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Welcome to elad's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Location: salvador, Brazil

i got brazil from leticia, the border town in colombia. i took the 4 days boat through the amazonas to the big city manaus in the middle of the brazilian jungle. then i took a flight to belem in the north of brazil. i visited the town barrierinhas and nice dune park there for a couple of days.
me and jason, my new australian friend from manaus, continued to jericoacoara just 200 km from barrie'. it took us 1.5 day with 3 jeeps, colectivio, bus and one truk to get there. but it was worth it, jeri is really special place.
jason flew to rio and i went down south to pipa. another small town with magical beaches. i spent there a few more days and continued to salvador. i got it yesterday. the city is nice, not that african as everybody says, but nice. the nice thing is that i am in a new israeli hostel. everything is clean and new and the atmosphire is warm just like in israel. it is hostel kofico.
in the next days i'll take a brake from the beaches and go west to lencois. to take a few walks...

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Location: bogota, Colombia

so after 3 weeks in colombia i got back where i started.
right now i´m in sue hostel again, waiting for my flight tomorrow to leticia.
colombia was really special experience. it is really different from other countries in south america.
the people are nice and calm everywhere. the atmosphere, specially in the North, is so relaxing.
3 weeks are deffently not enough in colombia, so much to see !
so many nice places which you can spend one week easily in it. but i didn´t have much time.
i think my favorite place was taganga, the magical fishermen village.
i will not mind stay there for much longer time period. this is one of the good things of traveling of season. i think i was the only israeli there,
except hazan and yael. my old good friend from home.
there is also of course the exotic beaches in tyrona, but after tahiti it was almost the same.
it is bit a shame i had only 3 weeks in this special country,
but brazil is waiting. and it is really big, i mean huge. so maybe one day, i´ll be back.
tomorrow i am fling to leticia, and hopefully i´ll catch the boat to manaus the day after tomorrow.
and from there all i have to do is to chose which beach i want to see first... and there are many.
and i cant wait tring this famous acai in brazil...

Sunday, 04 November 2007

Location: bogota, Colombia

so after the crazy way from santiago. i finally got to colombia.
i arrived to bogota at first because i wanted to catch itay and uri before uri flies to guatamala and itay´s return.
we meet in the nice sue hostel. and to day we are going for last good meal together.
than i´ll countiniue my way to salento and than norh.

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Location: baņos, Ecuador

the last time i wrote an d.e it was along time ago but not far away from here in the galapagos islands. the plan was to sail down to new zealand through tahiti and some other exzotic islands. it took me and robin 34 days to get to tahiti.
TAHITI was an amazing experiens. but the sailing just took us too long so i gave up and flew back to south america.
i wanted to get back to colombia so i climbed my way up to ecuador trough chile and peru.
now i´m in this nice town baños, relaxing from the rides and hopefully in the next week i´ll be in colombia.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Location: galapagos islands, Ecuador

after couple of days in montanita me and itay took our flight from guayaquil and landed 2 weeks ago in the famous islands.
on the first week we were especialy diving in the area of santa cruz. the dives were amazing, that's why i decieded to give it its own page.
after exploring all the good dive sites and spending some time in nice places on the islands, we took a boat to the next island, isabela. this is really quit place with white beaches and cocos trees. we made just one dive there and we saw the big volcano creator.
here the story become more intersting. we met in isabela tow americans who told us that there is one guy who looks for people to sail with him to new zealand with his yacht. so, i took it.
now all i have to do is to be happy that i had the chance to dive and visit this uniqe place, the GALAPAGOS ISLANDS.
and also hope for a good weather, after all, i am going to be 3 weeks in the pacific ocean.
the next station TAHITI...

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Location: vilcabamba, Ecuador

after long time in peru i arrived to ecuador.
just after climbing the pisco me and itay dicieded that we want some sun, sand, and ocean. so we left uri and erez and drove to mancora in like 4 buses. we spent there 2 days of doing nothing and just relaxing on the beach. after crossing the border we got here to ecuador, vilcabamba. the main reason we came to this small quit town was sonia, itay´s swiss friend. but it was worth it because she arranged us place in her graet hostel she works in...
so now i am spending my time untill i fly to the famous GALAPAGOS.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Location: cusco, Peru

so its´ been a long time since la paz in bolivia. after a few treks in bolivia we reached to peru. after short stops in puno and arequipa. me and uri got to cusco in a cholot bus. just 2 days fter we arrived, me and itay went to the machu picchu. after that there was this annoing strick, and we go stucked in cusco for a couple of days. then, when the strick over, i went to rafting in the apurimac river with Mayuc company. now i am in cusco again, learning spanish in a nice school (allot of europians...), and having a graet time in this auessom city.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Location: la paz, Bolivia

we back in la paz after 2 weaks in rurre.
we made there the pampas and jungle.
that was raelly cool !
now we are wating to sabbas´ passpor, and then the next station is the sajama trek

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Location: cochabamba, Bolivia

we arrived to ccbb from the sallar. after the amazing jeep toor.
now we are un the city cochabamba. the next station is the big city La Paz

Tuesday, 08 May 2007

Location: Salta, Argentina

after the great road trip around salta we came back to the city to take our stuff and return the car to the agency.
the road trip was fantastic. we headed south to cafayate, on the way we stopped in really nice spots.
in cafayate we made a short walk to the colorado river and continued north to the village cachi. that was day 2. in the last day we continued norh to the 7 colors mountain in purmamarca and to the argentinian.
after 3 days we came back to salta.
the next station is bolivia.

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