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Diary Entries

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Location: buenos aires, Argentina

back in again in the capital of argentina.
shay and merav left from bariloche to pucon. and i traveled to buenos in the third time in my trip.
now i am doing specially nothing, just wating for my flight back to israel...

Saturday, 01 March 2008

Location: bariloche, Argentina

reporting from paradise.
around one month ago i went to the torres del paine trek with oren and maayan. ophir and yair didn`t survived... so oren maayan and me continued together. the trek was nice but not one of my best. maybe because the amount of the people on the trails.
from puerto natales we traveled back to argentina. we arrived to the tourist town el calafate. we went like good tourists to the glacier perito moreno. we haven`t seen any avalanche but
it was an impressive site.
from el calafate we traveled to another tourist town, el chalten.
we did the fitz roy trek which was nice. but there was something else. after el calafate, maayan and me decided that we just can`t do the caratera austral together. i was lucky because in the trek i met bar lev and merav with dafna and simkin, old good friends.
they saved me, and we decided to go to the famouse road caratera austral together.
so, bar lev, merav and me went back to chile. we started hichiking from the town chile chico and with a bit help of buses we arrived to futalefu after 2 weeks of dust, camping, cerro castillo trek and allot of small quit chilians villages.
form futalefu we crossed back to argentina to the hips town el bolson. my second time there. we relaxed there and did the hielo azul trek too. it was good to be back to the argentinian kitchen after 2 weeks in chile...
now i am in bariloche, just 2 weeks before my flight home.
it is a good way to end this trip...

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Location: puerto natales, Chile

here i am again in the cold south in beautiful patagonia.
after the iguazu i traveled all the way down to the area of tierra del fuego and to the nice town ushuaia. when i got to ushuaia i met maayan, a tough girl, and she told me that she and 3 friends going to a nice trek around the area. so i jumped on the opportunity and joined them.
we were, oren, yair, ophir and maayan. the trek was wild, with no trails or marks.
although the weather was cloudy i really enjoyed walking again after brazil....
from ushuaia we traveled to punta arenas to buy some camping gear in really cheap prices.
and now me and oren are waiting for the princes maayan in puerto natales and hopefully tomorrow we will go to the famous torres del paine trek.

Tuesday, 08 January 2008

Location: purto iguazu, Argentina

after more than one month in brazil i am back in the holey land.
it been a long time since salvador so this is a short brief...
from salvador i traveled 6 hours to t5he west to Lencois.
really quit place with allot to see. i spent there 5 days.
i didn`t make the 3 days trek because it was not worth it.
instade i took 2 daily toors. one which was include waterfalls, caves, lagoon
and other attractions and the other was to the fumaca fall which it is 450 m fall.
all around lencois there are waterfalls and pools you can go to, really nice area.
from there i went to the famous island morro de sao paulo.
i was there for 10 days ! first time in my trip i got "stacked".
morro is just a fun place with amazing acai and beaches like in the movies.
after morro i took a horrible bus to rio de jinero, it took me 28 hours instead 22.
i was only 4 days in rio. it is very special city. copacabana is a combination
of mountains, cliffs and tons of people and tiayni bikinis. there is also the jesus
statue. but the statue is nothing special. the view is the hole thing.
from rio i went to the iguazu falls and today i visited the brazilian side.
tomorrow shteren is coming and we will go to the argentinian side.
that´s all !

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