a few places which is good and Im looking forward to hearing more.
Lotsa Love, C
Response: The beach party wasn´t really a beach party, rather at a bar right near the beach, it was still pretty cool

As I said to Dad off to Chichen Itza today and the ruins tomorrow.

I´ve had some problems uploading pictures, will try to do so now.
From Sitki
Eden it's fantastic to hear that you made it safe and sound - I can just imagine how torturous that flight must have been - India is mind boggling to say the least - I feel as if I am in a time warp here - I have no doubt that you yourself are having a great time - will meet up back in melbourne and debrief - will be there at the airport to pick you up - say hi to tim and donovan - don't drink too much - phil and sumit give you a huge hello - over and out from India
Response: Thanks for the message man, I can only imagine what kind of trouble you lot are getting up to. Give a big hello to Sumit and Phil for me and will see you in a couple of weeks